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Events in Cedar Rapids this June

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Cedar RapidsIf you are planning to visit Cedar Rapids, Iowa , you can easily find a home away from home since there are a lot of Cedar Rapids hotels. While enjoying the attractions, destinations, and activities, you will be assured of a comfortable abode where you can relax and have quality time with your family.

While in Cedar Rapids here are some events that you might want to participate in:

Five Seasons Ski Team Show (13 June)

Head to the Cedar River and watch the Five Season Ski Team perform some amazing water skiing stunts on the river. The place might get packed since there will only be a set of bleachers for the show so be sure to come early. Don’t forget to apply some sunscreen!

Story Time at the CRMA (13 June)

Las Vegas – New Year 2011

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Las Vegas is one of the biggest party cities in the world, and a perfect destination for a really exciting and special New Years Eve. You will never be bored as there are plenty of things to do, from visiting the casinos and dining out, to going to see one of the big Christmas shows, and there are also lots of special New Years Eve parties including the famous street party which takes place on the main strip, which is closed to traffic for the night. The firework extravaganza that takes place at midnight at New Year is typically over the top and mind blowing, and you can see it from almost anywhere in the city, but whilst you are out and about having fun remember to keep things in line as the Las Vega city police maintain a large visible presence on New Years Eve, and are not known for their sense of humour!

Myths And Facts About The Fall of Berlin Wall

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Many people celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall. Germany organized in Berlin public meetings, concerts, festivities with participation of prominents who played a role during The Fall of Berlin Wall.

Remainings of the Berlin Wall in Potsdamer Platz

Remainings of the Berlin Wall in Potsdamer Platz

Unfortunately, a few people did not take part to these festivities. First, 10 % of the Germans who still don’t agree with the Fall (Mauerfall). The other normal German people say about them to bear the Wall in their heads (Mauer in der Kopf). This is a major challenge for Angela Merkel and other leading German politicians. Second: the 200 people shooted during their unsuccessfully escapes. But no one forgets them, especially in Germany. The former Checkpoint Charlie is today a museum dedicated to these daring people.

First generation of berlin Wall in 1961

First generation of Berlin Wall in 1961

New Year 2011 in Prague

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I think that Prague is a favorite destination for the New Year 2009. Its old downtown is between the world’s nicest and since 20 years an UNESCO heritage site.

A trip to Prague on New Year 2009 will be the right occasion to discover or rediscover the charm of former centuries and the rich art collectionsof czech Museums.

Prague is not a big city (1 200 000 people), is not overcrowded and very easy to discover walking in the downtown. There are plenty of pubs there where you can taste the delicious Bohemia beer and the tasty cuisine. But these traditional pubs are usually overcrowded, even Bill Gates did not find a free table.

Guards changing in the Hradcany Palace has a special ritual and is a show for any tourist.

The best Fireworks Display this coming New Years Eve


It has been a tradition to welcome the New Year with a big bang. There is no better way to say hello to 2010 with the best fireworks display all over the globe:

London, England

The New Year 2010 will be welcomed with a colorful spectacle in London. You can join the crowd that will form along the banks of the River Thames to see the best fireworks in town. According to organizers, the 2010 fireworks will be the grandest so far. The London Eye will be utilized as part of the light display with fireworks thundering from every direction.

The best views of the fireworks can be seen from the Victoria Embankment, the South Bank, Waterloo Bridge, or the Westminster Embankment.

San Francisco, California

Top 5 Summer Events in London


Visiting London at any time of the year can be exciting but with the various events that are held in the region during the summer, many choose to take their vacations from May through August. There are many different things to do in London during the summer months and many events are free of charge. There are also a host of hotels in London that are located close to many of these events, some within walking distance. Here is a look at London’s top 5 annual summer events:

1. Wimbledon Championships

Vegas New Year 2010

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Las Vegas is a great destination for New Years Eve, with a wealth of organised shows and entertainments, and some amazing deals on hotels and casinos. Nights out in Las Vegas are pretty special any night of the year, but as you would expect from this glitzy party city, New Years Eve is something else!

There are so many shows on over the New Years period it is a good idea to go to one of the show guide websites such as, so that you can scan through all the choices and make reservations on the ones you are interested in to avoid disappointment. Some shows tipped to be sold out quickly this year include the Cirque du Soleil “O” show at the famous Bellagio Hotel, and the Mama Mia show at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. Also there is also a rumour going around that Britney Spears might be doing some special Las Vegas come back shows around this New Years time.

Things To Do In Albuquerque

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Albuquerque is a surprising city lying in the desert of New Mexico. Its story started in 1705, when a few Spaniards, lead by the Duke of Albuquerque, grounded a little village on the banks of Rio Grande. In 1900 Albuquerque was one of the fastest growing cities in America, and still holds on! The city proudly counts 900 000 inhabitants, enjoying a warm, but pleasant weather. The people there are mostly very friendly, welcoming the guests.

Downtown Albuquerque in the New Town looks very modern

Downtown Albuquerque in the New Town looks very modern

First of all, visit the city and get familiar with it. It is very nice, unsophisticated and casual. With trousers and sandals you are already one of the locals. Visit Old Town and New Town, and the best way to do it is by bike. Take a break on Rio Grande banks at Tingley beach and after that a portion of culture at KiMo Theatre, a renowned landmark. Make a pedestrian trip up to Sandia Peak, where you can even ski in the winter, despite the huge surprise you will experience. Although, you can even skate in the middle of summer in Albuquerque, at the heart of desert ( The Outpost Ice Arena has four skate rinks under the same roof).