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The cheapest ways to get an upgraded holiday

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Travelers on a tight budget are used to getting by on the bare minimum. After all, that’s what budget traveling is all about: to see the world without having to empty your savings account. Seasoned budget travelers have become experts in finding out the cheapest but also clean places to sleep in; the restaurants that serve giant proportions but charge you half of what other dining places usually ask for; and the best time to book flights to snag those cheap plane tickets on sale.

Travel Tips: How to have a cheaper holiday

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As we keep ourselves busy trying to earn some money to pay bills and live a comfortable life, and we get a few days of break in a year. We enjoy these days off away from everything but we tend to spend a lot and burn a big hole into our savings account. There are simple ways though to get our dream holiday way cheaper than normal:

Save money when booking your flight

Applying the right strategy when buying your plane tickets will save you a lot of hard earned cash. It is best to take a flight midweek when the airfare is cheapest. Surveys show that the cheapest day to purchase your ticket is on Tuesdays.

If you are flying with another person, split the purchase when shopping for tickets. When you do this, the system will not consider the seats together and you might actually shave off some amount on the fare.

Off the Beaten Path in Amsterdam

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If it’s your first time in Amsterdam, it’s always safe to take the classic tours: a stroll around the outdoor flower market, the canal rides, and a visit to all of the city’s popular museums. However, if this is your fourth or fifth time in Amsterdam, you might want to try something new—and there are a lot of other attractions you should see. They’re just not as widely commercialized.

Below are the best offbeat Amsterdam destinations you shouldn’t miss out on.


You might want to steer clear of popular hotels especially if you’re visiting Amsterdam during the peak season. Alternative accommodations include houseboats, hotels, hostels, and renovated houses located along the canals. One hotel in the city, though, offers an offbeat enough experience. The Ambassade Hotel comprises 10 seventeenth century houses built along the canal. This means that you’ll be living at the city’s historical center.

5 Tips on how to travel like a pro

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First time to fly? Avoid getting the ire of those intimidating business people who fly back and forth several cities on a monthly basis. With these helpful tips from travel enthusiast, you too can take to the skies like a seasoned jetsetter.

Air Travel

Avoid excess baggage

Again, how do business travelers manage to fly out with just one briefcase or the smallest carry on fit for normal travel behavior? It’s not even about how short their business vacation is, since most of them do fly out for an entire week. It’s all in the art of professional packing—you bring only the basics and buy what you need when you get to your destination. Moreover, follow airline instructions and restrictions about liquids, baggage size and weight, and other reminders to avoid paying extra at the gates, which causes unnecessary stress not only to you but your fellow boarders as well.

Things You Should Never Do When You’re in Las Vegas

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When you’re in Sin City, you can naturally get carried away. And why shouldn’t you? With all the light shows and the booze, this seems like a city filled with infinite possibilities—for the weekend anyway, when there are the best Las Vegas shows. However, if you’re really smart, you won’t do anything you’d regret when you’re on your plane ride home.

Getting married and losing more money than you planned are the most obvious no-nos. You’d be surprised though at the common mistakes people do in Las Vegas which made it to our list.

Use the Casino’s ATMs

A surefire way for you to lose money fast in Las Vegas is to use the ATMs located at the Casinos. These things can charge you anything between $2 and $6 per transaction, and what’s worse is they’re legally allowed to charge these fees. It’s close to getting held up, except that you chose to lose that money.

Travel Tips: London for physically challenged travelers

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London will be hosting the 2012 Olympic Games starting this month as well as the Paralympic Games. The city has a good opportunity to market itself as a destination that is very accessible to people with mobility issues. The transport network will definitely be feeling the pressure with the influx of travelers and increased demand for facilities and extra services for people with disability.

The provisions for accessibility may be different from one establishment to another but moving around will not be so difficult with considerable choices around London. The transport network is not a full-proof accessible system but those with disability can enjoy their London holiday with some good planning.

Here are some useful websites that you can use to prepare for your trip:

Travel Tips: Destinations where you need to hire guides or travel in groups

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Human brains are wired to search for answers. Hence, complications definitely tickle the quirky and enthusiastic mind of a traveler – few of Earth’s most attractive and appealing areas to explore are the most complex areas to visit. In this article, we present places where even the most sharp-witted and streetwise explorer would even ask for guidance.
When the term “group travel” comes up to one’s mind, one might definitely think of tourist-filled buses stopping over in travel sites for several minutes just to follow a strict schedule. However, not all these activities are made equivalent. Significantly, there are several areas where not having a guide would leave you not just dumbfounded but would put your life in risk.

8 useful tips if you’re heading off to Uruguay

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When you’re preparing for a vacation abroad, it’s easy to get caught up in the tourist fever. After you’re picked a destination and bought your ticket, you start asking your friends and family for advice. Where can you find the best view? Where do they serve the most delectable, mouth-watering food? So you take notes, and perhaps you visit the bookstore and check out if there are any useful tips to be had in any of a dozen or so guide books that they have on display. Or you sit in front of your computer, go online and Google whatever you can find about your destination so you can prepare your itinerary and make the most out of your holiday. You visit various websites: travel agencies, blogs, online magazines, etc. For a person who will pretty soon be immersing himself in a completely foreign place, we need all the help we can get.