Dubai is a beautiful city and offers a number of things to see and do. If you are planning to visit Dubai, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. The city itself provides a wealth of cultural diversity and historical sights. Dubai is located in the Northeastern section of the United Arab Emirates and Dubai holidays are very popular among those who appreciate the city’s cultural heritage. For luxurious Dubai holiday packages visit

Dubai holidays can include many activities from golfing to shopping and extraordinary nightlife. The city offers shopping, sunbathing, water sports, world championship golf courses, desert safaris, exotic historical sights and local cuisine. When visiting, many prefer to take their Dubai holiday during the cooler months. The best climate is found from November until March when days are warm but not too hot. The summer months can be a bit humid so those planning to visit during summer should be prepared for extremely hot weather.

There are a number of direct flights into Dubai and the city offers an international airport that is rated among the ten best airports in the world. Flights are available to and from the world’s major cities in all countries. Getting around Dubai once you land is relatively easy. You can rent cars or enjoy the reasonably priced taxis available throughout the city. A number of public buses are also available for transportation and will take you to various points of interest.

Accommodations are available for every taste and every budget. Many hotels are located conveniently in the heart of the city to give you the opportunity to easily reach various points of interest. Once you have decided on where to stay, you will want to plan what to do on your Dubai holiday. There are many things to keep you busy during your stay. Various attractions such as museums, art centers and other cultural interests are available in the heart of the city. Those looking for an exciting nightlife opportunity will appreciate the many clubs and bars located throughout Dubai and families may enjoy safaris, amusement parks and other activities.

Shopping is a popular attraction in Dubai as well. There are a number of contemporary shopping complexes as well as quaint local establishments that offer a bit of the Dubai culture in their goods. You will never be without somewhere to find an interesting souvenir when visiting the city.



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