Ibiza holidays are for party addicted. Ibiza is nevertheless a wonderful spanish island in the Mediteranean sea, 80 km away from Spain coastline.


Officially, the languages on Ibiza are spanish and catalan( in the Catalan the name of the Island is pronounced Eivissa) but the plurilingualism is there a norm. Everybody understands English; German and Russian are also widespread because of the many tourists coming from these countries. Many of them are already having sommer or permanent residencies on the Island of Ibiza.


The authorities work hard to establish on the island other ways of tourism than sex-and-alcohol tourism, which is a not very honoring label for Ibiza. Most of the tourists are singles, and make unending parties and orgies all night long, and even watch sunrise from the many select clubs of Ibiza (Pacha, Space, Paradiso, Amnesia, Privilege, Eden). All these Ibiza nightclubs are among world’s best and biggest and are not cheap at all (30-50 Euros entrance fee and other 10 Euros for the drinks. Partying from bar to bar results in spending hundreds of Euros!). Prominent DJs from all other the world come to Ibiza and launch their newest creations. Specially, the Season Opening Party from Pacha in June is not to be missed with any price! A normal schedule for an usual Ibiza tourists is wakening at noon, lunching, take a coffee at cafe del Mar. At 10 o’clock  a.m. start the real things on Ibiza, lasting until sunrise.


Ibiza and Formentera are known as the Pine Islands. They were inhabited 1000 years ago by moorish tribes and were very quiet with no nightclubs. Nowadays, Formentera (reachable by boat from Ibiza) remains a quiet peaceful destination comparing to Ibiza. Formentera is a target for family tourism.


Ibiza has even a nickname: The Gomorrha of the Mediteranean Sea. Most of the tourists are English, which are addicted to alcohol and very agressive and noisy when drunk- think to the football hooligans and you’ve got the picture! But they have good money and the island must live and prosper in only 3 months of  peak season, from June to September. Coming outside the peak season you find a very peaceful quiet island of Ibiza ( only Pacha club is opened all year long), which is very cheap, but has no entertaiment. The choice is yours, but an Ibiza vacation is a must for evryone, whether in the peak season , or outside it.



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