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Odd alternatives if you want to skip the London Olympics

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The city will be pretty busy and people from different parts of the world will be rushing to London to watch the Olympic Games. If you feel like being different, then look at a different direction to some of the oddest athletic events in London:

Austerity Games in Hackney Marshes

Just before the Olympic Games kick off, Youth Fight For Jobs will be holding anti-capitalist games on July 22 in East London. The group wants to emphasize the expenses of the city to host the games. They have cum-athletic events such as Race to the Bottom and Property High Jump. The group calls for the properties built for the Olympics to serve as affordable housing for locals instead of being managed by the private sector or just being demolished.

World Alternative Games

The Best US Lake Towns to Visit in the Summer

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Chelan, Washington by Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan is a 50 mile lake located in Washington. Its glacier-fed waters are perfect for swimming, kayaking, windsurfing and fishing which is why the adventurous hike off there. On the shores of the Lake Chelan, lies Stillwater Inn. The inn is ideal for those who want lodgings that feel like they are home away from home. The staff at Stillwater offer the best breakfasts which include fruits and pastries. The town of Chelan also boasts of treasure like the Ruby Theatre. This facility serves as a gathering place for Chelan locals and as a venue for hosting presentations. Go to the harbor and ride the ferry to see the sites that the lake is hiding like the cliffs of the North Cascades towering over the waters. Midway across the trip, the ferry will stop at a little town of 95 people called Stehekin. You can savor the locally grown food like their vegetables as well as their dairy just fresh off the livestock. Enjoy their yogurt and the goat cheese while you picnic along the banks of Chelan.
Grand Marais, Minnesota by Lake Superior

The Best Spots in Tokyo for Science-loving Kids

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Are you traveling to Tokyo with a pre-adolescent or adolescent who just can’t get enough of technology and Science? You’ve chosen the right destination because Japan’s capital happens to be home to some of the world’s best technology and science museums. What’s more, they’re really designed for kids.

Sony Explorascience Museum

This is the best place to take your very young techie to. Of course, most of the exhibits you’ll see here would laud consumer technology. If you have no qualms with that, you and your child can enjoy an entire day exploring the museum’s interactive exhibits and games. It’s certainly a fun yet educational place to take your child to.

Ten of the Most Breathtaking Views of the Ocean around the World  

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If you travel mainly to enjoy the most spectacular views on earth, then you certainly shouldn’t miss out on these ocean views. These are quite possibly the best views you’ll see in a lifetime, and even if you’re miles and miles away from these destinations, the long drive is worth it. Consider visiting them one of these days.  

Mexico: Mirador Escenico, San Carlos


This is just four miles away from San Carlos, and is an unrivalled view of the Gulf of California and the volcanic hill of Tetakawi. If you’re close enough, you’ll be able to see the shying coves of Playa Piedras Pintas. Mirador is also the number one spot for viewing wild birds, dolphins, whales, pelicans and other animals. If you visit between November and May, you might also want to take advantage of the perfect weather conditions. Rent a kayak and get to know the Sea of Cortes better. Fishing is also a popular sport at this time of the year.

Italy the Most Popular Destination in Europe?

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According to a popular newspaper, the Sunday Times, Italy has been voted the most popular country to visit in the world, thanks to its colorful culture, cuisine and most importantly, fashion.

For many it would seem, Italy is the place to ‘be’ following the economic crisis, and Italy is one of the few countries which has seen economic growth recently.  The tourism industry in Italy has thus been kept afloat because as people are forced to travel nearer to home, a trip to Italy is affordable, convenient and great fun.

Looking at the World’s Oddest Museums

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In the old school, there was bad art and good art. Today, though, you’ll find several museums showcasing some of the oddest collections ever created. You’d begin to wonder if the categories “bad” and “good” still fit them. If the aesthetic ladder of contemporary art is way over your head, don’t shrug off these oddball museums just yet. They still make for an interesting quirky trip across town. Some of them might just hit your sweet spot.

Bunny Museum, Pasadena California

Unless the killer rabbit in Monty Python gave you endless nightmares, this museum should be a harmless, rather wholesome trip. It’s still going to be strange seeing 23,000 bunnies, in total, but it’s not going to shatter your sensibilities. You’ll find a wide (and that is an understatement) collection of ceramic bunnies, plush bunnies, stuffed bunnies, plastic bunnies and more.

Top 8 adventure-filled destinations for your Asian holiday

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Known as the largest continent in the entire world, Asia has a land mass of 17,139,334 square miles and has almost every kind of terrain that you can think of. Starting from the people who braved and conquered the Himalayas, lots of travelers and also adventure seekers from different parts of the globe keep coming back to Asia in search of new places to discover. Today, we’re sharing with you eight places in Asia where you are guaranteed to have a wild adventure. Turn on your answering machine and set your cell phone to voice mail because once you get to any of these destinations, you’ll be too busy having fun.



Best Places to do something positive about your midlife crisis


We had a post before about the best things you can do when you are suffering from a midlife crisis. This stage of your life can really be frustrating for some. There are places though around the globe which can somehow help you cope with all the frustrations and boredom midlife crisis brings. These places will give you opportunities to reinvent yourself.


Aside from all their tourism expenditures which gives us some of the most wonderful and creative architectures in history, Dubai is a haven for shoppers. If you think you need a makeover, getting your new outfit and your new look will be very easy in Dubai.
You can get everything from your pants, dress, handbags, and jewelries. The bling blings are lining the street of the gold souq of Dubai. It is gold crazy and about 25 tons of gold jewelries are on display. Name it and most likely they have it from necklace, to earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces.