If you usually travel with your pets, you’re probably on the lookout now for hotels that accommodate dogs and cats. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up five-star services just to be with your furry friend. Why should you when you can have the best of both worlds? Below are the most animal-friendly five-star accommodations you should look into if you’re planning a summer getaway with your cat or dog.

Top room service menu

When you stay at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, located in California, both you and your pet can enjoy the best meals you can ever ask for. While the list for human guests isn’t bad, the pet menu is pretty impressive. These are, of course, exclusively for privileged guests, and you may want to keep earning those loyalty points if you want the best chow for your Chowchow.

The pet’s favorite in their menu is the Petite New York Stake. This is a generous slab of medium rare stake served with fresh, raw vegetables. Other varieties which are just as good include the half-pound cheeseburger, the mushroom ravioli (you can ask for the cream to be set aside), and the baked salmon.

This special pet room service is available from 7:00 AM to 2:00 AM. You can also take your pets to dine with you at the al fresco restaurants, although the areas are limited to certain patio areas of the inn.

Cutest Door Tag

How do you know if a hotel really welcomes pets? When it encourages you to travel with your pets, of course. Whether you’re travelling with Fido or Fluffy, this hotel will always be close to your heart if only because their door tag spells “animal lover”. The Hotel Arista which lies just outside Chicago, is both trendy and eco-friendly. Their cute door tag will feature your very own pet.

How is this possible? Upon making your reservations, you can send a photograph of your pet. On the day of your stay, you’ll be welcomed warmly by a personalized door tag framing a photograph of your furry little buddy.

Most Comfortable Pet Bed

If we get right down to the basics, the most important thing for your pet on a pet-friendly hotel is the pet bed. After all, you are staying there to sleep, right? This is why we’ve also found the pet hotel which has the best pet bed in the lot. This is the Broadmoor Hotel located in the Colorado Springs. Your furry friend will agree that a soft, clean pet bed is the best way to sleep on after a dog-tired day of walking along the Rocky Mountain.

Just in case you don’t know yet, these pet beds are custom-made by Poochsnoozer. The beds are covered in rich tapestry fabric and they come in shades of red and sage green. The luxurious pet bed is also lined with a soft brown corduroy finish.

Because the hotel is also eco-friendly, the stuffing inside the bed is made from recycled plastic bottles. Because Broadmoor understands that your pets come in all shapes and sized, the pet beds are offered in two sizes. If your pet loves the bed so much, you can also take home a pet bed. They’re on sale for only $96 for the medium sized bed or %178 for extra large.

Best drink for your pet

Why settle for water when your pooch can have the best beer in the house? Nothing else can quench that thirst better than a bottle of ice cold beer (served in a bowl, of course) which the Hotel Palomar in Los Angeles offers. For vets who are ready to attack the hotel upon reading this, stop right there. While the drink looks just like authentic beer, it’s not actually beer. It’s just made to look like that.

The brew is actually made from malt barley and some beef broth. It’s a healthy drink for your pet because it’s low in fat and calories. There’s no need to worry about heart problems with this concoction. If you’re reserving with the hotel and availing of its pet package, you’ll automatically get a bottle. Your pets can just order more if they wish for it. This celebrated pet drink tastes best with peanut butter pretzels.
They’re not just for pooches either. Cats love the drink, too. You can also buy this pet “beer” from stores if your pet takes a special liking to it.
Cutest Poop Bag Dispenser

If you’re a big fan of useful and cute take home goodies for your pooch, then Lugano Hotel in Florida takes home the grand prize. They have the cutest poop bag dispenser which can be clipped on to the leash of your pet. These adorable dispensers will be presented to guests who came with their pooches, and because the dispenser can be refilled with standard poop bag rolls, you can show it off to all your friends back home.

The Pooping Dog dispenser are just so adorable that other dog owners will surely ask you where you got it from when you take your pet for a walk.
Best toys for your pet

Your little pooch will be bored to pieces unless the hotel you’re staying in has the best pet toys. If you’re traveling with a playful little puppy or a kitten whose attention span runs a maximum of five seconds, you should stay at either the W Hotel in South Beach, Florida, or the Parker Meridian Hotel in Palm Springs.
W Hotel offers a squeaky Wallstreet Journal toy in all sizes simply because no dog can resist the call of the paper. Ask any breed and they’ll say they love this toy. Meridian Hotel, on the other hand, offers a Zany Llama (just in case you own cats and not dogs). The hotel noticed, though, that nothing beats a good cat nip if you’re traveling with your Persian cutie.

Best Treats

Aside from toys, a must-have for any pets is a treat. If you’re looking for a pet-friendly hotel which offers the best treats, look no further. Kimpton’s Village Plaza Hotel located in Portland, Oregon, offers a ridiculously mouthwatering selection of pet treats. Your pet can choose from a Frosty Paws ice cream to boxes of Bone Jour Gourmutt chocolates.
Of course, these aren’t really chocolates (because real ones are bad for your pet) but edible balls of beef-stew. With these treats, your pets are probably going to ask you for a longer stay.



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