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Travel Tips Europe: Scams you need to be careful of in Europe

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When you travel to Europe, there is no reason to worry much about violent crimes against travelers. You have to remember though that Europe is a place where travel scams is pretty prevalent. You need to be wary of con artists and pickpockets who are very smart and smooth in victimizing tourists especially Americans.

Americans are usually those who carry good stuff in their wallets and belts. Some people use money belts as advised but they still get burned. If you will be using a money belt, it will be better if you tuck it under the clothes.

Here are some of the most common scams that you might encounter during your European holiday:

Clerks using phone cameras

Travel Destinations: Cities in Europe worth Exploring

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Whether you are looking for new flavors, new styles, or great finds, these charming cities in Europe offer more than what meets the eye:

Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp Travel

When you visit Antwerp, you will immediately notice the perky garbs of its locals who mingle at the public square. World-class in style, Antwerp offers many unique destinations like the Museum Aan de Stroom. The museum’s façade looks like a stack of giant crates piled on top of each other. There are many wonderful art galleries just around the corner waiting to be discovered. There are also antique stores offering vintage outfits for those who want to have their photos taken as though they stepped back in time or those who simply want to take one home.

Top 10 Best travel laptops

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I really do not want to bring any laptop with me when I travel most of the time. There are times though that you cannot avoid doing some work while on the road. If you are looking for the best travel laptops in the market today, basically you should look for something that is light weight, portable, quite rugged, has good connectivity options, and has long battery life.

For 2012, it is about traveling with ultrabooks. They now come with better builds and better computing abilities. Here are some of the best laptops you can bring with you when you travel:

MacBook Air by Apple

Events in Cedar Rapids this June

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Cedar RapidsIf you are planning to visit Cedar Rapids, Iowa , you can easily find a home away from home since there are a lot of Cedar Rapids hotels. While enjoying the attractions, destinations, and activities, you will be assured of a comfortable abode where you can relax and have quality time with your family.

While in Cedar Rapids here are some events that you might want to participate in:

Five Seasons Ski Team Show (13 June)

Head to the Cedar River and watch the Five Season Ski Team perform some amazing water skiing stunts on the river. The place might get packed since there will only be a set of bleachers for the show so be sure to come early. Don’t forget to apply some sunscreen!

Story Time at the CRMA (13 June)

The Ultimate Travel Photography Guide


When you travel you probably want to take photos. These pictures will document your travels and give you great memories down the road. With a camera in hand, you set out on your journey. But wait, where do you begin? Tons of people already have the same photos taken of skylines and cityscapes. Each museum has probably been photographed millions of times. This is where you need to get creative and prepare to take the absolute best travel photos possible.

First of all, traveling is spontaneous. You will probably come across numerous people, objects, signs, and locations that are completely bizarre and unique. Take the opportunity to photograph everything, but you must be quick. Some of the most magnificent photo-ops are fleeting. For this reason, a compact digital camera and a DSLR are good to have on hand.

Travelers Must Be Accepting Of Others


No, I'm just Asian

Travelers are often rushed, irritated easily, and down-right rude. Traveling is such an important part of society, and brings millions of people together each year. If you have traveled in the past, then you probably already know that it isn’t easy to sit next to someone on a 25 hour plane ride. It isn’t always easy to be smashed against a smoker on a train. It isn’t even fun to cram into a subway with hot sweaty people in the middle of summer. However, you can learn a lot from these people.

During my travels I have come across tons of different folks from around the world. Any kind of person you can think of, I have probably seen. That’s the beauty of traveling though, because without that peculiar diversity – travels would be quite dull. I have learned so much about life from traveling, and accepting other people.

Taste the Rich Flavor of Italian Coffee



Coffee is an important part of Italian culture, and is consumed in astonishing numbers thorough this small nation. When traveling in Italy, experiencing a Café Coffee is one of the simplest pleasures of the area. No matter where you are, you are sure to find a delicious Café nearby that can satisfy even the strongest of cravings for delicious pure coffee.

Tips for Ordering Coffee in Italy

One of the most important things to remember when ordering coffee is that it will be expensive. Italians pride themselves on serving the highest quality coffee you can imagine. The beans are expertly roasted and brewed to perfection. So a cup of coffee here can cost around $20 or more. It seems shocking but once you taste a sip of its delectable steamy flavor – you will quickly understand.

The Wise Traveler’s Tips for Parents: Handling the Carry on

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Any article which promises to make traveling with kids a “piece of cake” is lying. It’s never easy to travel with kids. The mere feat of packing everything, especially when you’re at weight limits for your hand carried bags, can take the toll on any parent. What this article can do for you, though, is to point out things you can do to make things remotely tolerable for you and your partner.

These travel tips are actually quite simple. You probably won’t believe you’ve missed to do them the last time you traveled with the kids. You should be able to pass the travel test with flying colors if you take note of these things.

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