bulgaria tourism logoThough Bulgaria has a long and rich history, very few people know much about it, and even fewer have ever been there. In recent years this has changed, and in 2010 Bulgaria was the destination of choice for British tourists on holiday. Much of the increase in tourism has to do with the realisation that Bulgaria has a long list of unique attractions which make it an outstanding a holiday destination. Explore all inclusive holidays to Bulgaria with First Choice.

Top Nine Reasons to visit Bulgaria

1. Beaches

Bulgaria has some of the loveliest white sand beaches in the world, stretching for over 130 km along the Black Sea coast. Known as the Bulgarian Riviera, it is accessible via the airport cities of Varna and Burgas two of the larger cities which have all of the attractions of a modern city, while maintaining much of the quaintness which is Bulgaria.

Bulgaria beach - Golden Sands

Golden Sands

2. Art and Architecture

Some of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world are evidenced in the thirteen Bulgarian Orthodox and four Roman Catholic churches, which grace the cities and towns of Bulgaria.


Boyana Church Sofia - UNESCO Landmark

Boyana Church Sofia – UNESCO Landmark

3.1.  Summer Activities

The lovely mountains and rolling hills of Bulgaria are the perfect setting for hiking, biking, boating and all other outdoor activities.

3.2. Winter Activities

Bulgaria is the home of several world class ski resorts of which Borovets, Bansko, and Pamporovo are the largest and best known. Most of the slopes are within a short distance from the capital of Sofia, and Vitosha, at 1800 m above sea level has the highest slopes, while the longest runs may be found at the quaint Chepelare.

Borovets Bulgaria

Borovets Bulgaria

4. History and Folklore

No matter what period of history interests you, there are ruins and artefacts in Bulgaria to interest you. From the fascinating cave drawings at Magura, to the Roman mosaics near Ivaylovgrad, and from Romanesque the ruins at Pliska to battlefields of the Crimean conflict and two World Wars, artefacts and ruins abound.

cave drawings from Magurata

cave drawings from Magurata

5. Wine Tasting

Bulgaria produces some of the finest wines in the world, and before an economic recession in the 1980s, was the 2nd largest producer of wines in the world. In the Southern region connoisseurs may sample the full bodied red Mavrud, which was the wine of the ancient Thracians, while in the South Western Region you may enjoy a Melnik wine, a favourite of the European aristocracy dating back to the 13th century.


6. Culinary Experience

The Bulgarian diet is particularly notable for its rich salads, diverse and prolific dairy products and distinctive hot and cold soups.

bulgarian salad

7. Cultural Experience

The Bulgarian people are very outgoing and in the most of the large cities, English language speakers are in abundance.

8. Shopping Opportunities

Bulgarian leather goods are very inexpensive, and yet of the highest quality.

9. Sightseeing/Natural Beauty

Bulgaria, with its verdant grottos, majestic peaks, rolling hills, and magnificent beaches is a virtual sightseers paradise. For those preferring the beauty and solitude of rocky shorelines, almost 2/3 of Bulgaria’s Black Sea coastline provides the perfect setting for a day trip.

Bachkovo Monastery-waterfall

Bachkovo Monastery-waterfall



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