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Travel Tips: Lowering the risk of accidents when you drive abroad

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Recently, a series of fatal accidents has hit the headlines and news on TV, and has put the spotlight on driving safety. As the summer approaches, millions of holidaymakers will be using vehicles while in another country . If you are among these numbers, what do you need to remember so you can somehow avoid accidents while driving abroad?


Research well ahead of your travel so you know of the driving habits of the locals, traffic laws, conditions of the road, common problems encountered on the road, and possible dangers while driving. Make sure you know the local road etiquette and recognize the road signs in your destination.

Make sure you have road maps or GPS. Also plan ahead of time so you know the most effective and safest roads to take for your journey.


Shopping without a Tour Guide in Shanghai

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Surely, you’ve heard of the booming commercial center in China. Shanghai is now one of the world’s prime shopping destination. With the sheer volume of people going to Shanghai for the goods and the equally massive number of merchants trying to pry your shopping money away from you, it’s easy to get lost.

Some people pay as much as $100 for a guided tour, which limits what shopping experience you could have had if you went ahead and explored Shanghai on your own. There’s another option: get a map. Know the prime spots you can get to on your own, and put on your most comfortable shoes. Below are the easiest and the best shopping spots to conquer solo.

Nanjing Road

World Restaurant and Bar Tab Etiquette: Global Tipping Rules

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One of the most difficult things to figure out when you’re traveling is whether to tip a waiter or not. Below is a basic guideline of how much to tip while you’re globetrotting. Say goodbye to awkward moments in foreign restaurants and bars. Now, you can dodge scowling waiters because you won’t have to tip too little on trips again.

Canada and the United States

When you’re in the US or in Canada, it’s considered rude not to leave a tip for the waiters. This is especially true in the USA where the customer’s gratuity is considered part of a waiter’s wage. You’d be looked down on if you leave less than 15% of your tab. Word even has it that the stakes have been raised today. The new tipping norm is now 17% to 20% of your bill’s total.

Capture Moments with Samsung’s 12 Mega-Pixel Cameras

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Samsung is one of the world leaders in producing some of the finest multimedia devices for your comfort. Recently they have introduced their new 12 megapixel digital cameras code name TL321 and HZ15W.

Samsung TL321
Samsung’s new TL321 offers advanced high definition video recording at a resolution of 720p along with HDMI connectivity through the use of a cradle to view one’s video and photos in HD clarity on an HDTV.  It utilizes H.264 compression so that users can record HD video for longer periods of time.


Key Features include

  • 12 MegaPixel Camera
  • 5x optimal zoon
  • Schneider KREUZNACH Lens
  • 720P HD Resolution with HDMI connectivity
  • Measures 97mm x 60mm x 21.8mm

Samsung HZ15W
Samsung’s HZ15W offers 10x optical zoon and puts high definition video recording in the palm of user’s hand. This camera has the ability to record HD videos at a resolution of 720p. Just like TL321 it incoporates H.264 compression and offers consumers true HDMI connectivity.

The Perfect Lima Vacation

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Known to many as the ‘City of Kings‘, Lima, Peru is one of the most beautiful modern cities today. With an eclectic mixture of Spanish colonial architecture, ancient Peruvian ruins, and ultra-chic modern buildings and attractions, Lima has developed a certain reputation over the years as a quickly developing hot spot for tourism.


Writing beyond being read: An interview with Christopher Elliott

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Every writer has a purpose. Every time you tickle the keyboard, you will be giving birth to phrases, to sentences, to an article that will help you preserve memories, share your experiences, impart wisdom, or help people in need.

Writing is a journey and as we go along the rough dealings of life, we find our voice through words. In this age of information, it is very easy to connect with people regardless of distances and it is very easy to reach out to seek help or help out. We discover ourselves through our journeys, through the people we meet, and through the travel destinations we see. Writing about it is another story. There will be times when we come up with a page full of words in matter of minutes but there will be moments of struggle as a writer.

Nippon the right way: top five rookie mistakes made by travelers going to Japan

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Lots of travelers today are on the look-out for destinations that are off the beaten track. You know what we mean: far flung places that you’ve never heard of before, communities that haven’t made it yet in travel magazines, etcetera. And yet despite the increasing urge to go out and explore someplace new, countries that have long been popular with tourists are still getting a lot of attention today. One such example is the intriguing country of Japan, which has a fantastic mix of a modern, futuristic vibe and ancient traditions.

There are so many attractions in this country that it’s no wonder tourists keep flocking in to get a taste of that unique Japanese experience. However, it’s easy to get caught up in all the hype especially if you’re a first time visitor and get all your travel tips from movies and commercial advertisements. Here are the top five rookie mistakes often made by travelers making their way to Japan, and the ways you can make it up to yourself.

Handy ATM tips for travelers abroad

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Traveling abroad incurs lots of expenses that we can’t avoid. In today’s modern world, credit cards and traveler’s checks make our vacations easy and worry free, but let’s face it: being armed with cold cash can save you in many a desperate situation and even save a potentially disastrous day. While credit cards are now accepted worldwide from big shopping malls to quaint little coffee houses, not all establishments accept them. For example, street vendors in Hong Kong offer numerous items from handbags to AA batteries to sunglasses and pillow cases, but they only deal with cash; a real silk scarf can be had in the bazaars in Istanbul, but only if you have the money to buy it with. This is precisely the reason why ATMs machines are like a shining beacon of hope to travelers making their way in a foreign country. Ask around among travelers and they’ll probably tell you that one of the first things they look for upon arrival at their destination is and bright, shiny ATMs.