Adventure holidays in Australia

Australia has a number of diverse and extreme landscapes and climates, from the subtropical forests to the beautiful rugged coastlines and to the dry, sparse outback, so it is a great place to get away from it all and have an adventure holiday.

There are plenty of hiking and trekking holidays through the wilderness areas of Australia, which will suit a variety of different fitness levels. Auswalk offers a range of guided and self guided ‘Inn-to-Inn’ walking tours, including some great treks through the best of Australia‘s National Parks. Auswalk arrange for your luggage to be moved ahead of you each day, so that you have everything ready when you arrive at the next accommodation stop. Walking trips include the famous ‘Great Ocean Walk‘, which takes you along the beautiful Victoria coastline from Torquay to Lorne, and has a seven day itinerary (five days walking). Also there is the Peninsula Ramble, which takes you across the Mornington Peninsula in Southern Melbourne, which has some fantastic coastal scenery and beaches and like the Great Ocean Walk has a seven day itinerary. If you fancy something a little shorter and more sedate then there is a wonderful trek through the tropical paradise of Magnetic Island in the Great Barrier Reef region, which is just three days walking.

If you are interested in water sports then there are many excellent beaches and coastal resorts in Australia that offer a range of different activities. Bondi in New South Wales and Bells Beach in Victoriaworlds are known as some of the best surfing hotspots, and here you can hire or buy top of the range equipment, and also get lessons in surfing, body boarding and wind surfing. The clear tropical waters along the Great Barrier Reef have some of the best diving locations in the world, with an amazing diversity of sea life and underwater landscapes. You can chart your own boat or join a group excursion out to the best diving areas, and also hire all the equipment you need from the main port of Cairns, Queensland.

Australia is a beautiful country and there are many trips available by plane, helicopter and hot air balloon so that you can see the wonderful scenery from the air. Helicopter trips operate out of Cairns Airport in Queensland and take you out over the stunning Great Barrier Reef, and there are also serene hot air balloon rides available over the rich and abundant tropical Tablelands area, taking in the craters and waterfalls districts and the amazing natural scenery on offer.



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