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Experience Siberia and the Famous Trans-Siberian Railway


Siberia is a country of unexplored regions, vast tundra, breathtaking landscapes, and awe inspiring power. Siberia is filled with a lot of nothing, but it makes a perfect travel destination for the true adventurer deep down inside of us. There are a number of unique things to do while visiting Siberia, including taking the famous Trans-Siberian Railway to Moscow. If you plan on visiting this country it’s probably a good idea to start with Moscow, take the train into Siberia, and then go back to Moscow. It is also important to note that the proper identification, passports, and visas are extremely necessary for travel through some of these regions.

The Best Five Museums in New York City Under the Radar

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The book you picked up in the airport bookstore says: These are Paintings and Exhibits You Need To See Before You Die. Travel Guides have everything about what museums to go into for a perfect cultural exposure that New York has to offer. But remember that books themselves are written by people too and are not infallible. They may miss one or two spots worth experiencing. Here are some curated experiences you might be missing that are outside the pages of the mainstream maps:

The Tenement Museum

New York has been the port-of-call for immigrants even way back during the city was established. The convergence point of immigrants are Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Their stay  and stories they have of their days in New York during their specific periods of immigration offer an insight into what values each one brought and transposed into this country. The Tenement Museum can be found in a building in Orchard Street. The establishment is rich in history since it was already around during the Civil War.

9 of the most dangerous volcanoes around the globe


The Icelandic volcano has been wrecking havoc as it continues to erupt. It also grounded thousands of flights and cause chaos to tens of thousands of travelers who needed to get to their next destination. In the past few days, Denmark, Italy, and other European countries are opening their skies to traffic.

Let’s take a look at some volcanoes around the globe which can potentially bring bad news to all of us.

Chaiten Volcano (Southern Chile)

Chaiten was in deep slumber for 9,000 years until it decided to wake up in 2008, spewing ash for miles into the sky. A town with the same name about 6 miles away was devastated with floods and ash fall. It was a nightmare coming true for some 4,500 folks living there. At least one casualty was reported after the eruption and it is a clear reminder that dormant volcanoes can still pose some danger.

Time-lapse Video of Iceland

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Winter is about to hit Iceland so they are expecting a big drop in their tourism industry. Efforts are being exerted by the tourism agency of Iceland to promote their country and attract visitors. You might just see posters in subways inviting you to check out the Northern lights but at this time of the year, day time will be dark and really cold too. We just want to share with you guys a nice time-lapse video of Iceland since we might all agree that it is not the best time of the year to visit it.

In this video, you will see frame after frame of breathtaking views but along the way you will see the guy who made this Iceland video packing his things and later set up a tent near a waterfall. You will also see other travelers enjoying the magical sights of Iceland.

The Best Oyster Bars in the World

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There is so much meat in the world and there is only so much of it we can eat before the taste fatigue comes in or the faintly detected health issues come out. When you get tired of eating chicken, pork and meat, the best recourse would be to scope out how seafood is being served up.

For that sudden piscetarian streak in your appetite, there is nothing better to try than an oyster bar. Check out the best oyster bars and see if there is one right in your corner.

United States Oyster Bars

The Marshall Store

Top Luxury Spas: Seasonal treatments around the World

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Who doesn’t enjoy some time to relax and unwind? And what better way to do so than by going to a spa and have someone take care of you? Here are some of the best spa treatments you can enjoy at your hometown, or as you travel. When you get tired of shopping and seeing what the city has to offer, the spa is the perfect place to lie down and get a good massage or a facial. The best ones use local products, which are healthier not just for you, but for the environment as well.

9 of the Best Factory Tours in the World

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Tired of the usual tours offered by groups? Try a different kind of tour this time—factory tours.

If you are someone who likes to take a peek behind the production lines, then this tour would be perfect for you. A huge fan of motorcycling or motorcycles themselves? Give yourself the chance to see how they are made.

Visiting the factory of the famous sauce Tabasco is a must for fans of the hot sauce. The best part? Have a taste of Tabasco-flavored ice cream, a treat only served in their factory. Even if it’s not as strange as this, getting a taste of your favorite beer for example can only get as fresh as this.

From free tastes to souvenirs, visiting these factories will give you a different look at your favorite products. Here are some interesting factories you can visit from around the world:

Quick Travel Guide to your Milan, Italy holiday

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One of the most beautiful cities in the world is Milan. This holiday destination has a love affair with luxury, from the finest houses of design and fine dining. The place though remains in touch with its past and never loses its charm.

What to see in

Here are some of the best destinations in Milan:

Duomo cathedral – The Duomo took about six centuries to finish. It was synonymous to an impossible task during its time. We should be thankful though that the builders pushed on putting the white and pink marbles together incorporating about 3,200 statues, 135 spires, and about 146 sets of stained glass for its windows

Teatro all Scala – Milan is the home of the opera. It is fitting therefore to see the most renowned opera house in the world here, the Teatro alla Scala. The most famous opera singers have performed here to the amazement of the six-storey high galleries. The opera season usually start on the first week of December.