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Time-lapse video: Eurolapse in 12 Cities, 3 Summers

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This time-lapse video was done by David Kosmos Smith. We are suckers for such travel videos so we are sharing it with you guys. He traveled through 12 cities during three summers. And what a great way to preserve such journeys!

Time-lapse video: Amazing Arctic Lights in Lofoten Archipelago of Norway

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We found another great time-lapse video, this time of the Lofoten Archipelago in Norway. This video is by Terje Sorgjerd and taken from April 29 thru May 10 this year. If like a lot of us, you have not seen the phenomenal Arctic Lights, you will definitely be amazed.

Sorgjerd shared that he has been going to Lofoten in the last for years, at the same time of the year to catch the wonderful show of colors of nature. Hope you enjoyed the video!

Video: Hollywood sign gets refreshed

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The iconic HOLLYWOOD sign gets a facelift after more than thirty decades since its last refurbishment. The 43-ft tall signage high above the capital of the movie industry spent two months and a week of rehabilitation in preparation for its 90th anniversary.

Each of the letter was stripped, treated for protection against corrosion and rust, and coated with white paint. The team used around 255 gallons in total to do the paint job.

The sign was put up by the publisher of the Los Angeles Times in 1923. It originally said Hollywoodland that referred to a land development below.

Video: Around the world in 1 minute

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We stumbled upon this time lapsed video that takes us around the world, literally, in just sixty seconds. Now, this is such a good teaser if ever space tourism will take off (no pun intended).

Thanks to the modern technology, we do not need eighty days to circumnavigate earth. The video is made up of a series of images take by the International Space Station. The space station is around 220 miles hovering from the surface of earth.

The one responsible for the video is a science teacher named James Drake who utilized the free images from The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth so we can see how our planet looks like from the ISS.

The video has been a sensation and has earned tens of thousands of hits on YouTube. It takes us from the Pacific Ocean, hovers around the Americas, and then welcomes the daylight as it passes over Antarctica.