There are times when you get stuck in an airport due to inclement weather or to some disturbance at your destination. When bad luck hounds your plans, these airport hotels might change your perception of your situation.

Melt the Stress Away

Of course it gets stressful once you’re landlocked inside an airport when you were just expecting to be done with the business of getting to where you’re going. But when you’re at the Hong Kong International, there’s no need to worry if you get billeted at the Regal Airport Hotel. Watch the other planes zip by while floating on a pool. You can somebody else rub your back at one of Om Spa’s outdoor cabanas. If your feet are feeling a little overused, try the foot massage and perhaps some manicure and pedicure. If there’s some place where you’d be in a matter of time, just tell the staff and they’ll accommodate the treatments that suit your needs.

Bike Your Way Around

Why just sit around the airport when you can bike around while waiting for your flight? People who get billeted at the airport hotel of the Fairmont Vancouver Airport get a free use of their Cruise Bikes by BMW. There are bikes for kids and adults. There are various biking trails in the area which are not too challenging. You and your family can also go to the McDonald Beach Park where the hotel keeps its bee colonies. People who love to fish can also get their catch stored in the freezer of the hotel before they leave.

32 Course Challenge

If you get stuck around Oslo, there’s another Radisson Blu Hotel there which will offer you another experience. Check out the Fit4Flight center in the airport hotel in the Gardermoen Airport. You can play at their golf simulation which contains a pre-programmed course set of 32. The courses here will surely excite golfing fanatics even if they’ve been playing a long time already or just starting to learn how to tee. People can do solo sessions while a big group of as much as 14 people can play for a long game. Stand in front of the solariums and get your picture taken. You might even fool somebody you were at the green. To get to the hotel, just go on the walkway through the Oslo Airport.

Become a Gourmand for Airport Chow

The Grand Hyatt DFW has a treasure in Jean-Claude Plihon. If you get lucky enough to get trapped in the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, saunter off to Terminal D and look for the Epicurean Studio. Chef Plihon will share his cooking secrets with you in his three hour cooking lessons. He’ll also have a DVD handy for you. You’ll have memories of your cooking lesson. His cooking sessions center on different international cuisines from French to Peruvian.

Let Angels Give You Wine

If you happen to get stuck at the Stansted Airport, cheer up and head to the Angel’s Wine Tower Bar at the Radisson Blu Hotel London. The bar is on the lobby and if check the center of the bar, you’ll find a tower made of glass and metal which is used to contain over 4,000 wine bottles. Flying around the tower are the bar’s “angels” which will give you the drink you ordered after fetching it from one of the containers. Don’t worry though, the angels are all wearing harnesses which allow them to safely float around and bring you your drinks. The Radisson can be accessed via a walkway inside Stansted airport.



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