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The ultimate experience: space tourism

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Supposing you are sick of all these terrestrial adventures and travels. Supposing you are sick on the Earth and angry with the human. What to do on these circumstances? The space tourism is a solution.

Book an extraterrestrial travel ! The American millionaire Daniel Dito was the space tourist from the history: he lived a week in the Russian Space Station Sojuz, and he payed 20 000 000 $ for this ultimate adventure.

Space tourism is unique and the Earth seen from the space is wonderful. Simply fantastic, says anyone who saw it.

There are already a plenty of interested people(20 000), and even 3 companies offering places for these special flights. Space tourism is booming, but the prices are still not very acceptable; nevertheless they started to shrink (200 000 Dollars nowadays). There are even planes for building a space hotel. In a few years we are going to ask our wives: What to do this week end: Mallorca or an extra atmospheric trip? I can hardly wait for it.

Top Space Adventures you can try this summer

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We are constantly faced with the prospect of traveling to the stars. Movies like Apollo 13 and Star Trek constantly whet our appetites for a journey into space. A bevy of TV series offers the various adventures to be had outside of Earth.

But aside from the fantasies these works of fiction provide, did you know that there are trips you can do to fulfill your desire for space travel.

These trips involve activities like viewing rocket launches to actual commercial space travel. Check these adventures out depending on your seafaring fantasies:

Houston, We’ve Got Travelers

If you don’t want to whet your appetite for space that much and intend to enjoy ground-based space activities, you can go to NASA centers or wait for their space shuttle launches at their ports in the different parts of the USA. These trips usually just cost you tickets, hotel accomodations or gas for your car.

Space Travel: Excalibur Almaz offers trips starting at $150 million

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Space tourists (read: those who can afford it) may soon fulfill their dreams of going to the moon aboard a Russian spacecraft that has been retrofitted by Excalibur Almaz, a spaceflight company headquartered in the British isles.

The firm foresees that it can fill 30 seats for the space journey that may happen on 2015 thru 2025. Each seat will cost about $150 million aboard the Russian Salyut-class spacecraft controlled using hall-effect thrusters.

Art Dula, CEO and founder of Excalibur Almaz, shares that the company will need about two more years to implement all the needed technologies to make space tourism possible for them. The company bought four Soviet Almaz capsules and two Russian space vessels.

The topman of the company said that they are ready to sell tickets and about 50% of the investment can be recovered after three years. The pricing and estimates of the company are quite aggressive based on a recent market study.

Virgin Galactic plans Spaceport America luxury hotel

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Everyone is still awaiting for the details with regard to the Virgin Hotels but the division of the company pushing for space tourism, Virgin Galactic, is planning to enter into the hotel scene. Virgin is looking into the area near Spaceport America just outside Las Cruces in New Mexico.

The company is looking into setting up a luxury hotel near the station where they will be putting their rockets into flight since the small hotels may not be able to live up to the standards of the space tourism patrons who are shelling out more than $200K to go to space. This target segment will need a place to rest before and after their journey in space.

Virgin though will not build their own brand of luxury accomodation, instead they opted to partner with other businesses which are already into luxury hotels.

We’re not in Kansas anymore: Virgin Galactic’s First Solo Flight Completed

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While space tourism isn’t likely to become an actuality in a few years, here’s another major breakthrough. The Virgin Galactic’s VSS Enterprise, one of the first five spaceships built for commercial transport, just completed its solo flight. The test flight was the first time the spacecraft didn’t have to be hoisted to space and brought back down by Eve, its mother ship.

This time around, the VSS Enterprise flew 45,000 feet above the Mohave Desert on its own and landed safely back on earth. What’s more, the flight was manned, and the spaceship glided smoothly for 11 full minutes—a good sign in anyone’s standards considering the niche Virgin Galactic is breaking.

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin, enthusiastically said that the “sky is no longer the limit.”

Energiya and Orbital Technologies to build the first Space Hotel

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These days, it seems that it has become fairly easy to find a hotel room with great view of the cityscape or a panoramic view of the sea or the park or just about whatever popular scenery your destination offers.  But humankind won’t stop there, soon, hotel rooms with a great view of the Milky Way or Saturn’s Ring might become a reality in the near future.  And we’re not talking about pasting Hubble photos on your hotel room windows; we’re talking about hotel rooms in the space hotels.  Yes, you read that right.

Boeing and Space Adventures Working on CST 100

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Alas, another deal that puts commercial space travels a little closer to reality!   You’ve probably heard and read the many things we’ve written about Space Adventures, right? Yes, that company in the space travel industry that talks about their out-of-this-world (we mean this literally) summer getaways and other commercial space travel opportunities that cost twice a fortune.   Back then, it was kind of hard not to raise eyebrows at such ambitious claims.  But now, Space Adventures have just made a huge step into making all our dreams closer to reality.  They have just made a contract with the country’s major aerospace corporation, the Boeing Company, for the low orbit air travel Crew Space Transportation or CST 100.

The spacecraft is currently being engineered together with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) 2015, the Boeing spacecraft will be able to transport at least seven passengers up to low orbit, around 62 miles about the surface of the Earth.  The CST 100’s flight operation will be under Space Adventures.

Would You Like To Travel in Space?

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If you have 40 million dollars somewhere hidden, you better get it and you could use it for the best cause, it can even change your way of living. Unforgettable vacations because your 40 million dollars would get you a trip in outer space.  The project has already started many years ago by NASA and they can provide spacecrafts to anyone looking to visit for the first time either the Moon or Mars.

Obama administration can potentially invest into the research and the technology of space tourism and even one of the biggest aircraft producers in the world, Boeing is ready to invest however they do not want to be alone, meaning they are ready to split the fees in order to have a lower risk.