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Every Beginner’s Guide to Good Tea: Experts Talk About How It’s Done

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From buying it to slurping it: in this article, tea aficionados teach new recruits how to pick good tea, and to keep everything at a budget. After all, much of it involves knowing what you’re looking at and not just paying good money for popular tea labels.

Tippy Leaves. While you’re shopping for good tea, it’s best to look for tippy leaves. These are young leaves which still have a light brown or gold lining or speck on their surface. These are the tea leaves that have been picked from the top of the plant, opposed to bigger, older leaves which have been picked from the bottom. The younger leaves may be pricier and rarer, but they’re also better tasting.

Things to Avoid in Making Travel Complaints

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I know we all sure have experienced hard times when traveling.  Delayed flights, which is very common nowadays, or waiting for a long time to get in the hotel room you have booked a few days before.  These are just few of the unwanted travel instances most of us encounter even with the help of travel agencies.  Since you don’t want these to happen again (or ever) on your next trips in the near future, here is a list of things to avoid mentioning to travel agencies when you are telling them about your travel complaints:

Break Up Complaint

“I lost someone special today”, “I passed my exam”, and “I just broke up with my boyfriend”, these are just three of the long list of excuses some people use to get a refund.  Seriously, do not ask for a refund because of your personal issues or condition.  Not unless you booked a refundable travel package, of course.  You see, for travel agencies, real breakups or even the imagined ones are unnecessary.  They are busy enough to work in this kind of industry and handling other complains that’s why knowing your situation or experience is none of their business.

Holiday Travel

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If you are intending to travel anywhere on holiday this year, whether at home or abroad, then it is important that you understand a few basic travel guidelines to ensure your holiday runs smoothly.

* Dealing with Illness before or during your holiday – firstly if you are travelling abroad it is advisable for you to check whether you need any preventative injections or treatments before you go, to give you added protection against illnesses like malaria or yellow fever. This is not necessary for most countries in Europe, but if you are travelling anywhere that is remote or tropical, then it is likely some injections will be necessary. Secondly you need to ensure you have adequate health and holiday insurance that will cover you if you fall ill either just before or during your holiday. A good insurance plan will cover your losses if you or a member of your family are too ill to actually go on the booked holiday, and will also cover healthcare costs if you fall ill whilst away and need medical treatment. Most tour operators insist you take out insurance these days as part of the holiday package, and make sure you take the details of the policy and the contact numbers with you when you are away.

Travel Tips: Renting a villa for your holidays

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If you are planning to rent a villa for your holiday, make sure that the villa holiday meets all of your requirements. Here are some villa renting tips that may come handy:

Stick to your budget

You need to determine first if you want a budget accommodation or a luxury villa. Villa rentals differ in price and this also dictates what kind of comfort and perks it comes with. You also need to put into equation the transportation you will need to get to the villa. Will you just be renting a car or a van, or will you need a ferry to get to your villa?

What you want to do

Five of the Best Countries to Drink in and their Drinking Rules

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Whether you admit it or not, most travels actually plan their itinerary around one thing: alcohol. This might get a lot of heads shaking at first, but there are as much foodie travelers as there are alcohol fanatics. Before calling Alcoholics Anonymous on this article, though, you might want to find out why it’s so interesting for travelers to get to know a specific country’s choice of poison. You’ll be surprised at how the climate, the culture, and even the way of drinking booze all come together to portray a specific country.

Travel Tips: Driving safely in a foreign country

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The conditions are different when you drive in your country and when you drive abroad. The traffic rules may have similarities but you will find that things are different. You migh flash your light in one country to tell another driver that you are giving way while in other countries doing the same thing means the driver does not intend to slow down.

Here are some tips to help you survive driving during your travels:

Road Signs

The internet will be one of your best friends prior to travelling abroad and deciding that you will drive a vehicle on a foreign territory. Read about the traffic rules and be familiar with the road signs. If you are getting a map for a certain country, you will also find there the most common road signs you will encounter.

How to skip the sunburn on your next trip to the spa

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If you want to relax and pamper yourself, you can always visit a spa. Focusing on providing services for relaxation, health and wellness, spas offer an assortment of services and products to keep your body relaxed, balanced and healthy. For example, you can get a massage using a myriad of oils and lotions that can untie every knotted muscle in your body; or you could dip in a warm bath for an hour or two, the steam opening every pore in your body, ridding it of toxins and other impurities.

When you step into a spa, you are greeted with aromatic scents of oils and candles in the air, pretty much any spot in the area is conducive to sleeping, and the staff all go through their routine in a slow and mild manner. This is a sharp contrast to the sterile atmosphere of hospitals and clinics where lots of times, doctors and nurses who treat their patients are scurrying back and forth. But it is important for you (and the spa managers as well) to remember that spas are not only here to pamper you, they are also here to make sure that your health is well maintained.

Top reasons why we should discover our travel destinations on foot

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We travel for different reasons. Some travel for business while some travel for pleasure. We are often brought to the best travel destinations by airplanes, cars, trains, or buses, and other means which may be available. Walking though is the purest of all means of transportation. No need to torture yourself really, we are just saying that there is some joy to walking when you try to discover new places on foot:

Getting to know the locals

Most of the time, the map might not appear to be the same with our destination. Well, yes some our just poor reading maps but this gives us a chance to interact with the locals of the place. They are the best map you can have and point you to the best spots that you can explore. They may also know of places which are off the radar of guided tours. You will learn much about a place from those who are there everyday and you cannot read any of their stories from any published travel guide books.