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The perfect vacation in the exotic Acapulco

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Acapulco has  a long history. Its travel history started nevertheless after the WWII, in 1949, with the opening of the first discos, restaurants etc.

The resort lies on Mexico western coast, in a wonderful bay.

It was boosted in the travel industry by the famous Hollywood actor Johny Weismuller ( alias Tarzan). After that, in the 60’s it became a favorite destination for luxury travel. The main clients were very rich and came from South America, Western Europe and specially U.S.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy married here Jackie Kennedy, John Wayne owned a beach in Acapulco, Ava Gardner divorced from Frank Sinatra in Acapulco. Acapulco had a strong magic power, which paled totally in the 80’s due to pollution: the water was no more good for a swim!

Today Acapulco is booming again, as the water is again good for swimming. The stars are coming again (e.g Sandra Bullock and Enrique Iglesias) and the golden age of Acapulco is coming back.

Hidden travel costs

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Travelling to a favourite destination is probably on everybody’s wish list. Who would not want to soak in the sun on a pearly white beach, with the sea gently lapping at your feet? It is probably one step away from paradise. If you were to ask a mother of two, she would still be very hesitant to say that she is any where near paradise – any guesses why? Well, coming to think of it, the answer is pretty simple – the cost of travel today.

3 Favorite Mexico Vacations

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Mexico has always been a fantastic place to visit. No matter what you’re in the mood for, you’re sure to find it somewhere – world class cuisine? Try Mexico City. Looking for great beaches? Puerto Escondido is your destination. Beautiful antiquities? Ancient sites abound. All these reasons make Mexico perfect for any vacation; here’s some of the more popular destinations.

The capital city of Mexico gets the first mention here. Mexico City is easily the most populous city in the country, with over 8 million residents. Because of this, it is easily one of the most modern. It hosts restaurants from top chefs such as Michael Mina; has plenty of American favorites like Starbucks at every corner. And if you’re looking for nightlife, Mexico City’s got it. Mexico City also plays host to many national treasures, such as the National Museum of Anthropology in Chapultepec Park. Don’t be scared by all the media hype regarding crime in this big city – it’s no more or less than you will find in any major metropolitan town.

5 Travel Myths you didn’t know

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There are various myths about travelling that are perpetuated around the world, and seem to so plausible that many people never bother to check them out before they set out on holiday. Here are five of these travelling myths you may not yet have come across:

Tips to avoid an expensive phone bill while traveling

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Tourists are all about hopping on a plane, boarding a ship and catching the nearest train on the platform so they could escape to a different place. Everything is new, and in an instant you leave behind a world that’s all too common for your taste. You’re looking for new experiences, yearning to be in a strange city among strange people living strange but very interesting lives. Still, this is all temporary. You know that this exotic country isn’t your real home, but just a place where you need to unleash the explorer that resides deep within you. In the real world, you have a home and friends and family that are waiting for you when you get back. It used to be that the only way to communicate with them was through mail, and then the telephone.

Why Traveling by Rail and Bus May Be More Convenient

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If there is one thing the US is not known for, it’s transit via bus and rail. Travel by busses and railroads is commonplace in many other developed nations, except in the US. This has changed in recent years, however. In fact, ridership for Amtrak, the United States rail system, has increased year by year for the past 7 years. Does rail or bus travel make sense for you? Well, that depends on several factors: where you’re going, how fast you want to get there, and how much you want to spend.

Santo Domingo Vacation

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Going on vacation. A Santo Domingo vacation. What better place to visit? Santo Domingo is in the Dominican Republic. Just the sound of that sound romantic and mysterious.

And while a Santo Domingo vacation can be romantic and offer some mysterious tours that take you through historical sights, there is more to a Santo Domingo vacation than romance and mystery. Well, and casinos.

One place to check out when taking a Santo Domingo vacation is the Zonas Colonial where you can travel back to the 16th century. Old castles are converted into museums, while other historical buildings are now working cafes and hotels. If you want a romantic Santo Domingo vacation, this is the place to go.

Control Your PC using Twitter from Anywhere Anytime you like

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TweetMyPC is yet another web based service that uses the Twitter platform. This time to literally control your PC! That is, you tweet, and your PC does!

Still confused? Lets put it this way: You’re realize that you are late for work and rush to your car meanwhile your brother abroad is downloading your vacation pictures from your PC that’s acting like a private webserver. Once he’s done he tweets you and you receive his message, in between red lights you tweet to your specific TweetMyPC account with the word “Shutdown” and lo and behold! As you swerve your way into your work place you PC is being shut down!

I mean can you imagine the scope for something like this? With wireless internet becoming widely available each passing day. I don’t think it’ll be long before hobbyists I’ll wire small factor PC’s to their car and the be able to tweet command like “stream playlist from home PC”