If you like traveling in style (and you have the money to spend for it), you shouldn’t settle for anything less than these cruise suites. They’re the best digs to impress your new snooty friends with just in case you’re planning to socialize your way into the elite crowd. They’re also the best suites to get if you’re a high profile celebrity looking for some privacy.

Grand Duplex Apartments, Queen Mary 2 (Cunard Line)

On top of our list are the Grand Duplex Apartments at the prime spots of the Queen Mary 2 (under Cunard Line). There are only two of these apartments in the ship. They’re duplex suites named Balmoral and Sandingham. Royally furnished, each of the duplex suites boasts of full views of the sea. Two-story glass walls face the front of the ship. Each duplex suite is as big as four regular suites, with an area of more than 9000 square feet each.

If you’re traveling with a pretty big family (or if you’re just rich and claustrophobic), this is the only suite you should get. The interior is Art Deco, giving you a 1930s vibe. When you enter the suite, you’ll be reminded of the good old days when cruises meant having rooms with dark wood walls and excellent lighting.

There are three marble and very polished bathrooms per suite, and a spiral staircase leading to the second floor where the bedroom is. The master’s bedroom is extraordinarily big. This suite is grand enough to accommodate the state’s President, so if you’d want to make that grand gesture to your fiancé, this is the only way you can probably go over the top.

In the first floor is a classy dining room. The table is big enough to seat eight people. It’s definitely big enough for a posh family dinner, lunch with your new upper crust acquaintances, or maybe even a big conference just in case you’re renting the suite for an odd business seminar which must take place at sea.

Another thing to remember when you’re traveling with the Cunard Line: your assigned dining areas will depend on your suite’s class. In this case, guests residing in Grand Duplex apartments share a feast at the Queens Grille. You’ll find regal picks as well off their menu, including truffles, Champagne, foie gras and caviar. During the summer, Cunard crosses the transatlantic. Word tours usually take place during the winter.

Deluxe Suites at the Seven Seas Mariner and the Seven Seas Voyager (Regent Seven Seas Cruises)

These days, seafaring suites for couples can cost you up to $4000 a night. With these figures, taking a cruise with an all-suite ship like the Seven Seas Voyager and the Seven Seas Mariner sound like a deal maker. For only $556 per head, a Deluxe Suite in either of these ships is economical. Covering 301 square feet each, these deluxe suites have the same amenities as pricier counterparts. All you’ll be missing is extra leg space.

Deluxe Suites with the Regent Seven Seas Cruise ships are already equipped with a king-sized bed, a sitting area separated by a wall, and even complimentary sodas and beers inside the ref. While most cruise ship bathrooms are dark and depressing, the bathrooms for these suites rival hotel facilities. You’ll be happy to know that these bathrooms are all-marble, has a full-sized tub, and even a separate shower room.

If you have more money to spare, you can always promote your room to a penthouse-sized suite with butler service and a balcony. The floor area minus the balcony, though, is almost the same. Your money might be better spend on port excursions once the ship docks.

What you’ll love about these suites is the interactive television system. This allows you to order room service or book an in-land excursion without talking to the front desk. Room service here is worth a try. Expect domed silver plates pile up with gastronomic treats.

The Voyager sets sail in the summer to Europe, and in winter for its world tours and trips to the Caribbean. The Mariner on the other hand goes to Alaska in the summer, and to world tours come wintertime.

Garden Villas from the Norwegian Cruise Line

If you want to go for grand, open spaces even while you’re traversing the sea, travel with style and book yourself a room in one of the Garden Villas of the Norwegian Cruise Line. These villas cover a total of 5000 square feet. That’s a space that’s literally big enough for you to throw a ball in.

These villas are built at the topmost decks of the cruise line’s ship. They’re not just massively vacant open spaces, though—they’re also regally furnished. Think “over-the-top” and you’re very close to how these villas look like in real life. These are big enough to be moving three-bedroom mini-mansions for those who can’t live life any simpler.

