A driving trip with the kids can be a great family experience. However, sometimes sitting in a car for the better part of a day can get to the kids. Planning in advance can help make the trip go quicker. Obviously the age of your children determines what to take, how to plan, etc. Here are some ideas to make that driving experience more enjoyable.

Cars, and driving trips are very different from when we were children: Most cars have air conditioning (remember the howling noise and wind from open windows). Good music on the radio, etc. We recommend that your kids bring some of the following electronics: radio, cassette, or CD with headphones, hand-held videogames (including Sega, Nintendo), flashlight (for reading at night).
If you have a van, you can purchase or rent a TV-VCR which can run off the car’s battery. It’s a great way for kids to pass the time watching videos. Just be sure that the TV-VCR is securely fastened so it will not move in the event of an accident. Cracker Barrel Restaurants, located throughout the U.S., have rental programs for cassettes and videos: Rent it at one location, drop it off at another. Blockbuster Videos also offer a long-term rental program.