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Quick guide: Good museums in Amsterdam without the crowd

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If you are going on a short holiday on Amsterdam, or you just do not have the patience to deal with the long queues to enter the Van Gogh Museum there are smaller museums which are worth visiting to give you another perspective on Amsterdam:


Holland has a good chunk of great local talents that produce great works from fashion, photography and architecture. The name of the museum literally translates to Handbag Museum. The pieces here all started as ideas and were carefully crafted that anyone will think that these bags are pieces of art themselves. The Tannsenmuseum is actually a reflection of the city and how it pays attention to details keeping life beautiful for everyone enjoying its comforts.

Houseboat Museum

Travel Guide: Some of the Best Spots to discover in Silicon Valley

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Silicon Valley is one of the top destinations in Southern California. This locale is the perch of mighty technical giants like Google, Intel and Apple and the home of their savvy employees. Since the growths of the tech industry continue even through the recession, the various towns and cities in the area have managed to survive the ravages of the difficult times. Today, Silicon Valley is a major destination if one wants to spend time to the US’ most progressive locales. Here are some activities you can add to your itinerary if you want to spend a day and a half there.

Airport and Lodgings

If you want to fly to Silicon Valley, take the JetBlue plane that flies off from Kennedy Aiport and land at the Mineta San Jose airport. You might need to rent a car to go places in Silicon Valley. However, if you love taking long walks and train rides, the area has a limited train service. For places to board, you can scope out the Avatar Hotel in Santa Clara and the Rosewood Sand Hill in located in Menlo Park.

Top 7 Spots to Experience Authentic China

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As China continuous to transform into a prime tourist destination with world-class tourism spots like the world’s biggest casino, it gives travelers a dizzying realization that country is not only known for the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City.

With these new infrastructures, China gets a little more crowded with construction and tourists from all over the world wanting to witness these new sites in China.  While this is great news for the country’s tourism, many travelers find it harder and harder to find the much needed serenity the serene country has to offer.  But don’t worry, if you’re seeking to experience authentic China during your next tour to this culture-rich country, here are seven off-the-road destinations you can visit:

Kanas Lake

10 Best dive sites around the globe

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This post is for those who want to explore the waters to meet the sea’s interesting creatures or simply feel the thrill of diving into the deep.

Here are some of the best dive sites that we know of:


There are several excellend dive spots in Thailand. Arrange a dive at the Andaman Sea just by the border between Burma and Thailand. You will have a good encounter with water wildlife at the less visited diving sites. While at Koh Bon, you may come up close and personal with the whale shark which makes it its feeding grounds. Another famous site is the Richelieu Rock which is a good experience for expert divers with its slopes wrapped in corals plus the macro sea life thriving in the area.


Gili Islands

Milan: Italy’s Most Extravagant City

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Italy has always been known for a bit of glamor and mystery, creating in all of us a feeling of romance and affection, even if we have never set food on it’s lands ourselves. It’s not surprising that it’s remained the number one travel destination in the world, competing closely without other well loved European locations, such as France, and Germany.

Limassol, Cyprus


Limassol, CyprusLimassol is the second biggest resort in Cyprus, and is the perfect destination for those who enjoy a vibrant and bustling nightlife. Lisamassol is situated at the foot of the Troodos Mountains and rivals Ayia Napa in terms of bars, clubs and parties. The port area is busy and boisterous all times of the day as not only are there many bars and restaurants in this area, but it is also one of the busiest ferry ports in Cyprus with daily trips across to the Middle east.

Accommodation in Limassol ranges from luxury seafront apartments and hotels, to villas that can be rented out for large parties. Limassol also has a large town centre with plenty of shops which offer a good range of different merchandise from traditional tourist gifts to modern fashion clothes and accessories.

6 Ways to see Budapest, Hungary on a tight budget


Budapest Hungary is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe. Aptly it is called Queen of the Danube as the old Buda is on the right bank of the river while Pest sits on the left.

Travel to Budapest and explore its more than 1000 years of history and culture. As a tourist, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot in Budapest. There are several ways you can enjoy Budapest on a budget:

Walking Tours

Ready those walking shoes when you get to Budapest since there is no other way to know the city by walking through its streets. No, you will not have to walk them on your own. The city provides free walking tours that take about two and a half hours. The guides, of course, will appreciate some tips.

City Park

20 Summer Travel Ideas

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We love the sun, sand, and the water but the summer is long and we just have to come up with more ideas to have fun and make sure the season is well spent. Here are some travel ideas that you may want to consider this summer…

Be close to wilderness

If you area heading to Europe, you can come close to nature and the wild in different wild pockets in the region:

Go up to the mountains of Montenegro

Europe has a long stretch of the Prokletije mountain range that crosses Bosnia, Kosovo, Albani, Macedonia, and Montenegro. This is only for extreme adventurers since the maps cannot guide you well thru the mountains and the facilities are not yet so developed. Add to that traces of war. The most accessible part of the mountain range today is in Montenegro. If you want to skip Prokletije, you can try the canyon in Durmitor National Park which is considered deepest in Europe. | buy assignment | online screenwriting course | best college application essays |