Timeshares can be a cost effective way of owning a holiday home, as you will share all the costs with multiply parties. Each sharer will hold rights to the purchased property, and will be able to use it during certain agreed times throughout the year. Most timeshare parties keep in contact with each other, so it is possible to sometimes swap your times with someone else, and this can be helpful if your job does not allow flexible holidays.


It is not always possible to use a timeshare property fully each year, so many people lease their share out to other holiday makers either on an annual or one off basis, but in this case the person leasing the property would not actually have any ownerships rights, as these would be retained by the leaser.

It will depend on what contract you have whether you are able to sell on your share of the property in the future, and it is important to check this thoroughly with your lawyer before you invest. Sometimes you can also swap timeshares with other owners in different locations, but the technicalities of this can sometimes be very time consuming and complicated.

There are timeshare developments and complexes all over the world, so if you are interested in this kind of investment you should be able to find something to suit your own budget and lifestyle. Some timeshares are based in luxury resorts full of wonderful facilities and amenities that you will be able to use as a sharer, but these can be very expensive both to initially purchase and also maintain. There are also plenty of really good and affordable timeshare opportunities in countries like Spain and Portugal, all of which come with good basic facilities such as green open spaces and shared swimming pools which are ideal for families.


Timeshare properties usually come in the form of condos or apartments, which you can buy from brokers, private owners (who are selling out of their share of the overall property) or resort developers. Buying directly from the developers can be much easier than negotiating a private sell, and they will be able to provide you with any financing you may need, and may also be able to offer incentives and added extras to help close the sale. However if you do have the time and energy to negotiate a private sale, you can get some very good deals on pre-owned timeshares.

If you are new to the timeshare industry then you should do your research and find out more about how to buy, sell and maintain timeshares before you invest any money. Timeshares can be a very cost effective way of owning a holiday property, especially if you do not want to use it for more than one or two weeks a year, but they also come with their own drawbacks and unique problems.



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