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Best Skinny-dipping Spots in the World

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We came into the world clad only in our birthday suits. Mustering the courage to bare it all and to remove all inhibitions in a public place is a very liberating experience. If you feel queasy about removing it all in a place where your parents might be able to see you by accident, there are solitary places you can go to for swimming in the nude. The cover of the night adds a naughty clandestine feel to skinny-dipping as long as you mind the temperature. Removing all clothing and a dive into the waters can feel like a return to the womb in a way.

Formentera, Spain

Top 7 Fall Destinations: Quick Escapes in Ochre

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Definitely, one of the most romantic seasons anywhere in a country fortunate enough to have four seasons is autumn. Imagine having to live without the vibrancy of fall with the leaves turning red or gold or deep brown? This is why when you are lucky enough to experience autumn, you shouldn’t waste a day. Spend that crisp and clear weekend on one of these seven prime destinations.

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

It’s such a pity to spend autumn indoors, sulking away in front of your television. This is never truer than in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, one of the top Autumn destinations to date. Certainly, you wouldn’t want to stay cooped up in your room when you can attend the harvest festivals and go on buggy rides across this Dutch country.

10 best value destinations to visit before 2011 ends

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It’s been almost three years since the recession in 2008 which affected many countries around the world. Suddenly, thousands of people found themselves jobless and without any means to afford basic necessities, let alone luxuries like traveling abroad for a short vacation. Fortunately, economies have started to show signs of moving forward. Some people are able to find other jobs that will enable them to maintain their household and pay for various bills like power and water. Other people who are more fortunate are once again able to set aside a reasonable sum for a short holiday overseas. One thing that travelers can view as an advantage brought about by the recession, a blessing in disguise, if you will, is the numerous travel deals being offered left and right. This is beneficial not only to travelers on a budget, but for those who can’t get enough of new sights and sounds.

8 Wonderful Horseback Riding Experiences around the Globe

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Whether you’re a seasoned horseback rider or a beginner who’s on the lookout for the most scenic trails the world has to offer, it’s always good to know your stuff. Below are the ten best horseback riding packages you can find around the globe. This is a quick read that would hopefully give you a concise yet essential survey of the best deals there are today.

Kenya: Masai Mara

In Kenya, horse riders will find quite a haven in the Masai Mara trail. It’s certainly one of the more challenging and more exciting trails in our list. How can you not have any fun if you’re riding your pony alongside giraffes, zebras, and the rest of the African wildlife? This certainly beats the Land Rover tours most people get when they visit Africa.

The most amazing roads with the most spectacular views [videos]

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Earlier, we talked about the best roads in the world today, where petrol heads can drive to their heart’s content. Where there is nothing more that just man (or woman), car, and road.

The reviews are in and much debate has been going on. And now, to appease others who are adamant about their own choice for the best road you can find around the world, here are a couple more places you may want to visit if you’re planning to embark on a road trip.


Milford Road

The Milford Road, also known as SH94 or State Highway 94, is a perfect place to visit if you’re particularly interested in the outdoor scenery in New Zealand. It starts from Te Anau, passing through the Fiordland National Park, Southern Alps, and ends in Milford Sound. The entire distance of this highway is about 240 kilometers or 114 miles. Depending on how heavy your foot is at the gas pedal, and on the current weather conditions, the trip usually takes at least two hours. Make sure you’re ready to commit to the entire journey before entering the highway; it’s a one-way road and there’s no turning back.

Top 10 trips for Guys

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Men need as much guy bonding time and fun as girls do. The only difference is the activities and the venue where they go to have fun. Guys don’t wait for special events like birthdays, promotions, or parties to take some time off and check out the best all-guys getaway.

Here are some things which top our list:


First on the list is to catch a baseball game in Boston. To see a REAL baseball game, you should definitely go there during summer season so you can feel the intensity and the frenzy of it all. But going there during the other months of the year is no harm too. You can enjoy and explore Fenway Park and experience the game of your life.


5 New York City Rooftop Bars perfect for the summer

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If you will be in NYC this summer, there are some interesting bars you can hop to from one hotel rooftop to another. Here are some of the best where you can enjoy a round of drinks, the view, some fresh air, and a good company of friends:

Above 6

The people at Six Columbus has made a great stride in terms of what you can see at Above 6. Before, you will be staring at a drain pipe but right now, you will be able to get a glimpse of the Central Park. This rooftop getaway is inspired by the 60s and gives you that arty and minimalist vibe. Sip some Hummingbird while enjoying the panorama.

Empire Hotel

Best Cruises in Alaska

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Alaska has a very rugged environment and the best way to experience its best offerings is on a cruise. You can combine the roadways on this state and it will not even cover half the stretch of its coastlines. From the waters, you can have a different perspective of the landscapes, or you can watch bears trying to catch salmons, or simply be amazed with the glaciers.

The cruise lines cater to the different Alaska travel adventures of your liking. Here are some of the best of Alaska cruises you can find: