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Travel Ideas: Best Places to Discover this October

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People who say it’s not cool to travel after Summer have never enjoyed the perks of off-season travels.  Take the month of October for instance.  Apart from the ever popular Oktoberfest, there are many other activities that can perk up your travel itineraries.  Whether you are seeking solitude, adventure, and /or adrenaline rush, here are many unique places to see this October that will surely change the way you see vacations during the latter part of the year.  So before you decide to just stay at home this October, here’s a list of the best travel destinations and activities you can explore outside your comfort zone.

Take on the white waters of Nepal

Nepal Adventure

Travel Adventure: 7 Best Destinations in Asia

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In the most inhabited cities in Asia, enormous shopping malls and giant corporate towers gain more attention for tourists than centers for recreation like parks. It is too bad for those who want breathtaking adventures, right?

It is not if one knows where to put his or her eyes on and explore.

Would you be surprised if you learn that there is a surfing sanctuary dwelling in the urban jungle? Not to mention the action in nature escapades you can visit to catch some fresh air, which are a few minute drives away from the center of the busy cities. Make yourself belief because they are next to the metropolitan cities in Asia.

Whitewater rafting – Philippines

Adventure Travel Asia

Riding the rapids has never been as fun as in the Philippines. An hour away from Cagayan De Oro City, this water adventure is perfect for those who seek legitimate adrenaline outbreak.

Kickoff your way as an English tutor in Asia

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Despite the increasing trend in online language teaching opportunities, as much as possible, local learners would prefer more to see their teachers’ faces. It definitely takes lots of money and courage to follow such advice. But what just might happen if you consider language and cultural barriers, money, or failure?

Teachin English in Asia

Randomly showing up without any invitation might make your chances to getting employed slimmer. Despite the fact that the school directors gladly understand and frequently support your desire to travel and look around the country, they still pose you to take your career fatally and seriously. They scorn those who just pass by the town and find a quick source of income, and except if you have lived already in the said country for a considerably long duration, it might be difficult to prove to them that you are not like the rest.

Food Travel: The weirdest food museums in the world

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The world is the most amazing museum one could ever explore. Food, being a large part of one’s own unique culture, is diverse around the world; an excerpt from Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2013, this article features temples of modest yet bizarre dishes that will tickle even your most hidden tastebuds.

Jell-O Gallery in LeRoy, USA

Jell-O Museum

Pearle Wait, a carpenter from LeRoy, New York, never thought that the plain gelatine-based dessert he invented in his home would make it big in the food industry. Selling his recipe to brainy marketers, Jell-O became blockbuster in the dawn of the 20th century. As the recipe books for this invention were distributed, the world eventually became inspired of the very easy and convenient just-add-water pleasures of preparing the dish. Located between Rochester and Buffalo, its gallery showcases its history with the emphasis on the celebrities of different media who have endorsed it throughout its existence. Another attraction is a gift shop filled with jelly-related souvenirs.

Five Sports Events You Simply Have to See in Person

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If you must suffer the long ticket queues to any sporting events, they should be well worth your effort. Some viewers prefer to just sit it out and watch online or on TV with a comfortable bowl of homemade popcorn. These sporting events, however, must be seen live because the experience they can offer goes beyond what the tube can render.

Melbourne Cup in Melbourne, Australia

Do Aussies ever gamble? This is probably the only event when you’ll see most Australian’s gamble their good money on a horse. If you’re in Melbourne, this event rivals Christmas as it’s actually a public holiday. “Race Day” attracts up to 110,000 people to the Flemington racetrack every year and it’s held, like clockwork, on all first Tuesdays of November.
Aside from the opportunity to actually see Australians bet on a horse, you’ll also see a wide range of suits and dresses, from tacky to stylish and all the styles in between. There will also be a lot of champagne toasting and beer guzzling, depending on what part of the racetrack you’re in. There are also prizes given to the “best dressed” men and women among the audience, so if you’re attending the event, you might want to look your best.

The Best Spots in Tokyo for Science-loving Kids

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Are you traveling to Tokyo with a pre-adolescent or adolescent who just can’t get enough of technology and Science? You’ve chosen the right destination because Japan’s capital happens to be home to some of the world’s best technology and science museums. What’s more, they’re really designed for kids.

Sony Explorascience Museum

This is the best place to take your very young techie to. Of course, most of the exhibits you’ll see here would laud consumer technology. If you have no qualms with that, you and your child can enjoy an entire day exploring the museum’s interactive exhibits and games. It’s certainly a fun yet educational place to take your child to.

Autumn Festivals: Three events to enjoy some Pumpkin and some Beer

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A week into October and you will be hearing beer festivals as autumn marks the shift to spicier flavors and darker colors. You will still get a lot of ales, stouts, and lagers but do not count out the pumpkin, the favorite food for this month. We have a short list of some October festivals where you can enjoy a lot of beer and a lot of pumpkin:

Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin Beer Festival in Philadelphia

This festival actually kicked off yesterday and you might have to cancel some plans over the weekend if you want to catch the celebrations. This festival started this year with a pumpkin brunch at The Institute where around fifty seasonal beers will make their way to the tables.

Great Pumpkin Beer Festival in Seattle

Dubai Travel: Penguins come to town

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Who would have thought that penguins can reach the desert? Oh, and there is snow too. Dubai is a very unique place where penguins and snow exist amid the heat and the sand.

Ski Dubai, located at the Mall of the Emirates is a ski complex and a snow park, recently became the home of twenty penguins that migrated from Texas’ Sea World. Ten Gentoo penguins and ten bigger King penguins now has a permanent address in the cold complex that has been converted be their ideal homes. The ski complex has plenty of fish and even a big indoor pool so the penguins will enjoy their stay.

The penguins were born and raised in captivity in Texas so they naturally love the company of people. Visitors can experience how to become friends with penguins. You just suit up with the right gear and you will be able to play with some of the penguins while being supervised by the staff of the park.