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Weirdest Attractions In Washington State

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When you think about the most fascinating places in the US to travel, Washington D.C probably comes to mind at some point during the list. But what about the lesser sung Washington state? While it shares a name with the nation’s capital, it is often overlooked, with only the occasional mention of Seattle, and otherwise ignored completely.

Why Would You Fly to Riga?

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Frankfurt airport has started offering daily flights to the Latvian capital starting immediately, and whilst that’s all very well and good, it does beg the question: “Just what can you do in Riga?
Riga Latvia
Riga itself is a vibrant city in the heart of the Baltic States. As tourism to the heart of Europe becomes more and more popular, Latvia opened up its borders and joined the European Union in 2004.

Since that time, many western tourists have enjoyed this unique little city. Filled with quiet beer gardens, quaint squares and countless coffee shops and bistros, during the day Riga is a relaxing and enjoyable place to visit.

One of the most popular parts of the city for tourists is the famous area known as the Old Town, which is home to a great many traditional buildings such as St Peter’s Church in which you can ascend to the top of the building and see one of the city’s most stunning views.

Top Mountain Bike Trails in New Zealand

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New Zealand has been blessed with the most beautiful landscapes. These unique and varying land formations also provide sports lovers and adventure seekers some of the best trails for mountain biking. Here are some of the best mountain bike trails in New Zealand:

Whakarewarewa (Rotorua)

Riders in Australia call the Whakarewarewa as the Disneyland of Biking in New Zealand. The trails are specifically designed for experienced mountain bikers. These trails are constantly modified so be always be on the lookout for some surprises on the track.

You can first try the Repco Trail which is a combo of gravel road, single track, and 4WD. There is also the grintastic trail which takes the difficulty several notches up. The bike tracks are off limits to walkers and the paths for pedestrians are off limits to bikers. When you see XXX, these are the difficult routes of the track.

Top 10 London attractions for free

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All eyes are on London as Prince William ties the knot with Kate Middleton this coming week. Hotels are booked for those who want to do some royal spotting. No one can deny that a London holiday means expensive London hotels but did you know that you have a ton of options when it comes to free things to do in London. Here are some of the best London attractions that you can enjoy for free:

Museum of London

A lot of travelers missed the Museum of London but it is another great London attractions. You will have a good idea of how the city evolved from the geology around the Thames through the Anglo-Saxons and through the important events of the recent past.

Borough Market

Hawaii – More Than Just Great Beaches



When people think of Hawaii, they often think of the beautiful beaches, the great landscape, and the fantastic people. However, central to Hawaiian culture is cuisine. The people of Hawaii love food, whether it’s a simple plate lunch or an extravagant luau. They have created many delicious dishes that they can truly call their own, like poke, a raw dish featuring cubed tuna, and lau lau, a pork and butterfish creation steamed in taro leaf. While you’re in Hawaii, you’d be doing yourself a disservice not checking out your fantastic food options. While you’re in Hawaii, here’s some places you should check out, both large and small, fine dining and not.

Waiola’s – A must go to location; practically a destination. Get shave ice (do not say shaved ice unless you want to be berated senselessly) with ice cream on the bottom after you’ve spent a day out on the beach or hiking Diamond Head and are really hot. They also serve beer, if shave ice and beer is your thing.

Mongolia travel guide

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Mongolia is a beautiful country, but it is very isolated as it is landlocked between two
vast countries, Russia and China, and a large part of it is very inhospitable, with the
Gobi desert in the south and vast cold mountainous areas in the north.

Mongolia is the sparceliest populated country on Earth, due to the harsh conditions

Mongolia is the sparceliest populated country on Earth, due to the harsh conditions

The rest of Mongolia consists mainly of the Steppes, which are flat and arid grassland plains with
some extreme weather, from very hot in the summer 40 °C (104 °F), to very cold in
the winter, down to as much as -40 °C (-40 °F). However this inhospitable and
diverse scenery is also truly magnificent, and much of it still remains completely
unspoilt by imposing modern necessities such as roads, traffic and urban
developments. Mongolia does have some cities and large towns, but outside of
these areas the traditional nomadic way of life still prevails, mainly because it is the
only successful way to exist in these extreme terrains and conditions.

Travel Tips: How to enjoy dining in India and how to explore its busy streets

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Travelling to different places is not just about seeing the tourist spots or clicking away for great pictures. You also have to follow certain customs and practices so you will not offend the locals and of course, so you will enjoy your holiday.

In the streets of India, you will be often be greeted with smiles and laughter. The locals do not intend to offend you but this is their means of forgiving you for some social rules that you might have broken. We list down some basic rules so you will not be lost in the very different culture of India.

8 Simple Rules while you are on the streets of India

The streets of India mirror the diverse culture of the country. Anyone will enjoy the very busy streets filled with bazaars where you can get items to bring home or to add to your collections. Here’s how you can make most of the experience:

Seven things you shouldn’t do in the Windy City…and the seven best alternatives you should try

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When we travel, we often end up following whatever we pick up from the numerous guidebooks we browsed in the bookstore. Sometimes, we plan our itinerary based on recommendations from friends, officemates and relatives. Here are a few tips we want to share with you to make your vacation in Chicago fun and worthwhile.

1. DON’T…make that journey to the top of the Willis Tower

Willis Tower, you say? Oh, you mean Sears! Yes, that’s the one. Even with the change in its official name, we still don’t highly recommend climbing all those floors to the top of the building. Now, you might be confused, especially because among the attractions that you will see in Chicago, this is obviously the most popular one of the lot.