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Business Travel: Top 8 Tips to make most of your time


Business trips can be very tough. You will be flying in and out of cities which may be unfamiliar. You will go from one meeting to the next. You will probably be going to countless lunches and dinners. Business travel though pays off and will translate to more opportunities and more profit. Making sure you make most of every tick of the clock while on air or on the ground is very essential.

Here are some tips for business travelers on how you can manage your time well:

Explore the full potentials of technology

New gadgets pop to the scene every month and they are there for a reason. Your iPhone for example is not just for music, or games, or for phone calls. It has iPhone Apps which can pretty much keep you tinkering during your downtime. Checkout Evernote which can help you manage business cards. Another useful tool will be Budget Tracker to keep your finances monitored while you are traveling. QuickNote Voice can record conversations so you will not forget a name or important details.

Shopping: One day, two cities, two countries.


Malmo Turning Torso

Or perhaps one weekend, if you want to make the most of it! Either way, the Øresundsbron (Oresunds bridge) offers a rare opportunity to explore 2 of the largest cities in Scandinavia in one day. On one side you have Sweden’s third largest city, Malmö, and on the other is Denmark’s capital, København (Copenhagen). Both cities offer a host of things to do, see, eat and enjoy! Travelling between the two only takes 35 minutes and there are trains departing every 20 minutes during the day, and every hour at night.

8 Trips that you can take to help with your midlife-crisis


Midlife crisis is a period that can be very difficult for anyone. People who experience it have a mix feeling of doubt, boredom, anger, and restlessness. Traveling, according to experts, is a good remedy for midlife crisis. You explore the world. Forget about money. See what you can do physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Midlife crisis cannot be solved with a snap. No, these trips do not include a day on a powdery, white sand beach. Midlifers should take trips that have a certain special tinge of learning, adventure, goodwill, danger, or physicality.

You will benefit as a midlifer from a trip where you will be able to try something new, something that you can challenge yourself with to do. Going to unfamiliar places is key. We lined up some trips that may help you explore what lies beyond the midlife crisis that is bothering you right now or which might bug you in the future.

Where To Smoke Pot: The Best Countries To Light Up


There are few drugs in the world as widely used and loved as marijuana. Pot smokers come in all different shapes, sizes, ages, and colors, and it’s for this reason that the very concept of a free and legal system to selling and using weed is such a beautiful pipe dream…pun intended.
But one of the most common misconceptions is that weed is actually legal anywhere, because the truth is, it almost never is, and the countries that have boasted marijuana legalization in the past tend to change their laws so frequently that you are likely to be caught in a sudden ban halfway through a joint. Which is why it’s important to stop assuming smoking pot is legal anywhere, and instead start looking at the places that have a policy of turning away when you light up.

Protecting Yourself During Hiking Travels


Hiking is a highly popular travel event. Hikers from around the world flock to some of the most unique and breathtaking locations in the world each year. Most travelers will hike at some point, even if their original travel purpose wasn’t for hiking. The main thing to keep in mind for all traveling hikers is that you should always leave the environment the same as it was when you left. Unless of course you find trash and pick it up, in that case it’s acceptable to “change the area.”

Generally, wildlife poses some threat in certain areas. For example, those hiking in Africa may need to beware of lions. Hikers in water areas will need to beware of poisonous fish or aquatic animals. But how can you avoid the animals without hurting them and while still enjoying the area?

5 Things You Should Never Do While Traveling


Traveling has its own set of rules. There are different etiquette rules to follow, as well as a ton of other things you should be aware of. What very few people actually discuss, are the things you should never do while traveling.

5. When traveling you should never try to purposefully hurt the customs of where you are visiting. Being rude and unruly is subject for disaster. You are more likely to get hurt or thrown in jail if you intentionally set out to disrupt the “peace” per se.

4. Never steal in a foreign country, or anywhere you are traveling to for that matter. This should be common sense, but many people think that since they are out of their comfort zone or home town, they can break the law. There is probably nothing worse than traveling and going to jail for committing a stupid crime.

A Retreat for Las Vegas Vacationers


Red Rock Canyon is a park situated just outside of the famous Las Vegas. In the event that you get bored with the city, you can take a short trip out of it to the canyon area. Red Rock Canyon is beautiful and highly protected conservation area. When in this park you cannot light fireworks ,start fires, or do anything that would harm the fragile desert environment. In Red Rock Canyon you can take the scenic drive, or if you feel adventurous, a hike. Hiking here in the summer is not recommended unless you are physically fit and have plenty of water on hand.

Hiking in the area is a given. With good shoes, water and food, you can take a short hike or a long hike. Whatever the case, Red Rock Canyon isn’t so big that you will have a hard time choosing which way to go. Simply pick a trail and head that way. Be sure that you have everything necessary to stay safe in the area. Dehydration is dangerous and can result in death!

The Ultimate Travel Photography Guide


When you travel you probably want to take photos. These pictures will document your travels and give you great memories down the road. With a camera in hand, you set out on your journey. But wait, where do you begin? Tons of people already have the same photos taken of skylines and cityscapes. Each museum has probably been photographed millions of times. This is where you need to get creative and prepare to take the absolute best travel photos possible.

First of all, traveling is spontaneous. You will probably come across numerous people, objects, signs, and locations that are completely bizarre and unique. Take the opportunity to photograph everything, but you must be quick. Some of the most magnificent photo-ops are fleeting. For this reason, a compact digital camera and a DSLR are good to have on hand. | school projects online | customer service dissertation