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Ever Been to Bogotá?

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Surprising as it may seem, the city of Bogotá in Columbia is actually a great place to visit. This amazing city is historic, culturally significant and also one of the highest cities in the world!

Being the capital city of Columbia, Bogotá has become a fusion of old and new, with towering skyscrapers gothic cathedrals as well as huge mountains. This makes for some inspiring views and the city of Bogotá really does inspire.

Montevideo carnival

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Who thinks and finds that the Rio Carnival is losing its roots becoming too commercial, I have a proposition: The Montevideo Carnival!


Uruguay was long time overshadowed by its powerful neighbors Argentina and Brazil. The same thing happened to the city of Montevideo comparing with the megacities of Buenos Aires , Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paolo. This is outrageous, unfair and unjust. Uruguay is in my opinion the jewel of South America, and Montevideo is nowadays the best South American city to live in.


The Perfect Lima Vacation

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Known to many as the ‘City of Kings‘, Lima, Peru is one of the most beautiful modern cities today. With an eclectic mixture of Spanish colonial architecture, ancient Peruvian ruins, and ultra-chic modern buildings and attractions, Lima has developed a certain reputation over the years as a quickly developing hot spot for tourism.


Top 10 adventures with beautiful but dangerous creatures

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Do you have an illogical fear of wild cats? Most of us would say, “But that’s not illogical. That’s very smart.” However, for most risk takers, facing that natural, prey-to-a-predator fear is the point of traveling. Otherwise, travel would be very dull. If you’re one of those fearless globe trotters, and you’re willing to come face-to-face with the fiercest beasts in the planet, then these trips are for you.

Paddling in South America

Night paddles through the Pilchicocha’s Lake which is at the heart of the Amazon Rainforest can be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of your life. While it’s pretty calm at night, you’d wonder if the calmness is because you’re being watched by these wild animals like a very hungry human would watch his food as it cooks.

5 Forgotten Countries you might have not heard of

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Have you ever been in a situation where you heard of a name of a country and you just cannot remember if you have ever heard of it in geography class? Or your fifth grader encountering an unfamiliar name of a place, asking you where is that country on the map and you just don’t have any idea. Don’t panic, there are just countries that have managed to stay under the radar. Scan our list below for some of these low-profile places.

Comoros in Africa

Back in the olden days when ocean travel was the only means of discovering the world, Comoros was a very important stopover for vessels going to Cape of Good Hope. This changed when the Suez Canal was constructed and opened. Today, there are only less than 30,000 visitors going to this place every year. The Comoros is located near Mauritius and Seychelles. Comoros is a tropical paradise if not only for the twenty coup attempts after its independence from the government of France back in 1975.

Tips and Tricks for an Argentina Holiday

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Argentina is a vast and beautiful country with diverse landscapes, which range from tropical rainforests through to sub zero mountain glaciers. As well as its natural beauty, the country is also renowned for its rich and vibrant culture, and its passionate Latin American spirit.


Argentina also has some fantastic city landscapes for visitors to explore, including the bustling capital Buenos Aires, which is a beautiful mix of old colonial architecture and modern design. This is an excellent place to visit during your Argentina holiday, as Buenos Aires has a welcoming cosmopolitan vibe, and there are plenty of places to shop, eat out and relax with friends.

Skyline in buenos Aires

Skyline in Buenos Aires

Here are a few tips that will help your Argentina holiday to run more smoothly:
* Language Spanish is the official language of Argentina, but English is also spoken in many popular tourist destinations. It is helpful if you learn a few basic Spanish words though, especially if you are travelling to any rural or remote parts of the country

Asuncion vacations

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Visiting Asuncion, the capital city of Paraguay, after other south american megacities as Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires can put this city in a pale light. Which is so wrong and unfair.


It only counts now 1 million people, being nevertheless the most important city of this proud south american country.  The city of Asuncion means a quarter of Paraguay! Its name means in English Assumption, and has even a nickname, the mother of all cities. The historic truth is, that the spanish conquistadores founded first of any other city in South America Asuncion, and after that came Buenos Aires e.g. During the colonial Middle Age Asuncion was a capital of all the spanish South America.


In some part of Asuncion you can still feel in the colonial times, which makes this city unique. You can sit in one of the many city’s chic cafes and enjoy the local ierba mathe, which is much more appealing than a classic coffee or tea.

5 Scary creepy critters you might encounter during your travels [with videos]

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There are weird creatures that you may encounter during your travel adventures but there are certain critters that may just put your journey into a halt. Let us introduce you to the the most dangerous, creepiest creatures that might seem to be lifted from the pages of a horror tale:

Human Botfly in Belize

Human botflies have been inhabitants for the Americas for centuries now. They thrive in the regions between the northern portion of Chile and Mexico. Human botfly uses mosquitoes and flies as hosts of their eggs by attaching them to the undersides of these insects. So when a mosquito lands on the back of the a dog, a pig, or misfortune of all misfortunes, your skin, the eggs might hatch and send the larvae digging down your skin. Under your skin, human botflies will eat on your flesh and make it their regular meal until they need to burrow out as maturing pupae.