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15 Most Unique Libraries in the World

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Who says that amidst modernity reflected in gadgets and the Internet there is no room in our world for any hardcopy of books and documents anymore? The following are unique sanctuaries that provide us an exceptional experience of gaining knowledge that neither gadgets nor the Internet could offer.
St. Catherine’s Monastery in South Sinai, Egypt

Library at St. Catherine's Monastery in Egypt
Being the world’s oldest and constantly operated library, it has existed since it was built by Justinian I’s, the Byzantine Emperor, order in 564 AD. Currently, it boasts the second largest (beat by Vatican Library) collection of the earliest manuscripts and codices in the ancient world – it exhibits not less than 3,000 both educational and highly religious manuscripts and scriptures and 8,000 books, together with the very first written scriptures of the historical thinker Plato and classic writer Homer.

Bibliotheca Alexandria in Alexandria, Egypt

10 of the Most Fascinating Staircases around the World

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For many people, there is something fascinating about staircases. Whether it’s because of their shape, their architectural design, or the uniqueness of their construction, staircases prove to be a wonder for young and old alike. All over the world, designers, artists and engineers create staircases that either have elaborate or classic designs, placing them in different kinds of places—from bookstores to museums, these staircases’ uniqueness and grandness have held many people captivated. Here are some of the most beautiful staircases around the world:

Spiral Stair in Sydney, Australia

At the Garvan Institute in Sydney, Australia, one can find a beautiful spiral staircase that spans five stories, and has 6.5 revolutions—enough to make you spinning with wonder and delight as you climb up this fascinating staircase. Classic in design, it serves as a beautiful centerpiece inside, drawing one’s attention upon entering.

7 of the Most Strangest Spots on Earth

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When planning a trip, we make sure to visit well known countries and learn from their culture. But wouldn’t it be fun to learn new places that you never knew existed? Learn more about these strange spots on earth by reading the list below.

Mir Mine

Mir Mine is a manmade pit situated in Mirny, Siberia. It is humungous enough to swallow flying helicopters because of air flows downward.  It stands at 525m (1720ft) and 1200m (3900ft) wide.  It has a sister mine called Udachnaya pipe.  The Mir Mine is one of the biggest diamond mines in the world.

Antarctica’s Pole of Inaccessibility

Antarctica’s Pole of Inaccessibility is a spot where it is farthest from any sea. This might be the most isolated place in the planet. It has a temperature of -58.2C (-72F), which makes it the coldest place on earth. The Pole of Inaccessibility was hardly been visited because of the challenging way of getting in Antarctica.

Top 8 holiday destinations for a traditional Christmas

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Everyone is coming up with lists of Christmas travel destinations as families prepare to enjoy the holidays. We have featured in our recent post warm Christmas destinations but for those who may be dreaming of chestnuts roasting on an open fire or maybe of white Christmas then this list is for you.


If you will be in Europe this holiday season, then consider spending the Yuletide in Vienna, Austria.  This city is picture of postcard perfect elegance and warmth which spells the true meaning of the season.

Visit the Schonbrunn Palace which is among the most iconic monuments in Austria. The palace and the surrounding gardens give you a peek of the lifestyle of the country’s royalties. There are also classical concerts that you can attend at the City Hall for those who want to dig down into their emotions for that holiday spirit. Of course you don’t want to miss out on shopping gifts for your loved ones back home, and Vienna offers you Christmas markets which are considered as among the best in Europe.

Travel Adventure: Best destinations for whitewater rafting

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If you are seeking for some adrenaline pumping travel adventure, you might want to consider whitewater rafting. It will be a ride of your life as you negotiate the great rapids. This travel experience may be one of the best experiences of your life yet whitewater rafting does not require much of training.

The rivers for whitewater rafting are ranked depending on their roughness and maneuverability. The easiest will be Class I which is practically peanuts for any one since it does not have a lot of rough areas and does not require maneuvering. Class IV or V is the other end of the story where the rapids is practically unraftable.

We list down some of the top whitewater rafting destinations:

Magpie River in Quebec, Canada

10 best establishments that are open 24/7 in the U.S.

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While the rest of the world is fast asleep in their beds, tucked snugly under their covers, night owls everywhere else are wide awake. Some are up because due to sleeping problems while others may have to stay up late because of work. Whatever your reason is for being up and about at night, chances are there will come a time that you’re bored out of your wits with nothing to do and nowhere to go to.

Today then is your lucky day because we’ll be sharing with you ten of the best all-night spots located all across the U.S. so you know where to find the places where you can hang out, have a bite to eat, go shopping, or even get a relaxing body scrub. By sharing this bit of information with you, we hope to make your nights a little less boring and tiresome, and provide you with the perfect antidote to another sleepless night. So if you’re not exactly looking forward to another monotonous evening flipping through the hundred or so channels on TV, grab your jacket and head out to the following places.

Stay at the Renaissance Times Square for $2,500 to welcome 2011

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Welcoming the coming New Year at the Times Square in New York is an awesome experience.  You see the big ball drop. Hear all the cheering and see all the glitter. But with a Time Square New Year comes some sacrifices like staying outside in a very cold weather, no bathroom access for several hours, and a long walk to wherever you are staying in New York after the clock hits 12.

Now, one great alternative is to enjoy the New Year from the comfort of a hotel room at Times Square in New York.

Gilt City is pushing for a New York New Year package at the Renaissance Times Square for $2,500 in total for 3 nights. It comes with a lot of perks for those who want to spend for the holidays. You will get two tickets for The Living Room that features an open bar, gourmet food, access to NY Times Square, and the 3-night stay plus breakfast.

Best bridges on the pages of the record books

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These bridges are so extraordinarily bold, huge and busy with their own unique feats that men from the past would have deemed them inconceivable. Stylishly functional, they are modern man’s accomplishments in engineering.

The Busiest
George Washington Bridge in New York

The bridge that connects Manhattan to New Jersey accommodated 51 million vehicles across last year. The number may seem high but is easily imaginable as the bridge has a fourteen lanes of traffic (the upper and lower level combined). However, it is important to mention that this only refers to vehicles.

If we are to be strict about it, saying taking into account everything that passes across a bridge, the Howrah Bridge found in the town of Kolkata inIndia will be the winner as about 80,000 cars, a million people and herds of cows cross its eight lanes of traffic.