There are living rooms and dining rooms in each villa, a hot tub, a steam bath, and a private garden. Not all ships under the Norwegian Cruise Line, though, have villas, so be sure to ask their office first. Perfect for those who are pretty high-profile (and high brow), guests residing in these Villas won’t have to mingle with the rest of the commoners to line up for the buffet. They get to order from a special menu for room-service.

The special treatment doesn’t stop and end at the villa itself, too. You can be sure that your luggage is well taken care of when you’re booked in these digs. During the summer, the Norwegian cruise ships travel to Alaska, Europe, and the Mediterranean. If you’re planning to go to the Caribbean and Mexico, ships leave the dock come wintertime. Europe cruises are also available in this season.

Cloud 9 Spa Suites at the Carnival Splendor (Carnival Cruise Line)

The Carnival Cruise Line was more popular with the mass market, not the upper crust. That was until July 2008, when the company decided to make the Carnival Splendor. With this cruise ship, luxury spa suites were introduced, and the rest was history.

You can choose from 68 spa suites, and all of these will have their own private access to the ship’s spa. The spa is a vast 21,000 square feet, and each suite has its own elevator to this haven. If you think that the spa is only open during the daytime, think again. You can always slip out of your suite for a late night steam bath whenever you feel like it. This is exclusively for spa suite guests, only.

While the spa cabins aren’t the biggest (nor the fanciest) rooms in the ship, they have yoga mats and fitness bands for each guest. Spa guest can also take part in complimentary aerobic classes daily. These come for a fee for other guests.

If you book yourself in one of these suites, you can enjoy the spa’s thalassotherapy pool. This pool will probably be too full in the day (when the spa is open to all cruise ship guests) so save yourself the trouble and just visit the spa at night when it’s free of the “commoners”.

During the summer, the Carnival Splendor sets sail to Europe. Once it’s winter, you’ll find it cruising to the sunny Caribbean.

Three-bedroom Apartments at The World (ResidenSea)

You’ll hardly feel like you’re stuck in a cruise ship for an eight-day trip when you book yourself in one of the three-bedroom apartments in The World. These suites rival the uptown apartments of Manhattan, or a renovated, pre-war building located at the Park Avenue. Think about dimmed lighting, wooden panels and crown molding. There’s also your stripped wallpaper and built-in bookcases for the finishing touch.

Each of these suites have three bedrooms and three bathroom. The floor space totals a generous 3,242 square feet. If you’re looking for that perfect honeymoon suite at sea, this is probably the one. Make sure you take cooking classes with you and your new spouse to take full advantage of the apartment’s breathtaking kitchen. The Viking ranges and the Sub Zero refrigerators are probably something you’d want to see in your own home.

Just call for groceries to be delivered to your suite. The ship has an on-board Fredy’s Deli which should have everything you need to cook dinner for your special someone.

Majority of the cabins are actually owned by other people, so you might have to go through the time-share system. Enjoy basic cruise ship amenities, though, like the Banyan Tree spa and a fully-equipped gym. The ship sails to Europe every winter and summer.

Penthouse Verandahs of Holland America

If your taste leans on the conservative and formal, you might want to book one of the Penthouse Verandahs of Holland America. These are trademark traditional cruise ship suites. Picture assigned seating arrangements during meals and blankets and bouillons issued at the deck-side during chilly nights at sea.

Word has it, though, that the line has mellowed down to attract younger travelers who may feel too uncomfortable with all this charm school rituals. The grander cabins of the ship, though, still stick to the classics. Wood paneling, wallpapers, and leather couches abound the Penthouse Verandahs. The suites are elegant but in a very Old World way.

Service for these cabins is impeccable, though. You can have your clothes pressed for free, and since you’ll be wearing formal clothing for meals, you can have your shoe shined too. The ship will also provide boutonnieres and corsages for you to wear to the formal night. The staff will also make sure that you have a personalized stationary and a silver basket filled with fresh fruits.

Like royalty, the guests of this cruise ship also get to have their own personal reception area. This is called the Neptune Lounge, usually used for afternoon teas while you’re traversing the sea. The ship travels to Alaska, Canada, and across the Atlantic during the summer. In the winter, you’ll find it coursing routes to the Caribbean, Australia, the Panama Canal, Hawaii and South America.



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