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Travel tips: The no-guidebook guide to traveling

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Enter a bookstore or any travel kiosk at the airport and you’ll find a number of guidebooks in almost every country in the world. It seems that there is no valley left undiscovered, stone left unturned in any corner of the world that hasn’t made it into one or two guidebooks.

For some traveler, guidebooks can be pretty useful, giving you a checklist of the important things to remember, interesting places to visit, and unusual things you should do when you embark on your trip.

But rely too much on them and you end up going to a foreign place like you were simply going through the different sections of an obstacle game. True, guidebooks can  give you an overview of what you might expect in a different town or country, probably give you a couple of ideas on how you can plan your itinerary, but ideally speaking, they should just give you a head start on your trip, and leave the rest to your imagination. After all, it’s not just the destination that can be exciting during the holiday, but the journey you take as well.

Most Impressive Churches

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I think that almost all of you have a strong believe in a God, however you name it. I am sure that this believe makes us more human, as no other creature on the Earth has such believes. This is for sure one major diference between human and animals.

That’s why I don’t miss any occasion to step in a church. Old or new, big or small, this a very peaceful thing for myself. I  have visited a lot of churches, and I loved them all. Thinking of them, and trying to evaluate them, some of them can seem very spectacular to any viewer. Here are the most spectacular and impressive churches in my opinion, and I hope that this is not a blasphemy making such classification.

1. St Basil Cathedral in Red Square, Moscow has been for centuries a landmark for the Russian capital with its coloured towers and impressive dimensions. No one can imagine Kremlin without the St. Basil Cathedral!

How to Deal With Travel Disasters

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Traveling by airplane, once a marvel of the modern world, has now become nothing more than a headache for most of us. And yet, we all have places to go and people to see that are far away from home. Air travel, while taxing, is still the most expedient way to go. But that doesn’t mean you don’t face hundreds of potentially disastrous situations each time you jet off on a trip. Whether you’re facing pat downs, delayed flights, and cancellations at the airport, a possible terrorist threat aboard your plane, or the loss of your wallet and passport while traveling overseas, you may have to deal with any number of catastrophic situations when you leave your city for parts unknown. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to handle these dicey conditions, and if you want to come out of the experience relatively unscathed, you need to know how to react appropriately when the time comes. Here are just a few tips for making decisions when disaster strikes.

Travel Time Map Applicaton for New York

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Now heres something really useful for all the New Yorkers or travelers visiting New York. TriptropNYC is a free web-based service that allows you find out how long it takes to get from one place to another. Even though the service is limited to New York only but it may turn out to be a real helpful tool for many travelers out there.

It is considered more of an easy to use travel time map application. To get started all you have to do is enter an address and click “Map it” button on the website. As soon as it is done processing you will be able to see color coded layer on the map along with the time it takes to get anywhere else. You can then easily compare 2 different addresses on separate maps presented side by side.

How to avoid getting sick on a journey

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Travelling could be a joyful experience, till you get sick on the tour. You will then feel like kicking yourself, because you did not take the necessary precautionary medicine to ensure that your journey was a good one.

In many countries today, if you have to leave the country and

enter another one, you need to provide documentary proof to say

Very Sick

that you have undergone a whole series of tests and preventive measures, so that you do not fall ill on the journey that you are about to undertake. There are countries who specify that this medicine or injection needs to be given by a registered medical practitioner and not just your local doctor.

Monterey – One of California’s Hidden Treasures

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Visiting California can be a frustrating adventure simply because there are so many options for travelers to choose from. Should you go to San Francisco, home of many stories both good and bad? Los Angeles, home of the stars and the entertainment capital of the world? Or maybe a trip to San Diego for the beautiful weather, beaches, and landscape? Those are just the major options too – there are many “botique” locations in California to fit all different sorts of niches, and Monterey is one of the best.

Ranked #3 in Yahoo’s list of “prettiest towns”, Monterey is a beautiful coastal community located in Northern California, just over 100 miles south of San Francisco. Visitors come to witness Monterey’s unparalleled beauty, such as the beautiful oceanfront or the lush forests. One of Monterey’s most popular attractions is the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Finding the Perfect Gift for the Avid Traveler

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With the holidays fast approaching, now’s the time to pick up some great gifts. However, buying a gift for a traveler can be difficult; luckily, we’re here to help. Here’s some helpful gift ideas to get you through the holiday season.

If you have some excess cash to spare, a Kindle or a Netbook would make a killer gift. The Kindle 2 from Amazon is their latest e-book reader, and is a must for someone who loves to read. Alternatively, if they’re a bit more technologically oriented, the new netbooks are amazing. Netbooks are smaller and ligher than laptops, making them better suited for travel. For those that are stuck in plane seats, they’ll appreciate the compact size as it fits onto the tray better. Kindle’s are about $250, while netbooks range from $300 – $500. The HP Mini 311 is a popular choice, and is quite affordable at about $400.

The Joys of Shopping in Hong Kong

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Few people would disagree that Hong Kong is a favorite amongst shoppers all over the world. The difference in language and culture is not a barrier when it comes to fully enjoying this major shopping hub in Asia. I have personally met people during my travels, telling me that they went as far as taking Cantonese language lessons just to converse with the locals in Hong Kong and to enjoy special bargains throughout their shopping trips. Prices are extremely attractive in Hong Kong, and competitive too. From brand name clothes and the latest electronic gadgets to charming souvenirs, everything comes with attractive price tags that will sure to delight hardcore shoppers! | | help on thesis statement | original term papers