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Death Valley National Park

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What’s to Do in Death Valley National Park

The name doesn’t sound too inviting, does it? Death Valley National Park. It’s a wonder that anyone ever visits or thinks to visit with a name like that. In fact, it’s amazing that you can find plenty of living things once you enter. But Death Valley National Park is a place that can be a lot of fun for visitors. If you’ve ever been there, you know that it can be a lot of fun. If you haven’t, well then, you might wonder why you should consider going anywhere near a place called Death Valley National Park.


Paris holiday: Modern marvels you must see

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Paris offers a lot for travelers and if you already covered the basics of Paris, then it is time to go for the younger and newer face of the city.

Palais de Tokyo

Enter the hallways of this modern art museum and you should prepare your eyes for amazing artworks ranging from whimsical, bizarre, and the surreal. The terrace offers a great view of the Eiffel Tower while you enjoy a night of good food, drinks, and some music.

Centre Pompidou

The Centre Pompidou in Paris houses Europe’s biggest collection of modern art which includes works of Picasso and Matisse. The Pompidou is among the most popular museums in Paris because aside from its art collection the structure o the building itself is fascinating. It is an inside-out structure designed by Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano back in the 1970s. Aside from the museum of modern art, Centre Pompidou is also home to a public library and a research center for acoustics and music.

Travel Shopping: Best airports for travelers who love to shop

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We can come up with a hundred reasons why we love to shop. During our holiday, we often find people in airports trying to burn their layover by shopping at the airport and we also see travelers who scramble to get their friends and loved ones some souvenir.

Every airport comes with lines and lines of gift shops and magazine stands, but there are airports who give another meaning to retail therapy on the go. These airports that we feature below have tons of arcades for duty free shopping, local retailers, and luxury boutiques.

Frankfurt International Airport

The FRA is the biggest airport in Europe with 60 stores and more than 250 businesses catering to the needs of the travelers passing thru.

Historical facts on Wales

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The country of Wales is an island nation, situated just between the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea to the west, and England to the north. Wales has grown distinctively over the years, popularly known as the land of songs, it is a country inhabited by both the Welsh and English people. It has an estimated population of about three million people. The majority of people that live in Wales live in Southern Wales, while the remaining population lives in Northern Wales.


Cardiff, its capital city, was named in 1955 and has an estimated population of 317,500 people. The city has continued to play an important role even before it was named the capital. The city was very important before the First World War, was reputed as the largest coal port in the world. As a coastal city, Cardiff provides access as a port city, and handles lot of commercial activities.

Munich Travel : Oktoberfest guide for first timers

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The Oktoberfest, the biggest beer festival in the world, kicks off in Munich today. If you are in Munich in time for this or if you are planning to go for the first time, here is a brief travel guide so you will not be lost in all of the revelries.

The Oktoberfest is a massive event that attracts thousands of beer lovers coming from different corners of the globe. Around six million liters of beer are consumed each year during the two week long Oktoberfest.

There is more to Oktoberfest than all the perfect mix of hop, water, barley. You need to come dressed up for the event with guys coming in with a checked shirt, lederhosen, and woolen socks way above your calves. Women come in the traditional get up off Dirndl with some modern accessories.

A Guide to the Best of Mexico City

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With around twenty million people living in it, Mexico City is one of the most dynamic and fun places on earth. Whichever type of traveler you are, there is something in this city that will entertain you. For urban lovers, history lives on in this city through its various museums, restaurants, and even hotels. There are artsy neighborhoods which allow you to interact with local intellectuals for a meaningful conversation.

But beyond that, its streets will offer many surprises that will amuse you. This is one city you’ll never find yourself bored in. And to help you with your trip, here is a list of places and things you should not miss:

Cannes travel guide

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Cannes is famous for its glamorous International Film Festival, which is held every May and attracts film stars, critics and fans from all over the world. Cannes is also one of the most beautiful areas in France, with gorgeous sandy beaches, crystal clear warm waters and mild Mediterranean climate, and designer shops and fine dining restaurants are clustered all along the famous La Croisette beach front.

Cannes marina is a wide concentration of high luxury yachts belonging to stars and millionaires

Cannes marina is a wide concentration of high luxury yachts belonging to stars and millionaires

Cannes started life as a small fishing town, and most of the land was owned by monks in the 11th Century, who expanded their monastery buildings right out to the nearby Island of St Honorat. The monks also built a square look out tower to warn the town of pirates, and this is still standing and is situated next to the Castre Museum in the Old Town area of modern Cannes. Tourism in the area began to take off when the town became a fashionable health retreat for wealthy members of both the British and French elite, and soon the dry, warm climate, stunning coastline and rapidly developing facilities were attracting wealthy visitors from all around the world.

6 Essential Streets You Need to Visit to Know Bangkok

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Given only a few days to get to know an entire city, it’s pretty hard for an independent traveler to plot out the journey. When you’re visiting Bangkok, however, it really only comes down to these six streets. Once you’ve explored all of them, it’s safe to say that you’ve looked at Bangkok at all (essential) angles and you can write that travelogue without guilt .Take a sneak peek of them through this list.

Trok Issaranuphap

When you visit Bangkok’s Chinatown, you’ll probably be led by younger Thais to Sampaeng Lane, Yaowarat  or Charoen Krung. As the older ones know, though, the best of goods are sold in Trok Issaranuphap. You simply can’t leave Bangkok without visiting this strip.

At the tip of this narrow alley, you’ll be awestruck by a Chinese temple called Mangkon Kamalawat. As you walk further, you’ll see the wet market where there’s a wide variety of stalls selling prepared food. Notorious for its exotic cuisine, though, these are definitely not suited for the fainthearted.