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Shopping without a Tour Guide in Shanghai

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Surely, you’ve heard of the booming commercial center in China. Shanghai is now one of the world’s prime shopping destination. With the sheer volume of people going to Shanghai for the goods and the equally massive number of merchants trying to pry your shopping money away from you, it’s easy to get lost.

Some people pay as much as $100 for a guided tour, which limits what shopping experience you could have had if you went ahead and explored Shanghai on your own. There’s another option: get a map. Know the prime spots you can get to on your own, and put on your most comfortable shoes. Below are the easiest and the best shopping spots to conquer solo.

Nanjing Road

Top Six Hotel Beds Across the Globe

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If you’re the type who works more than twelve hours a day, six days a week, it’s most likely that you’ve forgotten what your bed is for. Nearly all working Americans hardly get enough sleep, taking work and late night television to bed with them. These hotels might actually just give you the necessary refresher course on how to relax after a hard day’s work.

Loisaba Wilderness in Kenya

Who says camping out needs to be stressful? When you enjoy the wildlife of Kenya’s Loisaba Wilderness, you get to sleep under the stars in the comfort of a four-poster bed. Don’t worry because it’s covered by a mosquito net so those gigantic African bugs won’t be feasting on your blood while you sleep.

24 hours in Shanghai: Things to do and places to visit

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Think the Beijing Olympics stadium was an intriguing and fascinating piece of architecture? You’re only at the beginning of what Shanghai, the new cutting-edge city of the world, has to offer. After what Beijing unveiled to the world, Shanghai is now being given a chance to show what it’s made of—through the 56th World Fair. From its beginning in 1851, this year is said to be the grandest in the history of world fairs. It is but natural to be hosted in Shanghai—a two-square-mile site in the Huangpu River gives space to a pavilion for each of the nation in the world. Running from May to October of 2010, the Expo is a must-see for everyone. And since you will be in Shanghai as well, here are some tips on how you can spend an entire day in this bustling city.

Check in at PuLi Hotel, 9am

Travel Guide: Finding the best restaurants in Shanghai, China

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Shanghai is a very dynamic metropolis right in the heart of fastest growing economy of the world. It is among the vibrant cities in the world and is home to a lot of tycoons who continue to grow their business all over the globe. Shanghai practically grows as a city everyday and the world is trying to keep up with it.

Shanghai is where China meets the rest of the world. It is a place for modern architecture, latest fashion, technology, fads, and great food. In case you are going for a Shanghai holiday, you will find the rest of this text useful since we listed down some of the best restaurants in Shanghai:


Peninsula Shanghai offers Chinese Valentine packages

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Did you miss your chance last February to show how you feel through chocolates, flowers, and dinner date? If you are looking for a good chance, who would have thought there is another date for Valentine’s that is Chinese Valentine’s day that is which falls on 06 August this year.

In case you are in China, there are also great deals with Peninsula Shanghai so you will not have any excuse to be romantic.

One Chinese Valentine package will set you up for a 5-course dinner that comes with a bottle of champagne at the 13th floor restaurant of Peninsula Shanghai with a great view of the river and the cityscape. This dinner will set you back $200 a person.

Hotel Re-opening: Peace Hotel in Shanghai set once again to receive guests

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Fairmont’s property in Shanghai, the Peace Hotel, reopens to welcome guests this week. The museum of the hotel also opens so visitors can appreciate their collection of memorabilia.

Press releases have used the words glamorous, majestic, and grandeur but the refit is not you greige boutique accommodation. To put things into perspective, expect marble floors, Lalique glass, and copper roofing.

The hotel’s 270 rooms feature an aura of the 1930’ coming with updated 21st century amenities like espresso machines, WiFi, and LCD television in your bath. The toiletries though remain to be traditional with Miller Harris.

The hotel does not have that businessy air which is a plus factor for us. We love the unique sofa and the detailing around the air vents. We just can not understand the attention seeking carpet used. The bathrooms are pristine, luckily.

The Future of Tourism in China After 60 Years of Communism

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greatwlchinaRecently, the Chinese people celebrated 60 years of communism and the formation of the Peoples Republic of China. In that time the country has transformed from a nation of farmers into one of the most powerful economies in the world. What’s China like today, and more importantly, what’s it like for tourists and what is the future of tourism in China?

China is actually a vibrant and rapidly developing economy. It’s now one of the strongest in the world, and every Chinese person is proud of their heritage.

Almost everywhere you go in China you can see people who are proud and respectful. As the world looks on, many are uncertain as to what China is about and there is still a great deal of mystery about what will become of this country, as it has rapidly transformed into a major global superpower.

The Olympic Games in Beijing and other 11 amazing places to visit

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As an addicted traveler, you must love sports, must you not? Maybe not all the olympic sports, but some of them surely. You also like to play, that is a special spirit, and you like to fight and win.

The Olympic Games have a long history, and are a call to peace and frienship. Do not try or allow to interfere with politics, it is sad.

Tomorow the Olympic Games will start. Maybe you will be there in Beijing ( Pekin) and will watch the breathtaking opening show. The Olympic Games will last 2 weeks, maybe you will stay all this time in Beijing, having also some breaks ( even the sportmen will have ). Thus you will get the oportunity to visit other interesting places in China. I selected something for you, and I would recommend them between sport competitions for the better understanding of the chinese civilisation and culture: