Before flying became the order of the day, passengers relied on trains as the fastest and most efficient way of travelling long distances. As the years went by, different modes of transportation began to crop up. Yet despite all this, the train industry has managed to cope with the times. Newer and faster trains such as the bullet train in Europe and Japan make navigating the tracks easy and enjoyable. In Europe, the wheels have started rolling on a project that will improve rails with the help of electricity.

Despite some cutbacks in the budget, the plan to modernize the railways of Scotland will continue to push through.

The project, which costs a whopping 1 billion pounds, is set to make the Scottish rails up to date in modern technology by electrifying over 200 miles of rails. At the same time, it also aims to reduce the travel time between destinations. Specifically, it plans to make the trip from Edinburgh to Glasgow in a mere 35 minutes.