tunisia-flightTunisia is a popular North African destination and you can get lots of cheap flights here, and alongside some stunning white sandy beaches and beautiful clear Mediterranean waters there are many things to do, from taking a day trip out into the nearby Sahara Desert through to shopping for bargains in the lively street markets and bazaars. Tunisia has had a rich and varied history and was once an important Roman outpost and there are many excellent museums filled with well preserved artefacts and also a number of amazing historic sites to visit including:

  • The Roman ruins of Dougga – there are a number of important temple ruins here including those to Jupiter, Minerva and Juno, and this is Tunisia’s largest archaeological site and a great deal of money has been spent on restoring the ancient theatre, and you can now see live concerts and plays here during the month of August.
  • El Djem Amphitheatre – the amphitheatre in central Tunisia is one of the largest in the world alongside Rome and Verona and at one time up to 35,000 spectators enjoyed the exciting sports held inside this area from chariot races to the infamous gladiator fights. This amphitheatre is still open to the public today, and visitors can see the fighter ‘cells’ and the spectator stands.
  • Medina – the old town of Medina in Tunis dates back to the 12th Century and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site full of wonderful historic sights such as souks, mosques, and cathedrals built under the French rule.

The north of Tunisia has a Mediterranean climate and they are some gorgeous hot sunny summers and pleasant mild winters. However the south of the country borders the great Sahara Desert and the weather can get very hot and dry here with temperatures going over 45 degree Celsius in the summer (soaring even high in the desert), and the winters are warm with temperatures hovering around 18-20 degrees.

When to Visit
You can get great deals on cheap flights to Tunisia during the off peak season in winter but if you are after some time on the beach remember it can be very rainy in October as with many other Mediterranean coastlines. The shoulder seasons of May and September can also have some good deals and the weather is comfortably warm at these times. The busiest times are between July and August and these will also be the hottest months, which can make getting about to see the sights a bit more difficult and uncomfortable.

Getting Around
Tunisia has a good rail service, but these can get very busy at peak times so remember to take earlier or later trains to make sure you get a seat. Taxis are affordable and reliable, but the cheapest way to get around is by bus and there are routes all over the country.



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