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Best and Worst Airports Where You Can Find a Date

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Thinking of finding that special someone but tired of going to regular places where you can meet people? Perhaps you can start trying at airports. For a place that supposedly connects one place to another, airports can also bring two people together. Instead of boring yourself waiting in that lounge for your plane, why not strike a conversation with that interesting-looking traveler? Maybe you are bound for the same direction, perhaps even sharing the same flight. All the better—you can continue your friendship in that foreign country the two of you will be visiting. And what better way to get to know someone that by being strangers in a foreign country?

Spending the Best Three Days in Kansas

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So what’s interesting in Kansas? For those who don’t know yet, the city is known for its bebop music, incredible barbecues, and unwavering Mid-Western charm. If we make do with that simplistic description, we’re looking at Kansas City some ten years ago. But what does Kansas look now?

Ten whole years of revitalizing has actually transformed Kansas into quite the Mecca jazz music aficionados. Not only that, the border straddling Kansas and Missouri is now a culture-rich metropolis. Citizens anticipate the further bolstering of the city next year, once the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts opens to the public. With the new center, Kansas will be home to ballet recitals, symphony, and opera.

So what happens to the traveler who’s looking for the charms of Old Kansas? Worry, not. While Kansas isn’t exactly a backwater anymore, it’s not so highly polished either. You can still find traces of the old country and enjoy the upgrades at the same time if you spend your time wisely. Here’s how you can spend three fulfilling days in Kansas City.

7 Things you must not do in Paris

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We’ve all heard about what one needs to do when visiting the famous city of Paris. Attracting more and more visitors, Paris is definitely one of the hottest tourist places in the whole world. People eager to travel to this famed city have a long list of things they would want to do, but what few of us do not realize is that there are certain things we shouldn’t do as well.

Instead of the usual lists that tell first-timers what to do and visit, this one’s a different kind. And when you’re familiar with what you shouldn’t do, we’ll tell you what you should do instead.

This is a list which will help keep you from falling into those tourist traps, and help make sure that your trip to Paris will be an unforgettable one.

Don’t Shop at the Champs-Elysees

24 hours in Shanghai: Things to do and places to visit

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Think the Beijing Olympics stadium was an intriguing and fascinating piece of architecture? You’re only at the beginning of what Shanghai, the new cutting-edge city of the world, has to offer. After what Beijing unveiled to the world, Shanghai is now being given a chance to show what it’s made of—through the 56th World Fair. From its beginning in 1851, this year is said to be the grandest in the history of world fairs. It is but natural to be hosted in Shanghai—a two-square-mile site in the Huangpu River gives space to a pavilion for each of the nation in the world. Running from May to October of 2010, the Expo is a must-see for everyone. And since you will be in Shanghai as well, here are some tips on how you can spend an entire day in this bustling city.

Check in at PuLi Hotel, 9am

Eating on the Go: Tips to avoid gaining pounds while traveling

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Did you notice the extra “luggage” you brought home after your recent trip? Traveling may involve grabbing what you can munch on the go. You might be getting it from the airport kiosks or from a fast food chain, or practically anywhere. That eating on the go habit can transform to some additional pounds if you often do it in a year’s time according to a research by the US Department of Agriculture.

On the average, you can consume around 134 calories while eating during a trip regardless if it’s fine dining or fast food. It really is not that bad when you look at the figures but when you do that math, you can be consuming about 4,000 calories in a week plus all the desserts that are not yet part of our computation. By the end of your trip, do not be surprised if you cannot button your pants anymore.

Family Vacation: Having a blast on Myrtle Beach on a budget

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Times could be tough with the economy crawling back to recovery but it doesn’t mean you and your family cannot have fun. Myrtle Beach with its 60 miles of sand from South Carolina to North Carolina can be the perfect answer for families looking to enjoy some sun.

Myrtle Beach offers a bit of things for everyone. There are old bungalows you can rent on Pawleys Island and there are also pricier condos along Myrtle Beach. Pick from amusement parks, mini-golfs and of course the great beach and waters.

It will be best to browse through pages of information over the internet about Myrtle Beach before bringing your family anywhere. If you don’t have time to go online make sure you visit the visitor centers. They have one a few blocks from the beach, one at the airport, and another one in Murrells Inlet on the southern portion. Their staff extends help for making reservations and planning a great time in Myrtle Beach.

To hire or not to hire a tour guide? Tips to help you decide

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Personally, I love traveling on a do-it-alone style. I hit the road armed with my wits, experience, and a credit card. I also do understand the value of hiring a tour guide who can be more knowledgeable and experienced on that point of the map where we are heading.

Tour guides can help with a lot of things but they can also be a bit pricey at times. If you are having a hard time figuring out if you need a tour guide or not, here are some tips that you can use to determine if you need one or you are better off traveling by yourself.


1. if you don’t have much time

7 Tips on Avoiding & Recovering Lost Baggage


It is a nightmare when you get to your destination and you find out that your baggage did not. The baggage is somewhere but not where you are. What do you need to do to avoid losing your baggage? Here are some tips:

Pack light so you don’t have to check in your luggage

This is the only guarantee that everything you need will always be with you. You really don have to bring a ton if you will only be gone for three days or so. Just bring the essentials.

Tag your luggage properly

Make sure that you have the right information on your bag. Make sure you have a contact number there and the place where you will be staying. Make sure that you also remove old tags other airlines. Put a keychain or a colorful ribbon that you will notice even your on the other end of the world. | school projects online | customer service dissertation