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Six Asian wonders uncovered

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Traveling has become so popular these days that it’s getting harder and harder to find a place you can visit that’s not crowded with tourists. People are inclined to travel because airline companies are almost always offering tickets on sale, and hotels are also slashing their accommodation prices. Popular shows on TV such as Globe Trekker (formerly Lonely Planet), and No Reservations all the more entice people to get off the couch, pack their belongings, and head off to some distant country.

In recent years, picking a destination and finding a way to get there is the easy part of going on a vacation. The hard part is getting away from the crowd and immersing your self in a place that hasn’t yet turned into a commercial establishment. Let’s face it, popular tourist attractions in major countries around the globe will always grab our attention, but somehow the long lines and hordes of other tourists manage to make the experience a bit less special.

Getting to know Southeast Asia: where to go and what to do

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Asia—there are so many places you can choose from if you want to take a vacation here. In fact, this place is so large, it is divided into different regions to make it easier for travelers to have an idea of where exactly they’re located in the biggest country in the world. Today, we’re setting our sights on Southeast Asia where we find exotic countries, interesting people, and a wide range of activities suitable for jetsetters and budget travelers, and increcibly delicious food. Don’t believe the exaggerated news reports on safety issues; Southeast Asian countries are generally safe for tourists coming from different parts of the globe. An added bonus is that these countries are home to probably the friendliest bunch of people you will ever meet.