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Travel Tips: Things you should do when bad weather threatens your flight plans

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The recent Hurricane Irene that hit the East Coast of the United States did not only result to millions worth of damages to properties and businesses but also caused travel nightmare. So what do you do in case you are having a holiday and a big storm threatens to alter all your plans?

Here are some travel tips which may come handy in case you need to rebook your flight when mother nature throws a tantrum:

Check the flight status

In case you are stuck at the airport because of weather disturbances, the best thing you should do is be updated with the status of your flight. It is the first thing you want to do and have to do from time to time. If you are coming from a hotel, check the status of the flight on the day of your departure and moments before leaving your room. It will save you a lot of time and trouble if you know the updated status of your flight.

All about coffee: Knowing what to order in an Italian cafe

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Coffee. The drink’s popularity has spread worldwide since its appearance in written history in 1671 to its aroma reaching different countries via instant coffee packs at homes and offices, via Starbucks, or other brands which satisfy every person’s craving.

One country which can really claim that it knows coffee like it knows how to breathe is Italy. In Rome, for example, you can find coffee bars in every square, cranny, monuments, and nooks that you will see. Cappuccinos are part of their souls.

Those who do not know a lot about coffee may think that when in Italy, you can order either an espresso or a cappuccino. You can get these two but they are only a small part of a long list that you can choose from. Coffee in Italy is spelled as V-A-R-I-E-T-Y.

Here’s a list that may help out coffee lovers in case you go to Rome and decide to get a cup in a coffee bar:

Get lost! Top seven cities to visit without a map

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For a traveler who’s in search of an interesting adventure in a foreign city, it’s not always good to stick to a detailed itinerary. Sometimes, the best part of your vacation may be that unplanned detour you take down a small alley, or a little mishap that took you miles away from your supposed destination. For avid travelers, getting lost in an unfamiliar city is just the thing you need to turn a normal day into a fun filled adventure. Whether or not it’s a big city or a small town, getting lost is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the local setting. Not knowing what to expect, you’re more observant of your surroundings, you’re more inclined to approach local residents and ask them for directions, and you’re also more likely to chance upon a city’s well kept secret that hasn’t quite made it yet into travel brochures.

Travel Tips: How do you go on a holiday without breaking your bank account

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Everyone wants to travel more often but worry a lot that they may not have enough money for it or they might be burning a big hole in their pockets. Traveling alone, with friends, or even with the whole family may go smoothly without having to drain your whole life’s savings. Here are some simple tips on how you can save on your vacations:


Plane Tickets – You need to plan in advance and frequent websites which give you discount deals for airline tickets. These websites often have service fees but they also give you the best deals and options for different airlines.

Pack light – Most airlines charge fees now if you are traveling with heavy luggage. As much as possible, pack only what you need. Do not use oversized bags and as much as possible, limit everything to one bag.

5 Best tools to find the perfect hotel for your travel budget

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During these tough times, finding the best hotel to fit your budget will make sure that you can stetch your travel money. That is what smart travel is all about. If in case you are traveling to splurge and pamper yourself, then you have to find the hotel room of your dreams.

We are also lucky nowadays to have excellent travel tools to find our way around. We can use them to find the best hotels whether we are having a European travel, a holiday in Greece, exploring China, or maybe relaxing with a quick getaway in Bali. Here are some of the most useful tools to find the best hotels for your budget:


Travel Guide: How to enjoy the island of Santorini

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The Greek island of Santorini is known for its picture perfect view of whitewashed houses, blue waters, and captivating sunset. In this volcanic island though, you need to remember that it is the view you are paying for usually when you go to a hotel, restaurant, or a coffee shop. We list down things you should not do in Santorini so your pocket will not hurt much and what you should instead:

Santorini is not the best party island and you must appreciate it for that

We are not saying that you cannot find a good time in Santorini but you should not look for an Ios or Mikonos which offer a 24×7 party lifestyle. There are some exciting clubs though in Kamari and Fira. Perissa, one of the island’s best beaches, can surprise you with some big party nights. You can check out the Yazz for some upbeat music or enjoy a drink at Soul Bar with some friends and locals. If you feel like getting into the groove, go  to the Beach Bar for some dancing.

How you should behave in a Japanese Hot Spring

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Japan is frequented all-year-round because it has some of the world’s best natural hot springs. The country sits in a hotbed filled with geothermal activity which could be a good thing during volcanic calms, and sadly a bad thing when the neighboring volcano decides to wake up. It’s a good thing volcanoes tend to stay “asleep” for decades, if not centuries. If you’re visiting Japan for its hot springs, you might want to try Gyozanen and Seryo. These resorts are located in Ohara, which is just a stone’s throw away from Kyoto and very close to the Sanzenin Temple.

Why you should go

Tips on how to handle the language barrier when you travel

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Not the sponge type when it comes to foreign language? No need to worry if you are planning a trip abroad and you do not have an idea about the local tongue. People from wherever you are going may not understand you but that is the reality that you have to face. You do not have to be afraid of language barriers if you really want to travel. It does not have to be your unconquerable wall that blocks you from exploring the world around you.

You will experience a certain language gap even within the same continent. English, for example, sounds different in the US, England, and in Asia. In countries like the Philippines, an archipelago made up of more than 7,000 islands, people from one province has a different language compared to another province which is just a few miles away.