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5 Travel Tips for Parents Flying With Young Kids


Traveling with kids, especially younger ones, is not an easy task so it is no wonder that most parents dread the thought of going on vacation with the children in tow. Some opt to put the kids under the care of a reliable babysitter while others decide to bring them along, hoping against hope that nothing goes wrong! If you are one of those parents who won’t deny your kids the pleasure of spending a holiday together, well done! Know that avoiding difficulties such as a cranky child or an anxious sibling while traveling can be avoided easily if you set your mind to it. Here are some tips to help you along the way…

Plane passengers on stand for 5 hour flight

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Security norms are fundamental in travel industry. We wouldn’t be able to single out a convenient area where they most have to be strict, but the latest case comes from a plane flying, which probably served also like a bus, from Turkey to Russia, where the passengers were asked to fly all the way through, on stand.

The six passengers said they were forced to stand on for five hour flight, and in cases of air turbulences they were asked to sit in the aisle, without the minimum security requirements, such as seat belts, oxygen masks or life vests.

And if they had any children, they had to seat on their parent’s lap- but the children were big enough to sit there. The incident has occurred on 24 of September and now the 6 passengers have sued the Anex Tour by demanding 4900$ each.
But Anex Tour offered only 212$ for each of them.

Traveling by Air When You Have a Disability

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If you’re one of the 180 million or more people worldwide who have a disability, the thought of air travel might be scary. It can be hard to get accommodations for your disability in day-to-day life, let alone in the airports that work like machines to get as many people to their destination as quickly as possible.

Take hope, however — you can fly too!

First, consider what type of disability you have, and what accommodations you need. Be reasonable, but don’t struggle unnecessarily. For those with a hearing impairment or who are deaf, a flight attendant can personally notify you of important announcements over the loudspeakers that you might not hear, but they can only do so if you let them know you need this service. If you have a mobility impairment, you can get a wheelchair or scooter past security and onto the airplane with less hassle if you tell them about your disability in advance. People with other types of disabilities can receive similar accommodations, too.

Top 19 Most Complained Airlines in the USA

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Do you have a score to pick with that airline you traveled with during your last business trip? Well, that’s not exactly new. Almost everyone who travels by plane is less than impressed, especially when they’re traveling during the peak season. Just in case you want the heads up, below are the top 19 most complained airlines in the USA.

19th Place: Southwest Airlines

Out of every 100,000 passengers of this airline, a total of .21 complains. Just last year, over 100 million passengers who flew them to the Southwest, and compared to the other airlines in this list, there is only one complainant for every 500,000 passengers.

Perhaps it’s the staff’s sunny temperament? The airline ranked No. 1 in the DOT’s list of excellent airlines for three consecutive years. If there are complaints about the airline, their management has done right to keep it to a minimum.

Rising Airfares Ahead

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Times have been tough for everyone, and airlines have been struggling with their own profitability issues since the terrorist attacks of 2001. With no end in sight, airlines are seeking out every possible revenue stream, and charging fees for “premium” seats are the wave of the future. Premium doesn’t infer first class or business class here; essentially what the airlines have done is further divided coach. And you thought flying coach couldn’t possibly get any worse.

The way it works is not all seats in coach are created equal. The seats in front have increased leg room and exit the plane first, seats near exit roads are a touch wider, some seats don’t recline, seats further back aren’t as desirable, and of course nobody wants to be in the middle. The airlines know this, so what they’ve done is they started charging extra for these premium seats. The madness varies depending on which airline you’re flying on.

Virgin Boss’ VSS Enterprise Set to Conquer Space

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You never thought Richard Branson would be likened to Captain Kirk from Star Trek but yes, it’s very possible that the Virgin boss will now enter an entirely new frontier in space with his new VSS Enterprise.

The news did not come as a surprise to most people, because it’s been said that whatever Sir Richard has set his mind to do, will be done. The unveiling culminated in a glamorous event where celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sarah Brightman saw it fit to graze the party at the Mojave Air and Space Port with their presence. This marks the beginning of Virgin Galactic, and we will soon see a slew of space tourists being blasted out to orbit for a mere fee of $200,000. The final fare and inaugural launch date has yet to be set but it’s beens said that there are already 300 eager space tourists, including pop superstar Justin Timberlake and scientist extraordinaire Stephen Hawking. The fee includes thorough training before space tourists can appreciate viewing the Earth from orbit. At this very moment, the first spaceport is being constructed in New Mexico.

Reasons Why You Should Fly First Class at Least Once


If you have ever flown on a plane coach you know how painful it can be. Your legs cramp, there isn’t enough space for anything, and it may feel a bit crowded. First class flights are usually reserved for those that can actually afford over $1,000 for a flight – not for those of us that need to play a fifth of that. Even if you can’t afford a first class flight now, it’s worth saving up extra cash to splurge at some point.

Not only do you get luxury seating, but some airliners are currently offering beds and private bathrooms on certain airlines! This goes above and beyond a thick comfortable chair. If you are taking an extremely long flight, a first class position is recommended. You can always rely on your communication skills to get you an upgrade, but don’t count on it. There’s only one rule: Never fly first class with Southwest.

Cheap flights to Tunisia


tunisia-flightTunisia is a popular North African destination and you can get lots of cheap flights here, and alongside some stunning white sandy beaches and beautiful clear Mediterranean waters there are many things to do, from taking a day trip out into the nearby Sahara Desert through to shopping for bargains in the lively street markets and bazaars. Tunisia has had a rich and varied history and was once an important Roman outpost and there are many excellent museums filled with well preserved artefacts and also a number of amazing historic sites to visit including:

  • The Roman ruins of Dougga – there are a number of important temple ruins here including those to Jupiter, Minerva and Juno, and this is Tunisia’s largest archaeological site and a great deal of money has been spent on restoring the ancient theatre, and you can now see live concerts and plays here during the month of August.