Hummus is a staple Middle Eastern condiment spread typically made by pureeing various beans, kosher salt, garlic, and corn or olive oil. Usually Hummus is served as a complimentary flavor and texture addition to another dish. Its uses however, as shown by Middle Eastern natives, are endless. Once you’ve mixed the traditional spread, you can pretty much add anything to it that you can think of. You can use hummus in so many dishes that it can easily be incorporated into nearly any dish that you’d like.

Hummus Pizza

Hummus may not seem like a traditional pizza ingredient, but in Middle Eastern countries, hummus has been used in a lot of flatbread dishes, including their version of the Italian pizza. The preparation of the pizza is actually pretty universal whether you are in Naples or Iraq. When preparing the pizza dough, simply add a hint of a dried or finely chopped mint, nutmeg, cinnamon and garlic There are premade mixes for this type of seasoning but its recommended (and cheaper) to imply make your own. Knead the seasoning into the dough and let it rise like usual. Once you’ve rolled out the dough into your crust simply spread the hummus on top of the dough just like you would a tomato sauce for a traditional pizza. Drizzle some olive oil and add some olives, roasted bell peppers or even chopped nuts for a truly Middle Eastern flare.


Tuna fillet with Hummus

Start with a loaf of traditional French bread. Of course making your own is preferred but store bought is just as good. Next grill some tuna steaks to your desired temperature. Season the steaks with salt, ground pepper, garlic powder, and olive oil. Cut the oaf of bread into large slices and lightly toast them under a broiler or in a hot oven. Slice your steaks to fit the bread slices and top them with a generous portion of olives, feta cheese, Greek yogurt and your preferred type of hummus.

Hummus is unfortunately a highly misunderstood dish in America. Don’t be afraid to branch out into this delicious Middle Eastern staple. Its possibilities are truly endless!




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