Casablanca is a legend, and even more than a legend. The Hollywood movie with the title Casablanca made it already famous in 1942. Rick’s  Cafe, Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman are very familiar to any human being living on Earth.


And the legend goes further. Casablanca spells its magic to any visitor, which becomes faithful to this magnificent city. I would try to analyse the charm of this city further.  Antoine de Saint Exupery was a famous french writer and pilot which made Casablanca well known to the public during his trip to Dakar. Josephine Baker was also charmed and seduced by the city of Casablanca; Casablanca hosted a summit between Roosevelt and Churchill during the WWII.

One of the major causes for the fame of Casablanca is its colonial past and the many buildings reminding that period. Art Nouveau,Art deco, colonial style, baroc, all are very well represented in Casablanca. In many places the city is very similar to Paris.