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Bottoms up: the best wine tours you should sign up for

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Through the years, wine has managed to maintain its place on the dining table whatever season or occasion. Countries all over the world have started developing their own wines, adapting to the tastes and preferences of the locals in a specific region. You don’t really have to have your own cellar to be able to enjoy a glass of wine, but if you like to indulge for a bit and tap into the hidden connoisseur within you, we suggest exploring the world one sip at a time through these excellent wine tours.

By tagging along any of the tours we’re about to share with you, not only will you discover new wines, but  you will also taste delectable meals that you won’t forget anytime soon. An opportunity to learn about the local culture in a specific region and how wine plays an important role in the locals’ everyday meals is also presented to you. Don’t worry if you’re not too familiar with the different grapes or that you immediately think of a bunch of flowers whenever someone says “bouquet”; wine tours are intended for anyone who thinks enjoying a glass of wine is better than looking at preserved artifacts in a stuffy museum.

Travel Guide: Exploring Napa Valley

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Napa Valley today is synonymous to excellent wine. It is situated on the fertile hills of northern California and got its name from its original settlers, the Wappo Indians. Napa really translates to “land of plenty”. Way before the large vineyards in Napa, the Wappos experienced a abundance of waterfowl, elk, and salmon in the waters of the valley’s river. Even during this early years, there were records of wild grapes in Napa Valley.

Today, Napa Valley has hundreds of wineries that offer wine tastings along the Route 29 in California. Aside from the wineries in Napa Valley, there are also world class spas and restaurants.

If Napa Valley seems to be crowded during your holiday, you can go to the smaller Sonoma Valley and visit the vineyards that has been managed by families for generations. The pace in Sonoma is a bit slower compared to Napa and here the winemakers themselves staffs their tasting room.

Travel Guide: Going around Puerto Rico

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Puerto Ricans do not have any noteworthy means of moving around the 5,320 square miles of their country. They do have passenger vans called publicos which transport them from one area to another. Unfortunately though, these vans do not use terminals in order load passengers and they do not have a fixed schedule for the times they are available. This can hassle any tourist who has enjoyed the organized systems in other countries.

In order to travel Puerto Rico conveniently, one should rent a vehicle. Because Puerto Rico is an archipelago, it’s relatively easy to get around and see all the sights in just a few days.

Puerto Rico indeed has a small landmass but it offers a lot of scenery. And how does one get to see all these places when you go for a cruise. Here are the best routes to take when traveling around Puerto Rico.

Budget Travel: Enjoying Sydney without burning your pockets

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Although you cannot deny the fact that expensive is one the best words that describe when exploring Sydney. Renting a house during your visit or buying the basic supplies will be the least of your worries.  What you need to prepare for and plan well will be how you will dine, where you will have some drinks, and which spots you want to visit.

You need to know where you have to go so you can stretch your budget and make most of the Sydney holiday.


If you are on a budget, don’t go for the well-known hotels and all the nice pictures that you may take in their suites. Go for a hostel which may charge between $30 to $80. You can book a room with YHA, a known Sydney hostel that boasts of a decent environment, friendly staff, and clean rooms.

7 Treasures in the Ruins of Northern Peru

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Long before the Incas conquered the Sicán, Chimú, and Chachapoyas people in the 1450s, Northern Peru was already home to the Chavin, Cupisnique, Recuay, Moche, and Cajamarca civilizations.  The advanced and rich cultures of these people have been evident in the great ruins of northern Peru.  Sadly, despite the many historical facts and stories these ruins hold, the following sites are the least visited by tourists:

Huaca de la Luna

In 50AD-800AD, the old civilization of Moche constructed the Shrines of the Moon and the Sun, locally called as the Huacas de la Luna y del Sol to serve as their centers of religious and administrative activities.  These two temples are part of the Huacas de Moche, which is the remnants of Cerro Blanco, the capital city of ancient Moche.  Today, only the Huaca de la Luna is open for visitations because the Huaca del Sol was largely destroyed in 17th century by the Spanish conquerors.

All about coffee: Knowing what to order in an Italian cafe

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Coffee. The drink’s popularity has spread worldwide since its appearance in written history in 1671 to its aroma reaching different countries via instant coffee packs at homes and offices, via Starbucks, or other brands which satisfy every person’s craving.

One country which can really claim that it knows coffee like it knows how to breathe is Italy. In Rome, for example, you can find coffee bars in every square, cranny, monuments, and nooks that you will see. Cappuccinos are part of their souls.

Those who do not know a lot about coffee may think that when in Italy, you can order either an espresso or a cappuccino. You can get these two but they are only a small part of a long list that you can choose from. Coffee in Italy is spelled as V-A-R-I-E-T-Y.

Here’s a list that may help out coffee lovers in case you go to Rome and decide to get a cup in a coffee bar:

Top 8 most romantic Paris hotels

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You see different letters and you hear different sounds but they actually mean the same. A Paris holiday is perfect if you want to experience great food, a sophisticated lifestyle, and a breath taking romantic getaway with your partner.

Choosing the best Paris hotel is really a tough task since there are so many great choices. You can go for something modern, something historical, something chic, or to a Paris budget hotel. We listed some of the best known romantic Paris hotels for you:


The Five Hotel

This Paris hotel will really give you a unique experience like no other. This is a design hotel inside and out and the perfect words to describe their concept– scintillating, magical, romantic! The rooms have a modern and classy color schemes which makes good use of glass and optic fibers. You may find the rooms a bit small but the price is budget friendly as well.

Travel Guide: How to enjoy the island of Santorini

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The Greek island of Santorini is known for its picture perfect view of whitewashed houses, blue waters, and captivating sunset. In this volcanic island though, you need to remember that it is the view you are paying for usually when you go to a hotel, restaurant, or a coffee shop. We list down things you should not do in Santorini so your pocket will not hurt much and what you should instead:

Santorini is not the best party island and you must appreciate it for that

We are not saying that you cannot find a good time in Santorini but you should not look for an Ios or Mikonos which offer a 24×7 party lifestyle. There are some exciting clubs though in Kamari and Fira. Perissa, one of the island’s best beaches, can surprise you with some big party nights. You can check out the Yazz for some upbeat music or enjoy a drink at Soul Bar with some friends and locals. If you feel like getting into the groove, go  to the Beach Bar for some dancing.