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Visiting the Best Islands of Australia

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Australia has long been known as every adventurous traveler’s haven, but if you go here without reading up on the prime spots, the list of places to visit can be pretty overwhelming. Below is a list of the best islands in Australia if the trip you’re looking for is all about ecotourism and nature tripping.

Lord Howe Island

If you’re sick of concrete and the plasticity of coffee shops in the city, the first Australian island you should escape to is Lord Howe. This is 435 miles from Sidney, and retains almost the same landscape it once hand when the New Zealanders and Maoris first landed in it in 1833. The place is the epitome of serenity, and will give you your much-needed space provided that you’re prepared to rough it out.

Top lodges in National Parks in the United States

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The national parks in the United States are probably among the best ideas of this country. Here you get a chance to see and explore nature at its finest. In these national parks, though not all of the, are lodges or inns where you can relax that tired body after a day of being on nature’s trail.

These accommodations are inside the boundaries of the parks, or if not are within a few hops away. They are properties that are beautiful, sustainable, and comfortable while being so close to nature. Here are some of the best examples of these national park inns and lodges:

Crater Lake Lodge in Crater Lake National Park

The national park in Oregon opened back in 1902 while the Crater Lake Lodge took sometime to be completed before opening in 1915. The building was renovated back I 1995. About half of the rooms of the lodge give guests a great view of the blue lake which is considered as the deepest lake in the U.S. Room rates vary from $160 to around $300.

European Travel: Finding the Best Jazz Clubs

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With the convenience that our smartphones and mp3 players provide you can listen to any kind of music anywhere you are. Electro in the bath tub, classical while in the construction site, or maybe jazz while your mother in law screams at you like crazy.

However, spending an awesome evening at a jazz club brings back the enchantment of actual and live musical performances. In this article are several places in Europe that best conveys one’s precise jazzy vibes.

European Bars

A-Trane International Jazz Club

With the honors and awards that they attained, like “Downbeat” magazine gracing it as one of the best jazz clubs in the world, it is a fact that A-Trane is precisely one of the most trendy clubs in Berlin. Having founded more than 20 years ago, biggest stars in the music industry has performed at this haven. Their list includes Diana Krall, Arthur Blythe, Ray Brown and Herbie Hancock. One of their programs, JAM or aka Jazz After Midnight, is a post-midnight sessions of serious jamming and good music.

Top 10 secluded beaches around the globe

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The beach is a place that caters to almost all types of people. Whether you’re an athletic person who wants doesn’t want to miss a workout, an adrenaline junkie who simply wants to keep their blood pumping, a nature lover who likes to bond with the elements, or an unabashed sloth who is content to spend most of the day under the shade of a tree, open to the prospect of a snooze every now and then.

The wide, empty beach is a perfect place for games like Frisbee and volleyball. The clear blue waters and seemingly endless ocean is ideal for water adventures like getting on a speedboat or a surfboard. Inhaling the fresh air cleanses your body, and digging your toes in the sand is so simple yet lots of fun.

Food Travel: Letting Moroccan flavors seduce you

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Around ten years ago, you can go to any restaurant in Marrakesh and for sure your plate will be served with some exotic floor shows complete with drummers and belly dancers. With all the frenzy your palate will really have a hard time distinguishing what’s bad and what’s not. Faux food, faux flavor and real Moroccan food done better in places like Berlin or San Francisco.

Morocco Best Restaurants

Today’s story is a few miles different. Restaurants have gone back to the roots and tap dadas, female cooks who make the best home dishes. The meals made by dadas are featured along side creations of young local chefs.

Here are some of the best restaurants in Morocco where you can meet the real local flavors to make your holiday memorable:

Classic Moroccan Flavors

La Maison Arabe

The Ugliest Airports Around the Globe

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Airports in the movies are always portrayed as squeaky clean places with fancy walkalators and big, panoramic windows. Or, if the movie is about a small island in the middle of nowhere, the airport can look like a scene from a war movie. They look pretty much like the airports we’re previewing here.

If you’re ever passing through these airports, don’t bother getting your camera out of the bag. The view’s not really something you’d want to remember.

John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York

Surprisingly enough, the first airport to make this list is the JFK International Airport in New York. Once upon a time, the airport was a pretty sight, but that was when JKF was still young, and the airport was still called Idlewind. It showcased the best assembly of modern architecture and made New York proud to be New York. Fifty years later, though, we have what modest tourists would describe as hell.

Top 5 Destinations for your Yoga Retreat

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If you enjoy your yoga sessions and love to travel, you can actually combine both passions and go on vacations to do some yoga retreats.

Yoga practitioners are living proofs that it helps rid you of stress, improves flexibility, and makes you stronger among other benefits. If you want to escape from everything, here is a list of some of the best yoga destinations:

Shreyas Resort in Bangalore, India

This resort in Bangalore offers Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Retreat where you can enjoy therapies like the abhyanga which is a traditional massage and pranayama or guided breathing. Aside from the meditation sessions, guests will also will be able to bring home something when they check-out. The yoga retreat also enriches your knowledge with vegetarian cooking lessons and consultations on how you can apply your practice of yoga into your daily life.

A Toast to the Scene: Top 5 Bars with a View

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One of the best ways to spend the first night of your vacation is to sip your favorite drink while enjoying the best side of the city or island you’re visiting. Below is a list of the top five bars with a view. Sit back and relax because you know you deserve it.

A Pie de Ma, Italy

What’s a trip to Italy without the best vantage point to the Riviera? At the A Pie d Ma, they can give you that and more. This is also the best bar to go to if you’re in the mood for some jazz music and some Negroni cocktail. Just in case you don’t know, this is a fine mix of gin, vermouth, Campari and some bitters.