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Top 5 Lake Destinations

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Outdoorsy types will definitely want to immerse themselves in the wild, even if they’re just trying to relax after a harrowing week at work. A trip to a lake somewhere is the perfect answer to this call. However, if you’ve been to your local lake one too many times, you may want to widen your horizon and drive further. Check out the following top lake destinations that we know of:

Italy: Lake Como

Of course, nothing beats a trip to Italy. If you can already go there, you might as well visit Lake Como. The French writer Stendhal once described this place as “enchanted” with beauty that’s “unequaled” by other pastoral spots across the globe. While you might see the world in less romanticized terms today, Lake Como is still one of the most glamorous weekend getaways in the world.

Top Restaurants in 10 of the Best Cities Across the Globe (Part 1)

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It’s hard to navigate around a foreign city in search of the best places to eat. Amidst all the banners and the neon signs of food establishments in the sprawling city, there are only a select few worth visiting. Unfortunately, unlike the locals, you do not have the time to wander around and taste every place that strikes your mere fancy. In this article, we guide you to the best restaurants in one of the top global cities of the world so you know where to eat when you’re there.

New York

  1. Locanda Verde – Andrew Carmellini helms this Italian restaurant in TriBeCa. The dish that most reviewers recommend is the sheep-milk ricotta served with herbs. The patries of Karen DeMasco gives a hearty breakfasts in the restaurant its muffin top with her signature lemon tarts and coffee cake.

Top 7 Places for Food Lovers

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If you’re out to find the best spots for the city’s local culinary delights, here are the top 7 cities that will surely meet every foodie’s great expectations.

Lyon, France

The French’s influence is evident in every part of the globe and what better way to enjoy authentic French cuisine than going to the country itself. France is all about good food but the best of palates are not limited to Paris. Lyon is next to Paris in term of land size and here, you can savor the authentic French cuisine that has made the rest of the world take notice. Fresh local sausages and Bresse poultry are served everyday at various bistros and restaurants that are found in Lyon. La Tassée is famous for the best of the city’s cuisine with its best sellers veal kidney and pike served in matelote sauce. L’Alexandrin is not only famous for its Bresse served in a rich and sinful cream sauce but also for the warm and friendly greetings by the wait staff. If you want to whip up your own French dishes, head to any of the 40 plus food markets in the city for the freshest finds.

Top 10 Great European Cities for the wise spenders

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The struggling economics wherever you are in the world should not stop you from enjoying that European vacation you deserve. Sounds crazy? No it doesn’t. Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive if you know just where the most practical places are. Explore these 10 cities in Europe that will give you the most affordable rate without sacrificing the quality of your trip. Walk around the hippest and trendiest streets of fashion; be acquainted with their wonderful culture, stuff your taste bud with their delectable gourmet, swim until your skin is burned and be enticed with their magnificent art without emptying your pockets. Are you still not convenience? Just go on reading.

Antwerp, Belgium

Compared to Paris, Antwerp is not a commonplace for tourist. But you will definitely remember the warm atmosphere that this place can proffer especially every Saturday and Sunday. Stay in the Bed and Breakfast, Boulevard Leopold or at Hotel Matelote that both offer a homey experience.

Royal Holiday: 8 Castles in Europe where you can sleep in style

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Treat yourself to a holiday fit for a royalty. Here are some castles in Europe from which you can choose your royal highness:

Thornbury Castle (England)

The Thornbury Castle in South Gloucs has been witness to the complexities of royal life, betrayals, romance, imprisonments and beheadings.  Believe it or not, you can get the chamber where Ann Boleyn and Henry VIII used to stay.

Dromoland Castle Hotel and Country State (Ireland)

This castle in Clare, Ireland was first constructed during the 16th century and the castle that you see today was completed around 1835. It now serves as a 5-star hotel complete with a golf course, spa, and great food. Back in 2004, then US President George W. Bush stayed overnight at Dromoland for a summit involving the US and the European Union. The most powerful man in the world was kept safe by around 7,000 policemen, private security, and the military.

The Best US Hotel-Top Bars

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There is quite nothing like drinking at a posh environment which puts the sprawl city right under your feet. Bars built at the topmost level of their hotels provide this particular experience. However, not all bars are built equal. There will be those who will exceed the others and deserve the heights wherein they were placed. If you want to know what the best rooftop bars are, this list will enumerate them.

ADC, Washington, D.C.

People wanting a little more exclusivity in their lounging areas need to get membership with the ADC (Above D.C.) to get into the mix with politicians and co-eds. Come and enjoy their fireplaces or feed yourself with their wontons filled with foie gras delivered by the people from Todd English’s Cha.

Sunset Beach, Scottsdale

Art exhibits that are worth your time and budget

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As spring goes full blast, art exhibits from the Van Gogh Museum to the Musee d’Orsay and other galleries have already kicked off. If you are looking for a getaway to enrich your mind, spirit, and creativity, here are some of the most inspiring art exhibits this season:

Brazil – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil

Catch the works of one of the most influential movers of the modernist art in Brazil in Flavio de Carvalho: The Modernist Revolution in Brazil. The artist was also a nominee for a Nobel Prize in Literature and also practiced as an architect. He had the honor of representing the country during the Venice Biennial in 1950 and the exhibit at this museum features a lot of the famous works like the Modern Artists Club.

Top 5 Destinations for the Solo Traveler

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Flying alone? No problem. That’s actually one of the biggest trends now. More and more people are ditching their travel companions and opting for the single adventurer’s path. And why shouldn’t they? There’s a whole world waiting for the lone traveler once s/he steps off the plane. In fact, below are the best destinations for those who would want to explore the world on their own. Just bring a map and your common sense and you should be fine.

Costa Rica

If you’re traveling alone, the best place to go to is Costa Rica.  This is one of the most popular summer destinations for Americans and travelers from colder countries. Why? The water’s never been warmer, and the eye candies you’ll be seeing at the beach are unmatched anywhere around the globe.