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Top 7 Fall Destinations: Quick Escapes in Ochre

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Definitely, one of the most romantic seasons anywhere in a country fortunate enough to have four seasons is autumn. Imagine having to live without the vibrancy of fall with the leaves turning red or gold or deep brown? This is why when you are lucky enough to experience autumn, you shouldn’t waste a day. Spend that crisp and clear weekend on one of these seven prime destinations.

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

It’s such a pity to spend autumn indoors, sulking away in front of your television. This is never truer than in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, one of the top Autumn destinations to date. Certainly, you wouldn’t want to stay cooped up in your room when you can attend the harvest festivals and go on buggy rides across this Dutch country.

8 Wonderful Horseback Riding Experiences around the Globe

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Whether you’re a seasoned horseback rider or a beginner who’s on the lookout for the most scenic trails the world has to offer, it’s always good to know your stuff. Below are the ten best horseback riding packages you can find around the globe. This is a quick read that would hopefully give you a concise yet essential survey of the best deals there are today.

Kenya: Masai Mara

In Kenya, horse riders will find quite a haven in the Masai Mara trail. It’s certainly one of the more challenging and more exciting trails in our list. How can you not have any fun if you’re riding your pony alongside giraffes, zebras, and the rest of the African wildlife? This certainly beats the Land Rover tours most people get when they visit Africa.

Best destinations for Women according to the World Economic Forum

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The whole world celebrates the International Women’s Day and it is but fitting to feature some of the best destinations where women are most likely to lead a comfortable, safe and fruitful life. Wen we think of these places, countries like Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Finland come quickly to mind in terms of gender equality.

Women in Sweden, for example, can take a maternity leave for 480 days paid on 80% of their salary. In Rwanda, majority of lawmakers are women and Burundii has 92% of its labor force made up of women.

As the globe celebrates this special day for women, a lot more efforts are needed to push for gender equality. The female workforce, according to researches, earn about 10% of the global income but women do two -thirds of the global clock hours.

We list down some of the best places on earth where gender disparities are narrowed:

Top 5 Hidden Surfing spots for the adventurous travelers

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If you love exploring places and at the same time love riding the best waves on Earth, then you might be one among millions of surfers in search of the best breaks. These surf spots are not your typical popular spots that are known to main stream surfers. To boot, going to these surfing destinations can be quite a challenge:

Maoti in Tahiti

Maoti is a reef way from a popular surfing spot called Papara, a beach in Tahiti. If you are a beginner surfer you might not want to head to this reef break alone but play it safe and make sure you have someone with you. You might just catch the best waves that you have ever imagined.

Budget Travel: Best Destinations for 2013

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As the year ends, it is an inevitable fact that there will always be a question about the latest, coolest, and budget-friendliest place to explore this coming year. Swimming through large piles of updated set of information about airline prices, cultural flourishing, boom of new hotels, charts of currency, and other significant statistical data we were able to stitch the intricate list of the best budget-friendly destinations for the coming fresh year.

They are diverse in their appeal – some are interesting because of the development of unique, new attractions and some are the standard dream holiday targets that have suddenly became more reasonably priced. Its ripeness for exploration is the thing these world wonders possess in common.

The Bahamas


Top 6 Golf Courses for a Tee Party

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Golf has been around for ages, and for a sport that seems just a tad calmer than all the other ball games, it’s still pretty popular. We believe it’s more than just the social status that comes with the territory. It must be all that green, and the way the fairways just seem to take every stressor out of the picture. Below are the top six golf courses you should visit in this lifetime.

Top 1: Pine Valley Golf Club

Location: Clementon, New Jersey

Specifics: Par 70 ~ 6,755 yards; Crump/Colt (1918)

The Pine Valley is the Holy Grail equivalent for golfers simply because it’s quite a challenge to locate and the property itself is exclusive. You’d have to go through a lot of pins and needles just to play here unless of course you’re a VIP. This golf course is located in the Pine Barrens in New Jersey, and those who were lucky (and experienced) enough to play in its fairways claim that it’s the world’s best golf course to date.

The Best of Comfort Foods in Busy Cities

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It’s 3AM and your stomach is growling for a slice of pizza and a diet soda. You try to sleep off the hunger pangs but the growling wins and you get up to find there’s nothing but a tub of crackers on your pantry.

As you much on a cracker and sip soda, you try to think what you had for dinner. Did you get enough food or did you just eat early thus the hunger pangs. While there are people who can simply sleep it off, there are those who can’t get some shut eye without giving into temptation.
However, if you do find yourself in these cities, here are the best dishes to order that will have you dreaming of your next visit all night long.

Top travel adventures in the Mediterranean

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If you are planning to head to the Mediterranean for some adrenaline-pumping travel adventure, here are some of the best things that you can try:

Greek Isles – Sailing

What will be Mediterranean but the paradise for those who love to sail. The potential routes offer memorable adventures and enchanting destinations along the way. You can hop from island to island wile enjoying a dose of history and warm weather. You can enjoy Delos and the great archaeological finds or maybe go for some wine tasting in Santorini. If you want to relax and rely on private cruise operators, they can easily be arranged to take you to ruins of ancient communities or scuba diving.