Christmas is in the air. Checking your list, who’s naughty, who’s not? If you want to make some backpacker friends smile this Yuletide, then read on. We have a list of gift ideas for the bunch. Backpackers plus the gears on our list equals the look that spells wow when they open their Christmas gifts.  Here are some great items that you can wrap for backpackers this Christmas:

Ultra-Sil Compression Sacks from Sea to Summit

Any backpacker will know that a good packing solution is essential for every trip. A good compression sack maybe one’s best friend as you try to maximize that space you have in your ever reliable backpack. The series of compression sack from Sea to Summit  defines what every backpacker needs – durable, functional, lightweight.

This gear is made from a special nylon that practically makes it weather proof to boot. The material is also very easy to empty when you are on the go because of its slippery design.  Just give it a little shake and it is due for refilling with your clothes again.

They are also pretty easy to compress using their straps. The big bag with all your clothes for the trip in it. It compacts down to a you-will-not-even-believe-it small size.  Add the great color choices for the fun factor.

MCB-B Amphibian Compass from Suunto

You will not really be able to appreciate the value of a compass until you know how essential it is when you travel. Backpackers need a good gear to point where they should be going. This one from Suunto is a good value deal for just a little over $20.

This Amphibian compass is perfect if you are going on a fishing trip or engaging in a water sport. The compass is very lightweight and it floats. It has all the works from sighting mirrors, declination correction, map scales, ruler, and whistle.

Fleece Jackets from Patagonia

Another essential outdoor gear for climbers, hikers, and backpackers are fleece jackets. The ones created by Patagonia are among the best that you can find for an affordable price. They have a good range for fleece jackets for men and women. Check out their Regulator lineup which goes from R1 that provides you core warmth, R2 for midweight insulation, R3 for high-loft warmth, and R4 for that windproof insulation. You can find a gift item to let your friends and loved ones know about the warmth of the season literally for as cheap as $70 to less than $200.

Sleeping Pad from Exped

The DownMat Air Pad from Exped is the best sleeping pad that you can find in the market today.  The product is ideal for backpackers as it comes very light, compact, and warm. It also comes with an air pump built in to the sleeping pad itself. All you have to do is press down where the instruction says press down, and voila! Deflating it is also very easy. You just have to open a valve at the bottom and let air sip out.

The warmth of this sleeping pad makes it perfect for those who will go outdoors this winter.  Aside from the good insulation, the good cushion design of the pad also makes it very comfortable too even on uneven surfaces. It may sound a bit expensive at $179 for a sleeping pad, but it will last for some good years since it is made with really durable, abrasion resistant and humidity resistant material.

Infinity Ultra Task LED Flashlight from Gerber

If you are the kind who wants to give those small, useful gifts, then you can checkout the LED flashlight from Gerber. Nope, not that baby food in the bottle if that is what you are thinking of. Gerber is more known for their camping tools and legendary blades. They have been in the business of providing great camping tools for more than half a century.

They have a series of LED flashlights which may come very handy for your backpacker friends. We recommend the Infinity Ultra LED flashlight which just sells for around $18. Of course, you can add a cool knife, a tool kit, or a shovel maybe if you have some extra budget.

Tent from Big Agnes

Most back packers go for a tarp system for their shelter but some may go for a tent. If you have a backpacker friend who has a tent on their wish list, then you can check out the Fly Creek Ultralight 2 tent from Big Agnes. This tent can accommodate 2 persons and it just weighs a little over 2 pounds. The tent has also received some praises from backpacking online communities and magazines.

The tent is made from very light materials coupled with very sturdy aluminium poles. It has a very innovative design which makes use of double walls to ensure great ventilation. Its floor is also waterproof coated to keep campers dry during the wet weather season.

Steripen Water Purifier

The water purifier system from SteriPen will make it easy for everyone to clean the water from streams, lakes, or rivers during a backpacking adventure. The gear makes use of ultraviolet light to get rid of viruses, bacteria, and protozoa.

It is very easy to use. With just a few steps, you can purify around 500 mL of water in just 48 seconds.

Fire Starter from Ultimate Survival Technologies

You don’t want to give your friends two rocks that he can use to start a fire when he or she goes camping. Wrap a BlastMatch Fire Starter for your backpacker friends this holiday season. They will not need lighters or matches, all they will need is this gear. The BlastMatch Fire Starter produces three times the heat of what a regular match can give out so lighting up  a cloth, bark, wood, or starting tinder will never be a problem.

This is an all weather fire starter and you just have to wipe it off in case it gets wet while camping.

Ultralight Towel from Cascade Designs

The Ultralite Towel from MSR by Cascade Designs is ideal for any journey. It comes light but it comes heavy in terms of absorbency. You also do not have to worry about the size since the Packtowl can absorb water two times its weight and then almost wring it out dry. Cleaning it is also very easy using your washing machine at home.

Cooking System from Jetboil Flash

Hip in color and perfect in function, these are the reasons why the Jetboil Flash backpacking stove received recognition from different outdoor and camping magazines. The snappy design is combines the stove and the cooking pot in just one unit.  You can also store your cooking supplies in the 1L cup.

Campers will just clip everything together to make the cooking system stable. You can boil water  in just 2 minutes. The cup will also change color to let users know that the cup is hot.  The only downside of this camping stove is the disposable canister of fuel.

Food Dehydrator

Packing your food supply is a big problem for most campers. You have very limited space on your backpack so a lightweight food supply is a must. The Sportman’s Kitchen from Open Country can help you dehydrate items like vegetables, soups, sauces, and fruits. This handy device can help you prepare your camping ration at home as it also comes with detailed instructions and recipes.

Space Brand All-Weather Blanket

The all-weather blanket was designed by NASA using the technology used for the Apollo missions. The blanket radiates around 80% of the body heat to ensure comfortable warmth even in sub-zero temperatures. The blanket weighs 340 grams with a dimension of 60×84 inches.



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