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Most Spiritual Destinations on Earth

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Believing in a God, whatever is His name, makes a human stronger. Every believe has its sacred places, with a magnetic effect against people embracing that believe. A spiritual destination is first of all a sacred place, when you feel yourself nearer to your God and some related legends. A spiritual destination is strongly enhanced if hosting the remainings of a saint.
And now a serious question only for the professional traveler: is the pilgrimage a form of tourism or not? Even if you answer “Yes” to this question, you must accept that is a very special one, as fun and entertainment are not at all important things during a pilgrimage.

Sacred spaces: 7 caves for the spiritual traveler

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There are a number of reasons why we travel. Some people might say they travel in order to see first-hand parts of the world they’ve never been before. Others might say they like visiting other countries to learn about different places and cultures. There are some who travel because they long to taste different foods, and others who simply want to shop.

But then there are certain travelers who often pack their bags and leave their homes to embark on a spiritual journey to a special destination. This urge to travel to a sacred or holy destination may be fueled by a number of things from everyday stress to finding one’s purpose in the grand scheme of things, to an attempt in overhauling one’s chaotic lifestyle. But whatever the reason may be, it can be said that there are a lot of travelers year in and year out who don’t mind crossing great distances just to reach these holy places.