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5 Travel Myths you didn’t know

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There are various myths about travelling that are perpetuated around the world, and seem to so plausible that many people never bother to check them out before they set out on holiday. Here are five of these travelling myths you may not yet have come across:

Tips to avoid an expensive phone bill while traveling

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Tourists are all about hopping on a plane, boarding a ship and catching the nearest train on the platform so they could escape to a different place. Everything is new, and in an instant you leave behind a world that’s all too common for your taste. You’re looking for new experiences, yearning to be in a strange city among strange people living strange but very interesting lives. Still, this is all temporary. You know that this exotic country isn’t your real home, but just a place where you need to unleash the explorer that resides deep within you. In the real world, you have a home and friends and family that are waiting for you when you get back. It used to be that the only way to communicate with them was through mail, and then the telephone.

3 Favorite Mexico Vacations

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Mexico has always been a fantastic place to visit. No matter what you’re in the mood for, you’re sure to find it somewhere – world class cuisine? Try Mexico City. Looking for great beaches? Puerto Escondido is your destination. Beautiful antiquities? Ancient sites abound. All these reasons make Mexico perfect for any vacation; here’s some of the more popular destinations.

The capital city of Mexico gets the first mention here. Mexico City is easily the most populous city in the country, with over 8 million residents. Because of this, it is easily one of the most modern. It hosts restaurants from top chefs such as Michael Mina; has plenty of American favorites like Starbucks at every corner. And if you’re looking for nightlife, Mexico City’s got it. Mexico City also plays host to many national treasures, such as the National Museum of Anthropology in Chapultepec Park. Don’t be scared by all the media hype regarding crime in this big city – it’s no more or less than you will find in any major metropolitan town.

Bahar Dar

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Bahar Dar, the next stop, is 578 kilometres from Addis Ababa, has two daily Ethiopian Airlines flights and a number of good hotels, and it located on the southern shores of Lake Tana, the source of the Blue Nile, with its ancient island nonasteries and both the Blue and the white Nile’s most spectacular feature, the Tis Isat falls.On the island of Dega Estefanos you will find the church of saint Stefanos, which has a priceless collection of icons and manuscripts and houses the mummified remains of a number of Ethiopian emperors. For the modern traveler, the starting point of any visit to the Blue Nile Falls, or to the islands of Lake Tana, is the busting market town of Bahar Dar on the lake’s south-eastern shore. The colourful markets and a variety of handicrafts and weaving centres also make it a comfortable has for excursion by land or water. Bahar Dar port provides access by boat to a number of historic lakeside churches or monasteries near and far. Most date from the 17th-century and have beautifully painted walls. Many such places of worship now have fascinating museums, at which the visitor can see priceless. Illustrated manuscripts, historic crowns and fine royal. And ecclesiastical robes. Some monastic islands are forbidden to women, but others can be visited by all.Visitors to Bahar Dar can also see tankwas, locally made out of the papyrus reeds growing by the lake shore, as well as an historic old building erected, in St. Georges church compound, by the 17th-century Spanish Jesuit, pero paes.

How to Deal With Travel Disasters

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Traveling by airplane, once a marvel of the modern world, has now become nothing more than a headache for most of us. And yet, we all have places to go and people to see that are far away from home. Air travel, while taxing, is still the most expedient way to go. But that doesn’t mean you don’t face hundreds of potentially disastrous situations each time you jet off on a trip. Whether you’re facing pat downs, delayed flights, and cancellations at the airport, a possible terrorist threat aboard your plane, or the loss of your wallet and passport while traveling overseas, you may have to deal with any number of catastrophic situations when you leave your city for parts unknown. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to handle these dicey conditions, and if you want to come out of the experience relatively unscathed, you need to know how to react appropriately when the time comes. Here are just a few tips for making decisions when disaster strikes.

Severe level of terror threat up at airports in the United Kingdom; purely precautionary says police

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Authorities pushed the level of terror threats to “sever” at major transportation centers in the United Kingdom. Extra staff has been activated in Heathrow while more police are being deployed in major centers of transportation.

The heightened level of alert is just a precautionary measure with no confirmed imminent terrorist attack. The top level of threat will be switched to “critical” in the event of an impending danger.

The authorities maintain a consistent watch and constant review of their security measures. They advise all people to be very vigilant and report any suspicious activity or persons that they might encounter.

The whole of the UK is basically on a “substantial” threat status which means that an attack is highly possible.

Citizens and authorities alike have been looking into possibilities of attacks similar to those done in Mumbai and some parts of Europe in the recent past. Back in 2008, terrorists in India conducted a series of attacks using guns and explosives killing almost two hundred people.

Travel in Eco-Style

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Did you know a typical hotel guest produces over two pounds of waste per day?
According to research from Sustainable Travel International, which compared behavioral differences between the home and hotel, people feel “more obliged to behave in an environmentally friendly manner in their local community as opposed to the tourist destination.”

While there is no way to stop people from creating waste altogether, there are lots of little steps we can take to try to improve their habits. Sometimes it’s about getting beyond the habit altogether.

Rather than simply reminding people to recycle their garbage, The Green Garmento is helping minimize the amount created in the first place.

The Green Garmento is a reusable drycleaning bag that functions as a garment bag to protect clothes in suitcases, a hamper for in the hotel room, and a duffel bag for easy laundry drop off mid-trip. It’s a simple way for travelers to cut down on the number of plastic bags they waste throughout a trip — and it carries over to the home when their journey is done.

Top 5 travel blunders to avoid

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You know who you are.

You’re loud; you have a distinct smell that makes people standing next to you turn away instantly; and don’t even get us started on the clothes you’re wearing. It seems that for some people, the time and place simply doesn’t matter; the moment they step out the door and travel to a foreign place, they transform into different people who are in definite need of lessons from Miss Manners. You’ve heard about a gazillion stereotypes and it seems that even now in the 21st century, they will always be a part of our lives. The only question is, are their numbers steadily rising year after year? | | sinfulgoddesses nelly bound | does walmart offer discounts on propecia