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Must Check out Websites for Travelers

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Thanks to the Internet we get to do anything we want online. Recently I’ve come across a few traveling websites that can not only help you arrange your trip but also book hotels/public transport and do more.

1. TripIT

TripIt offers the best way to organize and share your travel plans. All you have to do is simply forward your individual booking confirmations, reservation emails etc. TripIt will recognize these emails and create a master itinerary that puts together all the individual pieces, provides extra information.It also enables the user to add notes and ultimately share and collaborate on this master itinerary with others.

2.  ATMLocator


ATMLocator is a free service provided by Visa that allows you to instantly locate ATM cash machines in your vincinity. All you have to do is select the country and city name along with the pin code and it will provide you address details and map for each ATM. Currently, it covers over 170 countries worldwide.

A Guide to Tipping For Travelers



In the United States tipping is almost always expected. In other countries around the world tipping is often considered an insult or is looked down upon. This guide will teach you how to tip properly while traveling. During the holidays for example, it is a common courtesy to simply tip more than you would during the rest of the year.

Waitresses and Waiters

If you are visiting a big city where the cost of living is higher, then be kind and tip your waiter at least 18%. If the service is exceptional go ahead and tip more according to your standards. A 15% or even 10% tip isn’t recommended anymore and is considered an insult.

Hotel Work Staff

Travel Tips: In the economy class and enjoying it (or not)

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TraveTravel tipsling in an economy class is never sensational. But why not – the amount I am ought to pay for a fancy business class seats practically equals my budget for my entire three month trip in Indonesia. Harassed by handful vicious flights and getting stuck in airport has made me learned important things.

The early bird promo

Avoiding middle seats is a must! Being early in the airport early gives you a greater chance of appealing and possibly receiving relatively spacious seats in windows, aisles, and exit rows. Therefore, even if you’re going to sit inside the plane for more than half a day, an extra hour early won’t even cause more pain in the butt.

Bring your home along

Enormous Fees that can be added to your Hotel Bill

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Booking at a five-star hotel is fine, that is, until you get your bill while you’re checking out. Suddenly, your $245 a night hotel room is double the price, and why? Because you availed of “services” which you just assumed came with the package. Before you order a room service massage or any use any of the amenities in your hotel, look at the factors which can hike up your hotel bill.

Early Check In

While some people think that checking in early is pretty harmless as long as the room’s already vacant, think again. A lot of hotels actually charge high fees for early check ins. You can add $20 to $50 to your hotel bill just by arriving too early. These are true most especially in very accommodating hotels like the Hyatt Regency and the Hilton.

Credit Card Transactions

Travel Tips: Factors to consider when traveling during the holidays

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The holidays see the onslaught of seasonal travelers sharing the busy airports worldwide with more experienced frequent travelers. While the stressful crowd may be overwhelmed by the festive atmosphere, one must still consider a few factors.


As roads to and from the airport are clogged and parking spaces are full, it is best to commute instead of experiencing the inconvenience of not finding a parking slot or being forced to park a long way from the airport, ending up walking through bad weather with all your luggage. One may hire a taxi, airport shuttle service or any mode of public transportation to get to the airport.


Find the Best WiFi Spots in a given area with HeatMapper

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If there ever was a software that made you look like a treasure hunter (or a fool) then HeatMapper is it!

HeatMapper is a free Wi-Fi Mapping software, which allows you to find the best WiFi spots in a given area. What’s unique is how it maps them!

You are required to load an image of the area you’d like to map (eg. a floorplan of your 3 bedroom apartment) then left click the location you’re at on the floorplan image you loaded (on your portable) and slowly start walking around the wifi region. If you are on an airport this software could come in handy then as well.

HeatMapper will begin collecting signal data as you walk around! Its best that you left click your current location on the image frequently while walking around as this will help the software fine tune its findings. Once you’re done just right click and the data gets saved!

8 Ways to make most of your dollars when traveling in Europe

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The dollar has been gaining some grounds against the euro but this does not make your European travel any cheap. The airline tickets are still very expensive while restaurants, museums, hotels, and other attractions will still put a good dent on your travel budget. Here are some tips to help you stretch your travel money in Europe:

Leisure destinations over cities that cater to business travelers

If you will be going to Italy, you will most likely spend more if you opt for Rome than Florence. The same is true if you are going to Russia and decide to stay in Moscow than St. Petersburg. That’s because these cities are more of business traveler oriented. If you will be heading to cities like Paris or London that attract a good number of road warrior and tourists, try to stay in a university neighborhood or residential area where you can book affordable hotels and cheaper restaurants.

Travel tips: Packing your hand luggage right

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If you are going for a short escape from city life, travelling with just a hand luggage can save you a lot of time and money. Instead of checking in your luggage, you will be able to stretch your budget and get better value of your dollars.

Here are some benefits when you just bring a hand luggage during short travels:

Cheaper – save some money since you will not need to check in any bags.

Quicker – Save some minutes of your time lining up on the check in for your luggage. After the trip, you do not have to await by the bags carousel since you do not have any. Going to the taxi queue will also not be a hassle because you will be ahead of the rest of passengers. Less lines in airports translates to lesser amount of stress you subject yourself to.