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Travel Destinations: Best unearthy places

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In the near future, it might be possible for travellers (who have big bank accounts to boot) to fulfill their childhood or life long dream of travelling to space. Well, not into deep space but at least beyond the known limits of the earth’s atmostphere.

For now, astronaut wannabe’s can visit some of the oddest travel destinations on earth:

Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

Once you see the Salar de Uyuni, the image of a bright white sea of salt will stick into your mind for ages to come. It is purely amazing. Jaw-dropping.

Nazca Lines in Peru

The Nazca Lines are among the most enigmatic out of this world sights. Viewed from above, it seem to appear as some hands from space decided to do some doodles on the desolate deserts of Peru. Up to now, it is a mstery what the Nazca Lines are for and who or what did it. It will truly tickly anybody’s imagination.

Best destinations to see optical illusions and strange mirages

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Let’s go around the globe and check out the most jaw dropping and mind boggling optical illusions. We might not be able to see them all but if ever you will be in one of these places, make sure to see them.

Polar Lights in Alta, Norway

The polar lights are the lava lamps on steroids of nature. You can either call them aurora borealis or aurora australis depending on where you are. This colorful display is caused by solar particles colliding with the gases in the atmosphere causing the emission of the colorful lights in red, green, white, blue, or purple.

The town of Alta in Norway is a great place to go to if you want to see the magnificent polar lights.


Fata Morgana in Antartica

Off the Beaten Path in Amsterdam

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If it’s your first time in Amsterdam, it’s always safe to take the classic tours: a stroll around the outdoor flower market, the canal rides, and a visit to all of the city’s popular museums. However, if this is your fourth or fifth time in Amsterdam, you might want to try something new—and there are a lot of other attractions you should see. They’re just not as widely commercialized.

Below are the best offbeat Amsterdam destinations you shouldn’t miss out on.


You might want to steer clear of popular hotels especially if you’re visiting Amsterdam during the peak season. Alternative accommodations include houseboats, hotels, hostels, and renovated houses located along the canals. One hotel in the city, though, offers an offbeat enough experience. The Ambassade Hotel comprises 10 seventeenth century houses built along the canal. This means that you’ll be living at the city’s historical center.

2012 Travel Trends

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If you love to travel and is wondering the travel trends this 2012 look at the list we’ve come up with and be in the loop of what to expect this year.

Air Travel Tax Increase

Check your airplane ticket thoroughly especially at the bottom part to know all the restrictions before making an airfare deal. There is a significant increase in the propose fee on air travel tax specifically in Costa Rica where you need to pay a departure tax of more than $20. In Great Britain they also have this disputable Air Passenger Duty, which is meant to raise fund to offset the environmental impact of flying. 

More Popular Mobile Apps

Expect the apps announcements to be more beneficial and focused this 2012, as travelers demand a phone applications that helps them accomplish more tasks faster. Anything else that will not be helpful and beneficial will be deleted.  

Top 5 U.S. Getaways for Girlfriends

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Bonding time between girlfriends is an honored tradition and choosing the destinations for these holidays is not an easy task. We hope the list below makes life easier for you and your girls. These are girlfriend destinations in the United States and each travel destination guarantees good food, good time, good chit chats, and a good reason to have another such getaway the next time.

Hawaiian Road Trip

Go with the girls and fly to the Big Island in Hawaii. You can get a car rental and have a joy ride and enjoy the most beautiful views while on the road. The varying landscapes provide an endless backdrop to a great bonding time with your friends at the plantation of the Holualoa Kona Coffee or exploring towns for the best foods.

Sacred Destinations: Rediscovering your Soul in the holy temples of Java, Indonesia

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The island of Java can be considered a true melting pot of the world’s religions as it hosts Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Christianity in its 51,0357.7 square miles. What adds to the thrill of this faiths existing side by side each other is finding relics of some of these major religions strewn across the plain s and hills of the island. Walk a little in the grasslands and you might chance upon the ruins of old temples or a weathered rock which you can tell was once an image of the Buddha. You might doff your hat off to pay your respects to your find but sooner or later the plumes rising out of a nearby volcano will remind you that nature itself is something to be reverential to in Java.

6 of the Most Lavish Homes in the World

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You could definitely get used to these top-of-the-line luxury homes. Too bad only a select few can afford them, but if they’re up for viewing, a peek shouldn’t hurt. Below is a list of the most luxurious homes not just in the U.S.A. but around the world. Look at what you’re missing.

Mumbai’s first Billion Dollar Home

Believe it or not, the most lavish home around the world is not in the U.S.A. but in India. You can find this treasure at Antilla, Mumbai, owned by no one less than the fifth richest man on the planet: Mukesh Ambani. How did this palace happen? Mukesh Ambani just happens to own one of the most prominent petrochemical companies in India: the Reliance Industries. Thanks to this company, he is safely insured with $43 billion worth of assets.

Best things to do in South Africa this February

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South Africa took the spotlight last year because of the football. We might not hear the loud vuvuzuelas anymore but there are still a lot of reasons to come to South Africa. Here are the best activities you can do this month:

Visit the Basotho Cultural Village

Immerse yourself into the ways of the Basotho people who were the early settlers of the land. The cultural village is within the boundaries of the Golden Gate National Park. Travel back in time as you visit the courtyard exhibiting the different huts of the Basotho’s evolving from the sixteenth century to the modern times. You wil be able to interact with locals dressed in the tradtional clothes of the Basothos. Those who are really interested to know about their culture will be able to witness an accurate depiction of this group’s architecture and lifestyle.