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10 Winter Festivals that must be on your list

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During the coldest of days, it is very tempting just be tucked in underneath the blanket. But instead of hibernating, why don’t you enjoy the best offerings of the season. Some of the best festivals celebrated across the globe happen during winter. Here are 8 reasons why you should start packing and make most of the winter:

Sapporo Winter Festival

Around 2 million people from different places flock to the island of Hokkaido in Japan for the annual Snow Festival in Sapporo. The tradition started in 1950 when some high school students made six statues from the surrounding snow. The people soon followed, building bigger and bigger snow statues and turning the festivities into an international contest by 1974.  Today, the snow sculptures take several weeks to complete and while the crowd waits, you can enjoy great food, ice mazes, ice slides, and live bands.

Winter Travel: Top 5 Non-Skier Destinations

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When the snow starts, it is time for the winter gear to get out of the storage and it is time to think of your winter activities. There is more to winter than skiing so if you do not like the idea of gliding down the slopes, here are some of the best travel destinations for you this season:

Zermatt in Switzerland

Winter destinations

Take a ride on the red train called Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn and enjoy the amazing vista of the dazzling Alps. The small liner journeys from Zermatt going to St. Moritz or Davos through 291 bridges and jaw-dropping scenery. It is the slowest express train you will take but every second of the 7.5 hour trip is worth it.

From Zermatt, the Gornergrat Bahn will bring you thru fairytale forests and alpine meadows as it goes up the Gornegrat. When the weather is excellent, the Matterhorn will be in full view. When you get to your destination, you can relax, enjoy the panorama, and some hot fondue.

Top winter lodges around the world

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Winter marks the transition to coldest months of the year and it means snuggling under your blanket or watching the snow falling outside while enjoying the warmth in front your fireplace. Moreover there are far too many hot spots where you can spend winter with your loved one. Listed below are our top picks for the most desirable winter lodges around the world:

Riffelalp Resort, Switzerland

When you want to experience some kind of royalty while vacationing try this one. It’s high above Zermatt with an altitude of 7,288 feet offering complete solitude and rest while looking at the grand Alpine panorama of Switzerland.

This resort provides luxury and excellent service and became a posh destination for people wanting to experience luxury hideaway. Each room are presented in coziness that lets the guests wanting to go back to again and again. The lounges have matching warm color furniture and filled with impressive woods. This is truly a fantastic hotel in a fantastic setting.

Top 5 Winter Destinations and Adventures

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Winter does not mean that you will be stuck inside your home for months. No need to sulk with all the winter blues. We have lined up some great destinations in cold and warm weather to get your curious soul going.

Preda and Bergun in Switzerland

Go sledding in the 6 kilometer stretch toboggan from Preda to Bergun which is the longest floodlit sledding course in Europe. You can board the train going to Preda which is a small village a few minutes from the more popular St. Moritz and a few hours from Zurich. Rent a sled at the train station. And the final step… hop onto the sled and enjoy the drop from Preda located 5,900 ft above sea level to the end of the line at Bergun which is at 4,484 ft.

Top Ski Lodges in Europe for any budget

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When you feel the days are getting shorter and the temperatures make you bring out the winter wardrobe, that means the ski season in Europe and some parts of the world has begun. You have a ton of options depending on your budget and taste. If you love the breeze as you slide down the slope , you will love the best ski lodges in Europe that we have lined up for you:

The Mooser Hotel in St Anton, Austria

Austria Ski Lodge

While in The Mooser Hotel, there are two ways to have fun: to party or to pamper. What is even more awesome is that, it is your choice which one.
Located in a historic farmhouse, which is 300 years old, it is famous for the MooserWirt, its adjacent après-ski bar.