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Holiday in the Philippines: Day Trip in Bohol

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I am currently in the Philippines for some business. Manila is a buzzling place. It is a mix of old buildings and modern structures but the influences of Spanish and American colonizations are very evident. After some meetings and client calls , I scheduled a flight for Bohol island which is among the best destinations in the Philippines. It is one of the 7,107 islands of this archipelago in Southeast Asia and boasts of the Chocolate Hills, the smallest known primate, and a lot more.

Sharing with you my Bohol experience yesterday:

Going to Bohol is very easy. There are several flights you can choose from. I took a flight to Cebu, another historical island in the Visayan region of the Philippines, and from there took a ferry going to the island of Bohol. Summer is almost over but the airport and the port are still pretty crowded. Get to the airport and port a few hours before your ride so you will not have any problem with the long lines for the security checks.

Travel guide: Spending 24 hours in Quebec

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Quebec is the biggest province in Canada, which is three times as much area as France. It borders US to the south and Ontario to the west. There are many activities to do in Quebec and many things to explore that a day is not enough to experience them all. However we’ve got something to recommend should you be staying just for a day. 


Start your day right and head and to Chez Temporel for a good breakfast that’s also reasonably priced. You can find it along the quiet Couillard Street just off the busy Rue St. Jean that’s why most tourists will missed going there most of the time. They are popular for those best tasting croissants that are warm and buttery and they serve really good coffee that will make your visit worth it. 

Getting a history lesson in Istanbul’s best restaurants

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In Istanbul, food is held close to the heart. Through the years, this city’s culinary evolution has been closely scrutinized and followed by its residents, who are very much passionate not only about cooking but also eating good food. The people’s obsession for food in Istanbul can be equated to the undying loyalty that others have for their favorite football team. Today, many restaurants serve popular Turkish food such as kebabs, and diners can wash it down with some raki. But lest we forget, Istanbul played a major part in history by serving as the capital of the Ottoman Empire, and the blending of different cultures led to remarkable dishes feasted on by sultans.

Best Travel – Dubai

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Are You Considering Dubai Travel?

Are you the kind of person that always does the same thing when you go on vacation? You go visit relatives or go to the same places over and over again? Well, if you’re looking to break that habit and do something original, you might consider looking into some Dubai travel. While that might seem a little extreme to break up your monotonous vacation habits, it really isn’t. Sure, you could go to France, Spain, Italy, even Greece. And sure, they might offer something a little more familiar to you than Dubai travel would. But would it be as much fun?

Do you even know what you could do during your Dubai travel? Do you know what you’d get to see, the people you’d get to meet, the food you’d eat? Do you know anything about Dubai travel? Maybe you do and maybe you don’t. But you probably don’t know enough to say why you wouldn’t be interested in going there, do you?

So what does Dubai travel have to offer? Well, it’s probably not anything like what you’d expect to find when traveling to the middle east. For instance, have you ever in your life imagined you’d see a camel race? Probably not but wouldn’t that be so cool? Sure, you could go other places and see horses race or dogs, but camels? That is something that most of your friends and family can say they have never seen. Talk about the stories you’d have to share! Okay, so what else besides camel races could you partake in. Also don’t miss my posts about things to do in Dubai and Atlantis Hotel.

8 things you can do in Tokyo for free

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Tokyo is among the most expensive places to live in and visit. If you are a budget traveler, you need not worry, there are still things you can do during your Tokyo holiday for free. Here is how you can stretch your travel budget:

Visit the oldest temple in Tokyo

Sensoji is the oldest temple in Tokyo and it was built in the 7th century. Locals believe that the smoke coming from the incense urn right in front for the temple can help help heal one’s body of ailments. Around the temple, you can find street vendors selling cheap quick snacks like bean cakes, rice crackers, and ice cream made of green tea. You can also try the local dishes from the traditional restaurants nearby.

Visit the Meiji Shrine

Best delights at the Top Gastro Pubs of England

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After outlasting the Roman Empire and surviving the Medieval Ages, the English Pub maybe seeing its last days. Statistics show that 39 of these establishments have been closing down each week since 2009. The challenges to the pubs appear to be plenty: government regulation against binge drinking, the recession, the ban on smoking in public places and the sale of alcohol in supermarkets at lower prices.

But count on the English and the pub owners to keep these establishments open. The pubs are currently adjusting to the situation by transforming how they do business. Some pubs are their own brewers so customers have to keep on coming to taste what is on tap. Other pubs are hundreds of years old and thus they offer their old traditional English atmosphere.

Budget hotels: Best London hotels that will not hurt your pocket

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London travel on a budget is possible, believe it or not. You get to book a room in these cool hotels without sacrificing your taste and style. Here are some of the best budget London hotels where you can book a double room for around £50:

London House Hotel in Bayswater

The London House is just a few minutes by foot from the Notting Hill and Hyde Park and is conveniently located a few hops from the tube station in Bayswater.. With its dining area taking inspiration from minimalist design lines, it gives it a modern hostel vibe. The other features though tell us that it is still pretty much a hotel. The more than 100 rooms have a mini fridge and an ens suite bath. You can book a room for two starting at £67.

Barclay House Hotel in Fulham

Travel Guide: The best places to dine in Florence

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Florence was once the capital of Italy and its gem during the Renaissance period. A lot has changed since its glorious medieval years but it has remained to be a busy center for business today. It has been a financial powerhouse during those times.

Florence, Italy is a place of extraordinary beauty and the surroundings has inspired its people to look beautiful. It is home to big design names like Ferragamo and Gucci and other brands. It is also home to designer eateries and gourmet restaurants.

We list down some of the best restaurants in Florence, Italy:

Il Palagio at the Four Seasons Florence

The chef of the Il Palagio at the Four Seasons in Florence has discovered that the best food from the region are basically the traditional favorites like beef fillet prepared with porcini mushrooms. The offerings of sweets are more modern though like caramel chocolate inside a hazelnut-chocolate cylinder plus espresso zabaglione. Other wonderful dishes include the red chicory lasagnetted and roasted suckling pig or Maialino.