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10 best establishments that are open 24/7 in the U.S.

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While the rest of the world is fast asleep in their beds, tucked snugly under their covers, night owls everywhere else are wide awake. Some are up because due to sleeping problems while others may have to stay up late because of work. Whatever your reason is for being up and about at night, chances are there will come a time that you’re bored out of your wits with nothing to do and nowhere to go to.

Today then is your lucky day because we’ll be sharing with you ten of the best all-night spots located all across the U.S. so you know where to find the places where you can hang out, have a bite to eat, go shopping, or even get a relaxing body scrub. By sharing this bit of information with you, we hope to make your nights a little less boring and tiresome, and provide you with the perfect antidote to another sleepless night. So if you’re not exactly looking forward to another monotonous evening flipping through the hundred or so channels on TV, grab your jacket and head out to the following places.

Five Cool Things You can Do at the Detroit-Metro Airport

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When you find yourself with a few minutes or hours worth of idle time due to layovers at the Detroit-Metro Airport, here are the top five things you can do at the McNamara terminal to kill time:

Visit the Coolest Fountain of them All

In the middle of Concourse A, there is magnificent fountain that you might have seen in several TV shows or the movie Up in the Air.  While it’s refreshing and relaxing to watch the fountain, behind it comes the view of the runway that’s also a cool site to see.  You can also toss a coin and make a wish but well, it may not ensure that your delayed flight will magically turn around or you will find yourself upgraded from coach to first class, but it’s a fun thing to do.  Wish for a Prada instead.  That’s more likely to happen.

Travel Tips: 8 Things you have to Do to Book a Flight this Holiday

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Booking flights during the peak season is always a challenge. This is never truer than during the holidays when people from all over the country just fly home despite hikes in ticket prices. Expect a greater number of people squeezing for space this year compared to the last two when the recession seemed to have hit an all time low. This year, people just can’t wait to go home and spend thanksgiving with their families.

While we certainly can’t promise to make booking a piece of cake for you (that’s too tall an order) below are tips which could make things a tad easier.

Include Extra Fees in your Computation

You might be surprised with the “hidden fees” you’ll encounter in the airport if you take a trip this year. While most travelers are pretty used to additional costs padded onto their ticket fares, this year’s extra fees are a bit more pronounced. Paying fees for checked bags are no longer new, but you’ll be surprised with some of the most controversial headliners this year.

Travel Tips: 6 Pocket-friendly ways when going to destination races

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A lot of people today are very conscious when it comes to health issues. We go through weight loss programs to get that six pack abs that we dreamed of or simply improve our overall health. Millions around the globe run on a regular basis to shed off the extra pounds. There are also those who join marathons and travel to destination races to conquer challenges or to help fight for a cause or charity.

Joining destination races involve a lot of planning and also some spending. Here are some useful tips you might want to try so you can stick within your budget:

Early registration

Race organizers often give discounts for those who register early. You can save some money when you sign up early and of course you are assured of a spot before the race hits the maximum number of participants. No matter how small you save, you can definitely use this extra money for your other travel expenses.

The Great South African Hitchhike: Tips for the Roadside Adventurer

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Africa, dubbed as the Cradle of Civilization, is a continent teeming with different realities and opportunities as there are landscapes. The best way to experience this is through a slow communion with the land and its people. Bumming a ride from passersby is a sure way to let Africa wind its way into the heart.

Asides from the various sights you’ll see there are also various individuals you’ll meet along the way. There are many volunteers who make their way through Africa by way of hitchhiking and various convoys traverse the rugged highways of the continent. You’ll have a lot of interesting conversations along the way.

Riding through different vehicles and different kinds of people will put you in situations that maybe partly uncomfortable but will nonetheless open you to the strangeness of life.

Here are some tips to help you survive and have a great time while negotiating with everyday life on the road in Southern Africa.

10 Best Global Food Markets

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Going to places and exploring their culture is not enough without enjoying the country’s best delicacies. But dining doesn’t have to be fancy all the time. Eating in a kiosk or local market is fun and practical. It won’t take your time choosing the best dress nor finding the perfect shoes to enjoy this nibbles. You can eat it anyway you want, standing up or sitting down without worries on making your clothes dirty. Munch as much as you can with these best global food markets.

La Vucciria, Palermo, Italy

Make sure that you know how to get out of the maze as you enter this smelly and rough market. Their products include pomegranates and Pantelleria capers.

Try this:

If this is your first time, you should try Pane c’a meusa,a yummy spleen sandwhich which can be bought in every stall. Trying this out is part of their ritual.

Travel Tips: How you can lose weight while enjoying a cruise

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When you go on a cruise, you may hear the cruise director that you can expect some extra pounds when you hit the scales after your journey. During the cruise, there will be tons of eating and drinking.

How about a challenge? How about losing some weight while you are on a holiday cruise? Well you do not really have to deprive yourself of all the fun and all the food. Losing at least three pounds instead of gaining them during a week long cruise is actually possible. Here are some weight loss practical tips while on a cruise:

Visit the gym

You do not have to do your regular workout regimen but you can do some variations of your cardio and strengthening routines. You can also tap the personal trainers on board so they can guide you which will be best while you are on vacation. They might ask you to hit the treadmill, do some rounds on the weight machine, and maybe some sit-ups or aerobics.

Travel Tips: Ways to save the battery of your smartphone

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Waiting in line and travel delays can give you so much time in your hands that you want to do some useful things. That means tapping on your phone is the next best thing to kill time. But that also means that you can easily run out of battery. To avoid the hassle of looking for plug-ins here are the tips on how you can save on your battery consumption.

Dim the screen

You sure love your phone’s vivid color display on a big screen. But don’t forget that the bigger the screen the bigger power consumption it takes as well.  Make sure you check default brightness to save energy. Other phones feature auto-brightness that instantly adjusts brightness to adapt in the level of lighting in the surrounding. This feature significantly lessens the power consumption of your phone. However one thing that really helps is turning your phone’s brightness to the lowest level and leaves it there.