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How to avoid getting sick on a journey

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Travelling could be a joyful experience, till you get sick on the tour. You will then feel like kicking yourself, because you did not take the necessary precautionary medicine to ensure that your journey was a good one.

In many countries today, if you have to leave the country and

enter another one, you need to provide documentary proof to say

Very Sick

that you have undergone a whole series of tests and preventive measures, so that you do not fall ill on the journey that you are about to undertake. There are countries who specify that this medicine or injection needs to be given by a registered medical practitioner and not just your local doctor.

Monterey – One of California’s Hidden Treasures

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Visiting California can be a frustrating adventure simply because there are so many options for travelers to choose from. Should you go to San Francisco, home of many stories both good and bad? Los Angeles, home of the stars and the entertainment capital of the world? Or maybe a trip to San Diego for the beautiful weather, beaches, and landscape? Those are just the major options too – there are many “botique” locations in California to fit all different sorts of niches, and Monterey is one of the best.

Ranked #3 in Yahoo’s list of “prettiest towns”, Monterey is a beautiful coastal community located in Northern California, just over 100 miles south of San Francisco. Visitors come to witness Monterey’s unparalleled beauty, such as the beautiful oceanfront or the lush forests. One of Monterey’s most popular attractions is the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Finding the Perfect Gift for the Avid Traveler

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With the holidays fast approaching, now’s the time to pick up some great gifts. However, buying a gift for a traveler can be difficult; luckily, we’re here to help. Here’s some helpful gift ideas to get you through the holiday season.

If you have some excess cash to spare, a Kindle or a Netbook would make a killer gift. The Kindle 2 from Amazon is their latest e-book reader, and is a must for someone who loves to read. Alternatively, if they’re a bit more technologically oriented, the new netbooks are amazing. Netbooks are smaller and ligher than laptops, making them better suited for travel. For those that are stuck in plane seats, they’ll appreciate the compact size as it fits onto the tray better. Kindle’s are about $250, while netbooks range from $300 – $500. The HP Mini 311 is a popular choice, and is quite affordable at about $400.

The Joys of Shopping in Hong Kong

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Few people would disagree that Hong Kong is a favorite amongst shoppers all over the world. The difference in language and culture is not a barrier when it comes to fully enjoying this major shopping hub in Asia. I have personally met people during my travels, telling me that they went as far as taking Cantonese language lessons just to converse with the locals in Hong Kong and to enjoy special bargains throughout their shopping trips. Prices are extremely attractive in Hong Kong, and competitive too. From brand name clothes and the latest electronic gadgets to charming souvenirs, everything comes with attractive price tags that will sure to delight hardcore shoppers!

What to Wear When Flying

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The thought of travel might be exciting or scary for you. Perhaps you’re a veteran traveler, or maybe this is your first trip abroad. In any case, you’re wondering what to wear when flying.

If you’re not a business traveler and you’re on a long flight, opt for comfortable clothing. Loose jeans and a t-shirt or polo shirt, along with a zip-up sweater in case you get cold, will serve you well. For women, the same applies, but if you want to look fashionable, remember practicality too. You could opt for a knee-length skirt or dress, but make sure you pick one that you’re comfortable in.

For business travelers, you might not have to wear itchy suits or uncomfortable dresses. If possible, wear comfortable clothes on the plane and bring a change of clothes in your carryon bag. You can change in an airport bathroom and still look professional as you arrive at your destination.

Most expensive destinations

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If you want a taste of true luxury and privilege, then you need look no further than the destination club scene, which provides one of the most expensive, top quality vacation services for the very rich and fabulous. Destination clubs charge hefty memberships fees, and deposits on some of their most exclusive vacation packages can top the million-dollar mark, but club members have access to the very best in luxury amenities and prestigious customer service, from gourmet dining to complimentary high class cars.

Exclusive Resorts are currently one of the leading destination clubs and boasts over 3,000 members worldwide. One of the most popular and expensive options is the full Christmas and New Years package. New York Christmas package which can costs as much as $600,000, with 60 nights worth of top class accommodation in a choice of destinations throughout USA and Europe. The is very popular, with a choice of 28 luxury apartments throughout the city, including midtown apartments at Park Avenue Place, and suites in the Trump International Hotel & Tower, which offer stunning views of Central Park and has one of New York‘s top restaurants.

The Life of an Industry King: Welcome to Hearst Castle

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It takes a special kind of person to command an industry – William Randolph Hearst was that kind of man. Credited with transforming the publishing world, William Hearst not only owned a newspaper publishing empire, he owned one of the most ridiculous homes known to man. Today, his home is a historic house museum and attracts over a million visitors every year.

Located about 250 miles between San Francisco and Los Angeles, Hearst Castle lies in beautiful San Simeon, California. Perched on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Hearst Castle is truly fit for a king. The property encompasses some 127 acres (500m, squared), and has 56 bedrooms, 41 fireplaces, 61 bathrooms, and 19 sitting rooms. If you feel like swimming, there’s a giant 104ft x 58 foot pool, and a huge 1,665 sq foot indoors pool. If that’s not enough to convince you of his massive wealth and clout, how about the movie theater, airfield, and the world’s largest private zoo? Hearst was a man of excess, and nowhere is this more evident than his castle.

Travel during pregnancy

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Being pregnant does not mean you can’t go on holiday for the whole 9 months of your term, but it does mean that you should take a little extra care when making plans, to ensure both the comfort and protection of you and your unborn baby. Here is a quick guide to the various issues you will need to think about when you are planning any trips, whether it is a holiday abroad or a visit to family or friends.