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Do’s And Dont’s In New York

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Well, again in New York! Hello, Big Apple! I am actually not a born New Yorker, but neither a greenhorn anymore. And I have some insider tips to be shared with you.

Times Square looks obsolete

Times Square looks obsolete

First of all, no matter whom nation or language you belong, there is no chance not to find co nationals in this mega city! There are 180 nations in New York, and every of this community has a distinctive neighborhood and restaurant. I would advise you to get in advance some informations and recommendations about your compatriots in New York.  Maybe they can be helpful in making your stay in New York more interesting, more attractive and much cheaper.

An interesting museum is the Guggenheim

An interesting museum is the Gugenheim

Top Travel Tips: Limiting the Horrors of Reclining Backrests in Planes

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Here’s the scenario – the sun is peeking out of the clouds when you look out of plane’s window. The smiling flight attendant gives you coffee the way you like it. Its going to be the perfect flight. You think. And then suddenly the person in the front seat heaves the weight of his entire back and then some on your knees. Not satisfied with the way the seat contours against the flabs on his back, he punishes your legs again and again until he finds the right articulation of comfort at the expense of yours.

You grumble and you wait. At least there’s some small comfort in the fact that your chair also reclines. Pushing the backrest, you try to keep the discomfort the person in front caused you out of your mind. Minutes later as you zone out watching the clouds roll by in wisps, the kid directly seated in the back row kicks your backrest. Repeatedly. Frazzled, you give a cursory glance behind you only to be rewarded with a burst of freckles and a smile full of broken teeth.

Travel tips: Staying safe while in an unfamiliar city

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As much as you try to blend in with the locals so you will not look like a tourist, something always gives you away and make you a potential victim of lawless elements on the road. Here are some safety tips so you can be more safe when traveling:

Be always on the move

When you are lost in a city which you are not familiar with, keep moving and be alert. Go around the block and try to find your bearings or go to a place where there are a lot of people. You can ask locals or go into a business establishment to ask for some directions.


Even before hopping into that train or plane, research well ahead of time before heading to your destination. Read about safety considerations and common crimes in the area. You will find a lot of tips online and know of hot spots where snatching, holdups, or even kidnapping happens. Ask friends or relatives who have visited the place and ask them about their experience and any tips or recommendations.

Best places for diving into underwater ruins

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I am sure you like diving, who wouldn’t? More and more people are very fond of diving in all its forms. It is actually an amazing unique experience: you are alone with the water creatures in the middle of the ocean.

A bad movement could be very dangerous for you. Try to remember the path and try to stay away from the shark infested waters. There are some dangers for sure, but even on the Earth are a lot of risks you must take.

The professional and even the hobby divers know already the traditional diving destinations around the world: tropical clear waters with plenty of interestig plants and animals. To mention just a few : The Caribbean, Maldive and other islands in the Indian Ocean; Tahiti and New Zealand, as other many islands of the Pacific Ocean etc.

Top 5 destinations in June


1. The european football championships is organized in Austria and Switzerland. A good opportunity to discover two alpine countries and some interesting cities as Vienna, Zurich, Basel, Innsbruck,Berna etc

2. New York. Simply amazing, has always something new!

3.Monte Carlo

4.Disneyland in Paris


How To Enjoy A River Amazon Cruise

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More people than ever are taking advantage of the popular “fly out – cruise – fly back” package deals that are proliferating the travel industry. A cruise is no longer confined to the super-rich, but falling more and more into the income bracket of ordinary working people. This is for two reasons, the first of which is the competition amongst the air carriers that has resulted in lower cost fares, and the ease of obtaining deferred payments through the travel agent.

With this increase in cruise popularity comes the choice of more destinations and a change from a sea cruise to a river cruise can be a real uplifting and enjoyable experience. Why not cruise the historic rivers and canals of Europe and lap up the cultural atmosphere of bygone ages? Better still, why not get closer to nature and take a cruise on the river Amazon? Spend a night in a first class hotel when you arrive in Brazil !

Five of the Best Excuses to Visit Hawaii

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When people go to Hawaii, no one bothers to ask why anymore. Hawaii’s just one of those tourist havens that never seems to lose its sparkle. To make you drool, though, and to convince you that a trip there is worth next month’s paycheck, below are very commendable excuses. You won’t feel guilty about spending a cent when you experience these highlights.

Get Intimate with the Volcano

The Halemaumau in Hawaii’s Big Island has been overflowing with lava for the past two years. While volcanoes are generally beautiful, thanks to their rock formation, it’s very rare that you get to be this close to one that’s active. If you’re attracted to both power and beauty, Hawaii’s active volcano is something to look forward to. If you’re really looking for adventure, you might even consider camping out at the Volcanoes National Park.

Spectacular landscape

Travel Tips: 10 Ways to get Through an Airport Delay without losing it

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Nothing puts a damper on your travel plans more than an annoying delay at the airport. You’re all packed for the beach honeymoon when suddenly, the airport speakers announce that your flight has been moved to the next day because of a storm, or engine trouble, or an airline strike that’s just freezing all flights at the moment.

If you find the prospect of spending the next 24 hours in the airport lounge unappealing, that’s alright because it is. However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to brave the long wait and camp out there. All you really have to do is to plan ahead of time. Before you head out to the airport, look at this checklist first. In any possibility that your flight will be delayed, you can at least cushion the inconvenience.

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