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Melbourne beyond the Australian Open

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Tennis lovers have their eyes on Australia now as one of the major tennis circuit series, the Australian Open is being held in Melbourne. It is the only grand slam event for the sport being held done in the southern hemisphere.

Melbourne in the southeastern portion of Australia and is considered as the cultural capital and sport capital of the country. It boasts of a vibrant fashion and cafe scene and a lot of peple call it the Paris of Australia.

In case you are going to Australia soon or you are already in Melbourne, there is a lot more to this city than tennis and its big stars.

Melbourne is one of the cities in the world which is best explored by walking around. The Australian Open is being held at Rod Laver Arena which is just a few minutes from the city proper and is really worth it if you are planning to burn some calories. If you plan to do some retail therapy, you can check out local and international brands along the Collins Street.

Top Draws in the Art World During the Last Months of 2010

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Art lovers still have a few more months to finish this year with a blast. You still have enough time to catch the great works of different masters of the arts. Check out the list and see where you can go next.


For a more spiritual fare in terms of art, the Cleveland Museum of Art will feature different kinds of relics and religious art this coming October 17 to January 17). The museum will fete the bones of St. Eustace and show off stones from Israel. The exhibit will be dubbed as Treasures of Heaven: Saints, Relics, and Devotion in Medieval Europe. Visitors can likewise catch the other exhibits in the newly redecorated galleries of the museum.


Top 10 adventures with beautiful but dangerous creatures

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Do you have an illogical fear of wild cats? Most of us would say, “But that’s not illogical. That’s very smart.” However, for most risk takers, facing that natural, prey-to-a-predator fear is the point of traveling. Otherwise, travel would be very dull. If you’re one of those fearless globe trotters, and you’re willing to come face-to-face with the fiercest beasts in the planet, then these trips are for you.

Paddling in South America

Night paddles through the Pilchicocha’s Lake which is at the heart of the Amazon Rainforest can be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of your life. While it’s pretty calm at night, you’d wonder if the calmness is because you’re being watched by these wild animals like a very hungry human would watch his food as it cooks.

Best yachting destinations around the globe

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When you have a yacht your port of call can practically be anywhere from the shores of Spain, the Caribbean, or maybe the Mediterranean. Aside from your destinations, you have to carefully schedule your journey as summer on your point of origin may not be the same sunny season on your point of destination.

Here are some of the top yachting destinations:

Antibes, France

The best time to go sailing in Antibes is from June to August. Antibes is a resort town in the Alpes-Maritime department in southeast France and is located between Cannes and Nice. Port Vauban is the largest marina in Europe and usually holds some of the world’s biggest yachts. 

British and US Virgin Islands

Perfect to visit during the holiday season until the end of March. Virgin Islands are the eastern island group of Leeward Islands. For tourist who are sensitive in weather conditions Virgin Islands is best for them that offers peaceful, still waters that’s almost a perfect blue hue. 

The Perfect Time for a Golfing Holiday

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Times may be tough in the United Kingdom at the minute, but as the economy slowly recovers there is a perfect opportunity awaiting those who are keen golfers and also looking to escape to Europe for a quick weekend or even an extended holiday.

Seven Spooky Spots to Visit this Halloween

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Are you tired of the same old costume parties and trick-or-treating you go to every year? Why don’t you make this Halloween extra special by going to seven of the spookiest places you can find on Earth? Below is a list that would simply blow your mind.

Bermuda Triangle

If you dare, you can sign up in a cruise that’s bound to Neverland or wherever it is that the Bermuda Triangle sinks its ships into. For centuries, people have mysteriously disappeared they have had to pass by this oceanic abyss. Sucked in by what seems to be a washing machine’s swirl in the movies, none of the lost ones have turned up alive.

Most Notorious Ghost Towns

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Did you think about your daily habits and what could they mean for the people from over few centuries? Did you think that the city you live could vanish and remain without any inhabitants? Of course you did!

Visiting ghost towns is for some travelers the favorite way of spending vacations, and a must for any experienced travelers. It is fascinating to visit a ghost towns and ask all possible questions about the people living there in the blossom times of those settlements. Sometimes is really fascinating to speculate about the possible reasons of the decay of the ghost towns (natural disasters; climate change; foreign occupations and lost wars; economic decay etc). There are many Ghost Towns around the world. Some of them were ruling places of wonderful civilizations (Roman, Inca, Maya etc); some of them are much newer and are no more than 2 centuries old ( Gold Rushes from Far West, Australia and Alaska created a few interesting Ghost Towns).

10 Best Views in the World


There is an unexplainable rush when we see an amazing view before us— a rainbow of colors, play of lights, and the different things that stimulate our being.
We created a list to tell you about the most beautiful views that we know so far:

Manhattan Skyline

You can see some of the vintage skyscrapers like the Woolworth, Flatiron, and Chrysler but of course nothing beats the Empire State Building when you are in New York. The iconic building is still on the top of the list of the American Institute of Architects as among the favorite architecture.

If you want to click your digicam for a souvenir of the Manhattan skyline or you just really want to see, go to the roof deck at Alma right in the heart of Brooklyn. Look at the glory of the lower Manhattan while enjoying a glass of margarita. You can go there all year round but the best time will be during spring or fall.