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Common phrases that you need to know when in Asia

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Language is fascinating and when you are in a different country, it is the wall which can help you make connections with other people or it is a barrier which can be a big hurdle to close a deal. We all sound differently when we talk when we all mean the same thing and trying to say the same thing.

It is priceless though how you can make locals smile when you try a few words of their native tongue. Knowing common phrases will help you find directions, bargain for a good price, win new friends or business partners, and save your life during unfortunate situations.

Those in Asia are very fascinated with how people in the west talk and act. Likewise, those from Europe, the Americas and other parts of the globe are mystified with the language, culture, practices, and traditions of the peoples frome the East.

5 Travel Destinations that are not so popular but that should be on your list

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You may have heard of the Taj Mahal, the Pyramids in Egypt, or the Grand Canyon but aside from the very long list of great travel destinations there are still a lot of places that we can add to our list of must go places.

Here is a short list of great destinations which may not be hitting the headlines but you must visit in case you have a chance:

Ajanta Caves (India)

The Ajanta Caves is located in Maharashtra in India. The structure dates back before the time of Christ and houses sculptures and paintings that are considered priceless by the Buddhists. The caves were abandoned in the year 480 AD and was engulfed by the jungle. It remained unvisited until it was rediscovered by a British officer in 1819 while hunting tigers. You can still find the name of Captain Smith etched on the walls of the cave up to this day.

9 of the Most Beautiful Islands you must explore around the world

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When you are in one of these islands on our list, you just have to forget about everything and let go. Each is a paradise with pristine waters, lush green flora and fauna, and the breeze blowing against your face.

These are secret islands which only a few people go to. They are never crowded. They are specks of lands amid vast waters which do no boasts of luxury hotels but pure beauty you can only experience when you take the road less traveled. Every island on our list is a dream destination.

South Water Caye (Belize)

This island is just 14 miles off Dangriga and far from the busy scene of Ambergris. You will be fascinated with the barrier reefs which are considered to be among the longest in the western hemisphere. You will be able to spot dolphins, moray eels, eagle rays, and parrot fish.

Getting to know Southeast Asia: where to go and what to do

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Asia—there are so many places you can choose from if you want to take a vacation here. In fact, this place is so large, it is divided into different regions to make it easier for travelers to have an idea of where exactly they’re located in the biggest country in the world. Today, we’re setting our sights on Southeast Asia where we find exotic countries, interesting people, and a wide range of activities suitable for jetsetters and budget travelers, and increcibly delicious food. Don’t believe the exaggerated news reports on safety issues; Southeast Asian countries are generally safe for tourists coming from different parts of the globe. An added bonus is that these countries are home to probably the friendliest bunch of people you will ever meet.

Holiday in the Philippines: Day Trip in Bohol

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I am currently in the Philippines for some business. Manila is a buzzling place. It is a mix of old buildings and modern structures but the influences of Spanish and American colonizations are very evident. After some meetings and client calls , I scheduled a flight for Bohol island which is among the best destinations in the Philippines. It is one of the 7,107 islands of this archipelago in Southeast Asia and boasts of the Chocolate Hills, the smallest known primate, and a lot more.

Sharing with you my Bohol experience yesterday:

Going to Bohol is very easy. There are several flights you can choose from. I took a flight to Cebu, another historical island in the Visayan region of the Philippines, and from there took a ferry going to the island of Bohol. Summer is almost over but the airport and the port are still pretty crowded. Get to the airport and port a few hours before your ride so you will not have any problem with the long lines for the security checks.

The Incredible Philippines: Manila Travel

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Located in the heart of the Philippines, the capital city of Manilaa has long since been thought of as one of the most beautiful, culturally rich cities in the world. While it was changes quite a bit after World War II, when it was all but destroyed, this home to over 1.5 million people is still a hidden jewel of the the tourist world, and draws thousands every year to it’s shore to experience the event that is Manila travel.

7 Amazing Mountain Terraces Used for Farming

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The concept of agriculture started spreading around the globe roughly 10,000 years ago. It was a technology that was easily adopted by those who live on flat lands. People living on hills or on mountains however had to alter the landscape in order to farm them.

Most people resorted to terracing their lands. This made the mountains more arable, easier to work on, less prone to erosion, and made irrigation possible. In Asia, these mountain terraces are being used as rice paddies. Trees and grape vines are cultivated on the terraces in the Mediterranean while in the Andes, they are used for maize, quinoa, and potatoes.

These agricultural terraces are amazing creations. Aside from serving as farm lands, they are also works of art to behold when seen from afar. Here is a short list of some of the most spectacular mountain terraces in the world:

Travel News: China suspends tourism trips to the Philippines

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China recently announced suspension of holiday trips to its neighboring country the Philippines and asked concerned agencies to tighten the inspection of fruits coming from Manila. The actions are believed to apply economic pressure after the standoff of the two countries at the Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea.

The tourism board of Shanghai released a suspension of tours going to the Philippines indefinitely. An online travel agency also suspended trips due to safety concerns as there are reports that the anti-China sentiments in the Philippines will be high.

The matter over the Scarborough Shoal is a very sensitive matter aggravated by a news anchor in China blurting out during live broadcast that the Philippines is a territory of China. The videos about the said report was immediately taken down.