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Royal Holiday: 8 Castles in Europe where you can sleep in style

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Treat yourself to a holiday fit for a royalty. Here are some castles in Europe from which you can choose your royal highness:

Thornbury Castle (England)

The Thornbury Castle in South Gloucs has been witness to the complexities of royal life, betrayals, romance, imprisonments and beheadings.  Believe it or not, you can get the chamber where Ann Boleyn and Henry VIII used to stay.

Dromoland Castle Hotel and Country State (Ireland)

This castle in Clare, Ireland was first constructed during the 16th century and the castle that you see today was completed around 1835. It now serves as a 5-star hotel complete with a golf course, spa, and great food. Back in 2004, then US President George W. Bush stayed overnight at Dromoland for a summit involving the US and the European Union. The most powerful man in the world was kept safe by around 7,000 policemen, private security, and the military.

Best Christmas destinations around the globe

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Christmas is celebrated in most parts of the globe and here are some of the best travel destinations where you can spend the holidays:

Vienna, Austria

Vienna known for its naturally romantic atmosphere turns very festive with all the Christmas markets running between the middle of November thru Christmas day. The families here follow traditions that have been passed on to them since the Middle Ages. Some may call the traditions Christmas cliches but you cannot help but be fascinated. Expect to have an overdose of toasted almonds, gingerbread, fried sausages, sweet chestnuts, and mulled wine.

Verona, Italy

You must be thinking of Romeo and Juliet when you hear of this city but it is another place which has a great holiday culture with holiday fairs yearly near the Lake Garda and magnificent fireworks at Arco. If you will be spending your holidays here, you can indulge concerts, local markets, and theater performances until around January.

Best yachting destinations around the globe

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When you have a yacht your port of call can practically be anywhere from the shores of Spain, the Caribbean, or maybe the Mediterranean. Aside from your destinations, you have to carefully schedule your journey as summer on your point of origin may not be the same sunny season on your point of destination.

Here are some of the top yachting destinations:

Antibes, France

The best time to go sailing in Antibes is from June to August. Antibes is a resort town in the Alpes-Maritime department in southeast France and is located between Cannes and Nice. Port Vauban is the largest marina in Europe and usually holds some of the world’s biggest yachts. 

British and US Virgin Islands

Perfect to visit during the holiday season until the end of March. Virgin Islands are the eastern island group of Leeward Islands. For tourist who are sensitive in weather conditions Virgin Islands is best for them that offers peaceful, still waters that’s almost a perfect blue hue. 

Best Honeymoon Hotels for the 2011 newly weds

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After exchanging vows, you might want to treat your partner to a nice overnight or maybe weeklong stay in one of the best honeymoon hotels. It is the time to be sexy and spend some intimate times so you get to celebrate the lifetime you have ahead of you.

There are honeymoon hotels which will make a burn mark on your bank account but there are also honeymoon hotels which will just be right for your budget. It is really up to you and how you want to spend this special moment of your married life.

Luxury Honeymoon Hotels

Cap Maison Resort and Spa

Top 8 holiday destinations for a traditional Christmas

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Everyone is coming up with lists of Christmas travel destinations as families prepare to enjoy the holidays. We have featured in our recent post warm Christmas destinations but for those who may be dreaming of chestnuts roasting on an open fire or maybe of white Christmas then this list is for you.


If you will be in Europe this holiday season, then consider spending the Yuletide in Vienna, Austria.  This city is picture of postcard perfect elegance and warmth which spells the true meaning of the season.

Visit the Schonbrunn Palace which is among the most iconic monuments in Austria. The palace and the surrounding gardens give you a peek of the lifestyle of the country’s royalties. There are also classical concerts that you can attend at the City Hall for those who want to dig down into their emotions for that holiday spirit. Of course you don’t want to miss out on shopping gifts for your loved ones back home, and Vienna offers you Christmas markets which are considered as among the best in Europe.

Adventure Travel: 5 Exotic summer destinations

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Hotel pools might offer a great view but no one will argue that there is nothing better that swimming in natural bodies of water that nature has to offer. You might have done some laps around the pool but you might want to explore some of the most exotic destinations across te globe where you can take a dip, relax, and splash around:

Jellyfish Lake in Palau

It is not recommended but who will not take the opportunity of swimming with jellyfish, tens of thousands of them. The Jellyfish Lake is home to one kind of jellyfish that has lost its sting because it does not have to deal with predators. They float around and try to find food and you can swim with them without having to worry about getting hurt at all.

Dead Sea in Israel

Best View in Maine: Every Hiker’s Dream Trail

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There are a lot of ways for you to explore Maine. It’s the hiking capital of the US, and if you only have a chance to hike there once and you want the best experience you can ever have, then you better follow our trail.

Managing the Appalachian Trail, Northern Maine

You can always explore the Appalachian Trail any other way, but this particular trail is far removed from civilization. It will make you forget that you’re near any city, and isn’t that what hiking’s all about, to be one with nature and to forget the crowds and the concrete buildings? In this trail, you go straight to Maine’s backwoods. There are no honking horns, not signs of city slickers (save for you), and the best part is, you’re still in control.

5 Forgotten Countries you might have not heard of

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Have you ever been in a situation where you heard of a name of a country and you just cannot remember if you have ever heard of it in geography class? Or your fifth grader encountering an unfamiliar name of a place, asking you where is that country on the map and you just don’t have any idea. Don’t panic, there are just countries that have managed to stay under the radar. Scan our list below for some of these low-profile places.

Comoros in Africa

Back in the olden days when ocean travel was the only means of discovering the world, Comoros was a very important stopover for vessels going to Cape of Good Hope. This changed when the Suez Canal was constructed and opened. Today, there are only less than 30,000 visitors going to this place every year. The Comoros is located near Mauritius and Seychelles. Comoros is a tropical paradise if not only for the twenty coup attempts after its independence from the government of France back in 1975.