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Virginia Wine Month Coming Soon!


virginia wine monthOctober marks the start of this year’s annual Virginian Wine month, as wine lovers the country over make the trip to taste some of the East Coast’s and also Americas finest wines. This year, more than 150 wineries look set to take part, and one thing we are pretty sure of is that you won’t be getting round them all in one day!

The global wine growing community holds the state of Virginia in high regard for its wide variety of grapes such as Chardonnay to cabinet Sauvignon. Virginia has produced wine for over 200 years and with all varieties available, Virginian vineyards have won a number of accolades and awards from various international festivals.
virginia wine
Virginia wine month is not just an excuse to attend a wine tasting event, but an opportunity to see this state at its prime just as autumn sets in. With many other celebrations happening at the same time, you can both enjoy some of the best wines in America, as well as have a great time during your vacation.
This year’s annual wine month starts in October and one of the best ways to experience things is to follow the highly popular ‘Virginia Wine Trail’. Many of these are well marked and at the same time as taking you to over 130 wineries, you will get to see a number of historic towns and attractions. What better way to explore Virginia?

Things to Do In Las Vegas On New Years Eve – For Adults


If you are over 18 or 21 there are tons of great New Years Eve events to take part in while visiting Sin City. There will be plenty of shows, after parties, and hotel roof top bashes going on to keep you entertained for hours and hours! There are more than enough attractions and events being hosted, and you can try to see a few or just spend your time at one. Remember that Vegas is often referred to as the Times Square of the west, so be sure to prepare ahead! Here is a list of the top 5 attractions you can take part in on NYE.

1. The main strip party of the year will be held like always. You can expect a wonderful mixture of live music, people drinking and living it up, as well as plenty of fireworks and general joy. Forget about the recession and all of your worries in Las Vegas on NYE! It isn’t recommended that children attend, but they are permitted. With all of the people around its best to leave the kids at home.

Mystery of the creole Maypole festival expained

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No doubt if you have done any research on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua you have heard something about the Maypole festival. Often called “deh carnival” by the locals, the Maypole festival is a hybrid festival that traces its roots back to both the English May Day rites and the indigenous worship of Mayaya, the goddess of fertility. This clash of rituals has given birth to the sexiest celebration outside of Rio.

What to expect
During the month most of the neighborhoods take turns hosting their own smaller, more intimate festivals. They never seem to be planned very far in advance, you just have to ask people on the street where the party is that week. Old Bank, Cottontree, Beholden, Loma Fresca, Fatima and Santa Rosa all host, and all have their own twist but usually involve either live music or domino tournaments, bowling or basketball games, loads of excellent coastal food and, of course, the May Pole tree covered in bows and ribbons. Stick around late to watch the rum to kick in the locals get crazy dancing and laughing.

Virgin Boss’ VSS Enterprise Set to Conquer Space

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You never thought Richard Branson would be likened to Captain Kirk from Star Trek but yes, it’s very possible that the Virgin boss will now enter an entirely new frontier in space with his new VSS Enterprise.

The news did not come as a surprise to most people, because it’s been said that whatever Sir Richard has set his mind to do, will be done. The unveiling culminated in a glamorous event where celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sarah Brightman saw it fit to graze the party at the Mojave Air and Space Port with their presence. This marks the beginning of Virgin Galactic, and we will soon see a slew of space tourists being blasted out to orbit for a mere fee of $200,000. The final fare and inaugural launch date has yet to be set but it’s beens said that there are already 300 eager space tourists, including pop superstar Justin Timberlake and scientist extraordinaire Stephen Hawking. The fee includes thorough training before space tourists can appreciate viewing the Earth from orbit. At this very moment, the first spaceport is being constructed in New Mexico.

Events in Cedar Rapids this June

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Cedar RapidsIf you are planning to visit Cedar Rapids, Iowa , you can easily find a home away from home since there are a lot of Cedar Rapids hotels. While enjoying the attractions, destinations, and activities, you will be assured of a comfortable abode where you can relax and have quality time with your family.

While in Cedar Rapids here are some events that you might want to participate in:

Five Seasons Ski Team Show (13 June)

Head to the Cedar River and watch the Five Season Ski Team perform some amazing water skiing stunts on the river. The place might get packed since there will only be a set of bleachers for the show so be sure to come early. Don’t forget to apply some sunscreen!

Story Time at the CRMA (13 June)

Las Vegas – New Year 2011

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Las Vegas is one of the biggest party cities in the world, and a perfect destination for a really exciting and special New Years Eve. You will never be bored as there are plenty of things to do, from visiting the casinos and dining out, to going to see one of the big Christmas shows, and there are also lots of special New Years Eve parties including the famous street party which takes place on the main strip, which is closed to traffic for the night. The firework extravaganza that takes place at midnight at New Year is typically over the top and mind blowing, and you can see it from almost anywhere in the city, but whilst you are out and about having fun remember to keep things in line as the Las Vega city police maintain a large visible presence on New Years Eve, and are not known for their sense of humour!

Myths And Facts About The Fall of Berlin Wall

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Many people celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall. Germany organized in Berlin public meetings, concerts, festivities with participation of prominents who played a role during The Fall of Berlin Wall.

Remainings of the Berlin Wall in Potsdamer Platz

Remainings of the Berlin Wall in Potsdamer Platz

Unfortunately, a few people did not take part to these festivities. First, 10 % of the Germans who still don’t agree with the Fall (Mauerfall). The other normal German people say about them to bear the Wall in their heads (Mauer in der Kopf). This is a major challenge for Angela Merkel and other leading German politicians. Second: the 200 people shooted during their unsuccessfully escapes. But no one forgets them, especially in Germany. The former Checkpoint Charlie is today a museum dedicated to these daring people.

First generation of berlin Wall in 1961

First generation of Berlin Wall in 1961

New Year 2011 in Prague

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I think that Prague is a favorite destination for the New Year 2009. Its old downtown is between the world’s nicest and since 20 years an UNESCO heritage site.

A trip to Prague on New Year 2009 will be the right occasion to discover or rediscover the charm of former centuries and the rich art collectionsof czech Museums.

Prague is not a big city (1 200 000 people), is not overcrowded and very easy to discover walking in the downtown. There are plenty of pubs there where you can taste the delicious Bohemia beer and the tasty cuisine. But these traditional pubs are usually overcrowded, even Bill Gates did not find a free table.

Guards changing in the Hradcany Palace has a special ritual and is a show for any tourist.