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Brief Guide to Toronto, Canada

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Toronto is known for the mix of different ethnic communities, and it boasts of museums and restaurants that will satisfy any craving. It is also where North America’s highest tower can be found. The whole year is a feast of festivals and different cultural events.

Best hidden destinations in Berlin

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No neon lights. No signages. Unmarked. There are places like these but they are among the best shops, restaurants, and bars. If you are having a Berlin holiday, you just need to do a little research if you want to spend the best time in Berlin like the locals do.

Here are some of the best spots that you must not missed:

Sammlung Boros

This is a war bunker that dates back to the time of the Nazis turned into an art house by Christian Boros and his wife. They collect modern art and has been doing a guided tour of the place for several years now. If you want to checkout their collection, you need to book online way in advance. Viewing is only held every Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.


Budget travel: Top 5 affordable hotels in San Francisco

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San Franciso has a very unpredictable weather ranging from warm days in January or a dose of fog and cold in July. One thing is for sure though, San Francisco is an expensive travel destination. Finding a good deal though in this beautiful city is not impossible.

You can actually find hotel rooms in some of the best San Francisco hotels for about $200 per night. So if you are on a budget but want a nice hotel in San Francisco, here are our picks:

Orchard Garden Hotel

This very young hotel is among the green hotels in the state. You can find it right between the China Town, business district, and the Union Square. This San Francisco hotel follows a clean simple Zen theme with the best amenities you can ask for.

Off the Beaten Path in Amsterdam

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If it’s your first time in Amsterdam, it’s always safe to take the classic tours: a stroll around the outdoor flower market, the canal rides, and a visit to all of the city’s popular museums. However, if this is your fourth or fifth time in Amsterdam, you might want to try something new—and there are a lot of other attractions you should see. They’re just not as widely commercialized.

Below are the best offbeat Amsterdam destinations you shouldn’t miss out on.


You might want to steer clear of popular hotels especially if you’re visiting Amsterdam during the peak season. Alternative accommodations include houseboats, hotels, hostels, and renovated houses located along the canals. One hotel in the city, though, offers an offbeat enough experience. The Ambassade Hotel comprises 10 seventeenth century houses built along the canal. This means that you’ll be living at the city’s historical center.

Travel guide: Top 8 restaurants in Barcelona

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Barcelona is among the top destinations in Spain because of its rich history, cultural attractions, and great food. You Barcelona holiday will not be complete without trying the best local dishes. This region of Spain is known for having excellent offerings of tradition and cutting edge delights.

Barcelona food, if you are not familiar with it, consists of three essential ingredients: olive oil, tomato, and garlic.  The local dishes are infused with more creativity compared to other regions in Spain.  Being close to the Mediterranean, Barcelona offers a wide array of seafood dishes. There are also influences coming in from Valencia and France.

Knowing the best foods to try is not enough. You need to know where to go since you can fall into tourist traps and end up having not the best during your Barcelona travel.  Here are some of the best restaurants in Barcelona:

Secrets to budget traveling in Papua New Guinea

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The last months of the year are usually reserved for snowball fights, sled rides and hot chocolate enjoyed by the fire. But for those of you who want to shake things up a bit, it might be nice to have some fun under the sun while during these otherwise cold bitter months. Let the rest of mankind pile on layer after layer of thick clothing as you get ready to strip down to your bikini and dive into warm, clear waters. Does that sound fun to you? If your answer is a resounding “yes”, then back your bags, get on a plane, and jet off to Papua New Guinea.

8 useful tips if you’re heading off to Uruguay

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When you’re preparing for a vacation abroad, it’s easy to get caught up in the tourist fever. After you’re picked a destination and bought your ticket, you start asking your friends and family for advice. Where can you find the best view? Where do they serve the most delectable, mouth-watering food? So you take notes, and perhaps you visit the bookstore and check out if there are any useful tips to be had in any of a dozen or so guide books that they have on display. Or you sit in front of your computer, go online and Google whatever you can find about your destination so you can prepare your itinerary and make the most out of your holiday. You visit various websites: travel agencies, blogs, online magazines, etc. For a person who will pretty soon be immersing himself in a completely foreign place, we need all the help we can get.

Top 20 Family Destinations in different cities in Europe

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If you are planning a family holiday in Europe, choosing the best destinations in Europe where both kids and adults will enjoy is critical for a successful getaway. We list down some of the top family destinations in Europe which provides a perfect blend of learning, adventure, and fun!

Barcelona, Spain

A good introduction to the Catalan culture is family holiday in Barcelona. You will also enjoy the works of Gaudi like the evolving La Sagrada Familia. When you need a break, no problem, there is always the churros and the hot chocolate.

Here are some of the best destinations in Barcelona, Spain:

  • La Sagrada Famila – or the church of The Sacred Family. We suggest you see this church still in construction before seeing the other works of Antoni Gaudi. The modernist design is an extreme Gothic and certainly attracts the eyes of everyone.