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Bottoms up: the best wine tours you should sign up for

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Through the years, wine has managed to maintain its place on the dining table whatever season or occasion. Countries all over the world have started developing their own wines, adapting to the tastes and preferences of the locals in a specific region. You don’t really have to have your own cellar to be able to enjoy a glass of wine, but if you like to indulge for a bit and tap into the hidden connoisseur within you, we suggest exploring the world one sip at a time through these excellent wine tours.

By tagging along any of the tours we’re about to share with you, not only will you discover new wines, but  you will also taste delectable meals that you won’t forget anytime soon. An opportunity to learn about the local culture in a specific region and how wine plays an important role in the locals’ everyday meals is also presented to you. Don’t worry if you’re not too familiar with the different grapes or that you immediately think of a bunch of flowers whenever someone says “bouquet”; wine tours are intended for anyone who thinks enjoying a glass of wine is better than looking at preserved artifacts in a stuffy museum.

Travel Adventure: Best Mysterious destinations that you can explore

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You might be tired of the usual get away where you will join groups, meet locals, bargain with hawkers, and take tons of photos. If you have the craving for adventure and plan to go to places with some sense of mystery, then by all means since you may be willing to explore in these out of this world destinations:

Hang Son Doong giant caves in Vietnam

These giant caves of Vietnam are burrowed into Annamite Mountains of Vietnam. The caves seem to be lifted from the imagination of fiction writers who gave us a graphical representation of the world when it was once ruled by dinosaurs.

The stalactites are gigantic hanging from a rocky terrain with ferns and moss, with chambers that are so big you can fit the Tribune Tower in Chicago inside.

The most absurd and nuttiest contests all over the world [videos]

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We all want to be good at something. Whether it’s scoring a goal in a football game, or making the best apple pie, humans have an innate desire to excel at something–anything–and if possible, show off their skill so the world will know who’s who and what’s what.

Sometimes, it doesn’t really take much to be able to separate yourself from the rest of the pack. Take the Rock Paper Scissors Championships, for example, where contestants shake their fists and battle it out for a generous reward of over US9,000 dollars. Former contestant Bryan Bennett says in the world of Rock Paper Scissors, he enjoys some kind of popularity. In 2006, he won the silver medal for the contest and went home with US1,400 dollars. These days, some people who recognize him occasionally challenge him to a battle of the fists and he’s more than willing to accept them to keep himself sharp, as he sets his eyes on the 9,000 dollar prize.

Top 10 Restaurants with stunning views

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Food is a lot better when you have a good ambiance or a spectacular view that comes with the dining experience. If your travel budget is a bit tight and cannot book a luxury hillside hotels, a good meal at a restaurant with a great view from the dining area is always a good splurge. Here are some great places to enjoy good food and spectacular views:

1-Altitude in Singapore

This three level restaurant crowns the OUB Center which is the Singapore counterpart of the Wall Street in the West. It is a perfect place which offers the spectacular view of the city while enjoying your servings of satay, pizza, or Turkish bread and dips. A good chit chat with your travel mate or business colleague is nice with a few cocktails ranging from mojito to modern creative concoctions.

The Best 8 Places to Go to When You’re Looking for Affordable Healthcare

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Medical tourism is nothing new, what with the rising rate of hard-to-treat ailments we’re suffering from these days. It’s a good thing that treatment is still possible, and even affordable, as long as you know which part of the world to go to. Take a look at your traveler miles because you might want to make that next stop more life changing (literally) than the next. Below are the top eight destinations for health treatments.

Top 1: Thailand for a lot of medical treatments

First on the list is the pioneer when it comes to Medical Tourism. Thailand has long been known for the high quality of its urban hospitals. While treatment for cancer isn’t the primary niche for this country, you can go here for cheap cosmetic treatments ranging from nose jobs to sex changes. Of course, the medical practitioners here aren’t limited to plastic surgeons.

The best places to lace up for an international marathon

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Running is a form of exercise that offers a lot of benefits. First off, it’s cheap. Running doesn’t require a lot of big, expensive equipment for you to be able to work out. Second, it’s easy to learn. Unlike other exercises with very precise moves, running is fairly easy to learn whether you’re a 10 year old or well over your sixties. Third, you can do it anywhere. If you travel a lot but hate to miss out on your work out, you needn’t worry about a thing because in any city, whether you’re at the beach or near the mountains, you can almost always find a place to run, even for a short while.

Study Abroad: Interesting courses you can take around the globe

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You can always find a travel destination whether you are looking for leisure, business, or even broaden your horizon by studying some more. Are you into anime, being a cheese virtuoso, dance more gracefully, or maybe learn how to survive in a jungle?

Seville, Spain – Learn the Flamenco

In the vibrant district of Seville, you can learn the art of dancing the flamenco and sway while live guitarists are playing. The dance school of Taller Flamenco teaches different styles and rhythms of flamenco like the solea, alegria, seguiriyas, and more.

You will see locals and tourists from all over trying to learn the flamenco. You will see dancers beginners sharing a common passion for the flamenco..

The flamenco is an integral part of the culture so local schools encourage their students to attend music shows and also visit flamenco schools.

Top 8 destinations for Thanksgiving

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What’s Thanksgiving without turkey with the whole family or maybe the grand parade in New York, but for this list we also give you travel ideas veering a bit off the traditional. This is perfect for families who want to spend the Thanksgiving on a tropical island, a ski resort, go for water adventures or may be explore desert landscapes. Going non-traditional may also be a good way to pay tribute to the pilgrim pioneers. We also cannot skip the favourite destinations for Thanksgiving. They’re part of the unwritten requirement so children will know about the holiday beyond the turkeys. It is like passing on the tradition to the next generation.