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Salute: The Strangest Liquors in the World

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Handing out homemade beer at a liquor store, Tom and Athena Seefurth, chefs based in Illinois, surprised several people with the smell of their beers—from garlic to tomatoes. They are also the inventors of “pizza beer.” They thought of creating beer that will match their favorite dishes perfectly, and so came up with pizza beer.

Like these two, people all over the world have created different kinds of liquors, which have become worldwide traditions. Wines have been used during the ancient times as medicine, and though people now no longer use them as such, the recipes have survived, and people continue to enjoy them. When in a foreign country, knocking down that glass of strange liquor is also a great way for you to get to know the culture of the people.

Machu Picchu Hotels

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It’s not as hard to find information on Machu Picchu hotels as one might think. If you know anything about Machu Picchu, you know how primitive the area sounds. Steep cliffs that lead to breathtaking ancient ruins in the middle of a rainforest. It sounds like a setting for a novel, doesn’t it?


But in your novel is the hero on the run, using the rainforest as cover? Is he sleeping on the ground, fighting off all kinds of insects and predatory animals? Or is he on a grand adventure, sleeping in comfort on some of the softest mattresses, enjoying culinary delights most people can only dream of?

Your Little Lima Travel Guide

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There is nowhere quite like South America. A combination of ancient and modern, no matter where you go you will always have plenty to do and see, and may end up experiencing more then you ever thought possible. But even with so many great travel locations, there is one that sticks out, and that will always have you coming back for more: Lima.

Lima skyline at night

Lima skyline at night

The largest (and capital) city of Peru has long since been a place of wonder and entertainment, with plenty of culture and history rich areas, as well as modern playgrounds that give the best of both worlds. It is also a place of mixed heritage, showing the origins of the indigenous people, as well as the influences of the Spanish conquistadors who settled the area in the 1500’s, adding some extra flavor to the region.

Sacsayhuamán | A Tourist Spot in Cusco, Peru

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In the beautiful old city of Cusco, Peru, an immense fortress was built by huge stone blocks weighing upto 300 tons. There isn’t any such record on how these stones were actually cut and moved to put into that place. These stones are so well placed that some of them won’t even let a single piece of paper come between them.


Saksaq Waman is an ancient Inca ruin at an altitude of 3,701 meters and it is walled with mystery near Cusco.  “A good example of Inca stonework at Sacsayhuamán, Peru. They cut and hauled huge stones to make walls like this, and fit them together — without mortar! — so tightly that you coudn’t get a knife-tip or a piece of paper between them. Solid enough to have survived tremendous earthquakes.”


Peru beaches

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When you are planning a beach holiday you probably don’t immediately think of Peru, but this South American country has a Pacific facing coastline of over 2,500 km, which is dotted with some of the most beautiful and exotic beachfronts in the world.

For those that like the glamorous life there are a number of top class beach resorts, particularly to the south of Lima, which is the capital city. Here you will find long stretches of white sandy beaches, washed by the cool clean waters of the Pacific ocean, which are perfect from peaceful sunbathing, and also a variety of water sports including scuba diving, snorkeling, yachting and jet skiing. Some of the beaches in Peru are not suitable for swimming, as there are some tricky underwater currents and water quality is poor in some areas, so make sure you check each beach out before you jump straight in the water.

7 of the Most Amazing Aerial Tours in the World

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Many of us get tired of seeing things eye-level. Few of us, however, realize that there is an amazing view that awaits us: from on high. Just the feeling of going up makes you feel giddy already; upon seeing the view, you feel as if you are in a different plane altogether.

Things indeed look different seen from the top. For many, one of the best ways of seeing things is through an aerial tour. Best of all, there are no crowds in this kind of tour. Whether you are a fan of Mother Nature or you prefer a city’s nightlights, joining an aerial tour can turn out be a rewarding experience.

Just make sure that you prepare beforehand, as there are certain things worth considering when joining this kind of tour. Aside from choosing which kind of view you’d prefer, things like weather and seasons also come to the fore. Thankfully, many groups now offer this, as it has become more and more popular among tourists.

5 best places to have a cup of tea

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For those whose introduction to tea drinking began and ended with a Lipton tea bag, perhaps it’s time to expand your horizon and acquaint yourself with the different brews that can do well as an alternative to coffee. Unknown to some, tea can come in different flavors and mixed with milk, sugar, honey, mint (and even butter!) depending on your taste or mood; it can also be served hot or cold to suit the weather.

In recent years, modern tea houses serving tea in an assortment of flavors have sprouted in different cities, giving the age old beverage a twist and making it palatable to a younger audience. Aside from that, the benefits of drinking tea such as helping prevent the risk of cancer and having flawless skin have been hailed by medical experts resulting in a more popular demand for this previously overlooked beverage.

Adventure Travel with a dose of Charity

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If you have been feeling guilty about spending too much money on vacations but still couldn’t fathom a long break without the routine adrenaline rush, you might want to consider giving back. Aside from being trendy, charitable vacations can be your cheapest tickets to the world’s best destinations. Taking the less popular path can also be beneficial for you because these tours tend to be more real and more exciting. Don’t forget the free karma points you’ll get because you’ve chosen to give back.

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