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Explore Orlando (and Hogwarts) in 2010


The future opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has everyone holding their breath in anticipation. Come spring, Harry Potter fans can visit Universal Orlando and experience a truly Potter-ific time at the vast theme park. Fans both young and old from around the world is expected to throng the park to taste butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks, wear the very same uniforms Harry, Ron and Hermione wore and explore the wonderful world of Hogwarts. However, Universal Orlando is not just the only interesting venue in Orlando – other opportunities are abound, so here are some of the places to visit and things to see while in Orlando, Florida.

Top 7 Picnic Places in America

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Texture affects how food tastes sometimes, but so can the setting. According to some avid picnickers, their palates are just satisfied easier when they break bread and pop champagnes outdoors. Salads just seem to taste fresher, and sandwiches, more flavorful than if you ate them, for example, inside your gray, boring office.

There’s something about picnics that just warms the soul. For big picnic fans, you might want to try out the best picnic spots you can find across the states.

Sonoita Vineyards in Arizona

According to Chef Gred LaPrad who is based in Phoenix, he and his wife love to drive 50 miles out of Tucson just to go to Sonoita Vineyards. Here, they get to enjoy the grassy fields, which provide a rustic and rural backdrop to their meals. You might also want to pack some dog treats for the vineyard owner’s dogs named Tonka and Tiger.

Travel Adventure: Best destinations for whitewater rafting

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If you are seeking for some adrenaline pumping travel adventure, you might want to consider whitewater rafting. It will be a ride of your life as you negotiate the great rapids. This travel experience may be one of the best experiences of your life yet whitewater rafting does not require much of training.

The rivers for whitewater rafting are ranked depending on their roughness and maneuverability. The easiest will be Class I which is practically peanuts for any one since it does not have a lot of rough areas and does not require maneuvering. Class IV or V is the other end of the story where the rapids is practically unraftable.

We list down some of the top whitewater rafting destinations:

Magpie River in Quebec, Canada

20 Summer Travel Ideas

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We love the sun, sand, and the water but the summer is long and we just have to come up with more ideas to have fun and make sure the season is well spent. Here are some travel ideas that you may want to consider this summer…

Be close to wilderness

If you area heading to Europe, you can come close to nature and the wild in different wild pockets in the region:

Go up to the mountains of Montenegro

Europe has a long stretch of the Prokletije mountain range that crosses Bosnia, Kosovo, Albani, Macedonia, and Montenegro. This is only for extreme adventurers since the maps cannot guide you well thru the mountains and the facilities are not yet so developed. Add to that traces of war. The most accessible part of the mountain range today is in Montenegro. If you want to skip Prokletije, you can try the canyon in Durmitor National Park which is considered deepest in Europe.

10 best establishments that are open 24/7 in the U.S.

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While the rest of the world is fast asleep in their beds, tucked snugly under their covers, night owls everywhere else are wide awake. Some are up because due to sleeping problems while others may have to stay up late because of work. Whatever your reason is for being up and about at night, chances are there will come a time that you’re bored out of your wits with nothing to do and nowhere to go to.

Today then is your lucky day because we’ll be sharing with you ten of the best all-night spots located all across the U.S. so you know where to find the places where you can hang out, have a bite to eat, go shopping, or even get a relaxing body scrub. By sharing this bit of information with you, we hope to make your nights a little less boring and tiresome, and provide you with the perfect antidote to another sleepless night. So if you’re not exactly looking forward to another monotonous evening flipping through the hundred or so channels on TV, grab your jacket and head out to the following places.

Folding and notfolding bikes

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Supposing you are an addicted biker, and also an addicted traveler, as we all here are. We must find a solution for these two innofensive (even positive ) addictions to match. Let us do together, in this post.

If you travel away, and want to bike there, you can of course hire a bike. Or you can take your bike with you, with these inconvenients: transportation could be too expensive and the bike could be dammaged, stolen, etc.

Some of these inconvenients would dissapear if you have a folding bike! But these bikes are more complex and more expensive. But it is also said, they would be more performant! Folding bikes are popular in Britain, but not very popular in U.S. Well, buyer’s behaviour is not easy to understand sometimes!

Top 10 Fitness Vacations that you can have


Everyone wants to shed off some pounds but who will want it to work out while having a holiday? Fortunately you can mix your drive to slim down while traveling and having a fitness vacation.

You read it right, you can get those six pack abs, muscle cuts anywhere you want while seeing the nicest place in the world. Check out our list below where you can get a hot, firm body as souvenir:

Alsace, France

If you have a Lance Armstrong in you but you are not really ready to go around France on a bicycle don’t be disheartened. Grab the bike and go the Alsace Region of France just by the German and Swiss borders to have a fitness vacation you will not forget.

Best View in Maine: Every Hiker’s Dream Trail

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There are a lot of ways for you to explore Maine. It’s the hiking capital of the US, and if you only have a chance to hike there once and you want the best experience you can ever have, then you better follow our trail.

Managing the Appalachian Trail, Northern Maine

You can always explore the Appalachian Trail any other way, but this particular trail is far removed from civilization. It will make you forget that you’re near any city, and isn’t that what hiking’s all about, to be one with nature and to forget the crowds and the concrete buildings? In this trail, you go straight to Maine’s backwoods. There are no honking horns, not signs of city slickers (save for you), and the best part is, you’re still in control.