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Top 12 Best Golf Courses in Africa

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When people think of Africa, the first thing that comes to mind is a Safari adventure. Little do people understand that Africa is one of the ideal places for playing golf. Come on, just think about it. You have an ideal weather (it’s almost always sunny in Africa) and lots of open space!
Not to mention Africa’s national sport hero, Gary Player, Africa really is one of the best places in the world to learn, practice, and master golf. Here’s a list of Africa’s best golf courses that you can check out on your next visit:

Best Golf Courses in Africa

Gary Player Country Club, Sun City (North West)

Sun City isn’t just a golf course. It’s a full-service resort that combines luxury hotels with adventure and relaxation. It houses two of Africa’s world-class golf courses. What’s more interesting is that the Lost City course is like a huge dessert with live crocodiles waiting at the 13th hole. Wow, how’s that for a golfing adventure? Moreover, if you plan on taking on the popular Nedbank Golf Challenge, head to the equally famous Gary Player Country Club and Golf Course.

Best things to do in South Africa this February

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South Africa took the spotlight last year because of the football. We might not hear the loud vuvuzuelas anymore but there are still a lot of reasons to come to South Africa. Here are the best activities you can do this month:

Visit the Basotho Cultural Village

Immerse yourself into the ways of the Basotho people who were the early settlers of the land. The cultural village is within the boundaries of the Golden Gate National Park. Travel back in time as you visit the courtyard exhibiting the different huts of the Basotho’s evolving from the sixteenth century to the modern times. You wil be able to interact with locals dressed in the tradtional clothes of the Basothos. Those who are really interested to know about their culture will be able to witness an accurate depiction of this group’s architecture and lifestyle.

8 of the Sexiest Hotel Showers in the World

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Usually people book hotel rooms for the comfort and luxury it offers. Today, not only do designers and hotel owners pay attention to the room. They have added something else which entices visitors even more: showers. If you think about this, it is but natural that a room has a wonderful shower waiting for its tired visitors.

However, don’t think it’s just an ordinary shower—something similar to what you have at home. These are extraordinary bathrooms with high-tech features, glass mosaics and even a chandelier. Think the latter is only a posh way to light your path inside? Think again, as a switch turns this chandelier into an incredibly sexy shower.
Gone are the days when hotel rooms offered bathrooms that simply offer a place for you to freshen up from a day’s worth of tours. Today, they have all kinds of perks which include multiple showerheads to a grand view of the city.

Top 10 Driving Routes out of the U.S.

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For most travelers, it’s not really about the destination. It’s about the journey. This is never truer for anyone else than for those who love to drive. Some people find that driving actually relaxes them. If you’re planning to fly out of the U.S. and rent a car to explore the landscape, these are the best driving routes to take.

Baja California Sur, Mexico

While this driving route is not ideal for those who are only used to casual driving, people who love challenges will find this interesting. Filled with narrow, two-lane highways, adventurous drivers will be kept on the edge of their seats while traversing this path. The best road to take is Highway 1. However, word has it that it has plenty of potholes. You’ll need a pretty sturdy vehicle for this drive.

Top 10 adventures with beautiful but dangerous creatures

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Do you have an illogical fear of wild cats? Most of us would say, “But that’s not illogical. That’s very smart.” However, for most risk takers, facing that natural, prey-to-a-predator fear is the point of traveling. Otherwise, travel would be very dull. If you’re one of those fearless globe trotters, and you’re willing to come face-to-face with the fiercest beasts in the planet, then these trips are for you.

Paddling in South America

Night paddles through the Pilchicocha’s Lake which is at the heart of the Amazon Rainforest can be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of your life. While it’s pretty calm at night, you’d wonder if the calmness is because you’re being watched by these wild animals like a very hungry human would watch his food as it cooks.

The Great South African Hitchhike: Tips for the Roadside Adventurer

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Africa, dubbed as the Cradle of Civilization, is a continent teeming with different realities and opportunities as there are landscapes. The best way to experience this is through a slow communion with the land and its people. Bumming a ride from passersby is a sure way to let Africa wind its way into the heart.

Asides from the various sights you’ll see there are also various individuals you’ll meet along the way. There are many volunteers who make their way through Africa by way of hitchhiking and various convoys traverse the rugged highways of the continent. You’ll have a lot of interesting conversations along the way.

Riding through different vehicles and different kinds of people will put you in situations that maybe partly uncomfortable but will nonetheless open you to the strangeness of life.

Here are some tips to help you survive and have a great time while negotiating with everyday life on the road in Southern Africa.

Gandhi’s Home and India

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The Father of India

Mahatma Gandhi was instrumental in striving for Indian independence and even today he remains a worldwide symbol of peace. His name is something we all recognize, but few people know who he really was.

Recently, Gandhi’s home was sold in Johannesburg and after a French company managed to purchase the famous property, it was widely criticized.

The good news is, it looks like they will convert this rather historical building into a famous museum in the name of Mahatma Gandhi. It was here after all, in Johannesburg, South Africa where he spent a great deal of time pondering and formulating his philosophies on life.

6 Endangered Places that should be on your must-do list

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As we travel more and more, so do places suffer. Unthinking and irresponsible tourists, development and the environmental crisis are some of the major causes of the destruction of the world’s marvels. As everyone rushes to see these beautiful places and wonders, they become even more endangered. So when you visit these places, make sure that while enjoying the beautiful view, you are responsible enough not to contribute to their endangerment.

Kruger National Park in South Africa

During 2006, there were only less than 50, 000 lions remaining—a far cry from the 200, 000 three decades ago. Ranchers kill them because they eat the livestock, while poachers hunt them for profit. Unfortunately, even those that are staying in national parks are also suffering due to illnesses. When there is not enough funding the animals naturally become the first victims, and corruption among officials does not help the matter.