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Tourist Habits that Tick off the Locals: 20 Travel Tips you must not forget

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The adage “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” applies to every single country in the world. You have to remember that not all cultures are open to the fact that you’re a newcomer to their land and you know nothing about their customs. Having this list of taboos in hand when you travel may just save you from the embarrassment—if not a bar brawl. Read this list before your next flight out.

Bow a lot in Japan

Do you remember the Chinese kowtow story? While you don’t need to touch your forehead to the ground, make sure that you get used to bowing whenever your greet anyone in Japan. This is a sign of courtesy. Even if we don’t tell you to do it, once everyone is bowing, you probably will, too. Bowing is also used to thank people and to say goodbye.

Travel Tips: Ways to enjoy dining out while abroad

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Notice how some restaurants do not have salt and pepper shakers on the table?  It’s not always about customer service.  It actually has a lot to do with the customs and traditions of the place where you are dining.  There are some areas in the world where chefs consider their dishes as perfect and the simple request of some salt and pepper is a big slap to the chef’s ego that might lead to unnecessary trouble.  Dining is not only a gastronomical experience but also a cultural one.  Here are some dining tips that you can adapt whether you are eating inside or outside of your comfort and time zones:

5 World’s Most Bike Friendly Cities

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What makes a city to be bike friendly? I have chosen personally the bellow listed cities judging the length and safety of the special bike lanes, the use of the bike in that city or country, the respect showed by drivers and walkers against bikers. Also, the basics: that city must anyway to be worth to be visited. Fact is that every city could be visited much better by bike, than by car, but not all the municipalities have understood this simply law. Every Maire of a major city should be aware of this simple fact: letting the bike hire for free could enhances the number of tourists. But let see the winners right now and go green !

1. Amsterdam is doubtless the capital of the biking Europe. There are many bikes, many bike lanes, a bike culture and a bike education . Also an amazing permissive city.

Business Travel: Guide to must and must not’s in Dubai

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The business environment is starting to go back to normal in Dubai after ten years following the brief slow down back in 2009. These days the popular city in UAE has been very lucrative and offers all the best that the world has to offer.

There were thirty new hotels with a total of 7, 700 rooms that opened in Dubai in 2010. And despite the unstable economy of the world Emirate opened its door to millions of visitors that surprisingly increases to 10% more following the previous year.

The Wise Traveler’s Tips for Parents: Handling the Carry on

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Any article which promises to make traveling with kids a “piece of cake” is lying. It’s never easy to travel with kids. The mere feat of packing everything, especially when you’re at weight limits for your hand carried bags, can take the toll on any parent. What this article can do for you, though, is to point out things you can do to make things remotely tolerable for you and your partner.

These travel tips are actually quite simple. You probably won’t believe you’ve missed to do them the last time you traveled with the kids. You should be able to pass the travel test with flying colors if you take note of these things.

Look at your plane ticket

How and Why to Travel from Paris to Amsterdam


bus travelThere are a few different ways to travel between Paris to Amsterdam.  The routes between Paris and Amsterdam by plane, train and bus are all popular because the two cities are major population and tourist centres in their respective countries.  This article will take a closer look at the reasons why you might want to visit both cities, and at the available options for travelling between Paris and Amsterdam.


If you haven’t been to Paris yet, you probably can’t wait to see some of the famous sights for yourself: the Louvre, the Champs Elysees, the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame as well as the River Seine are all magical and much loved by visitors and residents alike.  There are regular hop-on, hop-off bus tours available if you want to see some sights before heading off to Amsterdam.


Travel Tips Europe: Scams you need to be careful of in Europe

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When you travel to Europe, there is no reason to worry much about violent crimes against travelers. You have to remember though that Europe is a place where travel scams is pretty prevalent. You need to be wary of con artists and pickpockets who are very smart and smooth in victimizing tourists especially Americans.

Americans are usually those who carry good stuff in their wallets and belts. Some people use money belts as advised but they still get burned. If you will be using a money belt, it will be better if you tuck it under the clothes.

Here are some of the most common scams that you might encounter during your European holiday:

Clerks using phone cameras

Best Places to go Holiday Shopping

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Ah, Christmas: the time of good cheer, snowmen, Santa Claus and of course, presents. Every year, we struggle to find the perfect present to give to our loved ones; and we endure long lines at the check-out counter, elbow our way through throngs of shoppers and listen to the same Christmas songs blaring on public speakers. Indeed, it’s fun to shop for friends and loved ones, as you think of their faces while you’re browsing through boutiques. But if you’re like us and you like to indulge in a little bit of personal shopping, here are some places you might want to check out.