While sushi is amazing to look at, a lot of people are intimidated with the tradition that comes in the creation and consumption of it. If you want to enjoy this Japanese cuisine in a laidback atmosphere, nothing can beat the convenient conveyor belt sushi or kaiten-zushi. As much as you want to scrape off the plates, you still need to know some basic tips to enjoy your Japanese meal:

Japanese Food

You just can’t sit and grab plates

When you go for a conveyor belt sushi, you just cannot eat away as soon as you get to the restaurant. You need to get settled in. Most likely you will see a spigot for some hot water. Near that will be a container of green tea. You will be given a mug to enjoy some hot tea.

You can then grab your chopsticks and a moist towel or oishiburi. You will have two small dishes for your soy sauce and pickled ginger. You can also ask for wasabi if you love that stuff.

Plates and prices

Once you are ready with your tea, your chopsticks, and your soy sauce, then you are ready to enjoy some sushi. There will be restaurants where you have a fixed price for your conveyor belt sushi dining. There will be restaurants that will have different kinds of plates representing different tiers of pricing. Most likely you will see a “cheat” sheet so you know the price of the plates you are about to grab.

There are sushi places that have computer chips that allow them to scan what you are getting. In case, an attendant will count your plates, try to sort them according to shape as a sign of courtesy.

What’s the pickled ginger for

The pickled ginger is not just for making the sushi look good on your plate. It is actually used as a palate cleanser in between dishes. This is to ensure that you will enjoy every varying flavors of the sushi that you will be having. So do not use it as a topping. Munch on it in between your red snapper and yellowtail.

You can order for something fresh

In case you love tempura, that broiled salmon, fried octopus, or karage, these things can get cold and will not be as good if you will pick something from the belt. So anything that is meant to be hot, crunchy, fried, or bold, you better abandon the conveyor belt and order these things freshly made.

If you recall a Japanese dish that you love and cannot find it on the belt, it is okay to ask for it and or it. You can call the chef or some restaurants will have an automated ordering system that you can use.

Order the fatty cut

Toro which translates to fatty cut in Japanese really means the delicious peace of meat. When you see it on the menu, go for it and that means you will get a higher quality cut. It will be a bit more expensive but you will really enjoy it.

Come in at the busiest hours

You might be wondering why you will come at the busiest hours but this just means that you will enjoy the best quality meals at this time. The more the patrons grabbing meals from the conveyor belt, the fresher the cuts will get. Restaurants will not really load up the belt with a lot of stuff when there are only a few customers dining.

Do you enjoy conveyor belt zushi? Share your tips on our comments section below on how to best enjoy it.



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