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Travel Photography: Tips for shooting cityscapes

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Today we take countless pictures of our travels. Thanks to digital cameras that have allowed us to point and shoot. Thanks to the memory cards that can store thousands of images as we hop from one destination to another. If you love traveling and taking pictures of the metropolis you are exploring, here are some photography tips for you:

Give attention to details

Most of us try to get a panorama of the urban jungle. You really do not have to do this all the time especially when you do not have the right equipment or the right location to shoot from. Instead, pay attention to details. You can feature a lot of details from door knobs, to road signs, murals, among others. You can pick smaller details to focus on the shape and the texture of an object.

Take pictures of the city at night

Travel Photography Tips: Doing black and white right

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Are you one of those who love black and white photos whenever you see a beautiful landscape, a beautiful architecture like buildings or bridges, or just need to capture priceless moments? Good thing that with all the digital cameras in the market today, it is very easy to click away compared to back in the days when you have to spend hours in the dark room to make a black and white print. Of course there are things that can make your monochrome shot like a pro:

How can you tell if it is a good black and white photo

A black and white photo is beautiful in itself and not just an excuse for a bad shot that will not be as good when taken in full color. Remember that it will not be wise to shoot during an overcast day if you are planning to have a great black and white photo. Bad light means flat and dull monotone picture.

Travel Photography: Tips to Capture those Priceless Moments

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For writers, traveling without a journal is a no-no. Having a journal where you can chronicle your travels and jot down your daily, spur-of-the-moment adventures is mandatory. It allows you to capture your thoughts on papers so you won’t lose them in time and to memory. Yes, having a journal when your travel is essential for writers. For everyone else, bring a camera.

Photography Tips

When you think of travel, the first narcissistic item that comes to mind is a camera. Whether it’s a professional camera or a point-and-shoot or even a camera phone, not having a camera during your trip often causes you to feel so crappy to the point that you want to fly back home to get your camera or purchase one right then and there.

Travel Photography: Tips when taking challenging shots

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Taking photos when you travel is not always a point and shoot thing but there are times when you have to deal with the crowd, glass surfaces, motion, or even with the elements. Here are some travel photography tips which may come handy:

Dealing with motion and moving subjects

Taking the train or the bus is a more practical way to see some destinations but taking a picture along the way will be a very difficult task. Composing the photo is not that easy plus you have to deal with blurry images or worst you will totally miss the shot.

You can try panning, a technique where you move your camera along the motion of the subject. While inside the vehicle you need to move it following your target and do you best to keep the scenery or people in frame. If your camera allows you to take multiple shots, then use this feature. Keep pressing that button and let the camera do its job.

Time-lapse video: Eurolapse in 12 Cities, 3 Summers

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This time-lapse video was done by David Kosmos Smith. We are suckers for such travel videos so we are sharing it with you guys. He traveled through 12 cities during three summers. And what a great way to preserve such journeys!

The Best Waterproof Gadgets to Own for Travel Photography

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The best gadgets are those who can accompany you in whatever whether you may be facing, and this is especially true for gadgets used in photography. There are plenty of great cameras in the market but not all of them are as hardy as these waterproof babies.

These gadgets won’t let you down even whether it’s a rainy or foggy day and you’re shooting old buildings, or it’s a sunny summer day and you’re shooting at the beach, or covering an aquatic event. They’re certainly a bang for your buck.

Travel Photography: Tips to focus on so you can take better travel photos

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With the advent of technology, almost everyone now has the opportunity to take a good picture of people, landscapes, structures, and pretty much everything around you. You can either opt for a point and shoot kind of digital camera or go for those more sophisticated cameras which you can couple with nice lenses. Whatever your choice is, here are some essential things to remember to take good photos while you are on your journey:

Bringing the right photography gear

Travel photography can be very exciting and inspirational, and this is also the reason why your trip to Thailand or Argentina or anywhere else can get you carried away that you want to take every piece of photography equipment and accessories with you. Reality check though reminds you that you need to travel light or you will be saying goodbye to your travel money right at the check-in counter.

6 Picture Perfect Canal Cities

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Canals have helped cities fluorish, serving as main traffic routes or for travelers, a perfect backdrop for capturing their best holiday experiences. Here are some of the most beautiful cities that thrived along waterways.

Annecy, France

Canals of Annecy reflect and refract amazing and stellar wonders as if a sea glass of blue and green when light hits its waters. Palais de l’Isle, a small triangular island in Thiou River, has been transformed its residence with a courthouse, jail, and a museum. Stopover in one of the many bars and restaurants on the canal-side and hear the wonderful stories that is told over a glass of delicious wine and a plate of luscious lake fish.

Bruges, Belgium

Most beautiful cities in the world