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Top 8 Extraordinary Places to Say “I Do”

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Each person who has ever fantasized about their wedding often dreams about it in the most romantic way. The sun shining at its peak focuses its sun rays on the stained glass and all the laces and cloths that decorate the aisles just are all ablaze in white.

However there are some imaginative couples out there who eschew the immaculateness of churches and go for some offbeat places to hold their weddings. Like say a shark tank. Since a wedding is a once in a lifetime event, why not go for broke and get married in a jet or a submarine or in a tiger cage?

The allure of these extraordinary weddings stem out of a need to symbolize what the man and the woman mean to each other. For the more commonplace settings like a dollar store, the couple is indulging their need for a vow without sacrificing the practicality of a shoestring budget Some other couples just hold the weddings in weird places because they just have off-the-wall personalities.

7 of the Best underground walking tours

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Walking tours let us get initimate with our destination. We discover the paths. Take pictures. Spend time with friends or maybe spend time with yourself. You might find it unusual but a good twist to hiking or walking tours are underground walking tours. These underground tours sort of let you in to secrets of the past, mysteries, and wonders not all people get to see.

Here are some of the best underground walks you can find across the globe:

The Catacombs (Italy)

The tour of The Catacombs in Italy will take you underneath Rome and give you a peek to the birth years of Christianity. The old chambers, churches, and galleries witnessed how the place was very dangerours for the early faithfuls. As you walk in this underground community, take note of the centuries old graffiti which mostly are prayers by common people and some by popes.

Top 5 Places to Stay in San Francisco to celebrate the Pride Weekend

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If you’re thinking for visiting San Francisco to celebrate the Pride weekend, you should book yourselves a room with these prime hotels. After all, you only want the best Pride Weekend experience between June 26 and 27. You need to be sure that you’re staying with one of the sponsor hotels.

Clift Hotel

The events for this celebration will start off at Castro, but you don’t want to be staying too near the main attractions. After all, a person still has to sleep. This is why the Clift Hotel is the perfect resting place. A night here costs an average of $245. This already covers the room, $50 worth of hotel credits, free parking (you’re in San Francisco, so this is a big deal) and two tickets for the Grand Stand Parade which happens on Sunday.

Famous landmarks of cats and dogs around the globe

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Pets are big parts of our lives. Around the world there are actually monuments erected in honor of some famous canines and felines who have touched lives. There is always a heart warming story behind these statues which draw tourists to see them.

If you have a chance, go and visit these monuments of our pawed friends.

Popular Dog landmarks

Balto (New York)

Almost every kid may be familiar with Balto after an animated movie produced in 19995 was inspired by his life. Balto was actually a Siberian Husky who, despite the fierce, cold weather, delivered antitoxins to a community stricken by a diphtheria epidemic. He saved lives and in honor of Balto, a sculpture by Frederick Roth was installed in Central Park.

The plaque just below Balto’s monument tells the story of heroism as the sled dogs braved the Arctic blizzards for 660 miles of ice and dangerous waters back in 1925.

Top 5 American Road Trips

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You better start revving up your engines because the best trips this summer across America are on the road. Why fly to Bahamas when you can scour your own backyard with nothing but a full tank of gas? Gather your friends or family and pack up your essentials because you’re going to get a lot of tan behind that wheel. Below are the five best roadtrips you can take across America for 2010.

Big Sur, California

Route 1 is iconic enough, but this highway stretch still has its high and low points. The best part of Route 1 is through the Big Sur, California. This stretch is roughly 90 miles long, and goes through the central coast between San Simeon and Carmel. If you suspect that the beauty of the stretch is just a hype, think again. Imagine yourself zipping between the Pacific Sea and the Santa Lucia Mountains.

Weirdest and Most Unique Vending Machines in the World

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Young and old alike have been fascinated with vending machines. Like mini convenience stores, these are great when you’re feeling quite hungry, and there’s no store nearby. Just feed the machine a bill or some coins, press a button, and out comes your chosen snack.

You might find I interesting to know that the first vending machine actually dispensed holy water, of all things. Hero of Alexandria devised this coin-operated machine in the first century, and it was only followed during the nineteenth century, when postcards and gums were sold.

A snack isn’t all there is nowadays, as more and more people are beginning to realize the convenience and advantages that this machine has to offer. If vending machines used to offer sodas and little packets of biscuits and chips, today, you might be a little surprised at what’s being offered in these incredible machines. Japan tops the quirkiness factor when it comes to vending machines, dispensing underwear to noodles. The ever-famous Lobster Game, similar to those machines where you try to catch a stuffed toy through a crane, gives you fifteen seconds to catch a lobster. The US has copied it by creating their own Maine Lobster Game.

Holiday Tips for Families: Dining With Disney Characters

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It’s impossible to visit Disney World without stumbling upon any of the famous characters so loved by everyone. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and even Pluto are only some of the best loved characters so adored by kids of all ages, and that includes the adults! But how can one ensure a really enjoyable up close and personal session with these characters without chasing them all over Disney World just to take some snapshots and obtain coveted autographs? Here are 3 basic tips to get you and your kids as close as possible to Mickey and his gang without being trampled by other overly eager children.

Hiking Trip in Britain

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The British Isles are the perfect destination for a hiking trip, as these unique countries have beautiful and diverse landscapes, from the lush valleys and mountains of Wales to the beautiful sandy beaches and turquoise waters of Cornwall.