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Top 20 Family Destinations in different cities in Europe

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If you are planning a family holiday in Europe, choosing the best destinations in Europe where both kids and adults will enjoy is critical for a successful getaway. We list down some of the top family destinations in Europe which provides a perfect blend of learning, adventure, and fun!

Barcelona, Spain

A good introduction to the Catalan culture is family holiday in Barcelona. You will also enjoy the works of Gaudi like the evolving La Sagrada Familia. When you need a break, no problem, there is always the churros and the hot chocolate.

Here are some of the best destinations in Barcelona, Spain:

  • La Sagrada Famila – or the church of The Sacred Family. We suggest you see this church still in construction before seeing the other works of Antoni Gaudi. The modernist design is an extreme Gothic and certainly attracts the eyes of everyone.

Top 5 Ice Skating Rinks in London this Yuletide Season

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If ever you will be in London during the Christmas season, you must checkout the nice ice skating rinks that pop up around the city. You will find them near the museums, parks, and landmarks. It is time to have fun with family and friends. Unleash the kid in you and don those skates.

Somerset House

Skate in style at the ice skating rink of Somerset House open all day and closes really late at night. You can book your ticket online if you want to go on a date, may be treat your family, or catch up with some friends. The sunset gives the go for the blast of music played by the top DJs of London. The Somerset House ice rink also offers this season lunch time workouts, Nutcracker Hour, and Skate Pass. The rink will be open from November 23 through January 23.

Best things to do in South Africa this February

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South Africa took the spotlight last year because of the football. We might not hear the loud vuvuzuelas anymore but there are still a lot of reasons to come to South Africa. Here are the best activities you can do this month:

Visit the Basotho Cultural Village

Immerse yourself into the ways of the Basotho people who were the early settlers of the land. The cultural village is within the boundaries of the Golden Gate National Park. Travel back in time as you visit the courtyard exhibiting the different huts of the Basotho’s evolving from the sixteenth century to the modern times. You wil be able to interact with locals dressed in the tradtional clothes of the Basothos. Those who are really interested to know about their culture will be able to witness an accurate depiction of this group’s architecture and lifestyle.

The Best 8 Places to Go to When You’re Looking for Affordable Healthcare

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Medical tourism is nothing new, what with the rising rate of hard-to-treat ailments we’re suffering from these days. It’s a good thing that treatment is still possible, and even affordable, as long as you know which part of the world to go to. Take a look at your traveler miles because you might want to make that next stop more life changing (literally) than the next. Below are the top eight destinations for health treatments.

Top 1: Thailand for a lot of medical treatments

First on the list is the pioneer when it comes to Medical Tourism. Thailand has long been known for the high quality of its urban hospitals. While treatment for cancer isn’t the primary niche for this country, you can go here for cheap cosmetic treatments ranging from nose jobs to sex changes. Of course, the medical practitioners here aren’t limited to plastic surgeons.

Looking For The Heaven On Earth In Tahiti

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By the end of the XIXth century Paul Gauguin was a very successful painter living in Paris, the capital of artistic world. Many people could think and say, he was at the peak of its glory. But Gauguin leaves Paris and takes a long journey to the Tahiti islands. He was looking for peace and quiet, and these matters are not to find in Paris.

Tahiti island, or the Heaven on Earth

Tahiti island, or the Heaven on Earth

Today for many people aiming to find the Heaven on Earth, Tahiti remains the best option. The Tahiti islands are by far the most beautiful of  the Pacific islands, as they enjoy a wonderful tropical weather and have wonderful beaches. The local beauties are charming, and I’d better stop. It is really too nice to be true!

On Raiatea Island you can get the biggest river in Frenc Polynesia, and you can take part to a river boat journey

On Raiatea Island you can get the biggest river in Frenc Polynesia, and you can take part to a river boat journey

Top 10 Greece Beaches

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Greece is a beautiful country, full of idyllic Mediterranean islands and coastlines, and it has some of the best beaches in the world, with soft silky sands and clear turquoise waters. It is the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday in the sun, and here is a guide to the best top 10 Greece beaches.

1. Elia beach, Mykonos

Mykonos is a pretty little island, with typical hilly Greek landscapes perfect for hiking and walking through. Elia beach is a beautiful little spot, with soft sand and good swimming waters. It is also a bit quieter than some of the other beaches in Greece, but there are still plenty of facilities and water sports activities.

2. Myrtos, Kefalonia

Kefalonia is one of the larger Greek islands, and is famous for its fine olives and fantastic cooking. Myrtos is a gorgeous beach, with a huge stretch of golden sand which is surrounded on all side by wonderfully lush scenery. It can get very busy in the summer, but there is plenty of room for everyone.

Travel Guide: Exploring Napa Valley

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Napa Valley today is synonymous to excellent wine. It is situated on the fertile hills of northern California and got its name from its original settlers, the Wappo Indians. Napa really translates to “land of plenty”. Way before the large vineyards in Napa, the Wappos experienced a abundance of waterfowl, elk, and salmon in the waters of the valley’s river. Even during this early years, there were records of wild grapes in Napa Valley.

Today, Napa Valley has hundreds of wineries that offer wine tastings along the Route 29 in California. Aside from the wineries in Napa Valley, there are also world class spas and restaurants.

If Napa Valley seems to be crowded during your holiday, you can go to the smaller Sonoma Valley and visit the vineyards that has been managed by families for generations. The pace in Sonoma is a bit slower compared to Napa and here the winemakers themselves staffs their tasting room.

Travel Guide: Going around Puerto Rico

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Puerto Ricans do not have any noteworthy means of moving around the 5,320 square miles of their country. They do have passenger vans called publicos which transport them from one area to another. Unfortunately though, these vans do not use terminals in order load passengers and they do not have a fixed schedule for the times they are available. This can hassle any tourist who has enjoyed the organized systems in other countries.

In order to travel Puerto Rico conveniently, one should rent a vehicle. Because Puerto Rico is an archipelago, it’s relatively easy to get around and see all the sights in just a few days.

Puerto Rico indeed has a small landmass but it offers a lot of scenery. And how does one get to see all these places when you go for a cruise. Here are the best routes to take when traveling around Puerto Rico. | buy assignment | online screenwriting course | best college application essays |