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Airbus A380 Passenger Safety Tips

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The Airbus A380 is surely one of the popular plane models coming from the airplane manufacturer titan Boeing. Because of the novelty and the hopeful promise of more legroom, more and more passengers want to get on flights where these birds will be the carriers.

Because of this high demand, it will not be uncommon that there will be more of such models. It is also this high popularity that requires one to consider what safety precautions are in place for such planes. The Airbus A380 can carry a maximum of 500 passengers. Flying may be a safe means of transportation but we can never tell about unforeseen circumstances. If such things happen, there will be more people to spread the panic around.

In order to safely navigate the plane during emergency situations, it is best to research how to make use of features designed to keep passengers safe.

Top 10 Airlines for Travelers on a Budget

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We’ve been hit by a financial crisis, and although some people are beginning to recover and find their footing in this economy, we want to play it safe. We can afford to travel, but as much as possible, we want to keep the expenses down and be open to bargains. We’re learning how to get what we want without spending a fortune for it. It’s amazing how these days, a number of budget airlines are doing just that: letting people travel all over the world, see the sights and savor new experiences without having to empty their wallets.

Today, budget airlines are not just a group of insignificant carriers that you can toss aside; they are a major competitor in the skies and people from all walks of life and classes in society are lining up to for cheap plane tickets. Budget airlines have proven to the market that they too, can guarantee their passengers safe trips across the globe in modern planes that use the latest technology and comfortable seats.

Top 10 tips for husbands and wives going on a business trip

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Is travel a part of your husband’s or wife’s job so much so that he/she is hardly home and that you often wonder when he’ll be back? Do you look out at the awning of the window when he goes out through the walkway in order to ride the cab and wish that he’d take you with him? Of course, you can only think of all the kinds of experiences he’ll be having and the food he’ll be enjoying. All these things can seem quite magical especially since your husband isn’t there to fill you in.

But of course, when you free up time, you’ll discover that these trips she undertakes for the company isn’t all about fun. Most of the time your husband is rolling up his sleeves to undertake some major project. When you thought he was lounging, he was also basically struggling to conclude plans which the main branch of the company he is working in has hatched but one which the overseas branches need help implementing.

Have Twitter, Will Travel: Taking Advantage of Twitter for Your Trips

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The micro-blogging site Twitter has become a fixture of global Internet culture as various stars and establishments take time to shed their thoughts or share what is happening to them on an hourly or daily basis. However, recounting the day’s events is not the only use for Twitter.

It’s interactive and live-sharing qualities provide an ideal place to coordinate events and projects with other people separated by great distances. Twitter can be put to good use for traveling too whether its just making last minute arrangements or meeting up people in specific areas.

Here is how you can tailor and use the site for your next journey.

Form Your Itinerary on the Fly

Travel tips: How to Avoid the Madding Crowd at the Popular Tourist Spots

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When you travel there are going to be places where the action is packed and where you’ll be doing a lot of bumping and grinding. The bad news about this is that a.) you’ll do it in the daylight b.) you will be in close quarters with somebody in a Hawaiian shirt and khaki shorts and c.) the venue is not going to be a club.

Let’s face it. We are not alone in wanting to see the great sights the world has to offer. Most of the time we have to share the Taj Mahal with the hordes coming out of the tourist buses and violate the quiet atmosphere of the Notre Dame with the multitudes of heathens following a guide.

Despite the bustle of the crowds, there are truly some spots worth seeing. However, there are smarter ways of braving tourist traps than merely diving into the sea of bodies. Here are some tips on helping you find ways to enjoy these top tourist destinations without having to go crazy.

Meningitis 101 for tourists

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Travelers making their way to foreign countries should not only concern themselves with tourist attractions, but also how they can avoid being inflicted by various disease and infection. Earlier this week, the NICE institute under the National Health Service (NHS), released updated guidelines on how to treat and diagnose early cases of meningitis. This year, the health department has also suggested Menveo to travelers, which is a new and effective vaccine. Below is a primer for travelers who are unfamiliar with meningitis.

What is it?

Meningitis is an infection caused by germs called meningococci bacteria. These bacteria particularly affect the membranes surrounding the human brain, and also the spinal cord. The bacteria dwell in a person’s throat and are spread through sneezing and coughing. There is also another type of meningitis which is caused by virus, but by comparison, the bacterial meningitis is more severe. Within hours, symptoms can develop which may eventually lead to a person’s death. Septicaemia or blood poisoning, is also caused by meningococci. In some countries abroad, getting treatment for meningitis can be very hard.

Top 19 Most Complained Airlines in the USA

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Do you have a score to pick with that airline you traveled with during your last business trip? Well, that’s not exactly new. Almost everyone who travels by plane is less than impressed, especially when they’re traveling during the peak season. Just in case you want the heads up, below are the top 19 most complained airlines in the USA.

19th Place: Southwest Airlines

Out of every 100,000 passengers of this airline, a total of .21 complains. Just last year, over 100 million passengers who flew them to the Southwest, and compared to the other airlines in this list, there is only one complainant for every 500,000 passengers.

Perhaps it’s the staff’s sunny temperament? The airline ranked No. 1 in the DOT’s list of excellent airlines for three consecutive years. If there are complaints about the airline, their management has done right to keep it to a minimum.

Tragic Bus Accident in South Africa

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Dampening the spirit of the 2010 World Cup, a bus accident in Nelspruit, a city in South Africa, was reported by authorities. According to witnesses, the driver of the coach wasn’t able to control the wheel as the bus went by the winding road. The passengers were English fans who were on their way to the Mandela Stadium to witness the biggest soccer game in the world.

Road accidents aren’t the only dangers that tourists traveling to South Africa should be made aware of. If you’re one of them, these are the things you shouldn’t shrug your shoulders on. Make sure that you have your eyes peeled for them while you’re traveling to this destination.