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Top 10 Fun Family Adventures

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For daring, adventurous families who are tired of the ordinary trips, there are world adventures that await you and your family. Venturing outside your comfort zone will prove to be worthwhile, and will give you an experience that your whole family will still be talking about, many generations after.

Multisport Trip, Sardinia
Ciclismo Classico’s specialty remains in the Italian countryside, though they have branched out in New England and Norway. One of their famous and well-loved trips is the multisport one in Sardinia, where families can bike together along the coastline, stopping at one of the beaches for a swim. Hiking Capo Spartivento will give one an arresting view of the shoreline, and boat rides to coves, market strolls in villages are but some of the highlights of this trip. The end of your exhausting trip is at the house of your guide, who will feed you with home-grilled sausages.

Gandhi’s Home and India

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The Father of India

Mahatma Gandhi was instrumental in striving for Indian independence and even today he remains a worldwide symbol of peace. His name is something we all recognize, but few people know who he really was.

Recently, Gandhi’s home was sold in Johannesburg and after a French company managed to purchase the famous property, it was widely criticized.

The good news is, it looks like they will convert this rather historical building into a famous museum in the name of Mahatma Gandhi. It was here after all, in Johannesburg, South Africa where he spent a great deal of time pondering and formulating his philosophies on life.

The Best Summer Places To Find and Rekindle Romance

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As the summer sun dawns, the many possibilities of encountering love or renewing its flame open up. You think that the heat is getting to you or its just the matter of throwing away your plans for the entire week and a sudden zest for barefoot walks in the beaches, but summer is indeed the season for romance.  Consider these places for a getaway with your partner.

Washington: Whidbey Island

Take a ferry from Mukilteo and be captivated with Whidbey Island. Whidbey Island is one of the islands located in the Puget Sound and is part of the Island County of the state of Washington. This island features redwoods and its coasts boast of coves where you can view the Sound. Go driving across the Whidbey Isle Way, a large highway bridge that crosses the gap between the different islands. If you want to save on gas, taking it slow and riding the bike is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the scenery. Aside from these, visitors can go kayaking across the islands or take whale watching tours.

Top 5 Destinations to find great Bargains across the Globe

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There are a lot of things you can do when you go on overseas trips, but almost always a constant is shopping. Now, you wouldn’t want to spend your money on anything that actually costs more in the country or region you’re visiting. If you ever find yourself in any of these places, make sure that you buy their “bargain goods”. Below is a guideline for frugal shoppers who also like to explore all four corners of the globe.

Florida for Vintage Goods

If you’re a frequent business traveler, you must find yourself within the vicinity of Florida often. And there’s no better way to mix business with pleasure than to go shopping for the most cost-worthy goods in the market. In Florida, the best buys are vintage goods. The estate sales in this state are actually the secret sources of popular thrift shops you’ll find in New York and Los Angeles.

25 Things you can do in Europe for free

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With the tough economy and unstable exchange rates, going for a holiday in Europe does not come cheap. If you are on a tight budget, every discount or freebie is a big help to stretch you travel money. Here are some of the best things to do in Europe for free:

Watch the sunset at Pliazzale Michelangelo in Florence, Italy

The Piazzale Michelangelo is just a few minutes away from the city center of Florence. The place provides a spectacular view that can be considered as one of the best in Italy. You will also see here one of the fake David’s in Florence. It is great to see this place during the day but it is a different experience when you get there before sunset and watch the sun go down the horizon.

Listen to the choir of Westminster Abbey in London

Top 5 attractions in South Korea outside of Seoul

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When it comes to global travel and tourism, Asian countries have no problem coping with their rising popularity among travelers. The influx of tourists from different parts of the world provides good business for Asian countries, especially after the recession struck in 2008. With the help of discounted travel packages and a new line of budget airlines, the Far East is now easily accessible to backpackers, families going on a holiday, and even students on a budget who have a bit of time off from school.

Many travelers now seek out the mystical ashrams in India, the lush rice paddies in Vietnam, the many modern buildings that continue to crop up in China, the relaxing baths in Japan in contrast to their buzzing cities, and the beautiful beaches in the Philippines. These days, Korea is also nudging its way in the market, with a steady stream of tourists visiting this country each year.

6 Essential Streets You Need to Visit to Know Bangkok

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Given only a few days to get to know an entire city, it’s pretty hard for an independent traveler to plot out the journey. When you’re visiting Bangkok, however, it really only comes down to these six streets. Once you’ve explored all of them, it’s safe to say that you’ve looked at Bangkok at all (essential) angles and you can write that travelogue without guilt .Take a sneak peek of them through this list.

Trok Issaranuphap

When you visit Bangkok’s Chinatown, you’ll probably be led by younger Thais to Sampaeng Lane, Yaowarat  or Charoen Krung. As the older ones know, though, the best of goods are sold in Trok Issaranuphap. You simply can’t leave Bangkok without visiting this strip.

At the tip of this narrow alley, you’ll be awestruck by a Chinese temple called Mangkon Kamalawat. As you walk further, you’ll see the wet market where there’s a wide variety of stalls selling prepared food. Notorious for its exotic cuisine, though, these are definitely not suited for the fainthearted.

Top 7 places to experience the best Italian foods and drinks without being in Italy

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When you think of Italy, you think of great food. Imagine Italy and you see a rustic environment, air filled with flavors, pizza, cheese, pasta, wine… yummy! If you are bored with the Italian restaurant a few blocks away from home or if you are traveling for business or pleasure and craving for Italian food, there are certain places across the globe where your cravings will be answered.

These little Italies come complete with the food factor, authenticity of the cuisines, and really very Italian feel of everything. The ambiance is not just created by interior designers to make a good image of a business but real warmth that you feel when you look for something Italian.

Norton Street in Sydney, Australia