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Olympic eats: Best dining places near the London Olympic Park

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London is all set for the upcoming 2012 Olympics this week. Aside from the athletes and the venues, owners and staff pubs and restaurants are also gearing up for the hoards of tourist flocking to the city. Here are some of the best Olympic eats:

Hackney Pearl

This stylish restaurant is house among art studios and warehouses. It has a very glamorous bar with its interior dominated by the minimalist theme. Drop by to have some coffee or a feast of the seasonal British food.

Jimmy’s Supper Club

More Morocco: New Best Five Destinations of the Kingdom

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Morocco has its share of romance from being a crossroads between the Middle East, Africa and Mediterranean cultures into its existence today as an international vacation spot. Since Tourism is indeed Morocco’s prime industries, expect a lot of traffic clogging up the areas you’ve probably listed as places worth visiting.
Most travelers will agree that the best places are not necessarily the most visited ones. The secluded spots which are untouched by the heels of any tourist from the nearby bus are special places indeed and worth exploring a little further. It is time to toss away the generic tourist map and stretch those legs a little and then begin traveling to these five spots off Morocco’s beaten tracks.

Moulay Idriss

Five stops in Zurich: a primer on the places you need to see

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Do you often find yourself smack in the middle of a big, bustling city without a clue as to where you should start your journey? Well, we’re here to help you identify the places you should check out on your travels. Today, we’re taking you around Zurich and pointing out the places you shouldn’t miss.

Swiss National Museum

Our first stop for today is the National Swiss Museum. Now, before you give us that not-another-museum look, listen carefully. When it comes to important artifacts in Switzerland’s culture, there is no better place to visit that the Swiss National Museum; the same actually goes for Swiss culture. The museum is actually housed inside the Chateau de Prangins castle which dates back to the 18th century (if you want to be more precise, the castle was built from 1893 to 1898).

The Best Rental Homes in North America

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Hotels are a dime a dozen – why put yourself through the encounter of having just another suitcase in another hall? If you fancy avoiding strangers and relish privacy while traveling, you don’t need to book at the nearest hotel for this. Quite the opposite. Why get a hotel room, when you can rent a home?

Here are some happening addresses to scope out in the North American continent when you want a house instead of dodging strangers in common rooms.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: Casa Fryzer

Lagos Travel Guide

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If you should think to an African megacity, this is Lagos without any doubts. It is actually the second African large city (behind Cairo), and also the second African fast growing city (behind Bamako). Lagos is very dynamic, and its population grows with 250 000 people every year, experiencing the Nigerian oil boom. Lagos is one of the wealthiest African cities, and also one of the most expensive.

The ancient Lagos was located on the Lagoon Islands

The ancient Lagos was located on the Lagoon Islands

Lagos is a very old city. Its modern beginnings date back in the XIV th century, when Portuguese explorers gave it the name. During all the Middle Age Lagos was an important center of slaves trade. When Nigeria gained its independence from the British crown in 1950 started the modern boom of Lagos, due to the rich oil reserves of Nigeria.

Travel guide: London tourist traps and some good alternatives

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London might be on any traveler’s wish list. It is a confident and trendsetting city which continues to thrive with new hotels, galleries, boutiques, and restaurants despite the big downturn of the global economy.

A London holiday is undoubtedly expensive with your Heathrow Express ride from airport to the city that costs $50 round trip. Enjoying the best London destinations will also set you back a bit like a small fortune you need to spend for Madame Tussauds or the London Eye.

Here is a quick guide to help you navigate thru London and avoid common pitfalls of unprepared travelers:


Harrods has been a a tourist magnet for years now and it is common to see those who are about to fly out of London with their Harrods plastic totes. It might be best for your budget to veer away from Harrods but its Valley of the King inspired Egyptian escalator is always a reason to go.

Luxury Travel: Best hotels in New Zealand

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A New Zealand holiday is always associated with seeing the best of nature like the Franz Jozef Glacier, Mount Cook, or the Milford Sound, and include in the list that wineries in Hawke’s Bay and Marlborough.

In order to see the best destinations in New Zealand, most likely you have to pass through one of the major cities of New Zealand. It is unfair to rush though having a room in one of these best hotels in New Zealand:

Museum Hotel in Wellington

From the window of your room, you have a great view of the harbor, hills, and the rest of the capital of New Zealand. You might be wondering why the hotel has quite an odd name, well the art hotel is actually across the Te Papa Museum which spotlights the culture and history of the country.

Romancing Colorado on the Road: Exploring the San Juan Skyway

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If you’re only visiting Colorado for the weekend, and you don’t exactly have the time to see all of its highlights, then the best way to get a good look of the state is to see it on the road. The San Juan Skyway can give you the best tour through Colorado without having you leave your car. Here’s how.

Starting Point: Durango

To begin your five-acre journey, get a map and drive yourself to Durango. This town was founded in 1880, and it retains its “Old West” swagger. Most visitors still catch a lot of the old Victorian Charm which makes the town attractive all-year-round. While you’re on the road, you should look around and list possible places you can book should you decide to stay longer next time around