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Top 3 Exquisite Castle Hotels

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It’s a castle; no, it’s a hotel! For those of you who yearn to live in the lap of luxury, just like princes and princesses do, don’t fret because you can still live the life of a king and queen in your castle. All it takes is a phone call to one of these exquisite castle hotels and a pair of air tickets and you’ll be well on your way to a fairytale holiday!

1. Fitzpatricks Castle Hotel Dublin
Don’t let this castle hotel’s modern facade fool you. Although it was built in 1741 this hotel welcomed all modern advancements and was refurbished to accommodate guests who want a contemporary yet timeless style when it comes to their choice of hotels. The hotel features a large and cozy indoor swimming pool that is sure to delight everyone, be it spring, summer, winter or autumn.

The Best Rental Homes in North America

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Hotels are a dime a dozen – why put yourself through the encounter of having just another suitcase in another hall? If you fancy avoiding strangers and relish privacy while traveling, you don’t need to book at the nearest hotel for this. Quite the opposite. Why get a hotel room, when you can rent a home?

Here are some happening addresses to scope out in the North American continent when you want a house instead of dodging strangers in common rooms.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: Casa Fryzer