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Top 8 most romantic Paris hotels

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You see different letters and you hear different sounds but they actually mean the same. A Paris holiday is perfect if you want to experience great food, a sophisticated lifestyle, and a breath taking romantic getaway with your partner.

Choosing the best Paris hotel is really a tough task since there are so many great choices. You can go for something modern, something historical, something chic, or to a Paris budget hotel. We listed some of the best known romantic Paris hotels for you:


The Five Hotel

This Paris hotel will really give you a unique experience like no other. This is a design hotel inside and out and the perfect words to describe their concept– scintillating, magical, romantic! The rooms have a modern and classy color schemes which makes good use of glass and optic fibers. You may find the rooms a bit small but the price is budget friendly as well.

Travel Guide: How to enjoy the island of Santorini

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The Greek island of Santorini is known for its picture perfect view of whitewashed houses, blue waters, and captivating sunset. In this volcanic island though, you need to remember that it is the view you are paying for usually when you go to a hotel, restaurant, or a coffee shop. We list down things you should not do in Santorini so your pocket will not hurt much and what you should instead:

Santorini is not the best party island and you must appreciate it for that

We are not saying that you cannot find a good time in Santorini but you should not look for an Ios or Mikonos which offer a 24×7 party lifestyle. There are some exciting clubs though in Kamari and Fira. Perissa, one of the island’s best beaches, can surprise you with some big party nights. You can check out the Yazz for some upbeat music or enjoy a drink at Soul Bar with some friends and locals. If you feel like getting into the groove, go  to the Beach Bar for some dancing.

Common phrases that you need to know when in Asia

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Language is fascinating and when you are in a different country, it is the wall which can help you make connections with other people or it is a barrier which can be a big hurdle to close a deal. We all sound differently when we talk when we all mean the same thing and trying to say the same thing.

It is priceless though how you can make locals smile when you try a few words of their native tongue. Knowing common phrases will help you find directions, bargain for a good price, win new friends or business partners, and save your life during unfortunate situations.

Those in Asia are very fascinated with how people in the west talk and act. Likewise, those from Europe, the Americas and other parts of the globe are mystified with the language, culture, practices, and traditions of the peoples frome the East.

Top 10 Great European Cities for the wise spenders

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The struggling economics wherever you are in the world should not stop you from enjoying that European vacation you deserve. Sounds crazy? No it doesn’t. Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive if you know just where the most practical places are. Explore these 10 cities in Europe that will give you the most affordable rate without sacrificing the quality of your trip. Walk around the hippest and trendiest streets of fashion; be acquainted with their wonderful culture, stuff your taste bud with their delectable gourmet, swim until your skin is burned and be enticed with their magnificent art without emptying your pockets. Are you still not convenience? Just go on reading.

Antwerp, Belgium

Compared to Paris, Antwerp is not a commonplace for tourist. But you will definitely remember the warm atmosphere that this place can proffer especially every Saturday and Sunday. Stay in the Bed and Breakfast, Boulevard Leopold or at Hotel Matelote that both offer a homey experience.

The Best Castle Hotels around the World

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Have you ever dreamed about being a king or a queen just to have a room as big as your entire house, and a home that reminds you of the fairytales you used to read as a child? The good news is you don’t even have to have royal blood anymore just to sleep in a castle. You can simply flip through the catalogues and choose among a wide myriad of castle lodgings around the globe. Below are our very top picks.

Château de la Bourdaisière

If you watch a lot of TV and you’ve come across the reality show Joe Millionaire, which just made your heart beat faster, this castle is going to look very familiar to you. This was a Fox hit in 2003, and now, you don’t even have to get into the show to wine, dine, and spend the night in the property. For as low as 120 euros a night, you get the full lodging experience at the Château de la Bourdaisière.

The Best US Hotel-Top Bars

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There is quite nothing like drinking at a posh environment which puts the sprawl city right under your feet. Bars built at the topmost level of their hotels provide this particular experience. However, not all bars are built equal. There will be those who will exceed the others and deserve the heights wherein they were placed. If you want to know what the best rooftop bars are, this list will enumerate them.

ADC, Washington, D.C.

People wanting a little more exclusivity in their lounging areas need to get membership with the ADC (Above D.C.) to get into the mix with politicians and co-eds. Come and enjoy their fireplaces or feed yourself with their wontons filled with foie gras delivered by the people from Todd English’s Cha.

Sunset Beach, Scottsdale

Top 10 farms to visit if you’re in the mood for picking apples

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It’s the year 2010. We wake up, go to work, come home to sleep and in a few hours, go through the whole process again. We consider ourselves part of this modern society, and as we go through our day to day lives, we adapt to change and adjust not only ourselves but our daily regimen. Gone were the days when we relied on horses to pull our load and take us from one destination to another; these days, we rev up the engines in our fuel-burning cars to get to wherever it is we want to go. Everywhere you look, there are fast food chains offering quick fixes for anyone who starts to feel their stomach grumbling. These days, you will most likely be able to find any type of food inside a supermarket. You can get practically anything from different cuts of meat to rice and bread, vegetables of all shapes and sizes and of course, fruits. Fruits these days come in a number of packages; you can get them fresh by the piece or the pound; you can get them in boxes and crates; you can get them peeled or unpeeled; you can get them in a basket mixed in with a number of other fruits; you can get them in cans or in jars; you can even get them dried and enjoy them as snacks similar to potato chips and peanuts.

Nippon the right way: top five rookie mistakes made by travelers going to Japan

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Lots of travelers today are on the look-out for destinations that are off the beaten track. You know what we mean: far flung places that you’ve never heard of before, communities that haven’t made it yet in travel magazines, etcetera. And yet despite the increasing urge to go out and explore someplace new, countries that have long been popular with tourists are still getting a lot of attention today. One such example is the intriguing country of Japan, which has a fantastic mix of a modern, futuristic vibe and ancient traditions.

There are so many attractions in this country that it’s no wonder tourists keep flocking in to get a taste of that unique Japanese experience. However, it’s easy to get caught up in all the hype especially if you’re a first time visitor and get all your travel tips from movies and commercial advertisements. Here are the top five rookie mistakes often made by travelers making their way to Japan, and the ways you can make it up to yourself.