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Food Travel: How to eat kaiten-zushi like locals do

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While sushi is amazing to look at, a lot of people are intimidated with the tradition that comes in the creation and consumption of it. If you want to enjoy this Japanese cuisine in a laidback atmosphere, nothing can beat the convenient conveyor belt sushi or kaiten-zushi. As much as you want to scrape off the plates, you still need to know some basic tips to enjoy your Japanese meal:

Japanese Food

You just can’t sit and grab plates

When you go for a conveyor belt sushi, you just cannot eat away as soon as you get to the restaurant. You need to get settled in. Most likely you will see a spigot for some hot water. Near that will be a container of green tea. You will be given a mug to enjoy some hot tea.

Urasawa – The Best Sushi Restaurant in the US

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Sushi has exploded in popularity since it’s introduction to the mainstream in the early 1980’s. Now, it’s impossible to travel a few blocks without seeing at least one sushi restaurant. However, not all sushi restaurants are created equal. While some cater to the masses, others fill various niches – fusion, traditional, various styles, etc. One particular style, omakase (chef’s choice in Japanese), has been pleasing hardcore sushi enthusiasts for decades. For those searching for the best omakase meal money can buy, it is without a doubt that one man, Hiro Urasawa, delivers up the best sushi in the United States.