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8 best drinks while enjoying the beach

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If you worship the sun, love the water, and just crazy for all the fun summer brings, then you might also be into the best summer drinks you can get hold of. We list down some of the best beach drinks that we know of while at the best beaches across the globe:

Caipirinha in Brazil

You will find caipirinha in any cafe or bar along the beaches of Brazil. It is made from cachaca (spirit made from sugarcane juice), sugar, and lime. This blend is quite easy to make as vendors along the beach can prepare them in no time. You can also find variations of the caipirinha like the caipifrutas which adds a fruit into the equation like kiwi, mango, passionfruit, or cashew fruit.

Daiquiri in Cuba

The best beaches of the Philippines

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Just like the Southern Thailand and Bali Indonesia, the Philippines is now making a big buzz in hotspots beaches in Southeast Asian. With over 7000 islands, no wonder that it’s gaining popularity. Not to mention that language barrier is not so much of a problem since English is generally spoken. And with a lot of budget airlines today, Manila is getting a lot more affordable to visit.
Philippines is boasting so many coastal pleasures so it can really be hard sometimes to choose which one to go to. So here’s our top pick to help you decide what should go on your list.

Reported as the world’s second best beach by the Philippine Department of Tourism in 2012, Boracay still continue to gain popularity from tourists around the world. The 4 meter long main tourism white beach is lined with various resorts, hotels, dining places, lodging houses, and other tourist establishments that will not make you leave this beautiful island. Across the white beach is the Bulabog beach where those who love to windsurf and kiteboard will truly enjoy their time.

Spend a thrilling holiday season in these six destinations

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Once again, December festivities are merely a few weeks away which means the prevailing atmosphere will be that of a winter wonderland theme. Snowmen will be built, fruitcakes will be baked, and Christmas trees will be adorned by glittering ornaments. But if you want this holiday season to stand out from the previous ones, you’re in luck because we’ve scoured the world for some pretty wild and interesting activities you can participate in.

Remember, just because it’s the Christmas holidays, doesn’t mean you have to do what everyone else does. So just this once (unless of course you’re inclined to something different again next year), put off decorating the tree and leave the snow on the ground. Pack your gear and get your passport ready for a unique holiday this December in some of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Cities That Will Pay You to Live There

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Though some cities are overpopulated and are facing economic and financial problems, there are cities which have declining population, and are inviting people to move to their place.

If you want a change of view, why not consider leaving your hometown and move to one of these places which are more than willing to have you?

8 Most colorful lakes in the world

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Lakes are always perfect for some picnic, maybe for some hiking around its beautiful surroundings, and of course for some photography. Some lakes look dull and plain while some are very colorful making them picture perfect. We list down some of the most fascinating and most beautiful lakes in the world.



Jiuzhaigou is not the name of a lake but is a town in China which is home to a good number of green, turquoise, and blue lakes. The lakes are locally known as the Haizi or meaning the Son of the Sea. You will be able to see the bottom of these lakes because of the very clear waters which were from glacier activity.



7 Treasures in the Ruins of Northern Peru

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Long before the Incas conquered the Sicán, Chimú, and Chachapoyas people in the 1450s, Northern Peru was already home to the Chavin, Cupisnique, Recuay, Moche, and Cajamarca civilizations.  The advanced and rich cultures of these people have been evident in the great ruins of northern Peru.  Sadly, despite the many historical facts and stories these ruins hold, the following sites are the least visited by tourists:

Huaca de la Luna

In 50AD-800AD, the old civilization of Moche constructed the Shrines of the Moon and the Sun, locally called as the Huacas de la Luna y del Sol to serve as their centers of religious and administrative activities.  These two temples are part of the Huacas de Moche, which is the remnants of Cerro Blanco, the capital city of ancient Moche.  Today, only the Huaca de la Luna is open for visitations because the Huaca del Sol was largely destroyed in 17th century by the Spanish conquerors.

Family Travel: Take a tour around 8 fantastic factories

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We all know how short kids’ attention spans can be; and the advent of complex video games and TV shows with intricate storylines have made it quite hard to impress children these days. For parents who’ve racked their brains out thinking of places where they can take their kids to have fun and even possibly learn something new, a trip to a factory may be just the remedy you’re looking for.

Some factories in the US are now drawing their curtains a bit and letting the public see the inns and outs of their operations so people like you and me will know what it’s like to be behind the scenes in the manufacturing process of some of the most common products we see in stores. Here are a couple of places you might like to check out for an interesting day out, plus some freebies as well.

4 Reasons to Ride the Singapore Flier

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The Singapore Flier is arguably one of the best places to visit in all of South East Asia. When I first heard of its construction, I did not believe that such an enormous structure could fit in the tiny city island but once I see it upon completion, I am awed beyond belief because the Singapore Flyer is indeed larger than life itself.

1. Enjoy 360 panoramic view
If you want want to enjoy a beautiful 360 degrees panoramic view of the city, you don’t need to sneak up to the tallest skyscraper in Singapore. All you need to do is get a ticket to ride the Singapore Flyer and you will be rewarded with sights that will take your breath away! On a clear day you can see the bustling streets of Orchard Road, the scenic Straits of Singapore and even Batam Island in neighboring Indonesia! Being in this gigantic Ferris Wheel does not mean that you will only be contained in your seat for the entire 45 minutes – in fact, you get to take a stroll, take in the views and get excellent snap shots as souvenirs!