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The Jewel of Micronesia

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Palau is a secretive little island hidden in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. Located not far from the Philippines and Indonesia, it is only recently that this island became a nation under its own right and it is perhaps today one of the youngest countries in the world.

The best national parks in the United Kingdom

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The family of National Parks has a lot to offer if you are going for a holiday in the UK. The adventure may range from traversing mountains, woods, moorlands, meadows and wetlands. We have listed some of them here for you to explore and enjoy. Each one has a group that helps take care of the area and the creatures living in them plus of course guide travelers like us who want to explore the beauties of mother nature.

Loch Lomond and the Trossachs

10 Best quick getaways this Spring


Warmer weather, blooming flowers, and all other reasons for a quick weekend getaway come to us this spring. If you are in the mood for some sand, sun, water, or some dose of hiking on the slopes, then check out our list of some quick spring escapes that you can try.

Sailing in Antigua or in Barbuda

Deciding to head to Antigua or the smaller nearby island of Barbuda means you also have the inkling to go on sailing. April is actually a great time to be in Antigua as the Classic Yacht Regatta also kicks off by mid-month and the Antigua Sailing Week on the last week of the month. These are among the biggest events in the Caribbean and in the world of regattas.

Top 5 Ideas of how you can spend lavishly when you travel around the world

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Before anything else, let this be a warning to all the budget travelers out there: read if you must, but you won’t be able to afford anything on this list.

Now that that’s out of the way, let us explain the reason behind this list. We, the common folk, are all about budget traveling. We scour the world for the best bargains whether it be cheap but clean accommodations, hearty meals under five dollars, two for one air fares and freebies as much as we can. We tell you how to stretch that dollar so that in the end, it will last you a whole week (okay, that’s a gross exaggeration). We share with you the one hundred and one ways on how you can save money so that in the end, you can spend it on–bargains.

Most Lavish Suites in Las Vegas

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Usually, when one says the words Las Vegas, people conjure all kinds of magnificent pictures in their heads. From casinos to hotels, the place offers you a sumptuous lifestyle. Here, we focus on the best suites that Vegas has to offer; from waterfalls in the entrance to ceilings with mirrors, Las Vegas’ architects and designers have played with our imagination, and have made them come to life in this playful wonderland.

Sky Villa in Aria

70,000 square feet and technologically advanced. This describes one of the newest hotel suites in Las Vegas. Upon entering the room, the guest is treated to a spectacular view of the city, as curtains automatically open. Every electronic piece in the room can be controlled by a single remote – from the lights to the sound system. For those who are looking for peace and quiet, one touch of the good night button will plunge the room in complete darkness and quiet. Aesthetically speaking, the whole hotel will make one proud to be a guest there, and the technological advancements are only an added bonus.

Top 10 best US college campuses to check out

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Different college campuses all over the country are starting to get busy as another year starts to unravel. The air is buzzing with activity as people come pouring in from different places to embark on another academic adventure. It’s interesting to note that aside from being a place where we can enrich our minds; these campuses are also a good place to check out when you’re on vacation. Today, we’re focusing on ten different places that are not only ideal for students but for tourists and wanderers, as well. For those who are a bit hesitant about getting in the car because you’re anticipating a strictly scholarly tour of these campuses, don’t worry because this isn’t going to be a boring field trip.

Top 5 Golf Schools around the globe

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The sport of golf is becoming more and more popular these days, unfortunately, not all of us are as talented as Tiger Woods. If you’ve never laid a hand on a golf club before, and if you don’t know the difference between a hole-in-one and a birdie, you should try to stay in these places. They’re not just excellent golf resorts but the best “schools” for the sport as well.

Oregon: The Bandon Dunes Academy (Grant Rogers)

Have you ever thought of going to Oregon this spring? Two of the best schools of golf today is the Bandon Dunes Academy. If you’re in the southern coast of Oregon, you’ll spot the Bandon Dunes Academy easily. With this school, you don’t have to pay for expensive airfares anymore just to go to Great Britain. You can now play pure links golf right in Oregon.

Top Hotel Wonders of the World

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Before, when one speaks of architecture, one would refer to churches and other grand, historic structures. Today however, cities boast of a new kind of architectural wonder: hotels. And what better site than one that you can admire externally, and sleep in once you get tired?

Bella Sky in Copenhagen, Denmark

This hotel actually has two buildings that are inclined in different angles; they seem to be facing each other slightly. Yet this innovative play using angles is not just seen on the outside, but in the inside as well; there are more than 200 different shapes of rooms inside this hotel. The place where these hotels stand is near the airport, so the height of these structures could not exceed more than 246 feet. This then inspired the leaning design of the hotels. Rooms start at $155 a night.

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore