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Caribbean Cruises: Finding Love on the Open Water


Cruising has a universal appeal. From grandparents and parents to newlyweds and sulky teenagers, a cruise holiday with Virgin Holidays Cruises caters to a large and diverse demographic. This is why it has become the number one type of holiday in the world. A cruise ship is like a floating microcosm of society, and unless you are taking a safari or some other group tour, there is no other type of holiday like it. In the end, floating on the open water with 3000 people from around the globe is nothing like booking a safari excursion with a small group of twenty. If you are looking to meet new friends, spark a possible romance or even find a future spouse, then the cruise provides you with all sorts of possibilities. It is a far better place to meet people than Soho bars, online chat rooms and tedious office parties.

Myths and Facts about The Nile

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What could be said new about Nile? Maybe nothing anymore, the old greek historian Herodotes said once “ Egypt is a gift of the Nile“. It is true 100%: the egyptian civilization lasts untroubled since more than 3000 years in the middle of Sahara. It is a huge contrast between the fertile Nile valley and the surrounding arid Sahara desert. 90 % of the egyptian population which is not little lives along the Nile, which transformed this country in a huge oasis, the biggest wordlwide. The big cities of Cairo, Alexandria and Khartum lie on the Nile. Only in Egypt 60 000 000 people are daily grateful to the big river.

The Nile is a cultural landmarks for the african continent and for the world. The egyptian pyramids lie on the Nile, the former Egyptian capital of Teba and Luxor lie on the Nile. The big Aswan dam lie also on the Nile and produces the half of the household necessary energy in Egypt.  In the old egyptian civilization the Nile was considered a God, and it deserves this approach even today.

Oasis of the Seas – One Month Later

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Now that the media hype has fallen a bit from Royal Caribbean’s latest ship, we have to ask ourselves “So the ship is big, but is it fun?” I mean, it’s easy to see where having the largest cruise ship in the world can go wrong: long lines, crowded passageways, sold out restaurants. Would the Oasis of the Seas deliver? Early reviews are saying: yes.

While the Royal Caribbean’s flagship can handle up to 6,300 passengers, as of late most cruises have been departing with about 4,500 passengers. A healthy amount of people for the size of the boat: you never feel lonely and you never feel crowded. High-tech crowd management systems work behind the scenes to maintain traffic, assuring that elevators go where they’re needed and hallways don’t become overloaded. For the guest, that means unfettered access amongst the ship’s 7 neighborhoods.

Travel Planning: Booking and preparing for a cruise

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It is not every week that you go on a cruise so for a lot of people, planning for a cruise may be a daunting task. All you need really is to do everything well ahead of time to avoid travel planning glitches.

Here are some practical tips which you may find useful if you are planning a cruise:

Choose your destination

The first thing you need to determine is where you want to go. The cruise ships will cross seas and oceans and you have a wide array of choices. Are you planning to go to the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, or how about explore the waters around Alaska? There are also trips to show you the Scandinavians and parts of the Baltic. There are cruises to see South America, Africa, the Middle East, or you can even go around the world.

World’s Largest Cruise Ship Gives New Meaning to Luxury



The World’s Largest Cruise ship by Royal Caribbean is more than a cruise. This ship blows other cruise lines out of the water (no pun intended) with its 15 different passenger decks, 10 restaurants, and several bars. The cruise boasts tons of activities and fun to be had, whether you are traveling with family, friends, or your significant other.

When you step onto the cruise ship you are whisked away into a fantasy world of bright lights, and things that are typically unimaginable to most of the world. The main area of the ship called the “Royal Promenade” is a vast area loaded with shops, restaurants, bars, dance clubs, and more. The middle of the room has a beautiful lighted bridge where extravagant parades are held at 12am every evening.


Top 5 VIP Cruises around the Globe

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Everything about taking a cruise is classy and romantic. That is, of course, until you leave the boat, and you’re fighting for space in off-shore attractions along with your hundred or so companions. There are exceptions, though. We’ve listed the best cruises to take if you want to step out of the usual tourist hellhole. You can call them VIP cruises because you’ll be served like royalty when you take these tours.

Seven Seas Navigator’s Cruise to Italy

When you join the Seven Seas Navigator on one of their cruises to Italy, you get to enjoy an all-suite cabin, which keeps most of the ship’s passengers inside their quarters and out of the corridors. The crew also offers 24-hours of room service, so you can actually enjoy the trip without leaving your room too frequently.

Top 10 Mega Ships


When we say Mega Ships, we just don’t mean the size but the entire assortment of luxurious accommodations and attractions these ships have to offer.  From Swarovski-stairs to planetariums, these top 10 Mega Ships are simply elite class.  So if you’re planning to go on a cruise, do it in style in one of these Mega Ships.

Elegance Like No Other:  Queen Mary 2 of Cunard Cruises

The Joys of Panama Cruises


The Panama Canal is without doubt one of the most impressive feats of engineering and design in the modern world, and has often been referred to as the ‘eighth wonder of the world’ for the sheer magnitude of its building achievements. Panama itself is also a fascinating country, with a wealth of historic and modern charms on offer, and a cruise is one of the best ways in which to explore the amazing landscapes throughout Central America from rainforests and Mayan ruins, through to delights of Mexico and on the Caribbean tropics.