2008 has been a top year for gadgets, which is going to make is nice and easy to get that special present for the geek in your life! Here is a quick guide to the top 10 Christmas gifts for geeks this year:

1. NINTENDO DS LITE – the DS has lead the market in hand held consoles for some time and the new Lite version has impressive 3D rendered graphics, bright visually stunning screens and cutting-edge games making it a must for any serious gadget lovers. As a major bonus it also includes a Wi Fi connection so that you can log on to the live Nintendo games site and play online with friends from all around the world.

2. ASUS EEE PC – mini laptops are really popular at the moment and the new Eee PC from the manufacturer Asus has been the big gadget hit of the year, because of its 4GB drive, small and compact shape, low price, and more importantly its new Wimax (wireless) capabilities. Over 350,000 of the original machines were sold in just a three-month period at the beginning of the year and you can get a basic model for just $400 if you shop around. It would make the best Christmas gift for anyone.

3. UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROL – this cool little gadget from Logitech can bring together and support up to 15 different devices at once including televisions, satellite or cable boxes, DVD players, video recorders, game consoles and even home PCs, and makes the perfect gift for helping gadget addicts keep all their devices organised.

4. ROBOT TOYS – the market is always flooded with robot gadgets, but a couple of new releases have stood out in 2008. Fur Real Friends My Lovin Pups are cute and lifelike and combine some cutting edge animatronics with a soft furry exterior. Biscuit the Golden Retriever is a favourite, and moves his head, ears and tails quite convincingly in response to whoever is playing with him, but at around £150 each these little puppies are not cheap!

5. DVICO (M-6500A) NETWORK MEDIA PLAYER – this is one of the best network media players, and boasts Sigma’s latest SMP8635 processor and excellent memory capacity. Features include music playback and sophisticated visual image display (high definition display formats supported) and the casing it smart and trendy and looks good in any setting. The player is a bit pricy at around £500 – £600 though, but anyone who loves gadgets will welcome it warmly into their lives.

6. POWERTRAVELLER POWERMONKEY EXPLORER – at £65 this is an mid price gadget that can provide portable charging for just about any device when you are travelling around, and is perfect for geeks as it means they never need to run out of battery on their mobiles and iPods ever again. The Powertraveller comes with universal adapters and a solar cell to top up when the sun is shining, and fits into a neat little package so it’s easy to carry around.

7. MOBILE HOME – this is only available in Japan at the moment unfortunately, but is worth a mention simply because it has been one of the biggest gadgets of 2008 – the mobile home system from the P2P Universal Computing Consortium, which allows mobile phone companies to adapt current technology so that you can link the devices in your home to your mobile phone. Basically it will allow you to remotely control the lights, heating, air condition, security system, washing machine and more simply by using your mobile phone.

8. GAMING WARDROBE – geeks love all kinds of new gaming technology and this years gaming wardrobe from TN Games is surely going to get them all hot under the collar. This vest part of the wardrobe has been released and is connected to the PC by USB, and uses light weight compressors to pump up parts of the vest to simulate G-forces for car racing games, and can also gently replicate the impact of a bullet for first person shooter games. The leg covers and helmet are just being released and the whole ensemble is aimed to provide a fully immersed gaming experience.

9. SUPER SMART GPS – The recent Dash Express in-car navigation system from Dash Navigation is a new generation GPS system which aims to help you avoid congestion by providing real time traffic data not just from regular sources, but also from other active Dash Navigation systems belonging to other owners. This means that people on the spot can report traffic problems as soon as they occur, and for an additional bonus there is a web function so that users can look online for more traffic information including where the cheapest/nearest fuel stations are and where to stop for lunch.

10. AIR GUITAR – the Rock Band online gaming community and Guitar Hero console games have been a phenomenon since their release a few years ago, and now you can buy the Air Guitar, which is the first battery operated device that is sold separately from the games, meaning you can play anywhere, and at anytime. Just plug the guitar into the mini amplifier, select a track and get rocking. At £17 each this is an affordable gadget that will have you jumping around your front room to Black Sabbath in to time.



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