Hawaii is made up of a group of beautiful, tropical islands and atolls, which are situated approx 2,400 miles off the US mainland. There are 8 main islands in the Hawaii state, only six of which allow visitors, and one of which is not inhabited at all, and the capital Honolulu sits one of the largest and most commercialized islands, Oahu. Oahu has a large number of top resorts, and miles of beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear tropical waters, and also has two large mountain ranges, the Waianae and Koolau. Hawaii’s economy is mainly fueled by tourism (it is one of the top 10 holiday destinations in the world), but the islands also produce diverse agriculture crops of tropical flowers, macadamia, pineapple, sugarcane and coffee, and there is also manganese nodule mining in the mountains and film and television production across the islands and surrounding waters.

Visitors to Hawaii mainly come for the stunning beaches, clear waters and tropical weather, but the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is also very popular, which covers over 339 square miles, and includes some stunning scenery such as Mauna Loa, the world’s tallest volcano at 4169m (13,677ft) high. Volcanic activity has been occurring in Hawaii for hundreds of thousands of years, and this has created an exclusive environment and ecosystem, meaning that over 90% of the flora and fauna found in the Volcanoes National Park is unique to Hawaii. This park is a fascinating place to visit and there are plenty of hiking trails that take in the wildlife and dramatic active volcanic steam vents and lava fields.

Hawaii has some of the most luxurious holiday resorts in the world, with facilities such as world-class spas and fitness centers, fine dining restaurants and accommodation that sits right out on the beautiful beaches and tropical waters. However there are also plenty of cheap hotels in Hawaii, so this holiday destination does suit all kinds of budgets.

Inn At Kulaniapia Hotel – from $65 per person, per night

Hotel Inn At Kulaniapia ffer luxury in the middle of a well preserved nature

Hotel Inn At Kulaniapia offer luxury in the middle of a well preserved nature

Kulaniapia is a beautiful area, situated 850ft above Hilo (with ocean views) and has a stunning waterfall, which spills into the turbulent Waiau River. There are a number of excellent hiking trails around the area and also beautiful botanical gardens, which cover over 2 acres. Rooms at the Inn are good quality with stunning Italian marble bathrooms, and there are excellent dining facilities including  Italian style café and seafood, Chinese, American and Thai restaurants.

Outrigger Royal Sea Cliff Hotel – from $94 per person, per night

This hotel has a secluded, intimate feel and overlooks the stunning Pacific ocean off the Kona Coast. The hotel has stunning tropical gardens, and is only a few miles from the shopping and dining facilities in Kailua-Kona Town, and just 8 miles from Keahole-Kona International Airport. The hotel has some excellent facilities including a sundeck, sauna, outdoor swimming pool and relaxing tropical courtyard complete with water feature and exotic plants. This hotel also has a tours desk, free parking and laundry facilities and accommodation is set out in self-catering, condominium style units with fully furnished kitchens, cable TV and Internet access.

Castle Kona Bali Kai from $94 per person, per night

Hotel Castle Kona Bali Kai offer a plendi ocean view

Hotel Castle Kona Bali Kai offer a splendid ocean view

This is another self-catering, condominium style hotel and has wonderful oceanfront views, a swimming pool, jet spa and outdoor barbeque patios where guests often congregate in the evenings for informal parties. The hotel is near to the historic Kona Town, which has plenty of shopping and dining facilities, and each room is individually designed and comes with fully equipped kitchens.

Hawaii is easy to reach by air, and Honolulu Airport is very busy, and receives both international and domestic flights. You can fly from Honolulu to the smaller airports at Kino and Hilo, and there are also bus services, taxis (including water taxis) and car hire available on the larger islands.



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