What is the Burj Dubai?

If you’re not really very familiar with Dubai, then you might be curious about some of the buildings and events and holidays that occur in this middle east country. And you’re not alone. Most people, unless planning to visit or conducting research of some sort, don’t normally work outside their comfort zone. But there are so many wonderful things to learn about other people and cultures that it’s a shame most people know so little.

What do you want to know about Burj Dubai? Maybe for starters, what exactly it is. Okay, then. The Burj Dubai is a building. Well, not just any building. It’s going to be the world’s tallest building once it is completed. In fact, it will house the very first Armani hotel. So guess what? Anyone who love Armani will love this building. Because not only will the Burj Dubai include the Armani Hotel, but it will also be decorated by Armani.

Of course, you don’t have to stay in the Armani Hotel to get to live inside this building. Oh, no. Once you pass the hotel on the first 37 floors of the Burj Dubai, you will come to the 700 private apartments that will be located in the building. But, of course, they’ve all sold out. But maybe you can get lucky enough to find an owner willing to rent you one of these exclusive apartments. Speaking of exclusive, the Burj Dubai will also have the most exquisite swimming pool. This pool is full of sparkling blue water and is what’s called a zero entry pool. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it gives the pool a beach-like effect, with the pool gradually getting deeper with each step.

And what would this most extravagant building be like if it didn’t include an extravagant fountain? So the Burj Dubai will have a luxurious fountain that shoots water, is illuminated by colored lights and has contemporary Arabic and world music playing along.

If you’re unlucky enough not to get to live at the Burj Dubai or even stay at the Armani Hotel, all is not lost. The Burj Dubai will also have observation decks that will allow visitors to go up and look out at the city. It may not be the best consolation, but at least you’d get to see the building as well as the area.

You might look at the Burj Dubai and think ‘wow’. And it truly is magnificent. And you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t think about the safety factors. The elevators will be the fastest traveling elevators in the world. They are hoping to install the first elevator system that will work in case of emergencies.

The Burj Dubai is expected to be completed sometime in the year 2009. While the apartments have all been sold out already, you might be able to start booking rooms at the Armani Hotel. If you don’t, who knows how long the waiting list may be?



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