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5 Best Travel Necessities



Traveling is a great experience for all, but what you bring with you is always a tough choice to make. Here are the top five travel must haves for any discerning traveler!

Traveling with toiletries and liquids can be a hassle, especially if you need liquid carry on pieces and are limited to the 3 ounce rule. However, some very clever folks have created the dissolvable hand soap, body wash, and shampoo. These are great when you are traveling and in a pinch for some cleansing suds – but don’t want to risk bringing aboard tons of liquids either in your luggage or carry on. Each package (shampoo, body wash, and hand soap) contains 50 sheets. Shampoo requires 4 sheets for hair, but body wash can be used with as little as 1. You simply dissolve the paper in water and suds up! Ta-da!

Food Travel: Best ways to Eat Right in Paris

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French food is delectable, but it’s not always the healthiest food choice especially for those who are trying to cut down on calories and fat. It’s absolute sacrilege, on the other hand, to ignore these treats while you’re in the romance capital of the world. Here are simple tips to keep yourself from gaining inches while still enjoying what the city has to offer.

Choose the right type of bread

There is a bakery in almost every corner of France, and more than twenty bread types to choose from in each one of these bakeries. You might want to widen your choice from the usual baguette to something more scrumptious and healthier. Calorie-conscious bread eaters should go for a pain complet, or a whole wheat bread, or a rye bread which they call the pan de seigle.

What to Wear When Flying

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The thought of travel might be exciting or scary for you. Perhaps you’re a veteran traveler, or maybe this is your first trip abroad. In any case, you’re wondering what to wear when flying.

If you’re not a business traveler and you’re on a long flight, opt for comfortable clothing. Loose jeans and a t-shirt or polo shirt, along with a zip-up sweater in case you get cold, will serve you well. For women, the same applies, but if you want to look fashionable, remember practicality too. You could opt for a knee-length skirt or dress, but make sure you pick one that you’re comfortable in.

For business travelers, you might not have to wear itchy suits or uncomfortable dresses. If possible, wear comfortable clothes on the plane and bring a change of clothes in your carryon bag. You can change in an airport bathroom and still look professional as you arrive at your destination.

Explore the Rich Culture of Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is another one of those gorgeous places that many people forget about and simply bypass. It is full of life and culture, as well as bright colors and foods. Sri Lanka is a small island off the coast of India, and has a warm tropical climate. The beaches are beautiful and the weather is usually sunny but humid. In the summer months you can expect Sri Lanka to be quite hot.

The religion in Sri Lanka is important to their culture and lifestyles. There are three main religions that are practiced here. They include Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam. Buddhism here is very important, and one of the most dominant religions in Sri Lanka. There are a number of temples and monuments dedicated to the religion. If you visit Sri Lanka you must see the “Temple of the Tooth.” The building is stunning and the relics and history behind the temple are breath taking.

Tips To Select Your Best Cruise Experience

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Thousands of people each year get the urge to take a cruise to some exotic destination and satisfy their desire for experiencing new cultures in unadulterated luxury. The cruise industry wants your custom and there are so many offers out there geared to every taste that it becomes a major headache to select the right one for you.

Price is not always the governing factor when selecting a cruise. It may be the sense of adventure that appeals to you on an Alaskan cruise or the appreciation of a different culture that a Mediterranean cruise offers that appeals to you. It may just be that you have had a good experience on a cruise before with a particular cruise line or on a particular vessel. Make sure the cruise will give you a new experience at a reasonable price.

Amsterdam – joints & freedom


Amsterdam is one of the most beautifull cities in Europe and also a heaven for shopping, drug addicts, gays etc. But we are going to stick to shopping for now cause you have to be advised: either get an unlimited credit card or plan your expenses extra carefull.

Amsterdam city tourist attraction photoAmsterdam landscape Holland

In Amsterdam you can anything, from pleasure to tulips. There are numerous malls, some very old like De Bijenlorf, Maison de Bonneterie or Metz & Co (1740), and butiques and, except the gays, all the city is very shiny. All the fun lays in the Red Light District neighbourhood – the namber wanz Amsterdam attraction.

Amsterdam red light district city prostitute bitch girl Amsterdam hooker red light district

If you’re looking for bitches (too bad 90% of them are ex males) that’s the place. Sex shopping is very well developed in Amsterdam, it’s behind the tulip industry tough. These beautifull flowers are always associated with Holland, but they’re origins are in the Middle Orient. A visit to the flower market it’s well worth it…after Red Light District. Then you can go and buy some good stuff from the cafeterias, marijuana I say. For clothes, best deals are at Zara, Bershka, Espirit, Diesel or H&M.

Amsterdam city landscape photo

Six of the Coolest Air Travel Improvements

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One of the thrills of traveling by air is the constant improvements they’re able to make almost every season. These are not just improvements done on air carriers. Airports also have innovations which could make any veteran traveler stand in awe. Read on below to find out what this season has in store for you and your air travel experience.

RFID Chip on Checked-in Bags

If you’ve lost your luggage at the airport before, you will definitely love the idea of this new chip. The RFID chip of radio-frequency identification chip is also installed on all checked-in bags at the McCarran Airport. This way, baggage can be tracked down much like cell phones could be located as long as they’re turned on.

Aside from this locator feature, RFID chips allow for easy scanning. It would be very hard for the crew to put a particular baggage on the wrong route with these barcodes and sensors. Double-checking also helps the crew track misplaced luggage.

Travel Tips: Politely dealing with a very annoying seatmate

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If you want your travel time to be a quiet and relaxing time for you, a chatty or worse an annoying seatmate is your worst travel nightmare. Here are some subtle, simple tricks if you want to be exempted from the small chit chats while in transit:

No eye contact

Looking directly into another person’s eye is one to way to promote some bonding, a hint of wanting to communicate or even flirting. So if you want the peace and quiet during your flight or ride, do the exact opposite.

People try to connect with you because it is a social function that we naturally do. Some talk to you because they may be anxious during the flight or cruise.

Turn away slightly from your seatmate