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Everyone’s guide to London

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London is huge, London is old, but very dynamic. For 200 years (up to 1925) London has been world’s biggest city and the capital of the British Empire, which was a huge mix of people and covered fast the half of the planet.

London was founded by the Romans, under the name of Londinium. Today London counts 8 000 000 inhabitants, being the most populous city of the European Union, and the second in Europe after Moscow.

London is a megacity, and remains one of the world’s most important cities. The London City with its Stock Exchange decides many destinies.

Lying on the Thames mouth, London port has been for centuries world’s biggest. Heathrow airport, one of the London’s five airports, is the world’s busiest. The opening of the 5th Terminal made it even bigger, but did not solve all the problems.

Knowing better Krakow, the polish pearl

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If you think about Poland, don’t you dare to say that you think first to Warszaw. It would be totally wrong! The city of Krakow, located in the south of the country, not far from the Tatra Mountains is the natural best and first choice for anyone visiting Poland. And I tell you further why.

The Market Square, or Rynek Glowny, is one of the biggest and most spectacular medieval markets worlwide

The Market Square, or Rynek Glowny, is one of the biggest and most spectacular medieval markets worlwide

If you are a first age teenager or student, you may not forget one basic thing: The Jagellonian University of Krakow is one of the world’s oldest, and today is the country’s most important educating institution. The city itself looks so unbelievably young, despite its respectable age! ( There are archaeological sites going back 20 000 ago.)  During last years Krakow has being  a magnetic attraction for many expats, which found here a new home, the place where they belong. They love Krakow even more than the locals, which are nevertheless very deep in love with their unbelievable city. Some travel agencies offer hen and steg parties in Krakow for the excited tourists around the world.

Top 10 farms to visit if you’re in the mood for picking apples

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It’s the year 2010. We wake up, go to work, come home to sleep and in a few hours, go through the whole process again. We consider ourselves part of this modern society, and as we go through our day to day lives, we adapt to change and adjust not only ourselves but our daily regimen. Gone were the days when we relied on horses to pull our load and take us from one destination to another; these days, we rev up the engines in our fuel-burning cars to get to wherever it is we want to go. Everywhere you look, there are fast food chains offering quick fixes for anyone who starts to feel their stomach grumbling. These days, you will most likely be able to find any type of food inside a supermarket. You can get practically anything from different cuts of meat to rice and bread, vegetables of all shapes and sizes and of course, fruits. Fruits these days come in a number of packages; you can get them fresh by the piece or the pound; you can get them in boxes and crates; you can get them peeled or unpeeled; you can get them in a basket mixed in with a number of other fruits; you can get them in cans or in jars; you can even get them dried and enjoy them as snacks similar to potato chips and peanuts.

Shopping without a Tour Guide in Shanghai

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Surely, you’ve heard of the booming commercial center in China. Shanghai is now one of the world’s prime shopping destination. With the sheer volume of people going to Shanghai for the goods and the equally massive number of merchants trying to pry your shopping money away from you, it’s easy to get lost.

Some people pay as much as $100 for a guided tour, which limits what shopping experience you could have had if you went ahead and explored Shanghai on your own. There’s another option: get a map. Know the prime spots you can get to on your own, and put on your most comfortable shoes. Below are the easiest and the best shopping spots to conquer solo.

Nanjing Road

Top Restaurants in 10 of the Best Cities Across the Globe (Part 2)

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We continue our gastronomic journey through 10 great cities and check out the best restaurants that can please our palates. In case you missed the first 5 cities we listed, you can click here to read about the top restaurants we featured.


  1. Modern Pantry – This quirky establishment offers one of the best breakfasts in London. Helmed by Anna Hansen, guests will have an enjoyable time picking on their English breakfast or Modern Pantry’s signature omelettes.
  2. Wright Brothers Oyster & Porter House – The English know their oysters well and this is quite evident at Wright Brothers Oyster & Porter House. Get a plate of the oysters and drink Prosecco.
  3. The Restaurant at St. Paul’s – This treasure is just right behind St. Paul’s Cathedral. Sample their treats like salmon with brocolli and their leek puree. Their gingerbread sandwich filled with ice cream is laced with natural honey.

Worlds largest aquarium



Supposing, just supposing , you are in Berlin for  a short time. You are a fan of marine life, or you simply are very fond of it, and you would like to see an aquarium. My suggestion is not to try finding an aquarium, if is any in that city. You simply have to go to the Radisson Hotel and take the elevator. It is a glass elevator, moving inside another glass cylinder,which is actually the aquarium. It is really quiet and peacefull in that elevator, zou will be impressed. It is the worlds biggest aquarium, where many marine plants and animals found their natural habitat. Some proffesional divers to the cleaning every day.

Tell me your impressions about it!

Things to do in Hawaii


With lush, verdant rainforests and sparkling azure coastline, Hawaii is one of the world’s most beautiful destinations. Pristine beaches and geological wonders dazzle the eye while offering a host of physical challenges including surfing, hiking and hula dancing.

While the natural attributes of Hawaii are reason enough to visit, where you choose to lodge also plays a crucial role in ensuring the perfect vacation. From the moment you wake up and begin your morning to relaxing after a long day of outdoor activities, your hotel is your home while you are visiting Hawaii and luckily, visitors have a plethora of Hawaii hotels to choose from.

Where the vibrant city life meets the shore, Oahu is a perfect mix of urban excitement, organic beauty, luxurious shopping and dining. As diverse as the vacationers who visit the island known as the Gathering Place, Oahu hotels offer everything from the perfect romantic setting for a honeymoon to exciting opportunities for family fun.

4 Things to Do When You’re Stuck in an Airport

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Being stuck in an airport thanks to a layover is no fun. Or so you think. Before you sigh heavily and settle down to drown in your own sorrows, do lighten up and take comfort in the fact that there are plenty of things to do in an airport. Here are only 3 of them, so be sure to make full use of the amenities the next time you’re in an airport!

1. Learn and be entertained
Did you know that some airports house interesting museums that you can visit for free? The San Francisco Airport is one great example. One can learn and be enlightened at its library and museum where its walls are filled with photos and information pertaining to the interesting industry of aviation. The main airport in Atlanta even offers an attractive display of rock sculptures from Zimbabwe. You can also view famous planes at the museum housed at the Chino Airport, California.