Cruising has a universal appeal. From grandparents and parents to newlyweds and sulky teenagers, a cruise holiday with Virgin Holidays Cruises caters to a large and diverse demographic. This is why it has become the number one type of holiday in the world. A cruise ship is like a floating microcosm of society, and unless you are taking a safari or some other group tour, there is no other type of holiday like it. In the end, floating on the open water with 3000 people from around the globe is nothing like booking a safari excursion with a small group of twenty. If you are looking to meet new friends, spark a possible romance or even find a future spouse, then the cruise provides you with all sorts of possibilities. It is a far better place to meet people than Soho bars, online chat rooms and tedious office parties.

Caribbean cruises have always been ideal for honeymooners. More modern couples are branching out these days and experimenting with different types of holidays, but a tropical paradise is still the favourite destination of newlyweds. Who can blame them? When we think of the perfect honeymoon, a candlelight dinner on the white sands of Jamaica comes to mind. We think of the soft and fiery sunsets in Barbados. This island in the Lesser Antilles was even once known as the red land with white teeth, which was a nickname that referred to the sunsets and the many coral reefs that surround Barbados. We think of island hopping in the British Virgin Islands and taking our first windjammer tour with a grizzled expat. A trip to the Soggy Dollar Bar, in Jost van Dyke, is on the top of our itinerary. This is the birthplace of the legendary painkiller, a rum drink that is famous in this distant part of the world.

While Caribbean cruises are the perfect holiday for honeymooners, they are also the ideal place to meet someone and fall in love. Singles enjoy Caribbean cruises just as much as the newly married. If you were sailing around the Caribbean, sipping painkillers and sunbathing on the ship’s deck, putting on your best clothes for casually formal dinners and taking daily excursions to tropical rainforests and waterfalls, wouldn’t you be more susceptible to love and romance? The sultry and beautiful Caribbean backdrop enables us to lose some of our inhibitions. Our minds are open. Our attitudes are freer. The hypnotic magic of emerald water, white sand and limitless sunshine have opened up a world of opportunity.



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