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Every Stranger’s Guide to Brooklyn: Top 5 Neighborhoods to Visit

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No one can really talk about New York City without mentioning Brooklyn. It has been, for at least a century now, one of the most populated boroughs in the Big Apple. The most prominent people live here including publishers, politicians, executive bankers and advertisers. It’s funny, though, that despite its popularity, very little of it is known to outsiders.

Aside from the great place to live and raise your kids in, Brooklyn also makes for a great weekend destination. Below are five of the best neighborhoods to visit if you’d like a quick pan of New York’s finest.

Coney Island

Your Brooklyn trip won’t be complete without Coney Island. This is a short one hour train ride from Manhattan, and it used to be popular for its resorts and amusement parks. Visiting this area of New York is like riding the time machine. You will literally be taken to a wholly different era. Say goodbye to concrete and hello to a small beach (if you’re visiting in the summer) and a neighborhood right with history.

Getting to know Southeast Asia: where to go and what to do

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Asia—there are so many places you can choose from if you want to take a vacation here. In fact, this place is so large, it is divided into different regions to make it easier for travelers to have an idea of where exactly they’re located in the biggest country in the world. Today, we’re setting our sights on Southeast Asia where we find exotic countries, interesting people, and a wide range of activities suitable for jetsetters and budget travelers, and increcibly delicious food. Don’t believe the exaggerated news reports on safety issues; Southeast Asian countries are generally safe for tourists coming from different parts of the globe. An added bonus is that these countries are home to probably the friendliest bunch of people you will ever meet.

Don’t Hassle Me, I’m Local


I love Hawaii so much that I often try to take credit for it. I rattle off the names of flowers, fish and the numerous other polysyllabic features of Hawaii like a studied local, enlightening others with my in-the-know tidbits. I’m the first to suggest restaurants, Waikiki hotels or the best surf spots, and I know the prime sunset spots of every island. Of course, I’m not from Hawaii, and I don’t even live here part-time, but I have visited enough times to know how to carry out every type of vacation. From some serious relaxation or some intense adventure, and everything in between, I’ve got Hawaii down pat.

Restful, Easy and Blissed-Out

Spanish kitchen

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If you want to know more and to understand better the Spanish kitchen, then you must read this post.

I discovered the spanish kitchen in February, while visiting Bilbao and I found it fabulous. And it is still my absolute favorite for its richness of flavors and spices.

My tip: do not eat in the restaurants near the main tourists attraction, dig deeper, where the Spaniards eat!

First of all, the basic characteristics of the spanish kitchen:

-massive use of olive oil. Do not worry about it, it is world’s best, and the healthiest of all edible oils.

-many dishes are based on sofrito (tomato sauce with olives oil, garlic and onions)

garlic and onions are the main used spices. If you are sensitive to those, you are lost. No joking, let the house know about it!

-it is usually to drink during the meals

Damascus travel guide

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Damascus is the capital city of Syria (an Arab country), and has borders with
Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Iraq and Turkey. Damascus is located by the side of the
Barada River, on a high plateau (680 metres above sea-level) in the shadow of the
Anti-Lebanon Mountains. Modern archaeological studies in this area have shown
that the original settlement could have been founded as long ago as 8,000 BC, and
over the years this site has been inhabited by the Aramaeans, Romans, Greeks and

Damascus at night, seen from Mount Qassoun

Damascus at night, seen from Mount Qassoun

For centuries Damascus was an important stop along the vast, winding
caravan trade route that led all the way from western Europe to the far east, and was
famous for its dried fruits, wines and fabrics, including ‘damask’, woven silk fabrics
that were produced in the city and sold all over the world.

Paris on a budget

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If you never thought about Paris otherwise as a luxury destination, I tell you it is possible. Many other people would never agree this crazy idea of Paris on a budget, as they are used to the luxury Paris of fashion shows and fancy hotels.

Hotel Hipotel in Paris is unbelievable cheap.

Hotel Hipotel in Paris is unbelievable cheap.

I wish you that God will spare you from being hit by the crisis, but I tell you again: there is possible to see Paris on a budget indeed! Maybe not even the same misery which experienced Edith Piaf by the beginning of his flamboyant career (she didn’t have ruling hot water) or Hemingway while living in Paris. There is a special atmosphere in some corners of Paris, which I would qualify as bohemian and highly spiritual. Living it alive simply makes you forget the hungry or other needs!

Top 10 Best Places where you can enjoy your retirement

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Every day, we come closer to our retirement. You might still be young and trying to save for it. Or you might have just said goodbye to your colleagues as you spend your last day at work. If you are planning to have a different environment during your retirement, you may be considering spending it in another country. Here are some of the best places to retire:


Although some parts of the Land Down Under have been hit by floods in the past few weeks, Australia has a reputation of being an ideal place. The lifestyle in this country is very laid back while being close to nature. There several languages used in Australia but English remains to be the primary language.

Applying for a retirement visa though may be a bit tough and you need to prove that you have enough income and assets. Most retirees opt to purchase a home in New South Wales or in Victoria. Going through the visa hurdles will be well worth it.

Top 10 luxury safari camps in Africa

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Looking for adventure destinations for the coming year? Read on if you are looking to splurge for some African holiday safari:

Royal Malewane, South Africa

Located in a private reserve within the greater Kruger National Park in South Africa, Royal Malewane offers a perfect balance of magnificent game and wildlife viewing and vast flora. This is perfect for guests who want to experience the true Africa, as the lodge is nestled deep in the African bush. At least a two-day stay in this beautiful place is recommended to make most of all that Royal Malewane has to offer.