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6 new fascinating architectures around the world

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Today, architecture has changed significantly; no longer is a building a simple structure on the urban landscape; it now has something that makes it stand out: texture. Gone are the days when people only waited for the tallest building. Architecture continues to challenge its boundaries, giving us new types of structures that are appealing inside and out. Here are some of the most interesting structures—or wonders—of the world.

Guangzhou TV Tower in Guangzhou, China

What makes this structure most interesting is that unlike many other wonderful structures in the world, this has the features of a woman. This makes it known as the twisted lady, or the supermodel. Two thousand feet high, it is certainly an imposing structure. At the “waist” part (560 feet off the ground), a staircase replaces floors and walls, so that visitors can see the texture of the structure. Inside it are also a couple of rotating restaurants where you can dine with a view, several shops, as well as a movie theatre. If you plan to visit and stay nearby, the Grand Hyatt in Guangzhou is a 23-story hotel in the central business district. It costs around $175 to $230 for a stay for two.

The World’s Most Challenging Hiking Trails

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If you’re into extreme sports, and you’ve just recently crossed hiking off your list, step back and think about it again. Below are the most challenging hike trails that are sure to keep your heart pumping from start to finish. These trails are definitely not for beginners. The terrains have been proven deadly for some hikers, and that isn’t just a figure of speech. If you think you’ve been trained enough, though, go ahead and pack your bags.

California: Cable Route, Half Dome, Yosemite National Park

There have been a minimum of five hikers who have plunged to their deaths from the Half Dome of Yosemite. The hike is a short eight miles, but the terrain is deadly challenging, so much so that only the gutsiest hikers ever mark it on their maps. What starts off as a fairly average hike would lead you to the most difficult 400-foot climb up a granite wall. This is the last leg of the hike.

Aurora borealis


Aurora borealis is almost impossible to be described. It is fantastic and overwhelming.

It is one of the reasons making a journey to the North Pole worthy. Even if you love sunny places, swimming and beaching, you will be very enthusiastic seeing this uncomparable phenomen. Nevertheless, scientifically speaking, it is only ionized gas(plasma).

The reality is overwhelming, you will agree with me. You will experience the magic of North, and the Call of North. Visit some places which are not remoted from the Arctic Circle(Iceland,Lapland etc) to make your own photo of Aurora Borealis.


What do you think of it? You will believe for sure, not to be on Earth anymore!

Travel Destinations: Best island escapes offering extraordinary experiences

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There is something about islands that make us fall in love with them. We are fascinated with a piece of land amid great waters, or maybe an oddly shaped by nature speck of earth, and even a temple located in the middle of a lagoon in the heart of a park in the city. A good effort is needed to get to an island maybe by crossing a bridge, taking a boat, or renting a private plane. And when you set foot on the island, you just know you are somewhere unique.

Bora Bora Island in the French Polynesia

Getting Down Under With Some Crocs

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aus2Recently there has been public outcry in Australia after attempts were made to legalize the hunting of crocodiles for sport.  This form of ‘entertainment’ has been wildly criticized by the RSPCA, Humane Society International and also the International Fund for Animal Welfare to name but a few.

Genuine Mexican Foods that you must not miss when you’re in Mexico

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Travelers to Mexico often think there’s nothing much to discover in the local cuisine thanks to commercial establishments back home that offer cheap imitations of “traditional” Mexican dishes.

Today, we’re here to set the record straight and countdown ten of the must try foods you should definitely partake of when you visit this wild and beautiful country. Forget the blobs of murky beans, packaged tortillas or slimy cheeses that have obviously been overcooked because these are definitely not what you’ll be feasting on. If you’re used to flavorless tomatoes served with dry, tasteless chicken, like the ones you get at that Mexican food stand at the corner near your house, then you’re in for a real treat.

Perfect Bike Routes for your Family Vacation in the U.S.

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If you want something different this summer because your kids are tired of the monotonous beach trips you’ve been taking, what about going on a bike tour instead? It’s good exercise, it’s environmentally friendly, and it’s exciting because it’s new. There are also plenty of bike routes in the US that are family-friendly.

If you’re closest to Idaho and you don’t want to venture too far from your home to enjoy a bike trip with your family, you must try the Route of the Hiawatha. This is only open from May to October, though. The best thing about this bike trail is the 15 miles of scenery you’ll enjoy as you pass by the Bitterroot Mountains. A shuttle service can transport you and your family from Pearson to Roland trailheads so you won’t have to pedal your way uphill. You don’t even have to bring your own bike. You can rent one at the Lookout Pass Ski Area so you can explore the nine tunnels in the trail. One that’s especially impressive is the Taft Tunnel. This runs for 1.7 miles, and it even crosses the divide between Montana and Idaho.

13 Coolest Pools in the World


Pools mean parties, exercise, relaxation, romance and the list goes on. Those who love the water know that a cool pool looks good and somehow blends with the landscape, environment, and the climate.

We browsed the net for the coolest swimming pools constructed around the world. It will be worth it to drop by one of these places to take a dip if you are in the area.

San Alfonso Del Mar Pool

This pool in Algarrobo, Chile holds about 66 million gallons of water and built over 20 acres of land. When you see this pool, you will think you are seeing a mini-ocean. The Guinness World Book of Records gives it the title of being the largest pool in the world. The deepest point is at 115 feet and you might not want to swim here but kayaking is the in thing.