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7 Tips to Remember When You’re Renting a Villa

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Are you thinking of going through villa rental ads to find the perfect lodgings for a vacation? You mustn’t miss out on these tips if you are. Aside from saving you some search time, you’ll also be saving a lot of money if you follow this guideline closely.

Look at the figures closely

Renting out a European villa might not be as impractical as it was before. As a matter of fact, it could actually help you save a lot of money compared to booking a room at a five-star hotel in the center of the city. This is simply because the economy is down, and as a result, a lot of second-homeowners are more than willing to rent out their properties.

Top Airport Transfer Deals in the World

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Every time you arrive at a strange new airport without a pre-arranged transfer to your hotel, you worry about the same things: will your luggage be safe? Will you get to your hotel on time? Will you have to shell out a lot of money just to get there?

While airport taxis may look more convenient than public transportation services like railways, taxis are not always the best options. People can end up burning as much as $32 more on taxi fares from the airport compared to what they would spend should they decide to hop onto a train.

Wherever your destination may be, below are the best alternatives to expensive taxi transfers.

Heathrow, London

Should you find yourself in London’s Heathrow Airport, the cheapest airport transfer you can get is through the Heathrow Express Train. This will only cost you around $25. In about 25 minutes, you’d already reach downtown London.

Best hotels, best restaurants, and best things to do in Tasmania, Australia


They say that Tasmania may be close enough to our modern day Eden. Experts have confirmed that this island in Australia has the purest air, soil, and water in the planet.

You can practically grow and harvest anything making Tasmania a gourmet paradise. Setting up the mood for a great trip on an island paradise, we have listed below the best accommodations, restaurants, and activities that have received thumbs up from the world over.

Best Hotels in Tasmania, Australia

Here are the best accommodations that you can get in Tasmania:

Hatherley House

The elegant accommodation is located in a graceful and quiet area in Launceston, Tasmania. The hotel is very near the city and is close to beautiful parklands, waterways, and rivers. The interiors are decorated with some good collection of antique and modern design assemblies. The choices of suites are styled to please your eyes and ensure comfort. The balconies also offer stunning views of the surroundings.

8 things to consider when choosing a good hostel

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Hostels are often a hit or a miss but we rarely end up in a good hostel. Hostels though, aside from the basic amenities, are goo because of the crowd staying there. You may end up in a dump but it can be a really good experience when the people are really nice. You can also walk into an amazing hostel but end up being bored.

In choosing a hostel, you need to see if it has enough to take care of your needs as a traveler. Here are some things that you can look into:

Cheaper rate is not always a good deal

5 Scary creepy critters you might encounter during your travels [with videos]

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There are weird creatures that you may encounter during your travel adventures but there are certain critters that may just put your journey into a halt. Let us introduce you to the the most dangerous, creepiest creatures that might seem to be lifted from the pages of a horror tale:

Human Botfly in Belize

Human botflies have been inhabitants for the Americas for centuries now. They thrive in the regions between the northern portion of Chile and Mexico. Human botfly uses mosquitoes and flies as hosts of their eggs by attaching them to the undersides of these insects. So when a mosquito lands on the back of the a dog, a pig, or misfortune of all misfortunes, your skin, the eggs might hatch and send the larvae digging down your skin. Under your skin, human botflies will eat on your flesh and make it their regular meal until they need to burrow out as maturing pupae.

Everyone’s guide for Hitchhiking

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Going around the world with a knapsack on you back might be your idea of a good and adventurous trip. For those people who are going up and down to work or on some errand or the other, this might not be so. There will be very few people who are really keen on stopping on the highway when they see a person thumbing for a lift. The kinds of things that keep happening to those unsuspecting good Samaritans are sometimes so fearful and horrific that most people are deterred from giving anybody a lift however genuine and harmless they may be.


Hiring a Private Tour Guide: The Wise Traveler’s Code

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If you’ve been used to traveling alone, being escorted by a guide would sound very unappealing to you. When you see packs of tourists follow a canned itinerary, it’s easy to understand why. However, you’re also missing out on the “insider’s point of view” when you go to a strange place and try to explore it on your own. There’s a solution to this. Just hire a private guide.

Finding them

Most travel brochures also provide a list of private guides who can be trusted. You can contact them through email and get to know them better. Private guides are a mixed bag—you can sign up for a tour led by a university graduate, if you’re interested in the more academic take on your destination; or a former cab driver who knows his way around town and who has had tons of casual conversations with his passengers.

Travel Tips: UK holiday on a budget

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The United Kingdom is really a blatantly extravagant destination to getaway. Lodging and food are generally expensive and gas prices are constantly increasing so perhaps even going out for a good traditional road trip will be extremely getting luxurious. But don’t lose heart; you can still find some ways to spend the holiday in discovering this remarkable place in the world without having to break the bank. We have some great tips on how you can go on a UK holiday even on a tight budget:

Research, research, research!