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Tips on Cutting down on your Travel Expenses this 2010


The past year has been a year of travel deals when airlines and resorts practically did everything to get those bookings. Life has been easy for travelers who got the best travel deals our pockets can afford.

According to experts, 2010 might be a year when the economy will go on a slight rebound so airlines and hotels will also have a different set of strategies. They might not cut down on those rates as much to attract visitors. Here are some tips we want to share with you so you can still save on your travel expenses this 2010:

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World’s most spectacular tunnels

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Building tunnels is a peak of the construction art and science. Walking or going through a tunnel is a very impressive thing for many people, nevertheless they don’t think about that at the instant.

Fact is that building tunnels is not necessary a modern knowledge. Unbelievable, but true, there are man made tunnels which are very old. Very old, but not obsolete: an Iranian aqua duct serving for water transport is 5000 years old, and still in use! You don’t need to be a construction engineer for thinking about the difficulties of building a tunnel (alignment, evacuation of spoil,etc). I think those antic constructors are really to admire.

In the good old times the tunnels had mainly defense purposes, they were secret passages. Newer, in the modern times, things changed dramatically, but a tunnel remains a masterpiece.

Hidden travel costs

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Travelling to a favourite destination is probably on everybody’s wish list. Who would not want to soak in the sun on a pearly white beach, with the sea gently lapping at your feet? It is probably one step away from paradise. If you were to ask a mother of two, she would still be very hesitant to say that she is any where near paradise – any guesses why? Well, coming to think of it, the answer is pretty simple – the cost of travel today.

Tips on Credit Card Use While on an Overseas Trip

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A lot of people have a love affair with credit cards and quite often they look at the magnetic stripped accessories as plastic fantastic. Credit cards are certainly hallmarks of the idea of power spending.

Despite the kind of leverage that these cards provide, there are some disadvantages to relying on them too much. First and foremost, having a credit card can make you a target for fraud.

Credit card fraud is indeed a big business for some criminal types. The war against credit card fraud is a battle which costs the financial industry billions of dollars each year. The costs of fighting fraud in the United Kingdom during 2007 alone equals 535 million pounds or 830 million US dollars.

Credit card companies use a lot of strategies and measures in order to prevent fraud from happening. Unfortunately these measures can also hassle the credit card owners who might be traveling.

Travel Tips: Scams you need to be careful of when you travel abroad

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There is a bigger probability that you are safer when you travel abroad than in your own country but there are some travel scams that seem to be common to any travel destination that we know of. So whether you are on transit, talking to people, or buying something it is always best to keep in mind that if something is too good to be true, then it must really be too good to be true.

Airport taxi

This happens everywhere. Cab drivers taking you around the city will try everything in the book to milk some extra cash from clueless travelers. You will be asked for an extra charge on top of the metered fare, will not use the meter at all, or just drive you around the streets before you realize that you should have just crossed the street where you were standing and you would have been there.

Yogyakarta and the myth of Borobudur Temple

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Indonesia is a beautiful country that I regularly fly to. Whether it’s for the bustling city life in Jakarta or the serene Balinese islands that constantly lure my physical and spiritual self to visit, I love Indonesia and never fail to recommend it to people who want an experience of a lifetime. But for seasoned travelers who have been to Indonesia and want an out of the ordinary vacation, why not take an hour’s flight from Jakarta to Yogyakarta and visit the Borobudur Temple?

Also known as Candi Borobudur, this magnificent temple was literally carved out of volcanic stones during the reign of the Sailendra dynasty, which is estimated to be around 700-850 AD. Historians are clearly awed at the majestic structure but was baffled as to how and why the temple was erected. They were also puzzled how the temple was abandoned and was consecutively covered by thick layers of ashes (there were lots of volcanoes in the area). The Borobudur temple was rediscovered by the British as they came to Indonesia for the first time in the 1800’s.

5 Websites to Help Refine Your Travel Plans

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The Internet has opened a world without borders for people who reside in different continents and countries. Given the right site and tools, people located in Africa can communicate with anyone from Alaska. It is this particular far-ranging anchors of the technology that allows the mind to travel and experience other cultures.

Necessity is the mother of invention they say and every traveler will need handy information wherever she may roam. The Internet  fulfills that basic function. But the more important question is: Is the information that we need presented in the form that will help us?

This particular question led to the inception of Christopher Muise, who was once a member of a large travel company, had the privilege of being able to go on planes for free and without needing to get  a seat reserved. After working in that profession for 13 years, he finally had to quit and book his trip in advance and pay his way.

Top Travel tips for road trips with kids

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If you are preparing for a family road trip, then you might find the following tips useful to make your bonding time as smooth sailing as possible:

Bathroom breaks

During a long cruise on the high way or country roads, we commonly look for gas stations whenever one has to go. One better alternative is to look for small budget hotels along the road. You will find them mostly near the exits of major roads. These hotels will have a cleaner bathrooms compared to those in restaurants and gas stations which is used by a lot of travellers.

Keep the kids busy

Kids find long drives boring especially if you do not bring some toys for them. One that may actually work aside from their favorite toys will be bringing masking tapes and asking them to build a wall or a divider between them. This will keep them busy and will stimulate their imagination as well. Once you reach your destination, getting rid of the tape is as easy as 1-2-3.