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6 Picture Perfect Canal Cities

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Canals have helped cities fluorish, serving as main traffic routes or for travelers, a perfect backdrop for capturing their best holiday experiences. Here are some of the most beautiful cities that thrived along waterways.

Annecy, France

Canals of Annecy reflect and refract amazing and stellar wonders as if a sea glass of blue and green when light hits its waters. Palais de l’Isle, a small triangular island in Thiou River, has been transformed its residence with a courthouse, jail, and a museum. Stopover in one of the many bars and restaurants on the canal-side and hear the wonderful stories that is told over a glass of delicious wine and a plate of luscious lake fish.

Bruges, Belgium

Most beautiful cities in the world

The Best 8 Places to Go to When You’re Looking for Affordable Healthcare

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Medical tourism is nothing new, what with the rising rate of hard-to-treat ailments we’re suffering from these days. It’s a good thing that treatment is still possible, and even affordable, as long as you know which part of the world to go to. Take a look at your traveler miles because you might want to make that next stop more life changing (literally) than the next. Below are the top eight destinations for health treatments.

Top 1: Thailand for a lot of medical treatments

First on the list is the pioneer when it comes to Medical Tourism. Thailand has long been known for the high quality of its urban hospitals. While treatment for cancer isn’t the primary niche for this country, you can go here for cheap cosmetic treatments ranging from nose jobs to sex changes. Of course, the medical practitioners here aren’t limited to plastic surgeons.

Film Travel: The Hunger Games destinations in North Carolina

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There might be no nightlock, mockingjays, nor peacekeepers but travelers can visit the world of Katniss, Haymitch, and Peeta when they go to North Carolina where Hunger Games was shot in location.

The Hunger Games is the screen adaptation of the dystopian novel of Suzanne Collins and was shot in the in different sites and soundstages in the western portion of the state. The film has created a loud buzz in social media and is expected to become a blockbuster rivaling the success of the Twilight Series.

The story revolves around Katniss Everdeen who takes the place of her younger sister for the televised death match in the post apocalyptic setting where the powerful influences from The Capitol controls everything.

If you want to explore the world of Katniss and the rest of the characters of Hunger Games, here are some of the best destinations in North Carolina:

Travel Guide: Going around Puerto Rico

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Puerto Ricans do not have any noteworthy means of moving around the 5,320 square miles of their country. They do have passenger vans called publicos which transport them from one area to another. Unfortunately though, these vans do not use terminals in order load passengers and they do not have a fixed schedule for the times they are available. This can hassle any tourist who has enjoyed the organized systems in other countries.

In order to travel Puerto Rico conveniently, one should rent a vehicle. Because Puerto Rico is an archipelago, it’s relatively easy to get around and see all the sights in just a few days.

Puerto Rico indeed has a small landmass but it offers a lot of scenery. And how does one get to see all these places when you go for a cruise. Here are the best routes to take when traveling around Puerto Rico.

Study Abroad: Interesting courses you can take around the globe

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You can always find a travel destination whether you are looking for leisure, business, or even broaden your horizon by studying some more. Are you into anime, being a cheese virtuoso, dance more gracefully, or maybe learn how to survive in a jungle?

Seville, Spain – Learn the Flamenco

In the vibrant district of Seville, you can learn the art of dancing the flamenco and sway while live guitarists are playing. The dance school of Taller Flamenco teaches different styles and rhythms of flamenco like the solea, alegria, seguiriyas, and more.

You will see locals and tourists from all over trying to learn the flamenco. You will see dancers beginners sharing a common passion for the flamenco..

The flamenco is an integral part of the culture so local schools encourage their students to attend music shows and also visit flamenco schools.

Top 8 destinations for Thanksgiving

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What’s Thanksgiving without turkey with the whole family or maybe the grand parade in New York, but for this list we also give you travel ideas veering a bit off the traditional. This is perfect for families who want to spend the Thanksgiving on a tropical island, a ski resort, go for water adventures or may be explore desert landscapes. Going non-traditional may also be a good way to pay tribute to the pilgrim pioneers. We also cannot skip the favourite destinations for Thanksgiving. They’re part of the unwritten requirement so children will know about the holiday beyond the turkeys. It is like passing on the tradition to the next generation.


7 Top Destinations for those who love chocolate

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Chocolates. Who doesn’t love them? People from around the world love chocolate as gift items for holidays, love them for their health benefits, or just love them as their best feel-good-food. If you are planning for the holidays and you are thinking of going to the best destinations to know more about chocolates, then this list is for you:


The Belgian chocolate according to locals is the food for lovers, the rich, and the champions. Belgium has around 2000 shops selling the best chocolates, around a dozen factories that make chocolate, and 16 museums devoted to chocolates. It is overwhelming when you talk about chocolate and Belgium which produces about 172,000 tons excellent chocolate annually. Every village and every town basically has their own store of chocolate and that’s why Belgium is considered as the best chocolate destination in the whole of Europe.


Top 5 Most Secured Safes and Vaults around the globe

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Here are some of the places that only the most insane people will try to break into:

Svalbard Global Seed Vault

It is 2012, and for those who believe Armageddon might come soon, the few who will survive has this big vault in a mountain in Spitsbergen, 390 feet below ground, storing all hope for mankind. This vault houses about half a million samples of the plant species. It is about 620 miles from the North Pole and protected by miles of ocean. It is practically resistant to earthquake and any potential nuclear disaster that can wipe everything off the face of earth. It is also high enough that it is safe from flooding. The vaults are enclosed behind four steel doors and we heard that the keys to these doors are not under the doormat.

Granite Mountain