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20 Tips so you can blend in with locals when you travel

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As much as we want to bring in something to where we travel, sometimes it is also nice to be intimate with the people, the place, and the culture which we are visiting. Blending in with the locals allow us to see their culture in a way some outsiders are not privileged to see.

Here are tips that can help you blend in without losing your sense of self while discovering other cultures:

Wearing Muted clothes

Your first line of defense if you want to blend in is your get up. Simple clothes will help you to go around “unnoticed”. It might be very popular to wear the Cavs jersey or a NY Yankees cap but this stuff will give you away in the place you are visiting.

Pack Versatile Clothes

Road Trip: Tips on how to Save some money on fuel

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If you love going on a road trip then you must be one with the whole world that hates it when fuel prices go up. With the current uprisings in the Middle East, experts say that we surely must expect fuel prices to soar in the near future.

We lined up some practical tips to serve as reminders on how we can save some pennies at the fuel pump:


Inflate your tires properly

Consult your car manual and know how much your tires should be inflated. Properly maintained tires can save you as much as 3% on fuel consumption.


Fill up when you hit the ¼ mark

Waiting for your meter to hit the ¾ empty will mean you are running very light while on the road. Just make sure that you fill up and do not wait for your car to run on fumes since this is not good for the fuel pump.

Travel Tips: How to bargain when shopping in Asia

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If you are in Asia right now on a trip then you also have a gazillion choices to shop for gifts to bring to your loved ones back home. Buying stuff in a foreign land is quite a unique experience but imagine the smiles on the face of the people at home when they open their very unique gifts. Remember that when you go to night markets or street markets, haggling is accepted. Bargaining can be an exciting experience and a new skill to learn. Be good at it and you will be able to save some money for more gifts or for your next trip.

Here are some things to remember when bargaining:

Try using the local language

Establishing rapport with the shopkeeper is vital to get a bit of discount.  Sometimes saying “nihao” if you are in China or “kamusta” in Manila will create a bridge between you and the seller. The phrasebook that you have comes handy when it comes to shopping for souvenirs and gift items.

Travel Adventure: Tips on understanding the backcountry weather

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When you go on long adventure getaway on the backcountry for some mountain climbing or camping, the weather can get quite unpredictable. Being in an isolated location, the weather forecast is not a button away. You do not have the internet or your smart phone to tell you that rains will come or it will be really a hot day. All you can rely on are the clues given by mother nature herself.

Here are some tips on how to read the clues the weather gods send your way:

No morning dew

When you wake up and see no morning dew on your tent or vegetation around you, look up and most probably you will see clouds forming. Thru the hours these clouds might build up until they get heavy and pour some rain shower. If you see dew in the morning, you cant expect rain thru the day.

The bolivian Death Road

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Or, in spanish, el camino de la muerte. Or Yungas Road, which doesn’t mean anything comparing to death road! It is actually a 69 km road, leading from Bolivia capital La Paz to the city of Coroico in the Amazon jungle. This road was built in 1937 by Paraguayan war prisoners, and the government of Bolivia spared a lot by this road. There are no side protection, nevertheless on one side there is a deep canyon. Going out of the road means no escape.

During the years and centuries the road made many victims, and even today it takes its tribute of 200-300 people yearly. In 1974 Bolivia’s worst car accident took place naturally on Camino de la muerte: an overcrowded bus gone in the canyon killing 100 people.

Death road,Bolivia

Five Cool Things You can Do at the Detroit-Metro Airport

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When you find yourself with a few minutes or hours worth of idle time due to layovers at the Detroit-Metro Airport, here are the top five things you can do at the McNamara terminal to kill time:

Visit the Coolest Fountain of them All

In the middle of Concourse A, there is magnificent fountain that you might have seen in several TV shows or the movie Up in the Air.  While it’s refreshing and relaxing to watch the fountain, behind it comes the view of the runway that’s also a cool site to see.  You can also toss a coin and make a wish but well, it may not ensure that your delayed flight will magically turn around or you will find yourself upgraded from coach to first class, but it’s a fun thing to do.  Wish for a Prada instead.  That’s more likely to happen.

Top 10 World’s Nightclubs

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1. Space, Ibiza

If you are into Dance music then you will have heard of Space, not only the best nightclub in Ibiza but also currently the best nightclub in the whole world. Basically it’s all down to the atmosphere, and although the days are gone when the DJ’s used to drag the decks out onto the terrace for an all day outdoor party, the atmosphere is still electric, and its worth arriving early so you can watch the sun go down right from the dance floor as you party, which is a unique and very memorable experience. The top of the range Funktion One soundsystem produces one of the best clubs sounds you can get and all the top DJ’s play the famous Space decks, including Carl Cox who is currently hosting a special Tuesday night techno music marathon. Sunday is generally the biggest night of the week and the opening and closing parties of the season almost have the scale of a mini dance festivals, with as many as 20,000 people passing through the doors during the 22 hour events.

Travel Tips: 8 Things you have to Do to Book a Flight this Holiday

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Booking flights during the peak season is always a challenge. This is never truer than during the holidays when people from all over the country just fly home despite hikes in ticket prices. Expect a greater number of people squeezing for space this year compared to the last two when the recession seemed to have hit an all time low. This year, people just can’t wait to go home and spend thanksgiving with their families.

While we certainly can’t promise to make booking a piece of cake for you (that’s too tall an order) below are tips which could make things a tad easier.

Include Extra Fees in your Computation

You might be surprised with the “hidden fees” you’ll encounter in the airport if you take a trip this year. While most travelers are pretty used to additional costs padded onto their ticket fares, this year’s extra fees are a bit more pronounced. Paying fees for checked bags are no longer new, but you’ll be surprised with some of the most controversial headliners this year.