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Canada Cruise Ports

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Canada is a favorite destination for cruises, and there are several port stops that stand out along the many routes available around this fascinating and diverse coastline.

Montreal is one of those fantastic Canadian destinations that has retained its European roots so authentically you will feel as if you have walked straight into a charming Parisian suburb, rather than a sprawling North American city. From quaint cobblestone streets through to pavement caves and leafy sidewalks there is a certain continental vibe to many parts of the city, and this combined with the French streets signs, high fashion boutiques and laid back Gaelic attitude will charm many visitors. Montreal has had a turbulent history and although many Canadian settlements were first founded by the French, the British took over following the French and Indian War. Montreal clung stubbornly to its French beginnings though and this has caused quite a lot of tension over the years, but has meant that this city has retained a very strong and authentic French culture, in fact there were some serious attempts during the 20th Century to have Montreal declared an independent sovereign nation from the rest of Canada, but inhabitants narrowly voted in favor of continuing as a province.

Rock the Boat: Top 10 best cruise group shore excursions

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Passengers of a cruise ship might be happy with seeing the great views, playing at onboard casinos, or pigging out on the buffet but there is a growing trend today as cruise lines organize exciting, extreme, and even outrageous group shore excursions.
Shore excursions are where people can enjoy the wow factor of their cruise and connect with new friends. Below are some of the most adrenaline crazy group shore excursions that we know of.

Riding a Harley in Alaska and the Caribbean

Cruisers who want to feel the wind against their faces while sightseeing can zoom on the road riding cool Harleys in Ketchikan, Alaska and in the Caribbean. You will need a motorcycle permit but you can also go with a licensed rider if you want to watch the Cozumel sunsets or go to the lush Tongass forest. A gang leader in a black leather jacket with tattoos all over will lead your group. Okay, it will be a local tour guide.

Guide to Bora Bora Cruises

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Bora Bora Cruise ship

Bora Bora is a stunning tropical island in the French Polynesia, and is known for its high end holiday facilities, popular with honeymooners and the rich and famous. This beautiful island has a lot to offer visitors and is surrounded by several other equally lovely islands including Taha’a, Raiatea and Huahine, and makes the perfect destination for a cruise around the balmy, tropical South Pacific Ocean.

Greek Island Cruise

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There are many stunning destinations on offer when you take a cruise of the Greek Islands, and passengers will be able to enjoy not just beautiful scenery and warm, sunny weather, but also a fascinating array of historical and cultural attractions which are on offer all across the regions, from ancient temple ruins through to world famous art galleries and museums.

Here are just a few of the top ports of call that passengers can enjoy whilst on a Greek Island Cruise

Mykonos is one of the more rugged Greek islands and has some beautiful golden beaches and windswept terrains which are very popular with visitors, and there are many excellent hotels, bars and tavernas. Mykonos really comes alive in the summer and this is very much a party island with a good cosmopolitan feel, and a diverse range of people from all ages, cultures and sexualities are made to feel very welcome here.

Oasis of the Seas Amazing Pictures


World’s Largest Cruise Liner Departs for US


Oasis of the Seas

There is nothing that can prepare you for the experience of seeing the 1.5 billion dollar Oasis of the Seas for the first time. Truly a sight to behold, Oasis of the Seas is the largest cruise ship in the world, with over 2,700 cabins and an occupancy of 6,000. Serving those guests is a crew of 2000; and impressive 3:1 ratio. To put it in perspective, it is almost 50% larger than the next largest ship! If that doesn’t give you an idea of size, check this out – there are actually neighborhoods on this cruise ship.

With varying themes such as “Central Park”, “The Boardwalk”, and “Youth Zone”, the Oasis of the Seas has nearly every amenity possible. For instance, in Central Park you’ll not only find restaurants and bars, it will be the first living park ever on a cruise ship, with an estimated 5,000+ plants to be planted upon it’s arrive in Fort Lauderdale. The Boardwalk has a giant freshwater pool, a carousel, and even a tattoo parlor. Finally, the Youth Zone is nothing like the arcades of old cruise ships, featuring computer gaming and a science lab for the youngins.

Top 6 Cruise Suites You can Take on a Whim

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If you like traveling in style (and you have the money to spend for it), you shouldn’t settle for anything less than these cruise suites. They’re the best digs to impress your new snooty friends with just in case you’re planning to socialize your way into the elite crowd. They’re also the best suites to get if you’re a high profile celebrity looking for some privacy.

Grand Duplex Apartments, Queen Mary 2 (Cunard Line)

On top of our list are the Grand Duplex Apartments at the prime spots of the Queen Mary 2 (under Cunard Line). There are only two of these apartments in the ship. They’re duplex suites named Balmoral and Sandingham. Royally furnished, each of the duplex suites boasts of full views of the sea. Two-story glass walls face the front of the ship. Each duplex suite is as big as four regular suites, with an area of more than 9000 square feet each.

Explore the wonders of Egypt with a Nile river cruise


The River Nile is one of the great natural wonders of the world, and is also one of the best ways in which to explore the stunning landscape and rich culture of Egypt. Nile cruises are very popular, and there are a whole range of different boats and routes on offer from luxurious trips to the colorful city of Aswan and its famous High Dam through to the bustling metropolis of Cairo and the beautiful botanic wonders of the Kitchener Islands. There are so many things to see and do in Egypt you will be spoilt for choice, and whether you are interested in history, culture, art or nature you are sure to find a Nile cruise package to suit you.