For 70 years Pink’s has been a family operated hot dog stand in Los Angeles, California. This special hot dog stand began in 1939, when many Americans were struggling and good food was expensive. Pink’s prided themselves on providing fantastic hot dogs that anyone could afford. They have a variety of options to, and special chili that is well known all around the country to day.

In the 1940s Paul Pink bought a small building for his hot dog business, and it stands there today as the place thousands of Americans visit daily. The hot dogs come with any toppings you choose, such as chili, onions, and mustard, and cost only $2.95. Even their massive 10 inch hot dogs cost less than $4! Mostly everything is under $6. Technically from an economic stand point, these amazing chili dogs are a better “value” than they were in the late 30s. Not a lot of mom and pop restaurants can say that they survived 70 years in a growing city, but Pink’s has thanks to the great service.

Everyone eats at Pink’s, especially if they are local residents. Travelers are always in line here to get a whiff or taste of the delectable hot dogs that Pink’s serves up fresh. When eating here you might get lucky and see a famous celebrity eating here too – even the wealthy adore this place! Some celebrities knew of Pink’s way before either was famous, yet they keep coming back to visit and meet fans while eating! So not only do you get a $2.95 hot dog, but you get an opportunity to meet your favorite stars if they are eating there!

Of course, Pink’s isn’t just a restaurant. Any foodie will know that visiting Pink’s is like visiting a small food museum, a relic of the past and how good food service can do so much for the owners and the community. Since lines are often extremely long, people find themselves conversing with those in line with them over the delicious food. Some people actually bring food to eat while waiting in line! It’s an adventure more than anything, and definitely something to see while in Los Angeles on vacation.

Taking a short yet cheap vacation to visit Pink’s is definitely worth the time and money. To say that you have dined at Pink’s is like saying you ate at the Holy Grail of hot dog stands. It’s THAT famous! If you can’t be in Los Angeles there are a few other locations that are now Pink’s stands. They are still family owned, but just spread out a bit more! These can be found at Hollywood Park Studio, Bell Gardens Bicycle Club Casino, The Greek Theater, and the famous Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas. If you want legendary food, at a rock bottom price, Pink’s is the place to visit while in California!



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