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Travel tips: Packing for a Road Trip

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You are spared from airport security checks and baggage fees during a road trip but undeniably, it still needs a good amount of planning to make sure your journey will be hassle free. The number one consideration is what you need to pack. A lighter trunk is a lot friendlier to the gas tank.

Here are some packing tips which maybe useful if you are going on a road trip:

Maximize the trunk space

If you are going on a road trip as much as possible avoid using structured suitcases to pack your things as they take up a good amount of space in the vehicle’s trunk. Use smaller bags like backpacks or duffel bags which have soft sides and can easily be squeezed in with the rest of your things.

Travel Tips: Sleeping in Airports

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People sleeping in airport are not uncommon.  In fact, sleeping in airports is expected.  Unless the airport has an indoor gym, mall, swimming pools, and a casino, you will find people sleeping in airport terminals.  Sometimes, there are people who occupy three chairs and are covered in a thick blanket without a care in the world.  Nowadays, people sleeping in airports are anything but discreet.  Besides, who would care to watch you snore when everyone seems to be rushing from one flight to another, fuming because of a delayed flight, and fighting boredom while, well, sleeping.  Here are some tips for you if you plan to get some shut eye while waiting for your plane.

Traveling Tips for New Parents

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sleeponthegoWhen you’re a new parent, it really is a Herculean task to be away from your newborn baby even for just a few days.

Having spent every single day taking care of your new baby, your own life suddenly becomes not yours alone. In every waking moment, you will find yourself constantly doing normal, everyday chores with your baby’s well-being in mind.

Traveling is often a challenge to most parents with young kids, particularly moms. However, if you really to go on a trip and be away from your newborn child for a few days, weeks, or months, here are some tips on how to survive being a traveling parent.

First of all, you have to accept that it is okay to leave

Travel Tips: Simple Ways for you to Avoid Traveler’s Diarrhea

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One way to ruin an otherwise stellar vacation is to have traveler’s diarrhea or TD. Basically, this is loose bowel movement which could last for days, and which could offset your plans while you’re abroad. 

This ailment is so rampant that it has gained several nicknames including Turkey trot, Montesuma’s Revenge, turista, and Delhi Belly. While the nicknames might sound cute, loose bowel movement while you’re traveling is definitely not a laughing matter.

12 Tips for Travelling safely

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Studies show that there is a higher probability that you will be encountering some trouble when you are home than when you trouble. Odd as it may be, but it is true! There are extreme cases where some places must be avoided but if you arm yourself with some common sense, be street smart, and follow the tips below, most likely you will have a hassle free journey:


Check your stuff before you leave

You will be carrying a lot of stuff more than usual so make it a habit to glance back and see if you have everything with you before leaving a coffee shop, a train, or getting off a cab. It might not look very good but it sure does save you a lot if you get those chain clips for your wallet or cellphone just to make sure you are not leaving them anywhere.

Winter Travel Tips: What to do when you are stranded on the road

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Aside from making your list and buying gifts, travelling during the holidays can get quite stressful. If you are travelling by land, the last thing that you want to happen is your vehicle breaking down in the middle of nowhere. Here are some useful tips to keep you safe on the road or help you out if ever you get stranded:

Proper car maintenance

Before a long journey, check your tires, brakes, and exhaust. Better yet, bring your vehicle to a service station and they can prep up your car for the winter. Mechanics will change the oil, replace the rubber of your wipers, check the levels of the coolant, and check the tires. It will also be wise to fill up your gas tank to keep the moisture from clogging up gas lines.

Know how to go out

Travel Wisdom: Some words that can get you in trouble

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You may be feeling like like your sponge next to the kitchen sink, trying to absorb all the new words for the new language your are trying to learn. All praises to you for the effort and for being open minded.

Learning a language is like going through a cultural immersion or more aptly termed, adventure. You need to be brave enough to pronounce the new words and it can be quite a danger especially for beginners.

Here are some words that you might want to know. They are pretty much innocent for one language and spells trouble if you are in another country:

  • Bimbo – In Italian, this simply refers to a baby. Try using it in English and say “hey, bimbo!” and you will not be getting a giggly reaction but a slap on a face since it means a sexually liberated girl in English.

A complete guide to finding the right car rental

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Whether you are travelling for leisure or for business, renting a car gives you a lot of flexibility. Here is how you go about finding the right car rental:

Ask for recommendation from your travel agent

You can always use the internet to find whatever you need for your trip but asking your travel agent can save you all the phone calls and all the shopping. Your travel agent can definitely help you find the right ride for at your destination. Your travel agent may have contacts in different cities and can get you a good rate. Travel agents may also have access to car rental promos which are not advertised to the public and only offered to travel industry insiders.

Dealing with car rental costs