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Travel Tips: How to avoid pickpockets in Paris

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Ah Paris. This city is, perhaps, every cosmopolitan traveler’s dream. With its amazing architecture and sights, scrumptious cuisine, and romantic scenes, who wouldn’t want to spend a day sipping latte at one of those al fresco cafes while watching people go about their ways?

Then again, one of the many reasons tourists are rethinking twice of visiting this great capital is petty crime. Pick pocketing and snatching to be exact. With the huge number of people visiting spots like the Louvre and Eiffel Tower on a daily basis, many tourists have experienced having their purses snatched.

Travel Tips Paris

However, like many famous tourist spots in the world, petty crimes like pick pocketing and purse-snatching shouldn’t hinder you from seeing the great capitals of the world. An avid traveler would know how to arm himself with basic know-hows to make travel and adventure both fun and safe.

What not to do during your Peru holiday

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You are excited for you Peru holiday and you have browsed thru several Peru guidebooks, surfed the net for different Peru travel guides, and listed the different best Peru destinations and best things to do in Peru like trekking the Andes, trying a Pisco, or getting up close with an alpaca. Now here are things that you need to avoid when you visit Peru:

Do not limit yourself to Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu should be among your top destinations in Peru but do not limit yourself to this remarkable wonder of the world. Tourists will be flocking here but make most of your time in Peru and pick two or three more destinations for your Peru holiday.

Do not skip Lima

Top 6 Portugal hostels

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If you find yourself worrying about where you’ll be staying every time you go on a holiday out of town, considering traveling to Portugal. This country is far from being short of hostels that cater to all types of travelers. In Lisbon city, there are more or less 40 different hostels that you can choose from. So, fear not, dear traveler; you can be sure that you’ll have a roof over your head when you visit Portugal. Here are a couple that you might like to check out.




24 hours in Shanghai: Things to do and places to visit

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Think the Beijing Olympics stadium was an intriguing and fascinating piece of architecture? You’re only at the beginning of what Shanghai, the new cutting-edge city of the world, has to offer. After what Beijing unveiled to the world, Shanghai is now being given a chance to show what it’s made of—through the 56th World Fair. From its beginning in 1851, this year is said to be the grandest in the history of world fairs. It is but natural to be hosted in Shanghai—a two-square-mile site in the Huangpu River gives space to a pavilion for each of the nation in the world. Running from May to October of 2010, the Expo is a must-see for everyone. And since you will be in Shanghai as well, here are some tips on how you can spend an entire day in this bustling city.

Check in at PuLi Hotel, 9am

How to save money by choosing the right travel bag

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Travelers who are on the lookout for ways to save money and stretch their hard earned budgets can add another tip to their list: finding the appropriate bag to bring on your trip. Baggage fees incurred for excess or overweight baggage can burn a big hole in your pocket, especially if you don’t take the time to think about which bags you’ll be using for your vacation. Most of the time, we  either make the mistake of bringing a bag that’s too small to fit your two-week wardrobe, or one that’s simply too big to fit three days and two nights worth of clothes.

Travel guide San Francisco: 10 things you can do for free in San Francisco

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San Francisco is no doubt among the most expensive cities to live in and to visit in the United States but your San Francisco holiday does not have to drain your savings. Budget travel San Francisco is possible and there are a lot of things that you can do for free in San Francisco:

Golden Gate Park

The SF Golden Gate Park is among the best parks in the U.S. It has the same configuration as the Central Park in New York but it is about twenty five percent bigger. You can walk around the park and enjoy its green spaces, have picnic, ride a bike, or visit the museums around the park. It is pretty convenient if you love to checkout the dining scene and nightlife in the city as the districts of Unner Sunset and Haight are just nearby.

Cable Car Museum

10 Steps you can take to avoid or handle medical emergencies abroad


There are things that you cannot plan for no matter how you try to but there is a big difference when you are prepared for the unexpected. We list some tips that you can check out to avoid any health hazards before traveling or what you should do in case you encounter an emergency while overseas.

Go for a checkup with your doctor before you travel

It will be wise to see your doctor prior to going overseas. Make sure that you body is in good shape especially if you have not had a check-up recently. Tell your doctor about any unusual physical activity that you might do, like if you are planning to climb a mountain or jump off a cliff.

You can also ask if they will recommend any vaccination. Eight weeks before traveling, it is recommended that you have the necessary shots.

Top 8 Travel Tips for Choosing that One Bag: The Art of Light Travel, Simplified

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Getting the most expensive bag of the lot doesn’t make a light traveler out of you. Below is a list of the best eight travel  tips for choosing the right carry-on.

Tip #1 Find out your airline’s weight limit for carry-ons

Once you step into the luggage section of any department store, sales people will crowd you and probably convince you to buy a bag that’s bigger than what you need. Remember that most of the expensive packs in this section are for camping. You’re purchasing a bag for a weekend getaway whenever you take the plane. Most airlines only allow up to 15kg for carry-ons. Buy a bag that’s just small enough for this weight limit.

Tip #2 Always go for quality