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Japan Capsule Hotel Tips and Tricks

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For the uninitiated, capsule hotels are hotels which resemble well, capsules. They are small, with limited facilities and yet desired by those travelers who are on a shoestring budget when visiting Japans. Also great for otakus, or Japanese fanboys, who are strapped for cash as the night before they attend huge conventions in the heart of Tokyo or any other city in the Land of the Rising Sun. Don’t be intimidated if you are planning to stay in one during your sojourn in Japan, check out some tricks and tips we prepared.

1. Counter your claustrophobia
Capsule hotels are cheap, but it comes with some setbacks and one of the major disadvantages include claustrophobia. Those who suffer from this condition should stay away from capsule hotels and bunk in with their friends in Japan or pay more for a budget hotel. For travelers who are slightly uncomfortable with tight spaces, it pays to focus on the task at hand when you’re in your cabin, and that is by sleeping the night away.

A Beginner’s Guide to Burma

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Burma has recently opened up to the world, after decades of rule of a military regime. Today, it is relatively easy to travel around by yourself. Like other countries in Southeast Asia, Burma has been visited by a lot of backpackers, but if you plan to see more of the country, some planning is necessary, especially in getting the permits.

As there are still some areas which are closed-off, one must also be flexible enough, lest plans do not go as intended. Here are three itineraries beginner travelers can follow, varying in uncertainty and intensity involved. With proper planning and using your travel smarts, you can have an amazing time in this beautiful country, which not many have ventured into:
First, the practicalities: there is practically no ATMs in Burma, so you need to come prepared with your cash. Also, credit cards are not really accepted beyond some posh places in Yangon. Visas must be applied for, and one can stay for a 28-day maximum period. You must apply for one before leaving your home country.

Travel Guide: Best things to do with the whole family in Ontario, Canada

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Ontario is the second biggest province of Canada. It is considered as the most populous, most urban, and richest among Canada’s provinces. About a third of the population of Canada lives in Ontario, and it is a big place since its land area is approximately equal to that of Spain and France combined.

Ontario is also a great destination for families. You will not run out of things to do here, and we lined up some of the best family activities in Ontario:

Toronto Zoo

Food Travel: Top Tokyo Sushi restaurants

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Where else can you have the best sushi in the world but in Japan, and in Tokyo, you have a number of choices which fit anyone’s budget. Having excellent sushi does not always have to translate to an expensive dining experience.

Eating sushi does not only entail high quality of raw seafood but you also take into consideration excellent service, chefs who has trained for years to serve you the best sushi, the ambiance of enjoying the dish with an air of traditional Japanese setting, and the bill after dining.

Putting all of these onto the equation, your sushi experience will really depend on how much you are willing to spend for the sushi experience in Tokyo. But this great city offers you a wide array of choices which gives you excellent options without burning a hole on your pocket.

Meeting the tribes: Trekking in the jungles of Thailand

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One kind with a great divide. Those in the west has an entirely different set of culture, beliefs, and practices to our brothers and sisters living the east. But no matter how our lives are so different, there is this universal inkling to connect and discover the common grounds of why we laugh, of why we love great food, of why we are curious of the strangest things, and why we love discover things.

When you go to Thailand and go beyond all the shopping you can do in Bangkok, you might enjoy some tarantula for a snack. Yes, that is quite the reality when you trek up the hills of Thailand and immerse yourself into the lives of the tribes.

Share a night with a tribe and know what is behind their smiles, what is great about their rice wine, and what is great about their tribal life.

Travel Guide: Exploring Doha, Qatar and enjoying it like a local

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Qatar is hardly noticeable on the map of the Arabian peninsula as it is near the top edge but dwarfed by Iran and Saudi Arabia. You might not think of it as a tourist destination, but if you are having a holiday in the Middle East, Doha is a great stop over.

In order to make most of your time in Doha, you need to understand how locals and expatriates enjoy the capital of Qatar:

Discover Qatar’s culture

Little Known Facts about Munich

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Are you fascinated about culture, history or your genealogy? Or maybe your just curious about Munich. It doesn’t matter why you’re here, just that you are. So what can you learn about city that you didn’t already know?

Well, let’s find out.

The very first Oktoberfest was held in Munich in 1810 as a community celebration for the royal wedding of Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Saxony Hildburghausen. This celebration kicked off the first of hundreds of years’ worth of Oktoberfests to come. While the horse races have been discontinued, this Oktoberfest is the largest festivity in the world.

Business Travel: Guide to must and must not’s in Dubai

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The business environment is starting to go back to normal in Dubai after ten years following the brief slow down back in 2009. These days the popular city in UAE has been very lucrative and offers all the best that the world has to offer.

There were thirty new hotels with a total of 7, 700 rooms that opened in Dubai in 2010. And despite the unstable economy of the world Emirate opened its door to millions of visitors that surprisingly increases to 10% more following the previous year.