There is a genuine, two sided argument when it comes to deciding whether to book your rental car in advance, or to do it on the day.

What it all boils down to is your bravery and whether the company has availability if you leave it until the last minute.

You can get some great deals online, and if you find a great deal, chances are, somebody else will have discovered it, too. Booking early will ensure you get the car you are looking for, the deal you want and will alleviate any stresses that being unorganised when it comes to hiring car may bring.

car keysAs more demand floods into car hire companies, the availability will inevitably deplete and, as the old tale goes, the less something is available, the more it’s going to cost. If you book your car well in advance, there is no reason why you can’t beat the inflated prices.

If you are visiting somewhere in peak season, let’s take for example Walt Disney World during the Summer holidays, demand is going to be huge, so save the risk and get it sorted before you get saddled with a ridiculous bill for chancing your luck. If you want to hire a car in Adelaide visit Drivenow to check availability.

However, no matter how much sensible advice is out there, there are still people who prefer to air on the side of caution when it comes to booking a rental car in advance and will take a chance in the hopes that the car they are after is available on the day and for the time period they are looking for. Typically, if you do it this way and it pans out for you, you are almost certain to get a cheaper deal than booking in advance.

When weighing up the pros and cons of waiting until later, don’t just place a value on the money you will spend when hiring a car, but value your peace of mind. Is it more important for you to know your booking is sorted and you only have to pick the car up on the designated day, or is it more important for you to get a bargain?

Bear in mind if you have in mind a specific car you want to drive around in, it could be gone if you leave it late and you will have to get what you’re given, which might include a more expensive car…

Another, less worrying way of deciding whether to book early or hang on is to do a bit of both. If you are booking a car outside of a holiday package, chances are you won’t have to pay up front, so you could book your car and then keep checking the prices as the time to pick the vehicle draws nearer. If your booking is part of a package holiday, chances are you will have to pay up front.

Who would have thought that hiring a car could consist of an element of guts?



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