A good hotel phone system is essential to the efficient management of any hotel, creating a seamless connection between the reception desk, office, accommodation, leisure and business facilities. There are a number of telephone systems designed for hotel businesses, and you should take the time plan out exactly what you need for your phone system, and shop around and compare prices so that you find the system which best suits both your needs and your budget. PhoneSuite provide two useful phone systems for mid-size hotels, which can provide high quality, low costs solutions for your telephony needs.

Economy Option – PhoneSuite 64 Communication Solution

This entry level package provides connectivity for up to 64 rooms and so is ideally suited to small and mid-size independent hotel, guesthouse and motel set ups, and offers the following practical features:

  • User Friendly Interface – PhoneSuite 64 is easy to use, and you will only need minimal training for your staff to enable them to use this system with ease, and the one touch key access allows you to check on your guest logs quickly including wake up calls, room status, voicemail accounts and any guest dialling restrictions. This system is so easy to use it will help to increase staff productivity and efficiency, and create a seamless connection between your reception area and your guestrooms.
  • Track Revenue – you can keep a close eye on guest phone costs with PhoneSuite 64, and also print off phone bills and store call records so that you have a clear log of all costs relating to each room.
  • Reduced Operating Costs – you can set up a 24/7 unattended call-answering system, which means you can provide a way for your customers to contact you around the clock, without the need to pay for a member of staff to be on call at all times.
  • Upgrades – you can upgrade your system later on if your business needs change by adding extras such as auto-attendant and call accounting software.

Mid-scale Option – PhoneSuite 112e Communication Solution

This higher level package provides connectivity for up to 475 rooms, and is ideal for mid-size hotels and economy motels which require a feature rich, professional telephone system. Top features from this service include:

  • Front Desk Console – the console is easy to read and provides automated guest check-in and check out features as well as room status and updates. The details of guests can be easily displayed on the screen so that you can greet each guest by name and create a more personalised and welcoming service.
  • Call Detection – you can ensure your guests are only billed for completed calls with the advanced call detection features, which can identify those calls that are answered and those that were disconnected before a charge was incurred.
  • Property Management Integration – you can seamlessly integrate PhoneSuite 112e with most property management systems to create one efficient management system for your hotel business.
  • Extension Cloning – you can provide your guests with two lines per room, enhancing the telephone services you can offer.


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