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Travel Tips Europe: Scams you need to be careful of in Europe

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When you travel to Europe, there is no reason to worry much about violent crimes against travelers. You have to remember though that Europe is a place where travel scams is pretty prevalent. You need to be wary of con artists and pickpockets who are very smart and smooth in victimizing tourists especially Americans.

Americans are usually those who carry good stuff in their wallets and belts. Some people use money belts as advised but they still get burned. If you will be using a money belt, it will be better if you tuck it under the clothes.

Here are some of the most common scams that you might encounter during your European holiday:

Clerks using phone cameras

The Wise Traveler’s Tips for Parents: Handling the Carry on

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Any article which promises to make traveling with kids a “piece of cake” is lying. It’s never easy to travel with kids. The mere feat of packing everything, especially when you’re at weight limits for your hand carried bags, can take the toll on any parent. What this article can do for you, though, is to point out things you can do to make things remotely tolerable for you and your partner.

These travel tips are actually quite simple. You probably won’t believe you’ve missed to do them the last time you traveled with the kids. You should be able to pass the travel test with flying colors if you take note of these things.

Look at your plane ticket

Most useful websites for travelers

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There a lot of websites today which commit to help you with a lot of things but only few deliver the real thing. Browse through the list below and you might find some if not all useful if you are planning to go on a holiday:

For travel planning

Auto Slash

Book a car rental from your favorite company via Autoslash and the website will monitor the rates for that reservation. If in case the rates drop during a sale, the site will automatically lock it for you. In case you booked through a different car rental portal, you can still use the services of Autoslash by entering your confirmation number. The system will do the same thing for you, it will find a better rate and notify you but you have to do the re-booking on your own. The great thing about it is that you can make most of this service for free.

Ten Ways to Look Like a Frequent Traveler

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If you travel only occasionally, or worse, if it’s your first time to travel by plane, you will most likely be faced with hustles and bustles in the airport. This is especially true if you’re traveling during a holiday and the demand for plane seats are so high, something’s bound to go amiss. Don’t let the first flyer jitters scare you off. Below are frequent flyer secrets everyone ought to know about.

Travel Tips: How to avoid problems when booking flights for your next holiday

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Christmas and New Year just flew by and you’re done with all the booking hassles of the previous months. As we welcome 2012 our line up of events and holidays like the Chinese New Year, Cinco De Mayo, Easter, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hajj, Eid Al-Adha, Labor Day, Valentine’s and a lot more go into full circle. Just to make sure you will not encounter the same trouble you might have encountered in booking your flights we’ve got here some tips for your next holiday travel plans:

Airline Fees

Airline fees started to go sky high in 2008 and just last year it started to increase by 87%. So that means that travelers have to consider airline fee in their overall travel expenses. Frequent travelers are so used to pay for their checked bags but objectionably new fees keep on surprising them like the initiative of Spirit Airline to charge the boarding passes that ticket agents issued. Also the announcement made by AirTrans about their plans on weight restrictions and the passenger taxes that President Obama proposed. 

Travel Tips: 8 Ways to avoid extremely high roaming charges while abroad

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While enjoying your European holiday or having a great time during your Bali holiday, you might want to keep in touch with family and friends back home. If you did not plan well, using local networks while you are traveling may cost you a lot. It will be a nightmare when you find out later on that you spend way more for your phone bills than your airfare and hotel.

What if you have a phone bill like this one below after your holiday?

That is a real phone bill but not mine. We are pretty sure the person who received that went like this

Save the big bucks for something else and follow the tips below to cut off roaming charges while overseas:

Contact your provider

Anti-Travel Scam Tips: Don’t Leave Home Without It

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Travel TipsWhether you’re a seasoned jetsetter or a first time traveler to a local or international destination, make yourself aware of these common travel scams that plagued many countries.

Here’s what you need to know in order to secure your personal safety when traveling to an exotic country.

Overpriced cab rides

When you’re a tourist, the most familiar thing to you is a cab ride. First timers in Hong Kong and Malaysia are often intimidated about taking the trains and buses. So the best thing is to take a cab.

While there is nothing wrong with taking a cab, be wary of taxi drivers who will try to raise your fare so high or drive you around in circles. Before jumping into a cab, research ahead on how much it usually costs and consult your map.

Travel Tips: 5 Things to do when the Weather Brings Black Clouds on Your Family Holiday

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So you talk about your vacation plans with your family one night at the table. You research the best deals for accommodation and plot out the details with your wife over and over during the course of the months before your journey. And on the fateful day itself, you’re on the road with your family singing along the songs on the radio when you suddenly see black clouds looming on the horizon of the direction you’re driving towards. What do you do?

Since nature is beyond our control, there are many way and conditions for it to be able to ruin our plans. But what we can control is our reaction and how we make lemonade out of the lemons we’re given. Here are some tips when the rain clouds get your fun down.

Museum Hopping