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My life of travel – another travel social network

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It’s safe to say that travel blogs these days are a dime in a dozen. There’s just seemingly an endless stream of eager bloggers who want to share their testimonials, travel photos, food and hotel reviews with just about everyone else in the world. From eager beaver first-time travelers to die-hard backpackers to regular globetrotters, all want to share their experiences, whether bad or good, with other people. In fact, the more people they share their travel-related stories and photos with, the better – and the best way to do this is to turn to the Internet and come up with travel blogs of their own. Unfortunately, it takes more than just photos and stories to lure readers to a travel blog. Sometimes a “bolt-in”, if you will, of various travel blogs from users all over the world is needed and luckily, a popular web-based travel journal and travel research tool has come out of its hibernation.

Chris Christensen on travel writing and building an audience

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Starting a travel blog is very easy but travel blogging requires more than writing and sharing your travel experiences. You produce quality articles, or so you thought, but who reads you?

Travel writing entails telling your story. It is not just about throwing in verbs and adjectives, and posting photographs taken from your expensive digital camera. It is about connecting with people and making them curious of what happened, what did you see, what it is like, and making them say to themselves, “Oh, I want to go there!”

Some are gifted in crafting out sentences and do not need formal training. Do not be disheartened though if you are not one since everything can be learned, even travel writing. If you do not have the natural knack for it, you can read a lot to learn about the basics. Study how to write by enrolling at a journalism school or take free courses online. Then, of course, you have to try your writing skills by writing and turn drafts to beautiful articles.