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Best Cruises in Alaska

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Alaska has a very rugged environment and the best way to experience its best offerings is on a cruise. You can combine the roadways on this state and it will not even cover half the stretch of its coastlines. From the waters, you can have a different perspective of the landscapes, or you can watch bears trying to catch salmons, or simply be amazed with the glaciers.

The cruise lines cater to the different Alaska travel adventures of your liking. Here are some of the best of Alaska cruises you can find:


Finding love on the high seas: Top 10 most romantic cruises in the world


When we say take a romantic cruise, cheesy scenes from the Love Boat or Titanic may enter your mind. A romantic cruise can be a very special experience for a couple and a memorable journey you bring through life.

Romance is not always guaranteed but knowing what romantic cruise to take will be your first step. You can get tickets to explore Antarctica and that will be exciting but something romantic like cruising to explore the islands and the breathtaking views will always be a better choice.

Here are some of the best romantic cruises you can enjoy with your special someone:

Yachts of Seabourn with Seabourn Odyssey

This cruise is designed for those who want the finer things in life especially excellent food and drinks. The ship that can accommodate up to 450 passengers features the service, accommodation, and cuisine that is hard to be at par with while traveling on high seas.

Cruise around Italy

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Italy is a beautiful country full of history, stunning landscapes and passionate people, and with over 4,000 miles of coastland one of the most relaxing and enjoyable ways of seeing the country is with a Italian Cruise.

Most Italian cruises depart from one of the several major ports in Italy itself such as Civitavecchia in Rome, so you will need to fly out from the UK first before you can board. If you want to go on one of the longer cruise coast to coats cruises you may be restricted to departing from ports like Genoa on the Ligurian Peninsula.

A typical cruise will combine a mixture of culture and outstanding scenery and will give you the opportunity to visit some of the Italy’s beautiful little coastal villages and towns that are far from the main tourist routes. Most of Italy is a mixture of stunning sandy beaches and rocky headlands, and you will also be able to visit some of the beautiful islands such as Elba, Sardinia, and the Aeolian islands.

Norwegian Fjords Cruise


Norwegian Cruise Lines SS Norway 1991Norway is a wonderful destination for nature lovers as there are miles and miles of unspoilt landscapes from vast mountain ranges through to thick ancient forests, and Norway is famous for its stunning fjords and inland waters.

One of the best was to experience the very best of Norway’s natural treasures is to take a cruise of the fjords that reach well back into the beautiful landscape and traverse past remote countryside, picturesque villages and sophisticated urban cities. This is a relaxing and comfortable way of getting around Norway’s wonderful coastline and you can travel from the more temperate climate of Bergen in the south, right up to the freezing glaciers of the Svalbard Islands which are right on the edge of the Arctic Circle.

Ports of Call
There are many wonderful cities in Norway, and popular ports of call include:

Flexibility Is The Best Cruise Tip Ever

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The ultimate travel experience for many people is the sea cruise. It is no longer the exclusive pastime of the well-off. Have you ever come into contact with someone who appears to be financially challenged, but constantly go on cruises? Never? Well these people exist! The travel benefits available to them is due to the flexible attitude they have in selecting their cruise. Flexibility in booking the sea cruise is one of the best cruise tips ever!


It is a fact of life that the more fixed you are in your travel plans, the more you will have to pay. Masters of discount travel select an area to cruise rather than selecting a particular company to cruise with or specific cruise dates because it is the travelling that is important to them. This give them choice of the best deals in terms of low cost air fares and last minute cancellations, removing them from dependence on travel agents and having to pay whatever it costs. Flexibility travel dates and destination can save a mountain of cash as the cruise experience is more or less the same wherever it goes.

Best cruise for kids

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These days cruises are no longer just for the retired and wealthy, and top cruise lines are now providing affordable, family orientated cruises that can offer fun and enjoyable holidays for both children and adults.

Many cruise liners now provide excellent facilities for both young children and babies, with onboard nurseries, baby and toddler play groups, family size state rooms, cribs, child minding facilities and baby changing rooms. Ship stores also carry many baby lines including diapers, clothing and child friendly sun block and personal hygiene products.

Here is a pick of the best child and baby friendly cruises currently offered.

Unveiling the Truth behind Ten Popular Cruise Myths

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Are you taking a cruise anytime soon? If it’s your first or second time to do so, you’re most likely to encounter some strongly held “beliefs” which are actually misconceptions. Below are the ten most common ones and the facts behind these cruise myths.  

Misconception #1: You can book anytime because it does not matter

Timing matters in booking flights and in booking cruises. Most of the time cruise lines give extremely tempting deals to people who book at the last minute. The savings can be as big as 30% to 50% off. However, you will have to be in touch with a really good travel agent because these same cruise lines won’t let their other passengers know they’ve dropped the rates. While they want their ship to fill up, they don’t want an angry mob of passengers demanding for their money back.  

How You Can Afford the Perfect Cruise


how to receive discounts on a cruiseA cruise is a wonderful vacation choice and there are so many to choose from these days that it may be difficult to select just one. If you are planning a cruise holiday in the near future, there are many ways that you can begin planning your budget to ensure that you have the funds to pay for your cruise. Taking a cruise can be very enjoyable and contrary to popular opinion, they are no more expensive than traditional travel. In fact, a cruise can be a very affordable holiday, provided you know how to plan.

If you really want to save on your next cruise, consider rewards programs that give you points that you can use for your purchase. Cruise miles for instance, will allow you to gain points for every cruise that you take. In the future, you can use those points to pay for your cruise.