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Ten Beautiful Wine Regions

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When we hear the word wine, we always associate it with Napa Valley.  But can you believe that thirty years ago, the world’s top wine experts and wine lovers alike dismiss the Napa Valley wines as so-so?  But today, the Napa Valley Wine Country has become a famous tourist spot not only for Americans but for wine connoisseurs around the globe.

Of course, this means that Napa Valley is becoming more and more congested.  The good news is that a handful of advanced wine-making techniques have started in uncommon wine countries like India and even in Tasmania.  This is definitely good news to all wine experts and wine lovers out there because it means that there are now new flavors that are distinct to these wine regions; another reason is that as the wineries in California and France become crowded, we can opt to visit these other wine regions that offer more than just new flavors but also a spectacular scenery and natural charms.

The Globetrotter’s Guide to Excellent Local Wine

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If you’re visiting a foreign country sometime this year and you just can’t cross out wine in your dinner itinerary, there’s no reason for you to order wine from France, not when there’s perfectly good local wine from your Aussie restaurant. Below is a list of the best local wines which can satisfy every globetrotter’s lust for good wine. You’ll be saving a lot of money by skipping shipment fees, as well.

When in Australia and New Zealand

The best wines to have when you’re in the southern regions of New Zealand and Australia are homegrown (and aged) Sauvignon Blancs and Pinot Noirs from Marlborough. These are so well-received that they’re actually exported to other countries. If you order them from New Zealand, the price drops a mile.

Top 10 of the World’s Most Spectacular Tasting Rooms

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Drinking a glass of wine in a simple room is not the same experience as sipping exact one under a canopy of stars. What defines the taste of any wine is the when and where you are sipping it.

This concept may anger the more logical minded members of the wine industry but several companies are already investing in wine tasting rooms. These tasting rooms offer a relaxed vibe and elegant window views of beautiful locales and are increasingly becoming part of big brewers’ calling cards.

The practice of making these structures to lure in possible customers have been started by newer wine industries belonging to Chile and Argentina and several states like Michigan in the United States for the American continent. In Europe, New Zealand and Austria have these rooms to lure in buyers. These architecturally elegant and scenery centered rooms invites the tasters to focus on their senses and the taste the wines provide.