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10 things to avoid in Barcelona

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If you plan to visit Barcelona, keep in mind the following dont’s. If you already visited Barcelona, maybe can you confirm all these things. And if you visited Barcelona, but were not aware of these things to avoid, keep them in mind for your next trip to Barca!

1.Dangerous places: avoid empty streets, and also the streets from the old city. Avoid particularly Barri Gotic and El Raval, where the thiefs operate in gangs. The peak hours for pocket thiefs are 21-24 when most of the locals eat, and the streets are crowded with tourists, and also at dawn(3-6) when the target are the drunked.

2.Boutiques for leather accesoires from La Rambla. The leather is not the best, and the prices are shameles.

3.Gambling in La Rambla. You might think, that your chances to win are high. But keep in mind that almost all surounding people are together. Avoid also the gitanes who try selling you flowers, while they research your pockets.

The cheapest ways to get an upgraded holiday

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Travelers on a tight budget are used to getting by on the bare minimum. After all, that’s what budget traveling is all about: to see the world without having to empty your savings account. Seasoned budget travelers have become experts in finding out the cheapest but also clean places to sleep in; the restaurants that serve giant proportions but charge you half of what other dining places usually ask for; and the best time to book flights to snag those cheap plane tickets on sale.

Travel Tips: How to have a cheaper holiday

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As we keep ourselves busy trying to earn some money to pay bills and live a comfortable life, and we get a few days of break in a year. We enjoy these days off away from everything but we tend to spend a lot and burn a big hole into our savings account. There are simple ways though to get our dream holiday way cheaper than normal:

Save money when booking your flight

Applying the right strategy when buying your plane tickets will save you a lot of hard earned cash. It is best to take a flight midweek when the airfare is cheapest. Surveys show that the cheapest day to purchase your ticket is on Tuesdays.

If you are flying with another person, split the purchase when shopping for tickets. When you do this, the system will not consider the seats together and you might actually shave off some amount on the fare.

5 Tips on how to travel like a pro

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First time to fly? Avoid getting the ire of those intimidating business people who fly back and forth several cities on a monthly basis. With these helpful tips from travel enthusiast, you too can take to the skies like a seasoned jetsetter.

Air Travel

Avoid excess baggage

Again, how do business travelers manage to fly out with just one briefcase or the smallest carry on fit for normal travel behavior? It’s not even about how short their business vacation is, since most of them do fly out for an entire week. It’s all in the art of professional packing—you bring only the basics and buy what you need when you get to your destination. Moreover, follow airline instructions and restrictions about liquids, baggage size and weight, and other reminders to avoid paying extra at the gates, which causes unnecessary stress not only to you but your fellow boarders as well.

2012 Travel Trends

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If you love to travel and is wondering the travel trends this 2012 look at the list we’ve come up with and be in the loop of what to expect this year.

Air Travel Tax Increase

Check your airplane ticket thoroughly especially at the bottom part to know all the restrictions before making an airfare deal. There is a significant increase in the propose fee on air travel tax specifically in Costa Rica where you need to pay a departure tax of more than $20. In Great Britain they also have this disputable Air Passenger Duty, which is meant to raise fund to offset the environmental impact of flying. 

More Popular Mobile Apps

Expect the apps announcements to be more beneficial and focused this 2012, as travelers demand a phone applications that helps them accomplish more tasks faster. Anything else that will not be helpful and beneficial will be deleted.  

Eating Your Way through Vietnam: Every Traveler’s Food Guide

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If you’re going to Vietnam for an educational tour, or simply to get some nature into your city-stricken body, then the best way to truly dig into the culture is to dig into your plate. This is one of the most culture-rich countries in Asia, and you will practically taste the diversity in their native dishes.

It’s interesting to note that almost every aspect of the Vietnamese native’s life revolves around food—from the cultivation of crops to the preparation of the dishes and finally, to the communal pleasure of sharing something that warms the tummy. Even the country’s commercial side is dominated by food. If you’re traveling to Vietnam with fresh eyes, you’ll realize that the economy of this Asian country depends on food.

Things You Should Never Do When You’re in Las Vegas

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When you’re in Sin City, you can naturally get carried away. And why shouldn’t you? With all the light shows and the booze, this seems like a city filled with infinite possibilities—for the weekend anyway, when there are the best Las Vegas shows. However, if you’re really smart, you won’t do anything you’d regret when you’re on your plane ride home.

Getting married and losing more money than you planned are the most obvious no-nos. You’d be surprised though at the common mistakes people do in Las Vegas which made it to our list.

Use the Casino’s ATMs

A surefire way for you to lose money fast in Las Vegas is to use the ATMs located at the Casinos. These things can charge you anything between $2 and $6 per transaction, and what’s worse is they’re legally allowed to charge these fees. It’s close to getting held up, except that you chose to lose that money.

Been good, been naughty: Dealing with gifts during your holiday travel

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You can still celebrate this holiday season with a big smile even if you will be spending days of it away from home. The only catch is knowing how to ship your gifts. On the one hand, it is even harder to solve the problem of knowing how to get your gifts sent to the most special people in your heart—be it through a carry on, a shipping company, a check, a package delivery company and many more.

big suitcase with gifts for Christmas
Imagine the worst inconveniences such as weighing your package and weighing the costs of giving these gifts out, paying added fees and sizing up and down your packages so that they fit into your budget. One solution to such inconveniences is utilizing the use of Christmas cards, accessing available online gift shopping which offers direct shipping to your destination or rekindling the best experiences there are instead of giving out material objects (i.e., family dinner or sweet ride above the air).