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Best spots for stunning city views

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A spectacular city view from atop a building is something that appeals to most people. In hotels, the room with a view commands a higher rate and yet they still attract the attention of lots of travelers. Perhaps man’s fascination with an aerial view of a city is brought about by one of the key aspects of life here on this planet: gravity.

We’re perpetually anchored to the earth, and that means being used to seeing cities from the ground up. Turn your gaze to the left or the right and you’ll see walls, buildings, trees, and other structures. But when you’re hundreds of meters off the ground, suddenly it seems that the whole world has opened up. Before you is a sprawling city, without borders, and only endless stretches of land and water as far as the eye can see. Sometimes, the view really can take your breath away.

Top 7 of the Oddest Prisons in the World

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While we don’t suppose you’ll be taking a tour around these odd prisons anytime soon, a glimpse of them makes for a fun read. Below are the seven strangest rehabilitation/prison camps you’ll find in the world.

Top 1: Bolivia’s San Pedro Prison

This prison doesn’t look like a prison at all. It’s really more of a community or a small town which keeps criminals from mingling with the rest of society, but which doesn’t isolate them in a gray concrete barren hole with bars. Here, prisoners will have to work (either selling groceries or making something useful) if they want a roof over their heads.

The point is to let prisoners learn to make their lives useful by letting them earn their own cells. At the end of their stay, they might actually miss the community. Hopefully, they don’t try to commit another felony just because they’re homesick.

7 of the Deadliest Mountains across the globe

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Mountain climbers take the treacherous paths of nature’s skyscrapers for the view and for some pumping of the adrenaline. But with the fun comes the danger where people risk and lose their lives.

Here are some of the deadliest mountains to climb:

K2 (Pakistan/China)

28,251 ft.

K2 is the second highest mountain in the globe. It is also considered by expert climbers as among the most difficult climb, technically. Some call it Savage Mountain where the easiest of paths will require you to cross a complex glacier, unstable ice pillars, and steep rocks. This mountain of the Karakoram range takes 1 life of every 4 who tries to reach its top.

Annapurna (Nepal )

26,545 ft.

Annapurna in the local language means Goddess of Crop.  Regrettably, the 10th highest mountain harvest the lives of climbers with a death rate of 41%. This number translates to 53 deaths for around 130 people who tried to conquer its peak.

8 best places to plan a vacation if you’re going solo

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These days, the onset of budget airlines and travel promos make people more inclined to travel abroad. Almost everywhere you look there are posters, advertisements, and even TV shows featuring exotic places, delicious food, and interesting people. It used to be that going on a trip abroad usually meant you’re traveling with someone. But going solo can also mean lots of fun.

Setting off by oneself isn’t so unusual for travelers these days for a number of reasons. Friends may have difficulty agreeing on a date when they can all take some time off at work; changing demographics can affect itineraries; and sometimes when the hectic work environment seems a bit too much to bear, we feel the need to take a step back and space out. However, there have been unfortunate stories from travelers on supplement fees being charged for solo travelers.

6 Essential Streets You Need to Visit to Know Bangkok

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Given only a few days to get to know an entire city, it’s pretty hard for an independent traveler to plot out the journey. When you’re visiting Bangkok, however, it really only comes down to these six streets. Once you’ve explored all of them, it’s safe to say that you’ve looked at Bangkok at all (essential) angles and you can write that travelogue without guilt .Take a sneak peek of them through this list.

Trok Issaranuphap

When you visit Bangkok’s Chinatown, you’ll probably be led by younger Thais to Sampaeng Lane, Yaowarat  or Charoen Krung. As the older ones know, though, the best of goods are sold in Trok Issaranuphap. You simply can’t leave Bangkok without visiting this strip.

At the tip of this narrow alley, you’ll be awestruck by a Chinese temple called Mangkon Kamalawat. As you walk further, you’ll see the wet market where there’s a wide variety of stalls selling prepared food. Notorious for its exotic cuisine, though, these are definitely not suited for the fainthearted.

8 of the most Beautiful but Undiscovered Places around the World

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Traveling is one of the best things you can do to enrich your life, and it’s doubly pleasurable when you discover a hidden gem. There are plenty of spectacular places around the world which are somehow always missing the tourists’ “most visited” list. Perhaps it is just as well because these hidden gems might lose out on their charm if they have been overly exposed. For your traveling pleasure, though, you might want to think about including these spots in your itinerary.

Meknes Morocco

Meknes in Morroco is overshadowed by its sibling cities Fes and Marakesh. While it is low key compared to these more visited cities, Meknes actually has a very interesting share of architectural gems. Gaze at its historical 45 kilometer wall, gaze ate over fifty palaces located close to the city, and photograph the Roman ruins of Volubilis. You can also take pride in the fact that you’re among the first ones to visit this city before it got overly commercialized. Once word gets out, more and more travelers are bound to frequent this place.

Quirkiest Attractions in Britain

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If you’ve always wondered what that one thing is that seems to make Britain unique, it’s probably the British people’s ability to celebrate the most bizarre things. While Britain is known for its diverse countryside, there are also tourist attractions here which feature, oddly enough, cuckoo clocks, bubble cars, witchcraft, teetotal pubs and paperweights.

These attractions are not even considered the “quirkiest” of the lot because the ones we’ll be listing in this article go beyond the “theme park” categorization. If you take a look at these unconventional highlights, you’ll rediscover that fine sense of wonder that only toddlers have for the newest things.

Puzzling Place

Top 7 places to experience the best Italian foods and drinks without being in Italy

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When you think of Italy, you think of great food. Imagine Italy and you see a rustic environment, air filled with flavors, pizza, cheese, pasta, wine… yummy! If you are bored with the Italian restaurant a few blocks away from home or if you are traveling for business or pleasure and craving for Italian food, there are certain places across the globe where your cravings will be answered.

These little Italies come complete with the food factor, authenticity of the cuisines, and really very Italian feel of everything. The ambiance is not just created by interior designers to make a good image of a business but real warmth that you feel when you look for something Italian.

Norton Street in Sydney, Australia