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Travel Tips: How to get travel sponsorhip

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A lot of people have amazing dreams but majority of us stumble in reaching those goals when we meet hardships along the way, such as the lack of funds. It might be your lifelong dream to travel across the globe doing things only a few or no one have done, or going to places no one has ever explored.

If you will be attempting an out of ordinary journey and you need some financial backing up, here are some helpful tips that may lead you to close a good travel sponsorship deal:

What’s in it for the sponsor

No one will just hand you a big sum of money because they just want to. You need to think how potential sponsors think. They need to get something out of your travel, expedition, or exploration. People or companies will sponsor you most likely for publicity. You need to prepare for your presentation well since they need to find out if people or their consumers will talk about you. Are you going to appear in the news, blogs, magazines, or newspapers?

Travel Tips: London for physically challenged travelers

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London will be hosting the 2012 Olympic Games starting this month as well as the Paralympic Games. The city has a good opportunity to market itself as a destination that is very accessible to people with mobility issues. The transport network will definitely be feeling the pressure with the influx of travelers and increased demand for facilities and extra services for people with disability.

The provisions for accessibility may be different from one establishment to another but moving around will not be so difficult with considerable choices around London. The transport network is not a full-proof accessible system but those with disability can enjoy their London holiday with some good planning.

Here are some useful websites that you can use to prepare for your trip:

20 Tips so you can blend in with locals when you travel

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As much as we want to bring in something to where we travel, sometimes it is also nice to be intimate with the people, the place, and the culture which we are visiting. Blending in with the locals allow us to see their culture in a way some outsiders are not privileged to see.

Here are tips that can help you blend in without losing your sense of self while discovering other cultures:

Wearing Muted clothes

Your first line of defense if you want to blend in is your get up. Simple clothes will help you to go around “unnoticed”. It might be very popular to wear the Cavs jersey or a NY Yankees cap but this stuff will give you away in the place you are visiting.

Pack Versatile Clothes

Road Trip: Tips on how to Save some money on fuel

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If you love going on a road trip then you must be one with the whole world that hates it when fuel prices go up. With the current uprisings in the Middle East, experts say that we surely must expect fuel prices to soar in the near future.

We lined up some practical tips to serve as reminders on how we can save some pennies at the fuel pump:


Inflate your tires properly

Consult your car manual and know how much your tires should be inflated. Properly maintained tires can save you as much as 3% on fuel consumption.


Fill up when you hit the ¼ mark

Waiting for your meter to hit the ¾ empty will mean you are running very light while on the road. Just make sure that you fill up and do not wait for your car to run on fumes since this is not good for the fuel pump.

Travel Tips: 8 Things you have to Do to Book a Flight this Holiday

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Booking flights during the peak season is always a challenge. This is never truer than during the holidays when people from all over the country just fly home despite hikes in ticket prices. Expect a greater number of people squeezing for space this year compared to the last two when the recession seemed to have hit an all time low. This year, people just can’t wait to go home and spend thanksgiving with their families.

While we certainly can’t promise to make booking a piece of cake for you (that’s too tall an order) below are tips which could make things a tad easier.

Include Extra Fees in your Computation

You might be surprised with the “hidden fees” you’ll encounter in the airport if you take a trip this year. While most travelers are pretty used to additional costs padded onto their ticket fares, this year’s extra fees are a bit more pronounced. Paying fees for checked bags are no longer new, but you’ll be surprised with some of the most controversial headliners this year.

Top 5 Travel Apps you must have if you have an Android Phone or Tablet [with videos]

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The iPhone and the iPad has a ton of apps to help travelers go around their itineraries but there are also a lot of people who rely on their Android tablets and smart phones to explore the best destinations in the world. These Apps can help you plan you travel and assist you in some of the mot daunting tasks or situations that you encounter when you travel. If you own an Android gadget, here are some of the best free apps for you to help you on that next international excursion or road trip:


This is another great travel app for Android gadget owners who want to compare hotel rates, flights, car rentals, get cheap deals, and track you flights. This easy to use app does it all if you are doing major planning for your holiday or business trip.


Travel Planning: Booking and preparing for a cruise

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It is not every week that you go on a cruise so for a lot of people, planning for a cruise may be a daunting task. All you need really is to do everything well ahead of time to avoid travel planning glitches.

Here are some practical tips which you may find useful if you are planning a cruise:

Choose your destination

The first thing you need to determine is where you want to go. The cruise ships will cross seas and oceans and you have a wide array of choices. Are you planning to go to the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, or how about explore the waters around Alaska? There are also trips to show you the Scandinavians and parts of the Baltic. There are cruises to see South America, Africa, the Middle East, or you can even go around the world.

Travel Planning: How to budget for a holiday in Italy

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Dreaming about an Italy holiday is easy, you just close your eyes and let your imagination work. Reality sets in when we try to figure out how much you need to spend for an Italy trip. Going to Italy has never been cheap and some even skip this travel destination because they want to stretch their budget during a tour.

You budget for an Italian holiday really depends on how you want to travel. You can splurge and spend a fortune or you can make things happen even with a limited travel budget. There is no way we can come up with a formula for an Italy travel budget but we lay out some of the things that you need to consider so you can enjoy your trip to Italy.

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